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Re: Always a Good Business Deal + Tentacles Thrive

Postby Nonoplayer » Fri May 11, 2018 2:45 am

Flotus Wrote:Hi there! I've really been enjoying this game since its public release. I've been wonedering if maybe you were interested in traslating it to Spanish, since I'm a native speaker and, although I'm currently busy with college, I still have some free time every now and then and I would be very pleased to help out with the translation of these project or any other project you happen to be working on for that matter lol (for a negotiable price of course, I'm after all, a broke college student xd).

Thank you for the offer mate! We will have lots of text from bonding stories, I doubt we will have enough funding ever to translate to too many languages while keeping the quality. But I will surely keep that in mind.
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