Adventure High (Mind control and Transformation game)

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Re: Adventure High (Mind control and Transformation game)

Postby Hugh mann » Thu Jul 18, 2019 10:51 am

So, I went through a good chunk of the story and took note of a few bugs and typos, as well as a couple scenes that seem to create plotholes.

I had normal Val and normal Sarah with me when I found the first note, but the dialog was just Dan talking to himself. I remember him talking to Val before.

Reese play scene: The bedroom background appears and covers the image of him licking Rosa after a couple seconds.

NG+ (Book ending) First conversation with Val: When Val Asks Dan what kind of gift he is hoping for, he answers "I'm sure" I think you meant to put "I'm not sure"

NG+ (Book ending) Choosing to go into the dungeon with julia: The background changed to the streets when it should have been the hallway in the scene after reaching the sigil.

The scene where the students are telling Dr. Tiff about being attacked by Ashley can play upon exiting Val's mind.

Finding Sarah in her mind: Goth Val says "What we even looking for?" should be 'what are we even looking for?'

Random note: Enemies affected by confusion seem to have 100% chance to attack themselves. Not sure if that is intended.

While transformed into Jane, a scene with Cassandra is available in the hall that is clearly supposed to be available while transformed into Sarah.

The dungeon is still accessible while transformed into Jane. Still have my party too.

The scene in Jane's classroom after enslaving her doesn't make any sense; Dan had her memories when he used the chakram on her, but now he asks "Is that what the chakram did to you?" after Jane explains it, which she shouldn't, because Dan should already know...

The library trap: After pushing past Julia, the background in her mind is Jane's classroom.

I have Ms. Rack enslaved with the book, even changed her personality, yet Drape still has control of her if I go to her for help as Julia.
If I may offer an alternate scene for this situation; Since Dan has Julia's spells while in her body, Julia presumably has control of Dan's magic while in his body, therefore Ms. Rack would be under Julia's control, and Julia is under Drape's control, so you could have Julia turn Ms. Rack on Dan.

Shouldn't Val and Sarah be immune to Drape's mind control spell at this point? He still took control of Tough Sarah. Also, her outfit didn't change back to normal despite being a result of the spell that Drape's would have had to replace.

Curiously, her outfit does return to normal if I cast suppression on her after Drape leaves.

Why is Dan acting like enslaving his party members to break Drape's spell is such a big deal? he can release them whenever he wants... In fact, how does he even enslave them? I thought we need Jane to help because Drape's spell is too powerful to just replace? And if it is that easy, why couldn't Dr. Tiff break Val's curse?

Still have Jane as a Slave after this scene.

Drape took control of Val and Ashley, and its not letting me cast suppression on them.

Accidentally saved when I meant to load... rip... Will test more later.
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