Deadman tales: Video series on the games of LoK

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Deadman tales: Video series on the games of LoK

Postby Dead2112man » Fri Aug 16, 2019 5:02 am

Hello There, I am the Deadman. I have been on this forum for quite some time and have heledp a few projects and have even seen plenty of projects die out. One thing is certain though. We will always ave new projects from either current users or new users. So, why not try to show them off.

I am starting a video series where I (slowly) go play through all the games ever posted here on the Legend of Krystal forum. I will be focusing on 1 game at a time for this as to not burn my self out to fast (trust me, this is my third time starting). So, where are the videos going to be hosted. I wish I can say youtube, but their is way to many games that don't have more gameplay than nudity. So the site for my series will be xvideo.

If any of you have suggestions, please PM me or just comment below (I am more likely to see the PM)

Oh if your wondering what site these will be hosted on, it is xvideo, why that site, less editing on my part compared to youtube. Why not another porn video site, just seems xvideo pops up a lot with game related adult searches.

Series I am current doing is Nano Control.
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Episode 6:Public makes her lust more?
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