The SimBro Game (Brothel Sim)

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Re: The SimBro Game (Brothel Sim)

Postby AcetheSuperVillain » Mon Jun 04, 2018 7:06 pm

I'm making some progress with Godot. ( / ) I had intended to use it for arcade games, scrolling shooters and beat 'em ups, but I could be persuaded to do a brothel sim engine with a little help. I'd probably try scrolling shooter or brawler combat instead of the current turn-based combat, if it were me. Models and animations should be simple, but I'm a little intimidated to program it. If anyone out there wants to help, I could help make this happen.

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Re: The SimBro Game (Brothel Sim)

Postby Screwbucket » Thu Jun 07, 2018 12:53 am

I'd offer to upload it for you, but sadly the last version I have saved is 2.3b.

Here's something interesting, though. I went to the Simbro blogspot website's VERY out of date. The last post made to it was in June of 2017 with the public release of 2.3 and the Patreon release of 2.4. That stood out to me because the reason 2.3b is the last version I have of Simbro is because that's about the time I stopped following. So I went to Graphtreon and compared June of 2017 with their stats.

Now, my memory is sketchy, but I think this was the point where fan good will was mostly lost. But looking at Graphtreon, June of 2017 was when their earnings dropped and never recovered. I'm almost positive this was the period of time where there were just endless delays and long periods of silence. But isn't that odd? The last time any update was made to Simbro's website was the same time that their delays and releases became inexcusable. And they are now supposed to release 2.7 within the next few days. Oh, also? The countdown timer isn't on the Simbro website. I swear, I recall the countdown timers being on the Simbro blog. The current timer that was linked to on the Patreon post is on

It would not surprise me at ALL if it turned out that someone left the project, leaving someone who wasn't skilled in everything required for development...and the person who left neglected to hand over permissions for the Simbro website. Other than pure laziness, I can't imagine why they aren't using the Simbro blogspot anymore considering it's still linked in their introductory statement on their Patron page.

Oh, and based on the countdown timer, they initially set it up to end on the 30th of June. As of me writing this, it will reach zero on the 7th.

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Re: The SimBro Game (Brothel Sim)

Postby WonderGamer » Fri Jun 08, 2018 11:06 pm

I actually downloaded 2.7 at one point, but noticed on their Patreon page that it still states the lastest version is 2.6, which has me believing the 2.7 version might just be 2.6 with a virus, I got rid of it as soon as I saw it had the same interface problems 2.6 had. Mainly when I'm looking for a download, I look for SWF versions (at least with Sim-Bro), however what I discovered is that it appears he's developing for Android phones now (when I looked up the extension on one of the downloads), it might be possible the interface isn't fully compatible on PCs even when run through an EXE...
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Re: The SimBro Game (Brothel Sim)

Postby Coconut12 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:11 pm

Surprise surprise, Simbro couldn't even kept their word on their countdown release.
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Re: The SimBro Game (Brothel Sim)

Postby RTStryker » Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:15 pm

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