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Postby Kuragari » Thu Sep 29, 2022 5:48 am

He blushed and squeaked, melting into the kiss before nodding to your words as you let go. He then quickly squished your breasts together and moved to lovingly suckle upon your nipples as he slid his member into your folds. Oooh, nearly as big as his mother, our beloved Queen... floats through your thoughts as you feel a strange sort of... tingling sensation running through you.

Somehow, your magic is harmonizing with the lings around you and the ones you've birthed, alongside the submission and control of the Queen. You begin, ever so slightly, to feel... different. As he fucks you and the other 'lings present move closer to you, your element shifts and adjusts, adapting you to the new path you've unwittingly been brought upon.

You begin to feel the presence of others in your mind and soul as your body grows and morphs. You begin to hear the thoughts and voices of your own children first and most loudly, but then the rest of the Hive soon follows as you become nearly as tall as Queen Chrysalis, and your curves adjust to fit the new height. You also soon hear the echo of the Queen's own will, which is a surprise to you, and to her, but not an unwelcome one on either end.

The transformation takes only an hour or three, during which time the Lings around you both tend to and enjoy your body while you return the favor lovingly. The fact you are able to so easily and freely generate love for yourself and your fellow 'lings empowers you and the Hive, as well as the Queen.

It isn't long before you learn of the Queen's true plans, the conquest of Equestria, but thanks to your influence, subtle though it is, the plans get revised a bit... not that you care all too much. You've made your former friends and former rulers into your adoring, worshipful children as well through some magic and oversaturating them in pure love.

All in all, as the Princess of the Changeling Hive, you've found your place amongst a large, vast family, and you couldn't be happier.
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