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Postby Firehead » Tue Dec 14, 2021 2:19 pm

Ze Blitzkrieg Wrote:Elvara Greyfang (Firehead)
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The crisp morning air does well to clear some of the fog in your head; despite being indoors and well-furred, it's still getting later in the year. As you make your way from the bedroom to the common room, you find your clothing sitting on the kitchen table, presumably stacked there by the farmer once he had gotten up and found them strewn all about. As if on cue, the door to the cottage opens up shortly after you arrival, and the man who had spent much of the prior night violating you so thorough walks in, a stack of logs under his arm. When he spots you, his eyes immediately drift down across your bare body, admiring your figure and his handiwork in equal parts.

"What a welcome sight," He muses to himself as he slowly draws his eyes off your breasts and to your face, "How're you feelin'? Certainly seemed out of it at sunrise. I'm settin' up a fire, so I could heat you some water. Seem like you might be needin' a wash, after last night. Could go for one myself..."

You get the implication that bathing together might lead to some amorous activities, considering the apparent libido on this man. Although the chance to experience his touch sober might be worth it, if your vague memories are any indication of your compatibility with the man.

Seeing her clothes, Elvara let out a sigh of relief. Considering what had happened last night, she could only assume the farmer had tidied up her mess down here. She didn't have time to consider whether she'd rather keep going on her current state or dress herself almost certainly creating a mess of her clothing too before the man arrived. She shivered in embarrassment as he eyed her over though after how she'd acted it really was her fault. She never should have gotten that drunk.

Covering herself, she cast her gaze aside. "S-sorry about last night. That was really inexcusable on my part." Considering her current state, she definitely shouldn't go without a bath, but she didn't think it appropriate to share a bath with the man. Though after the wrong impression of herself she'd given him, it really was her own fault that he might try to do something with her in the warm water. While another passionate incident with the man was indeed tempting, her pack was counting on her to find her brother, and it was best to avoid such distractions from her mission. "I'd prefer to wash alone if that's alright. We both need to go to Esterwyn today, don't we?" She hoped reminding him of his duties would motivate him as it was the only thing keeping her focused.
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Re: The Northmarches (IC)

Postby Mark3000 » Wed Dec 15, 2021 3:53 am

Penelope gave herself over to the carnal pleasure. She couldn't deny how good it felt to have her body overwhelmed like this. Even as her body quaked with desire, the two guards continued to drag their tongues over her breasts and nape. Normally she'd be lucky to get a moment away from the other men at camp to give her pussy a modicum of attention. But now both her holes were being filled to the brim with their throbbing cocks.

Penelope lost track of time, only paying attention to her partner's frantic thrusts and her own lustful cries. As her legs wrapped around the guard in front of her, she hugged his head pressing his head into her bountiful bosom. Finally, the two guards rewarded her sensual efforts with their hot cum. As she felt them fill her, Penelope felt like she was walking on clouds. But when the guard behind her spoke, her heart sank to the floor. She wanted to scream at them, berate them for implying that she was some whore to be called upon when ever. But before she could say anything, the two of them pulled out at the same time. Penelope let out a low moan and made a face that could only be described as debased as excess seed dripped from her vacant ass and pussy. Back on her feet, the worn-out mercenary panted as she leaned up against a wall. She didn't answer the guard right away. Even as she put her clothing and armor back on, she didn't reply. It wasn't until she was about to leave that she responded.

"I'm staying for a bit on other business.... But I'm not opposed to making this a normal thing for the right price. I'll be back here tomorrow night if you're interested" She said, unable to face the two guards as she walked briskly to the inn. Hoping she would have a chance to clean up before heading to her room.
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