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CyberSpunk Brothel [Cyberpunk based, brothel management]

Postby King_Malygos » Fri May 22, 2020 11:51 pm

HEY, i'm Malygos, i'm just starting at games creation so it may take a while to become a pro at it like many other creators already are. I'm starting with a Brothel management game, Cyberpunk style, there is nothing more than an idea and my eager to make it happen for now, but i hope i'll get it done with some support and help of the adult game community. Hope u can help me guys, fell free to contact me for some initial info about the game. <3

I'll be posting here some really, reaaally basic animations i've been working on last couple days, just to have something to follow at first for some action, and a PC that we'll use to interact with some things on the game later.

I'm keeping up the work, i'm finishing the initial arts so I'll be able to start the game codes, hope i can have some feedback soon <3

Pls, if you liked the idea of the game consider helping me on my Patreon:
Finished the first room recently <3
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