Gladiatrix (Game concept looking for team members)

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Gladiatrix (Game concept looking for team members)

Postby BellatorLuciferi » Sat Jul 31, 2021 7:35 pm

[/b]Game Concept [/b]

Gladiatrix is the WIP name for an Erotic turn based strategy RPG game with deep story elements set in a Romano-fantasy world. Gladiatrix will follow the exploits of a recently purchased Roman slave as they are forged into a Gladiatrix or Gladiator at a Ludus (Gladiator training school), they will train to increase their stats with instructions by your Doctore (trainer), gain new equipment and earn coin from victories in the arena. even when not in the arena you will compete with gladiators from your own school to claim top position (Primus Palus). When not in the arena or training you will have the opportunity to interact with your Domina and gladiators from your school in various ways (including fucking acourse 8-) ). Who knows perhaps you will forge your name in blood and steel as a God of the arena and prehaps even eventually win your freedom with a Rudis.

Proposed character list

Player character (insert name/gender)
-Domina’s body slave
-3 or 4 different gladiators and gladiatrix companions (each belonging to a different race and class)
-prostitute ( Lupa)
-2 or 3 ludia (gladiatorial groupies)
-Godesses (Venus,Bellona and Juno)

Major inspirations
-Sakyubasu No Tatakai II
-Price of Freedom:Avarice
-Spartacus (Series) and Spartacus (1959 movie)
-Roman history
-Age of Gladiators 2:Rome
-A legionaries life

Now that you understand what my vison is, i am here to basically reach out for Artists,Programmers,writers and anyone else who would be interested in making this game a reality. I am just a amateur writer with no game making experience but im very passionate and ready to learn in order to turn this from a concept into a solid game. If you are interested you can obviously replay here on the forum but i do have a discord you can join here ( for quicker response.
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