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Frequently Asked Questions

Postby Renara » Mon Apr 12, 2010 12:11 pm

This is the official LoK FAQ, so please don't post new topics for things already discussed here!

General Questions

Where can I get the latest version of the game?
You can find the latest version of the game on the front-page under the downloads section.

I'm new here, what should I read?
Some main topics of interested include:

When is the next version coming out?
When it's ready! Since this is a voluntary effort we can't give you an accurate estimate on release dates, so please don't post new topics asking for them. Please feel free to sign up to the mailing list on the front page if you'd like to be e-mailed as soon as a new version comes out, or when beta testing begins. Remember that v0.3 especially is a significant upgrade of previous versions so it's going to take some time!

There is also now a team twitter feed where you can get small updates related to our work, though there will be few specifics (it's mostly a technical feed + random comments).

Will there be a beta?
Yep! We will have internal beta testing sessions with a small group first, and if we think it's going well will extend to a larger group before ultimately releasing the game as bug-free as possible. Private beta membership is selected (please don't ask to be in the group!), and we will usually mention when the beta begins. The larger "public" beta tests may be offered as a lottery or by other means.

Remember as well that all versions prior to v1.0 are essentially pre-releases! They should be stable but will not be complete games, at least not in so far as we plan for our complete game to look.

Can I play offline?
Yep! Just right-click click here to download offline, or if you have trouble with that then right-click here instead and choose "download" or "save-as".

In future all versions of LoK will be available with a downloadable version of the game intended for offline play, containing identical content to the online version but without any need to download as you play.

Is this project dead?
Nope! Work continues as slowly as ever! While the project may have become far too ambitious for its own good, it's still on track to be finished eventually, if the waiting's too much to handle then swing by the Creative Corner to check out the many excellent, third-party projects! And don't forget you can sign up to our mailing list on the front page if you're too busy to keep checking the forums!

Content Questions

Will the game include fetish content?
Yes and no. It is our intention to support some "mainstream" (i.e - especially popular) fetishes, but we won't be producing anything more niche or hardcore. This is for two main reasons; primarily because we need to limit the amount of work we have to do, and secondly because we're just not into every fetish out there! However, the game engine will support content filtering, and we will be openly inviting the community to produce additional content which may be included in official releases, though it may be filtered by default.

It should however be noted now that while people could produce spin-off works if they wish, the official project will not accept submissions of extreme violence or anything that is clearly illegal such as child abuse.

Will the game include gay content?
The aim of the project is to target a primarily heterosexual audience, as with the current version of the game, this may mean the inclusion of some (filterable) lesbian or hermaphrodite on female content. As above however, it will be possible for community members to produce other gender interactions which can be later included in the official project, or produce a spin-off game based around gay or bisexual content.

The game engine will be including features to allow scenes to support multiple genders, and automatically select animations compatible with the characters involved, and settings the player has chosen. We will also aim to support a gender neutral storyline, with adaptive dialogue to allow for different character genders in the same story.

But to be perfectly clear; the team is focused on heterosexual content with some kinks, this is both to restrict our workload, and to ensure we focus on content that fans of the current game are sure to enjoy. This does not however mean that other fetishes or preferences are being ignored, but if they do make an appearance it will be over time in the future, and the content filter will allow players to ensure they only see what they want to see.

Herms with balls, or without?
Both. Content filtering will extend to the ability to choose what type of herms you want to see (if any).

Will Krystal ever get nailed in the pussy?
Definitely. The current game lacks such scenes as there currently aren't any suitable pieces for animating them properly, and the aim of v0.2 was not to create all-new scenes but just fix up existing content. Rest assured that v0.3 will have a full range of things for Krystal to do (or have done to her).

Will there be tentacle rape?
Depends if you want Krystal to be raped by tentacles, or for her to do the raping? :twisted:
More specifically; tentacles are pretty much guaranteed to make an appearance at some point as there is such popular demand for them, as for when they'll make an appearance it's hard to say.

Can I submit my own content?
The forums are a welcome place for third party content to be posted in the form of stand-alone scenes, or spin-off works. Once v0.3 is out we'll be providing more information on how to submit content for possible inclusion into the project, please see this topic for more information!

For clarity early on, it should be note that the team will reserve the right to include only content that we want to include in official releases, and thereby the right to deny entry to third party content for any reasons we choose, be it personal preference, or quality assurance. We hope this won't happen often, as we want to be as inclusive as we can, but we need to make it clear that we won't be accepting everything submitted!

Miscellaneous Questions

Will you be including Pokémon, Digimon, or characters from some other series?
Our current focus is on the Nintendo franchises, specifically Star Fox and bits of Legend of Zelda and Mario, as per PlayShapes' original story. However, it is likely that a number of popular characters from other series may make appearances. We're happy to have people post topics with suggestions for discussion, but please be aware that we can't include everyone!

How about the ability to run?
Sure thing! With v0.2's limited size it isn't such a big deal, but it's definitely going to make an appearance in v0.3 and beyond!

I want to upload a file but the forums won't let me!
If you need to upload a particularly large file, or a file format that the forums do not normally allow, then you can use one of many file-hosting solutions and simply provide a link here in the forums. Such sites include Rapid Share, or you may upload directly to Deposit Files using the box below:

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