Legend of Krystal

Legend of Krystal was an unfinished Flash game created by PlayShapes (also known for creating Bowser's Castle). PlayShapes originally made an alpha version of the game available, followed by the .fla file used to create it. This project aims to take the original game file and evolve it into a finished game by completing scenes, and adding in new ones.

For more information about the project, please read the FAQ.


As the original flash source-file was released to the public it is now possible for anyone to get involved and use Legend of Krystal as a basis for their own animations, or make changes to the existing game. To this end, this project would like to encourage collaboration by always releasing the latest source file(s), and providing ways for others to get involved in the project.

Our main collaborative environment is the new forums:
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	[fla]	Re-organised library into folder-structure:
		 - Audio folder contains sound effects and music.
		 - Characters folder contains character parts, templates 
		   and basic animations.
		 - Effects folder contains basic, re-usable effects.
		 - Interactions folder contains all symbols defining 
		   an animation involving characters.
		 - Interface folder contains buttons etc.
		 - Scenery folder contains re-usable scenery items and 
		 - Scenes folder contains full-scene symbols.
		 - Speech contains "speech bubble" entries.
		 - Unknown contains miscellaneous and possibly unused 
	[enh]	Tweaked experience requirements:
		 - "Table Fuck" now requires only 100 exp.
		 - "Make out" now requires only 150 exp.
		 - General Scales requires no experience (see below).
	[bug]	Fixed missing music from many scenes.
	[new]	Lizard girl at bedroom area now directs the player toward 
		warriors they have not yet earned recommendations from.
	[new]	Improvements to "messy" layers:
		 - New layers for ass, legs, calves, arms, back, stomach, 
		   pelvis, and tail.
		 - Which layers are activated depends on the interaction 
		   that was performed.
	[bug]	Corrected font issues (Segoe not supported by all web-
	[bug]	Fixed looping of "attack" interaction on intro (Arwing)
	[enh]	Added shading to Krystal's tail.
	[new]	Improvements to Krystal Bath animation:
		 - Greatly extended Krystal bathing animation. It is still 
		   possible to exit immediately, but if left Krystal will 
		   randomly perform a series of actions.
			- When pouring water onto herself, the relevant 
			  mess-layers are reduced (she may have to do it 
			  several times before it'll all go away, this is a
			  visual effect only).
		 - Added sounds.
		 - Bathing now clears all the new mess layers, and will 
		   also repair Krystal's armour-suit if it is damaged by an 
		 - Krystal will now remove her suit before bathing, but 
		   may still bathe while wearing her "trophy" armour.
	[enh]	Improvements to T-Rex interaction:
		 - Cannot pass without interacting with him first.
		 - Now plays "Redeye King" music from Star Fox Adventures 
		 - Added dinosaur sounds.
		 - Added idle sequences, now randomly switches between 
		   just breathing, scratching head, and thrusting. Also 
		   thrusts in his path blocking pose.
	[enh]	Tidied up eyes, fixed missing/inaccurate masking.
	[bug]	Fixed "jitter" when Krystal wakes up
	[enh]	Improvements to General Scales character:
		 - Scales' Chest no longer has hidden under-layer (a custom 
		   warrior chest can be used if required, and layered in-
		   scene), reduces complexity.
		 - Scales' armour "Kilt" is now in three-pieces.
		 - Scales' arms now have bicep and forearm pieces.
		 - Scales' claw is now in multiple pieces (2 guard 
		   variations, blades, tips) allowing it to be animated in 
		   interesting ways.
		 - Scales' now has a cock-ring, and a larger dick.
	[bug]	Removed inaccessible "Fox Givinger" animation in the first 
		tavern screen (all it does is add processing). Parts are of 
		course saved for later ^^
	[new]	Added a "frame" layer to more easily identify edges, and 
		also prevent "spill" from occurring when the .swf file is 
		played at different aspect ratios.
	[new]	Relocated clothing buttons (these will ultimately be 
		replaced by a new interface).
	[enh]	Adjusted experience bar positioning to take up a little 
		less space.
	[fla]	Added all-new Blaziken character by PlayShapes.
	[new]	Added all-new Blaziken titty-fuck with SharpClaw Warrior 
		by PlayShapes as background character to "empty" cave 
		screen (possibly relocate in future?)
		 - Added sounds.
	[new]	Improvements to "Ass rape" interaction:
		 - Received new base from PlayShapes (yay!)
		 - Added idle sequences.
		 - Placed interaction on Arwing crash-site for 150 exp.
	[new]	Complete overhaul of the Scale's Throne interaction:
		 - Krystal no longer goes invisible after finishing.
		 - Experience bar is no longer hidden.
		 - General Scales no longer requires experience, instead 
		   you must gain "recommendations" by interacting with all 
		   available warriors.
		 - New idle sequences.
		 - New animations based on originals (but a little more 
		 - Added "finish" effect.
		 - Dialogue is skipped if it has been displayed before.
	[enh]	Improvements to "Table" interaction:
		 - Completed the partially drawn "finish" effect.
		 - Added sound effects.
	[enh]	Improvements to Cave Guard interaction:
		 - It is no longer possible to pass the cave-guard without 
		   actually giving him the stone (and a little sugar) 
		 - Dialogue is skipped if you have already given him the 
		 - Slight adjustments to animations.
		 - Added sound.
		 - Added idle sequences.
	[enh]	Improvements to "Chair Blow" interaction:
		 - Increased mess produced.
		 - Added sound.
	[enh]	Improvements to "Hand job" interaction:
		 - Added idle sequences.
	[enh]	Improvements to "Drench" interaction:
		 - Added idle sequences.
		 - Unable to pass without a good drenching (it'll help lube
		   Galdon, at least that's the excuse!)
	[enh]	Improvements to "Make out" interaction:
		 - Added leg movement for Krystal & Liz.
		 - Added "finish" stages.
		 - Added sound.
	[enh]	Improvements to all scenes:
		 - Progression now animates, rather than "snapping" to 
		   next scene.
		 - Adjusted buttons for more consistent layouts.
		 - Relevant interactions now cause a recommendation, 
		   which will allow interaction with General Scales.
	[new]	New ass layers for Krystal character:
		 - Combined with new ass-rape scene from PlayShapes (which 
		   contained new symbols).
		 - Integrated into all scenes/animations.
		 - If Krystal is wearing her flight-suit, then it will be 
		   torn by interactions that require access to her 
		   bountiful naughty bits.
	[new]	Animated static and idle characters:
		 - Sitting SharpClaw Warriors now randomly drink beer, play 
		   with themselves, and gesture.
		 - Standing SharpClaw Warriors now randomly sway up and 
		   down, thrust their hips, or squeeze their dick.
		 - Background mermaid blow-job has new repeating stage at 
		 - Background mermaid tit-fuck has been tweaked to have 
		   less glitchy dick movements.

	Original version created by PlayShapes.