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Night Approaches(For everyone but Blah)

Anastasia Ursa/LittleManKitten
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Littlemankitten Wrote:Anastsaia has never been to the fungal wastes before. She wasn't very impressed. It was fucking hot and humid and she could feel the larger spores smack against the few exposed parts of her skin. everything was this weird, dreary shade of blue that even Stellia rejected in her color palette. Not to mention the damn sound of absolutely everything ejecting spores, the fauna, the flora, the damn ground kept on puffing out spores at her. The ecosystem must be pretty hard to be in even as a mushroom with all the real-estate being taken up. Thankfully, she could see the walls of Nirvana slowly getting closer, soon enough she'll be in relative safety. Assuming Nirvana didn't succumb to the wastes the last time a messenger updated the other cities about its status.

While traveling through the Fungal Wastes, Anastasia passes by several log huts with smoke pouring from the chimneys, just like the first one. Movement could be heard inside each of them, but the glass was dark enough on the windows that the inhabitants and their actions couldn't be seen.

After traveling several miles into the Fungal Wastes, encountering only harmless creatures. One dog-like creature, several flying creatures, and some Mushroom men who seemed to pretend Anastasia didn't exist as they moved from one place to another, all of them either made of or covered in mushrooms, spreading spores and causing more to begin growing. At one point, Anastasia encounters a cow made of mushroom, mushrooms sprouting from its back as it fires spores into the air, barely sparing her a glance and simply 'Moo'-ing.

It seems everything was content with just ignoring Anastasia, and for once in her life, she was ok with that. Even in her tired state she knew better than to think all of these creatures were originally this way. She knew that if she overstayed her welcome in these wastes she would become just like them. Sure she was a bit surprised she didn't meet some kind of mushroom dragon thing but she didn't want to jinx herself so just kept walking. When she comes across the cow she just keeps walking to, it definitely wasn't good for food anymore, and served no purpose to her, and was just more opportunity to become like them.

Soon after passing by the Cow, Anastasia starts to hear footsteps behind her, followed by a low growling, however when she turns her head, the creature and noise are gone.
About the third time she turns her head, the creature is standing there in front of her, slowly taking form as it walks out of one of the mushrooms, appearing as though it phased through it. The creature is a green-colored wolf, covered is moss and mushroom growths, shooting spores into the air.

annnnnd she jinxed it... Oh well, it doesn't sound all that big based on the noises it was making. She just wished it would stop hiding and show its damn face. Just as she thought she was finally losing it she sees the wolf coming out of one of the mushrooms. Yea, thankfully not a weird mushroom dragon. Welp, it looks like she needed at least one more fight before she found some semblance of safety. With a yawn, Anastasia reached to her back and unsheathed her weapon, getting into a battle stance.

The wolf didn't seem all that keen on attacking first, so Anastasia took that opportunity to charge it and hit it directly in the torso with her hammer. The wolf flies back into the mushroom it came from and a bunch of spores and what looked like some kind of blood came out of it, judging by the sound it made it wasn't expecting such a serious hit. The wolf then turns around and opened it's mouth. It's tongue apparently doubled as a harpoon and it shot out of its mouth towards Ana. Ana yelped in surprise and jumped out of the way, making its attack miss as its tongue retracted back into it's mouth. Anastasia hits it on the head with her hammer, wanting to get rid of whatever that attack was. A sickening crunch resounds from its skull, but it keeps moving, despite its head now rolling at strange angles. Now that Anastasia was in slightly closer proximity to its head, it fires it tongue at her again. This time it pierces her skin, and she could see it draining something out of her and into it's body. It's head starts to reform its normal shape as this happens. Not having any of this, Anastasia hits it on the head again, causing its skull to fully cave in this time around, and it falls limp. She rips the tongue out of her arm and throws it on the ground.

Just as she was about to thank Avenir for this victory, two more of those damn things sprouted out of nowhere! Hey that wasn't very fair. With a growl, one of the wolves moves it's body around strangely, and suddenly all the drifting spores in the air suddenly all converge on Anastasia at once. Those things were surprisingly sharp to! Blood spurts onto the ground as Anastasia is minorly lacerated. Anastasia cries out in pain and only barely manages to dodge out of the way of the second wolf using its tongue attack on her. Anastasia's temper flares momentarily, but she quickly calms down as she thinks about the situation. Her skin mending itself back together as she does. Quickly digging a potion of regeneration out of her pocket, she chugs it. Throwing the bottle on the ground, she concedes to herself that she is still a little pissed off. With a roar, a red mist forms around Anastasia and pulses through the wolves, causing them to reel back and whimper. One of the wolves tries to use the spores in the air again, but her psychic attack seems to have done the trick, and it can't execute it properly, causing all the spores to fall harmlessly on the ground. The Other wolf uses its tongue again, but this time around it was incrediblely easy to dodge.

Anastasia attacks one of the wolves. These ones seemed squishier than the other, and her hammer easily sinks into its flesh. Causing a huge indentation that would be fatal for most creatures, but this thing seemed to barely keep a hold on life. Both of the wolves try and bite her now, she dodges one of them, but that leads her right into the jaws of the other. Luckily for her, it seems these things bites were to weak to pierce her flesh all that much, and only a small trickle of blood came out from the small wound. The other wolf tries to use the gathering spores in the air again. This time it does work, and more spores hit her, causing more lacerations. Thankfully, that regeneration potion was keeping her in the game. Anastasia tries attacking the other, healthy wolf, but it dodges out of the way barely. She curses under her breath. She then suddenly coughs up blood, probably due to all the spores and damage she's taken so far. The wolf bites her again, once again causing only a tiny wound. She also dodges out of the way of another tongue attack. Anastasia sends another wave of red mist through the wolves, causing the injured one to keel over on the spot, and the other one to howl in pain. The remaining wolf makes a last effort to tongue Anastasia, but this time it fires it straight into the ground, making dodging uneccesary. With that, Anastasia hits the last wolf in the face, causing its head to detach from the body.

Anastasia huffs, glad the fight was over. She was in a surprising amount of pain, especially since she wasn't doing to hot even before the fight. Gathering any useful items the wolves may have dropped, Anastasia continued hobbling in the direction of Nirvana, hoping to get there as soon as possible.

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After traveling not too much further, with no further problem, Anastasia finally exits the Fungal Wastes, then enters into a flat plains area, covered with black grass, Nirvana closing in the distance.

The city was surrounded by a colossal stone wall, with a large red gate. When Anastasia came upon it, a man covered head to toe in grey armor, with a blue cloth cape and loin cloth, the standard garb of Nirvana guards. The man saw Anastasia approaching and shouted down to her "Hark, traveler, I am Sir Fing, please state your business."

Anastasia was probably one of the happiest spectross alive when she got out of those Avenir forsaken wastes. By Avenir everything about the fungal wastes were horrid, and she wanted nothing more than to burn it all to the ground. Regardless, she pressed forward. The plains were a much nicer place to be. The strange colored grass reminded her of Avenir's hair, not quite as perfect though. Once she finally got to the gate, she sized up the walls and stuff. Very similar to Azraq, probably not as well built as Solstace's walls though. She then turned her attention to the guard that hailed her and did her best not to insult him right off the bat. "I am looking for a place to rest after a long journey, maybe find some gear to buy while I'm at it."

The guard looked over his shoulder and seemed to be talking to someone else, then turned back to Anastasia, waaay down below "Excuse me for further questions, however it's really odd to see a Spectross so far from Solstace. What brought you near here in the first place? All that's nearby are the Goddess-forsaken Fungal Wastes." he shouted down at her.

Anastasia huffed and rolled her eyes. Yes yes she knew she was a Spectross away from Solstace does every damn person have to mention it!? Trying to keep her cool, she addressed the guard again. "Well, it's kind of a long story, I was sent to Azraq for a mission, then I met someone, then we went all the way to the colosseum to proceed with said mission, but we found out we needed three people to participate, then we went to monsteropolis, then had a city fall on top of us. And then I found out while I was knocked out my companion got kidnapped, and now I'm here, which is the closest city, to try and think about my plan and rest."

The guard nods, then turns away from Anastasia for a long several minutes, then turns back to Anastasia and yells to her "We're opening the gates, enter quickly so we can close it back.", then almost immediately after he says this, the gates open just wide enough for Anastasia to enter.

Upon entering the city, the gates close right back, almost right on her heels. The city itself was nothing special, most of the houses were made of stone, like the wall, and had wooden rooves. The inhabitants were almost all Were-Beasts, with the number of humans sighted being countable on one hand. Any and all flowers growing in the city were entirely black, like the grass. At the center of the city, in front of the temple of Pradera, was a large pool of liquid, something typically absent from other cities.

Nearby, Anastasia could see several guilds; The Emerald Crab, the The Rainbow Flamingo, and the Hidden Raven. Each one's stone having been colored in the respective color of their name, and being almost identical in terms of size and shape. Closer inspection, however, reveals that the vast majority of structures in the city were actually identically constructed.

Thank Avenir these guards weren't idiots like so many others she's encountered. When she entered the gates, she gave everything a cursory glance. Everything looked so similar, how boring. The irony was of course lost to Ana, so she walked down the main street, ignoring the looks she got from the many were-beast. This must be the city of the were-beasts similar to how Solstace is the city of Spectross. Well, there were worse places to be. She stopped a good way away from the pool of liquid, looking across it towards the temple. "Pradera huh? Well, not as bad as Zalaam, at least she'll make a good seat for Avenir." She muttered under her breath, looking at the building that's lined the street she was at. Three main guilds were stationed here it seemed. Perhaps they could offer valuable assistance. First though, she wanted to find a blacksmith of some sort.

The trip to the blacksmith is pretty short, though despite it being so close to night, there are many Were-Beasts that Anastasia had to push passed in the streets, on her way there, however she reaches the stone building, which looks almost the same as the rest, and enters the dusty shop.

When she enters, the shop owner, another man in the same armor as the guard on the wall, waves to her "Hello, welcome to 'Hit it With Your Sword', the only store you can shop at without traveling across miles and miles of monster-infested, Goddess-Abandoned land." he said, unenthusiastically. The items in the shop were all marked with tags specifying a cost of 1-3 [C], and everything was made of bronze. One side of the store had suits of bronze armor, one side had bronze shields, and the very last wall was covered with bronze swords. While everything looked well-crafted, they were still bronze.

Anastasia frowns as she enters the shop, why was everything made of bronze? She gives a curt nod to the shopkeep and spends on a minute giving all the displayed wares a look before turning to the shopkeep. "You got a bronze fetish or something? Don't suppose you have anything made of higher quality metal? Though I will have to concede everything seems to be pretty well made for what it is." Credit were credit was due, hopefully he doesn't have a heart attack after getting complimented by a Spectross.

The man shakes his head "It's the best metal we're allowed to use, everything else is confiscated and stored by the king." he explains, then sweeps his arm out in front of him "This... is the best I have to work with." he finished. The man then made his way around the counter and, motioning for Anastasia to follow him, pointed at each type of item "I have Bronze Swords, Bronze Shields, and Bronze armor." he said.

Anastasia sighs. It seems this city had a bit of bit of a ruler-made problem. She followed him as he pointed to all the various items, usually she would already be out of the blacksmith, but being so tired she was a bit more sluggish on the uptake of being an ass. Just as she was about to tell him he had nothing she wanted, she came up with an idea. "Well, how about this, I have a few items I don't really need right now." She pulls out her bronze armor, axe and tiara from her backpack, as well as the silver gunblade. Pointing to the gunblade, she grins. "I can give you a chance to work with a better quality material. How about you melt all this down, and make me something either for my arms, or for leggings. I won't tell anyone about it, you'll just make it for me and I'll be gone and no one will have to know you worked with some nice stuff."

The guard looked thoughtful for a moment, and despite the fact his face is completely hidden, Anastasia could swear that he was smiling. After only a moment, he quickly nodded "I'll have it done by the morning." he said, before pointing over at his counter "Drop the items on the counter and I'll get started immediately." he concluded, rubbing his hands together.

Anastasia grinned as she placed the items on the counter. Most of it was bronze so he knew how to work with it, but that silver item would be were the real magic should happen for him at least. Hopefully he'll make something as good as everything else in here looks. Especially knowing its a spectross that wants it. "See you in the morning then." She raised a hand up as a signal of departure and left the store. Welp, time to see if she can't find a place to rest and some help. She headed over back to the guilds and briefly wondered which one she wanted to go to. Well, she didn't have to wonder long before she was suddenly pushed right in front of the entrance to the rainbow flamingo. By the time she had turned around whoever pushed her was already gone. With a growl of annoyance, she turned around and opened the door, figuring fate decided for her.

Upon walking in, Anastasia is greeted by the usual sight of a pretty standard guild interior; Stone desk, wooden walls and floor, the guild banned on one wall. However, she's also greeted by the sight of a red-headed woman, dressed in black leather with a sword strapped to her back, arguing with the fully-armored individual at the desk. The woman was yelling at the clerk that she had killed the monster specifically mentioned in the quest, but the clerk was yelling at her that the head she had brought back belonged to a monster twice the size of the one mentioned, and that someone else had already killed the right one. Next to her was the head to a Fungal Golem, oozing green liquid down the desk and onto the floor.

Over to Anastasia's right was a girl dressed in a black suit jacket and pants, with a matching hat, blue tie, and white button-down, with a red bow in her hair, sitting across the table with a man in city guard armor, who was accusing her of cheating at the game of cards the man had just lost.

Over to Anastasia's left was a platinum-haired girl, dressed in in white, with gold armor on her legs, a gold tiara, a white dress, and white gloves, throwing daggers at a target, landing each one on the bullseye, practically landing each dagger just far enough away from the previous that they don't bump each other, but still hitting the bullseye.

And behind the girl arguing with the clerk, a girl who looked to be a Paladin, wearing a white dress and gold armor, with a gem-encrusted golden sword on her back, was patiently waiting her turn. She lances over at Anastasia as soon as she walks in and gives her a smile, after which she returns to watching the argument in front of her.

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MiscChaos Wrote:Ophelia has a brief moment of... not regret, but worry as Alice rambles on about the faith they now share. She does not think she is likely to go back on her decision, but she thinks she might be more comfortable sharing her faith with someone a bit less... enthusiastic. Her internal attempts at tact appear to be working. She thinks. She would need to test it externally to be sure, but she's unsure if her companions would take offense if it turned out her efforts were not sufficient enough. Well, she rather doubts it in the case of Alice. That brings up the question of whether her fellow follower would object to being her guinea pig in this endeavor. It's something to ponder when she has some flexible downtime. For now, however, they've met back up with Annie. And Annie looks somewhat worried about her conversion to the faith of Masino. "Have no fear. I am not as enthusiastic as our friend." She whispers to the nonbeliever, trying to reassure her that she wouldn't have two people yelling about JUSTICE to her. As they make their way out of the city, she has a moment of regret that they have to leave. Besides Ferraille, this is the only place she's been to where everyone accepts her and even seems to welcome her without regard to her race. It's... nice. It's enjoyable to be able to wander without fear of drawing someone ire or being forced to defend herself or even having to hide her appearance to prevent the previous two outcomes. It's pleasant to not be called a plague or a slut or something derogatory simply for existing. She will miss it if she does not find any others.

Such thoughts take up her attention until they come across the orc encampment. It's smaller than the one she already snuck her way through, but being caught by the barbaric bitch prevents her from being too confident about her stealth skills. Especially since she isn't alone this time. And one of her party is apparently not tolerant of the continued existence of these orcs in particular. She agrees with Annie's assessment that if they loiter long enough to clear this encampment, it is possible for their target to escape. She places her hand on Alice's shoulder. "JUSTICE must be done, but it does not always have to be swift. We know where they are. They are not likely to go anywhere, unlike our target in the Colosseum. Once our business is done there, we may come back to bring reckoning upon them." She says, trying to convince her fellow follower to agree to Annie's plan. Unspoken is she's worried about their chances. She doesn't know how many orcs are in the camp or how strong or well armed they are. Attempting to do so before going to the Colosseum could result in them not making it at all or arriving so tired that they don't get anything done. She'll be more willing to risk it afterwards if she's still on speaking terms with her current party.

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Annie seems startled by Ophelia's emphasis on 'JUSTICE' and just stares at her blankly for a moment, then facepalms slowly. Alice, however, inhales to protest, however Annie puts her finger to her lips before she can say anything "Look, I promise that if the Orcs are still here when we get back, we'll help you kill them.", looking directly at Hel when she says the word 'we'. Alice frowns momentarily, but nods understandingly after a moment of silence.

The group then moves into the mountains and slowly makes their way towards the Colosseum. After traveling a sizeable distance, the group comes upon a Rock Kragg, however the skeletal creature, covered in stone, doesn't seem to notice the group as they pass by, instead focusing its attention on a nearby tree, seemingly waiting for it to walk close enough to ambush. Trees, however, do not move, therefor the creature will likely be here for some time.

When the trio makes it to the Colosseum, there seems to be different guards at the gate, however clothed in different armor. One of the two guards holds his hand out motioning for them to stop, then clears his throat and speaks much more loudly than needed "Halt! Are you lot here to take part in the Tournament of Fools? All three of you would need to participate, as it's currently three-person squads only." The other guard speaks almost immediately after the first has finished "However, if you're prostitutes, I happen to have some spare [C]" he says, and though his eyes are shadowed by his helmet, his head cocks slightly, so it could be assumed that he was winking.

Ophelia stares flatly at the lewder of the guards before turning to the guard that seems to actually be doing his job. They didn't just dodge a Rock Kragg and walk around a mountain just to be propositioned after finally reaching their goal. "Yes, we learned that it was a 3-person squad during our first visit. As we were short a member, we have rectified that and returned. Is there any further information we need before we are allowed entry?"

Alice and Annie follow Ophelia's lead, ignoring the second guard as well, and remaining focused on the first. "No, we'll just let the front desk know that we have another group, and let you in." he said, motioning to the second guard who rings the bell above his head three times, before the door opens slowly.

When the group enters, the room is not only carpeted, but the stone walls are also covered in very fine tapestry, with all of the different emblems of every Mercenary group in Chaldea, as well as every major city. There were even tapestries that Ophelia couldn't recognize, and many of them. Annie was slowly and coolly scanning the area with her red eyes, while Alice was looking all around at the many tapestries and quickly listing off all of the ones she recognizes, though if she was talking to Annie, she was ignoring her, and if she was talking to Hel, she was speaking too fast for her to pinpoint which was which.
The group traveled down the long corridors with a guard flanking them on either side until they reached a solid black wooden table with yet another guard seated at it, with a clipboard and a sheet of paper in front of him. "Ah, welcome to the Colosseum of Fools. To enter you into the matches, I require each of your first and last names, as well as the name of your group together." he said, turning the clipboard to face the group. There was no line currently, so nobody was waiting behind them, the competitors all seemed to be absent from the hallway, likely all quartered for the night. Before any of them could give their names, however, the Knight perked up and looked directly at Alice "OH d-did we do something wrong, milady?" he said, sounding frightened, however Alice quickly shook her head "No, no, don't worry, we're just here looking for someone else." as she spoke, the guard quickly took the clipboard back, and then signed Alice's name for her, then moved it back to Ophelia's side of the table, seemingly calmed down "W-well, that's good to hear, I hope you find who you're looking for. Rest assured, it's good to see you." he said, sounding somewhat less nervous.

As Ophelia walks down the hallway, she considers whether her education was incomplete or not. There are a lot of tapestries that she is unaware of the meaning of. A lot more than she anticipated. At the very least, a source of information is nearby since Alice seems to know so she can work on filling the gaps very soon. Also it seems Alice was more famous than originally anticipated. If someone within the Colosseum sees her and becomes frightened by her, then she has quite a bit of renown in the area. It may be prudent to see how far that renown goes and if it is likely to cause problems or smooth things out further down the road. At the very least, maybe it can open a door here and now.

"The person we are looking for is a Ralph Kipling. Are you aware of this man? Also, I do not have a last name. Will that be a problem?" Her last name technically would be Techra since that is the name of her lady, but she refuses to use it. That would tie her to Lady Techra and that would cause problems for her lady. That is unacceptable

When Ophelia says the name Ralph Kipling, Ophelia notices Annie stop scanning the room and freeze next to her, however only briefly, but following this, Ophelia feels as though Annie is watching her.

The guard at the table, however, rubs his chin and lifts the clipboard, looking at it closely "Hmm... he's not on the list. Rest assured, Alice, if he was, I'd bring him to you immediately. Are you sure the person you're looking for is here?" Alice looks worried, however Annie whispers to the two of them "He's here. He must have signed up under an alias." then she quickly grabs the clipboard and scribbles her name on it, before quickly walking away from the group in long strides "I'll be back later, you can call our group whatever you want.", she called back over her shoulder.

"Understood." She says to Annie as she leaves. Ophelia can't help but feel Annie's habit of barely speaking to her team and leaving does not exactly lend itself to building comradery, but she can't be sure. Still, it makes it hard for her to ask why she froze like she did when she does not stay in the area. She will have to ask at some point because it seems important. "As asked before, does the fact I have no middle name raise a problem? Also, could you keep us appraised of a man of this description?" She asks, giving the description of Ralph she was given before leaving the mansion

Alice watches Annie as she leaves the room, then turns to Ophelia and whispers "Do you think she really needed to use the bathroom?" quietly, while the guard shakes his head at her question "Just make up a last name, then. You'll probably need one, anywa-" Alice grabs the clipboard off the table and scribbles Ophelia's name onto it, then gives her the last name 'Kallis', smiling at her proudly "There you go! I got ya covered, I hope you like it!" she says, giving her two thumbs up. The guard glances at the paper and nods "That works. No need to worry, I'll let Alice know if we find a man of that description, however, understand that people come here to fight, so most of them are wearing full suits of heavy armor." he explains, then adds "Oh, and be sure to write down a name for your group before you head to your quarters." he says, handing Alice the key to their room, with a tag dangling from it with the number '86' on it.

Ophelia is more tempted than she would readily admit to follow Annie's suggestion of calling the team "Whatever You Want". However, she's aware that may also have some lewd connotations to it. Given that she has been propositioned by guards every time she's come to this place, that may be a poor decision. But what would be a good one? Given Annie's cringe when she says Justice, she is hesitant to include it in the name. But she also feels like Alice may object if some form of righteousness isn't present. Annie is a detective, right? "Finding Justice" She finally decides. It's not like she has to stick with the name for long anyway. With that decided and the key taken, she makes her way to their specified quarters

Alice noticeably smiles when Ophelia says the name and adds "Make sure the Justice is capitalized~" in a singsong voice as they make their way to the room. The walk to the room is rather long, and Alice continued pointing out all of the various banners that she recognized, until they reached their destination, a black wooden door with a silver nob and the number '86' on it, at eye level. Alice quickly unlocked the door and opened it, walking inside and looking around. The room was quite large, with a bathroom, the various items therein made of a dark grey metal, with running water, the curtains designed to resemble banners of yet more houses, cities, or mercenary groups she didn't recognize. There was only one bed in the room, though very large, and a kitchen attached to the main room, the counter and table made of the same dark grey metal.

As she looked around, Alice suddenly asked "Uh. How is Annie going to find the room? She wasn't there when the Guard gave us the key..." after which she walked over and sat on the bed, staring at Ophelia.

Ophelia raises an eyebrow when she sees there is only one bed. Well, she didn't have any problem sharing a bed last time and she doubts she will this time. She just wonders if her comrades will have the same thought process. The rest of the room looks fine for not being owned by someone of Lady Techra's wealth. It's likely larger than the room she owns in the manor. "Annie is a detective. She can likely track us down. She also knows where the front desk is and since her name is on our team roster, she will likely be able to ask there and find us. I am concerned, however. I am not sure if she will travel unmolested in this town given the reception we have had both times we have arrived. It would be a shame to finally get into the Colosseum and lose one of our teammates immediately."

Just as Alice opens her mouth to reply, the door to their room opens and Annie walks in, slowly taking off her overcoat as she does so and hanging it on a nearby hook as she kicks the door closed, then locks it. As she casually glances around the room, Alice speaks up "Annie! Ophelia thought that something terrible happened to you and that we'd have to fight a person short." she said, to which Annie raised an eyebrow "Oh?" and glanced over to Ophelia... then to the bed "These places seem to frequently count on people traveling either alone or with a single companion. Then again, most of the time, the fights here are one on one, so it's understandable in this instance." she said, as she glanced into the bathroom.

"Yes. It is because of that fact, plus the fact that most people here will have two people as backup, caused some concern about your safety. It is good to know you are safe." She says, explaining her thought process. "Earlier, you seemed to recognize the name I gave to the guard. Is he who you are looking for as well?"

Annie then went into the bathroom and turned on the water, starting the tub filling, seemingly not hearing Ophelia's question. Alice glanced over at Ophelia "I didn't notice that. Hey, Annie, Ophelia's talking to you!" she called over, while laying back on the bed, and crossing her legs. Alice then called over to them "Sorry, preparing to bathe, can't hear you." though just loud enough for the two of them to hear.
(You and Alice got low rolls for that, you actually both have higher Charisma xD)

"This is a rather important subject, so I hope you will forgive me if I continue asking about it." she says in response. It directly impacts her ability to fulfill her Lady's objective after all. This is information she simply cannot afford not to have. Especially if she is supposed to be trusting Annie in battle.

Annie seemingly hears Ophelia this time, as the rustling of clothes stops briefly, but resumes shortly thereafter. However, at this point, Alice gets off the bed and makes her way over to the bathroom, opens the door and sticks her head in, then Ophelia could hear her arguing with Annie for a moment, though couldn't make out their words.

Alice then reaches into the bathroom and pulls Annie into the room's hallway, leading to the main room "There, now I'm sure you can hear us just fine." she says, with Annie standing in front of the two of them in a cute pair of sky blue panties and a matching bra, both with little white bows on them. "We were asking if Rorph Kaplin is the guy you're looking for, too." she says, butchering the name, but at least finally having Annie's attention.

"His name is Ralph Kipling, actually, and yes, he is the person I'm looking for." she said, standing there in her underwear, blushing "D-did you have to pull me out like this to ask that?" she asked, causing Alice to seemingly just now notice that Annie wasn't fully dressed "O-oh." she said, looking Annie up and down.

Seeing everyone prepare for bed, as Ophelia understands it anyway by not being fully clothed, she begins stripping down as well. "For any particular purpose? My employer wishes to find him for her own purposes." Which is the best way she can possibly say she wants him dead. "It is unlikely that our purposes conflict." In that if Annie wants him alive, Ophelia can wait to kill him until later. Her lady told her that if he's caught, he's likely to be brought to Monsteropolis, but that place no longer exists. She likely will find it easy to kill him if he's brought near there.

Annie crossed her arms and shifted her weight "I'm just supposed to find him and report back to the employer where he is or what has become of him." she explained, watching Ophelia strip her clothes off, but refraining from reacting. Alice looked back and forth between the two girls, then shrugged and started tugging her dress off, which caused Annie to roll her eyes, as Alice stripped down to her plain white bra and panties.

Alice and Annie then took turns bathing, then each occupied a side of the bed, leaving more than enough room for Ophelia in between them.

Seeing the other two come out of the bath, Ophelia takes her chance to take one of her own. She doesn't bother to redress afterward, she's just going to bed anyway. When she rejoins the room, she asks one last question before bed. "And if he turns out to be dead?" She might as well know how Annie would react before making it a problem.

Annie quietly replies "Then I guess that's what I'll tell my employer."

With her question answered, she lays down between them and prepares to sleep.


In the morning, Ophelia feels a familiar warmth against her body. Opening her eyes, she finds that she's groping Annie's right breast with one hand, and has her other hand between her thighs. When her eyes adjust to her surroundings, she can see Alice, still in her underwear, picking up a letter from the floor, which seems to have been slid under it. After holding the letter in front of her for a moment, she groggily calls behind her "Hey, girls, we have a fight in an hour, we need to get read and head down to the uh... arena." without looking over her shoulder.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

lilbooth Wrote:Cee Cee perked up somewhat as the scent turned from the castle. She was close, the scent was growing stronger. It wasn't far off now, but she was quite tired after tracking all day long. When she happened upon the Chimera she was confused. What stood before her was a rather normal looking young women. Who possessed a gnarly set of eyes and an immense amount of strength. Cee Cee figured she'd been tracking some strange half-human half-monster all day... but she looked rather normal. Some sort of magic propelled her inhuman traits but it was nothing like what Cee Cee expected. She took a few mental notes of how the girl looked and where she was. She knew that the chimeras were dangerous but she had reason to believe that this girl would attack her, and she could run away if need be. She stood tall and strong and threw her voice as far as she could. "Hello? Are you alright?" She called out ready to turn and run if need be.

The girl straightened up and turned her head slowly towards CeeCee, a piece of the creature still dangling from her teeth as she looked. She spat it back onto the body as she stared at CeeCee and squinted her eyes. After what seemed like several minutes of her eyes adjusting, she finally spoke “Is that YOUR shield?” she asked, seemingly confused by it, her voice no stranger than any other girl’s.

Cee Cee spun to the side glancing down at the shield strapped to her back. "I suppose? It was a gift I received after defending Monsteropolis. I’m not of Barton blood if that’s what you're asking."

The girl scowled at the shield from the distance and ripped off another chunk of the monster’s flesh, chewed it, then swallowed it almost wholly “Oh really. Where are you heading?” she asked, almost sarcastically, as she went in to tear off a big chunk of the monster’s throat, as it finally died.

”I’m on an assignment from the Black Dragon Mercenary Guild, they issued a search of Baskerville. I found a building there that seemed to be less destroyed than the rest of the town, but it was full of dead mercenaries. And unless you have been trying to disguise your scent, you were there as well. I’ve been tracking you all day. "

The girl froze for a moment and licked the blood off of her lips “Oh, you’ve been following me and you have a Barton Shield?” she said, accusingly as she straightened up from the creature and started moving towards CeeCee, dragging the black chains hanging off of her wrists, ankles, and neck along in the dirt.

"Look, I’ve not come to harm you. You are clearly very capable and I would pose you no threat. I used to have a full set of Barton Armor, I worked with their knights to hold the undead horde from Monsteropolis. It ended up not making a huge difference because of the whole falling city thing but I was struck down twice in the battle, and the Barton’s saved me."

The girl seems to only get angrier and starts lurching forward in long steps, leaving the carcass behind, screaming at CeeCee “YOU WORKED WITH THEM, YOU’RE ONE OF THEM, YOU AND THEY DID THIS TO ME, I’LL EAT YOU!” with one of her steps, she crushes the ground into rubble, then grabs a bolder from the mass, seemingly brandishing it as a weapon. [Indris has entered Extreme Range]

Cee Cee sighed as the women flew into a rage screaming at her. She had nothing to do with what was done to her, but apparently, it didn’t matter. She turned on a dime and mounted Slongvir, fleeing as quickly as she could.

After a few moments in which it looked like the screaming, roaring girl would catch up to her, Slongvir manages to outrun her, leaving her behind. As she fades out of view, CeeCee could see her ripping a tree out of the ground and throwing it in anger.

Within minutes of swift riding, Cee Cee neared the gates of Barton Castle. She hurriedly hailed the door guard, in fear that the women may still be chasing her. She turned to the first knight she saw and said, "Take me to Lord Barton at once."

The knight at the door, who looked like literally all of the others, in terms of armor and body type, nodded at her and waved his arm towards the other knight, who slowly cranked the gates open for CeeCee. After entering the structure, she is immediately greeted by two more knights, one of which speaks up “Lord Barton didn’t expect you back so soon, milady. How did your mission go?” he asked, as he and the other knight led her towards Lord Barton’s chambers.

"It ended quite abruptly, unfortunately, but otherwise it was mixed. It started off well but went downhill since the start of this morning. "

The knight nodded understandably, as he knocked on the door to Lord Barton’s chamber “Milady is here to see you, milord” he announced. Lord Barton opened the door quickly, though only a crack, then opened it fully, and motioned for CeeCee to enter the room. “Please, come in Lady CeeCee,” he said, stepping aside. The room looked the same as it had before, however, this time in the center of the floor, with a stack of shapes and a board made of wood, with the same shapes as the stack cut into it. Sitting next to the board, and the shapes, trying to jam a triangle into the circular hole, was a little girl. (
She looked up at CeeCee with a questioning look, and let out a small “Awoo?”. Lord Barton noticed CeeCee looking at her, and spoke up in response “Ah, I should introduce you. This is our as-of-unnamed creation from your companion’s, yours, the Frost Cragg’s, and my own likeness. She’s been matured to assist you, however, has a lot to learn. I thought that you may want to name her yourself, so I have not done so.” he said, with a nod.

Cee Cee walked closer to the girl and crouched down next to her. "I hadn’t really stopped to consider a name. Maybe Magnolia, in honor of my fallen companion." She took a few moments to examine her, looking for her own features hidden amongst the mixed gene pool. She looked the girl in the eyes and placed one of her hands under her chin, "You are Magnolia. I’m CeeCee and this is Lord Barton." She said gesturing to herself and then the Lord. She stood up and walked a few steps away from Magnolia, standing by Lord Barton’s side.
"So, a slow learner you said?" She questioned, gesturing at the blocks Magnolia was struggling with.

Magnolia let out a “Hoot hoot?” when CeeCee touched her face, and didn’t seem to register what she was telling her, she merely returned to trying to pound the triangular block into the same hole, as if trying enough times would make it fit. Lord Barton nodded slowly when CeeCee asked him about Magnolia’s learning problem “Well, you see, a problem I’ve never encountered with my other creations happens to have occurred with this one. I’m not sure which part it was, as I’m used to OwlBears exhibiting higher intelligence than… you know. I have been attempting to teach her the basic shapes, and she has made some progress… she now knows the Triangle does not fit in the square hole.” he explained, nodding slowly.

"So all of the others were of normal intelligence when they were formed? I didn’t know what a triangle was until I was eleven so I’m not too worried about that. But this is troubling. I have news from Baskerville. The whole town is ruined, the facility you own in the center is partially destroyed and full of dead mercenaries. And I only found one of the Chimeras, who was very upset to learn that I had worked with you. I tried to speak to her but she seemed very keen to eat me. I can tell she was chained and held there against her will. What exactly where your men doing to them in Baskerville? " She asked.

Lord Barton frowned when CeeCee gave him the news “That’s terrible… all of those people dead because of my own experiments. Those poor people.” he said, sitting down on his bed and gently rubbing the top of Magnolia’s head. At this point, she had stuck the triangle block into her mouth and was sucking on it, while trying to jam the circular block into the square hole. “You see, Lady CeeCee, that one had quite the temperament… she had attacked several medical personnel who were trying to feed her, so she had to be put in chains for safety. The scene that you saw in Baskerville is a result of those creatures escaping. I want them captured to keep them from hurting others, to rectify my mistake of letting them loose. I also believe that I can make them safer to have around, like our dear Magnolia. As you can see, she’s quite docile.” he explained, a grief-stricken expression on his face. “We did, however, manage to capture one of them, and she’s being held in a much safer location.” he finished, nodding slowly.

"The one I met seemed to have quite the bloodlust and rage. That coupled with the inhuman strength she possesses makes her a danger to everyone." Started Cee Cee, feeling quite conflicted. Lord Barton had created these creatures, the girl she met didn’t seem to enjoy the life she currently had and she blamed Lord Barton for her suffering. But, if she was so unstable perhaps holding her somewhere was safer? "I don’t know much about these experiments Lord Barton but these chimeras are unnatural, and you don’t seem to have any control over them. Now, I’m not a fan of keeping them locked up but if you think that is the safest thing to do I’ll leave you to it. I’d like to leave Magnolia with you for some time, I don’t think I’ll have much to teach her while on the road. One of the Chimeras that was in Baskerville is only a few minutes ride from the castle, though I can’t fathom how your knights could hurt or detain here. I’d like to collect my other gear as promised and be on my way." She said while sitting down next to the man.
"I should be back in only a few days to help care for Magnolia but I have a report to turn in for the Black Dragon Guild."

Lord Barton gently wrapped his arm around CeeCee’s shoulders “It’s a very difficult task, and specialized equipment is required, however, even then we do lose some men. With those creatures running loose, I do highly suggest taking Magnolia with you, as she would greatly increase your chances of survival against both the normal threats that one always faces and the creatures as well. She may not seem like much to you, however, she’s every bit as strong as your former companion and even stronger.” he nodded reassuringly as he spoke, then motioned to one of the nearby Knights to open his vault, which the man did immediately, once again revealing the vast wealth of equipment that Barton owned from his many exploits as a Mercenary.

"Fine.She’ll learn the way I did." Said Cee Cee as she stood up. "Have you got any other work for me, my Lord? I’m not sure when I’ll be back but if there is a reward involved I’d be happy to return."

Lord Barton nods as CeeCee agrees to take Magnolia with her, then replies “Hmm. Well, I have gotten reports of a Spectross woman attacking other Mercenaries that we have hired to track down and help us capture the loose creatures” he explained before continuing “I would very much appreciate it if you found her and ensured she didn’t keep stopping us from capturing those dangerous creatures. Not necessarily through violence, we don’t mind what method you use as long as she no longer interferes with us. We don’t have many specifics, however only so many Spectross are outside of Solstace. If you find her and stop her, I’ll gladly give you something else from my vault.” he explained, again giving Magnolia a gentle pat on the head, then added “Are you intending to spend the night, Lady CeeCee?” he asked.

"I suppose it’s late already. I’ll stay till morning. If you’d like to come to meet my new mount I’ll have to go stable him before I head to bed. Thank you for your hospitality again my lord. "

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Lord Barton remains seated and considers for a moment "Hmm... I've seen enough creatures by now that I'd rather not take the trip out there. You can, however, take Magnolia with you and show her your new companion. She will probably find it amusing... she finds most things amusing." he said, motioning towards Magnolia, who was now trying to jam a star-shaped block into a Triangular slot, while chewing on the Circular and Square blocks. When Lord Barton motioned to her, with her mouth full, she simply cocked her head and let out a soft "Hoot-hoot?" and spit out the circular block.

Alexander Telluria/Centaurific
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Centaurific Wrote:Following a further series of confusing sounds and gestures, Alexander is left befuddled. This befuddlement vanishes when the torch is thrown. Regretting his prior decision to attempt conversation, though suspecting that he would have felt bad had he attacked without warning, he leaps into action. He starts shooting the goblins, aiming for the one covered in bones first. He also yells, "Goblins are attacking!" He really hopes he didn't just ruin someone's life.

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(Coming when the battle is edited into his previous post)

Lilith Rose/Mark3000
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Mark3000 Wrote:Lilith almost smacked herself when she realized the armored figures were looking straight at them. As the figures began to shift position, Lilith began to feel her body tense up. That is until one of them tries to hide behind a foot tall plant. "What?" Lilith blurted out as she watched the armored figured attempt to hide. This thing must have known we could see it. Looking to Metia and Camilla, she decides to at least see if she could talk to them.

Lilith approached the armored figure behind the plant slowly trying to come off as nonthreatening as possible. "Hello? My name is Lilith. Me and my friends are just trying to get through the forest. We don't need any trouble"

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Metia and Camilla wait patiently while Lilith goes over to the armored figure and speaks to him. The man holds completely still as she approaches and glances over his shoulder when she speaks to him, seemingly believing that Lilith is speaking to someone else, as if he was actually hidden. From behind Lilith, Metia calls out "Yes, she's talking to you, you're completely visible!", to which the man responds by looking down at the plant that wasn't hiding him, and back up at Lilith. The man then stands up straight, and clears his throat "You can't see usss..." he whispers, as he backs into the bushes and crouches down, the rest of the green-armored men continuing to stare at them from the bushes. Metia rolled her eyes "Well, this is certainly new... I say we continue on our way, and if these guys attack us, we set them on fire." she said.

Amun Khufu/MrBlah
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mrblah Wrote:collab post
Amun's initial impression of the shop and its owner could be described with one word; disgusting. He had to bite back the bile rising up his throat at the sight of Fuuuuurd, but the prospect of goods eventually won him over and he checked what the shopkeeper had to sell. His eyes were amateur, and he wasn't sure how to properly spot weapons of interest, so he deemed it appropriate to lean on Lyanna for advice. "Miss Lyanna, would you think this is any good?" He picked up a random... sword, or some kind of weapon, and held it out to her.

Lyanna looked with disgust at the weapon, but her face only showed it for an instant before turning into a look of disinterest "I don't recommend anything in this store" she whispered "I think this is just what they have... not what they deem to be suitable weaponry." she finished, grabbing it carefully from Amun's hand, as if it was made of glass, then putting it back on the shelf. Meanwhile, Lucia was just staring at her feet.

He had a feeling, really. Amun sighed in his disappointment. He'd been hoping for a chance to arm himself better to prepare for what was to come, but... this place didn't seem like it'd match his interests. "Yes, I suppose you're right. Let's continue on then." The group of three make their way out of the rusted shop, and continued to journey randomly through the street, hoping to spot another shop that'd be selling something more... useful.

Amun's prayers would be answered—or half of it would be. The next destination seemed to be a strange... shop, that at least sold food. Amun inspected the so-called alqarfs as Lyanna did, then turned to her for her expert (or, well, more experienced than his) opinion. "Are these worthwhile, Miss Lyanna?"

Lyanna looked closer at the Alqarf, then sniffed at it "Well, they seem to only live off of these, so they must at least be edible..." she said, sounding unsure. LuLu continued just staring at her feet, beside Lyanna as she and Amun looked around. Lyanna put the Alqarf back on the shelf and looked at some of the others.

"Then it unfortunately looks like this is the best we can get." He sighed. Amun took a few of the Alqarfs and headed toward Mirble with a bunch of them in his arms. 1, 2, 3, 4... and 5. "How much for all of these?" He hoped he had enough to pay, that is, assuming they're even using the same currency.

Mirble smiled as Amun approached the counter, while Lyanna and Lucia followed close behind him. "Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well." he said, as Amun placed the Alqarfs on the counter. He then slowly poked each one, counting out loud and nodding with each, then stopped short after the fifth "Hmm, well, each of these is half of one [C], so I'd suggest either getting one less, OR one more." he said, smoothly. After he had finished speaking, he glanced over Amun's shoulder at Lyanna and Lucia.

Half of one [C]?! For these... measly foods? The former noble felt offended, more so because that would completely deplete his entire supply of [C] than anything. It felt humiliating... and he was going to further humiliate himself. Amun looked back to the other two. "I don't suppose either of you would have any more [C]?" He didn't mention the fact that he couldn't pay, just so as to not alienate the possibility of haggling with the shopkeeper. But it would be nice to know if they had anything to pitch in so as to better plan in the future.

Mirble doesn't respond to any of it, opting to remain silent. Lyanna whispers to Amun softly "I lost everything but my armor in the destruction of my home, I didn't have any [C] on me." while Lucia doesn't say anything, she just stares at her feet, not seeming to register that anything is going on. When Mirble notices Lyanna whispering, he finally speaks up "If you think that's too much, I guess I could give you three for one. If I go too much lower, I'll be practically giving them away. We do have to feed the people living here, and it's not as though these aren't valuable... they have regenerative properties, and they never rot." he explained, sounding a little nervous.

"..." He was on board with the deal, but now it was ringing somewhat suspicious to him. Food that had regenerative properties and would never rot? He might be new to this world, but that sounded too good to be true. Amun spun back around to face Mirble with one of his wide, noble smiles. "Oh, that does sound like a much lovelier deal, good sir! Truly, it's very kind of you, but I must ask; how exactly did you come upon such a bounty of magical foods? Surely it's not as if there's many farms of these rare items! The demand for supply must be high, I'd imagine?"

He nodded his head slowly "They are somewhat difficult to grow, the healing property is too weak to outweigh the danger in obtaining them, and nobody is foolish enough to travel between cities on foot to deliver them..." he said sadly. He then picked one up and examined it "They're also too small to be considered a meal, so most cities would rather grow something else... " he set it back down on the counter.

... Wait, that sounded kind of logical, actually. He was hoping to see something faulty in the man's words to spot what he thought would be a swindler, but it... well, it checked out. "Oh. Well, that... is truly a shame." Amun felt a little awkward for doubting the man's integrity so quickly. Maybe he's just being too paranoid about the world. "I'll... I'll take 6." He handed Mirble two [C].

Mirble nodded and pulled a sixth Alqarf out from under the desk and set it beside the other five, then accepted the two [C] from Amun "Thank you for your patronage, please visit us again." he said, bowing to the three of them. Lyanna nodded, then grabbed Lucia by the hand in preparation to leave the store.

With the transaction made, Amun took the purchased goods and left in tow with his companions. "Next, next... perhaps we should find some place to reconvene, discuss and plan further. We got less out of this trip than I hoped." The only place he felt even slightly comfortable and secure in would be their temporary abode, and that place was falling apart. Still, Amun made his way back to the rusty abandoned shack they'd been given, and once they'd done what they could to get comfortable, he began.

"So, we were able to acquire food for cheap, but not weapons nor armor. We're a slight bit lower on funds than I'd like, but that's less important than our... or, I suppose moreso my lack of weaponry. I don't believe this place has anything of more importance that we can use, unfortunately, so perhaps it'd be time to move on to the next town?" He looked to Lyanna. "Assuming we could make the trip, where's the closest town you think would have something useful for us? Either a way to make more [C], or obtain new equipment..?"

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Lyanna thinks for a moment, then speaks quickly "Well, the only location within reasonable distance of Ferraille would be Azraq, and considering they have their own guilds, we should be able to find work pretty easily.", meanwhile Lucia just stood nearby, staring at her feet, though Lyanna looked at her for input anyway, only to be met with the silence one would expect, before turning back to Amun "Probably better that we move out immediately, otherwise we risk night approaching before we arrive at our destination." she concluded, standing up and strapping on her armor and weapon, then grabbing Lucia's hand. "I do want to warn you, though, Guild work is mostly monster slaying." she said.

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As Anastasia entered the guild, she couldn't help but notice how painfully average the interior was. She was expecting something in the way of decoration but other than the banner it was all like no one cared to liven things up. She figured she should start by putting in some listings from the monsters she found for some extra cash. She stood in line for a whole eight seconds before getting more than a little agitated with the argument at the table to the right of her. Sure the argument in front of her was loud but the one at the table sounded like the guard was trying to break a vocal loudness record of some kind. With a growl she took a few steps towards the guard and girl."Could you please shut the fuck up for a fucking second? By Avenir what are you even so mad about anyway!?"

The girl, who had been quietly listening to the guard shout and only responding in just above a whisper glanced over at Anastasia before she even said anything, seemingly having noticed her approaching long before she got there. The guard, however, jumped when Anastasia yelled at the two of them. "This girl here has definitely been cheating at cards, she has beaten me every single game so far, and won every [C] I had on me!" to which the girl shook her head "This man is just upset that he lost. I don't need to cheat at cards." she responded calmly.

Anastasia rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her breasts, raising an eyebrow at the guard to top it all off. "Yeesh you sound like a little whiney baby. Have you not considered perhaps you're just an idiot who can't handle the fact someone is better than you at a simple game." She waved her arm in the air, sweeping it across the direction of the table. "Do you even have any proof she cheated? Or is your only line of reasoning that maybe if you try and break the windows with your voice things will somehow resolve themselves?" The guard, not knowing what to say, punched the table, causing it to rock violently, and stormed off, yelling back at the girl "You haven't seen the last of me, bitch!", slamming the door on his way out. Meanwhile, the girl just lazily stared after him, her red eyes showing pure disinterest in the situation "A bit of an overreaction to a loss in a game of cards." she mumbled, just loud enough for Anastasia to hear, while rocking her chair backwards and forwards, slightly.

Anastasia rubbed her temples as the guard finally left. "By Avenir I won't be able to hear the same way again for a few days... He probably wasn't lying about what he said either. Might convince a few of his friends to send the entire force of guards after you on baseless grounds." She shrugs and looked back to the other argument happening. "At least they seem to realize there are other people here and seem to be at least trying to keep it down." She yawns, looking back at the girl, finally starting to wonder what race she actually was. Yet at the same time to tired to truly care.

The girl looked back from the door to Anastasia, her red eyes somewhat unsettling when they look directly into Ana's "He would HAVE to bring the entire force of guards, truly." she said standing up from her seat, and waving her hand across the table, each and every card seemingly disappearing into thin air as her arm passed over them. "She would probably make more [C] if she took that head to a different city." she said as she adjusted her tie. The red-head, however, threw up her arms and grabbed the head, seemingly calming down or giving up "Fine, fine. Just fine. I'll take the head somewhere else."she said, passive-aggressively as she started heading towards the door. The Paladin-looking girl waved at her as she left and moved up to the desk in her place, handing a strange plant to the clerk in exchange for some [C].

Anastasia snorts but smiles at the girl. "Ah, someone is confident. I like it." Anastasia blinked a couple times to make sure she did indeed see how quickly the cards disappear Shaking her head a little, she turns her attention back to the redhead. Wow people here seemed to sure have a temper. Ignoring the irony of that thought, she walked up behind the paladin and waited for her turn. Planning to give them some info on three particular creatures. The spider creature, the fungal wolf, and those one eyed bastards back in Baskerville. Granted she didn't have much info other than looks on them, but letting people knowing they exist is probably better than nothing. The girl gave Anastasia a small smile, then sat on the edge of the table as she left her to go turn in the information on the monsters she encountered. As Anastasia handed in the information, the Paladin-looking girl looked over her shoulder, but said nothing. After only glancing for a moment, she made her way over to a nearby table and sat down, seemingly now just watching the other individuals in the building.

Anastasia gives the clerk a curt nod as they give her her money. At this point normally Anastasia would probably try to get some sleep. She knew that wouldn't happen for a while though. Hopefully she'll be able to get some at all in the future. so, to pass the time she figured she should try and find out what was up with this super confident card dealer. Walking back to the girl, she crossed her arms again. "So, what card game did you manage to piss off all the guards with? Also I take it you're more than just some glorified dealer with that statement you said earlier."

The girl looked back up at Anastasia as she approached, but didn't show any emotion on her face, just watching her with those red eyes. "Just a normal game of cards." she said, flicking her wrist, an Ace of Spades appearing in her hand right before Anastasia's eyes. "Dealer? I can be one, but I'm usually a Mercenary for the Friendly Mushroom Guild. This guild just happened to offer me more money to work for them. I've been here for about a month. I'm intending to go back to the Friendly Mushroom Guild after my next job, however, since their living quarters are more comfortable." she explained, flicking her wrist again, the card once against disappearing in an instant.

Well that told her jack all. Though this girl did seemed to be really calm and collected which Anastasia liked "Riiight. So you are definitely a fighter of some sort. Well, not like anyone else has any other kind of business in a guild... What kind of weapon you use then? Also if you don't mind me asking what's your mission? " The thought that she might use cards as a weapon crossed Anastasia's mind. It sounded ludicrous but it wasn't like she hadn't seen some pretty crazy things already. "I'm most partial to hammers and blunt things myself anyway." Anastasia. The queen of small talk has arrived. Being dead tired does wonderful things to a person's personality and psyche.

The girl gave Anastasia a Mischievous smile and flicked her wrist again, a card appearing in her hand, then flicked her wrist downwards before Anastasia could see which card it was. The card disappeared, however a gash appeared on the stone table between the girl's legs, all the way through, with the card sticking out of the floor beneath it, by its corner. "I use cards. I have been working with them my entire life, so weaponizing them was easier than learning to use something one may consider a more conventional weapon." she explained, flicking her wrist twice more, causing a wedge of stone from the table to fall to the floor. "I haven't actually taken up a new mission yet, I was waiting for miss red-head to finish her business before I looked at the job listings. My last job had me clearing out an odd spire with zombies all around it." she explained, softly, seemingly unbothered by Anastasia's poor attempt at smalltalk.

Anastasia blinked a few times before finally realizing what happened. Oh hey, she was right. That is also actually kind of scary. She loved it! Anastasia grinned at the girl, nodding. "That is quite impressive I have to say. I never would of thought of weaponizing cards of all things. Would be quite useful to bring somewhere you otherwise couldn't bring a weapon." Anastasia though of a multitude of possibilities were cards could be useful for a few moments before giving the girl a nod. "Oh I see. I technically already have a mission but unfortunately a series of quite large setbacks means I don't think I'll be able to complete it anytime soon so I need to do some other things in order to try and regain a foothold on that." Anastasia then snorts a little, to herself mostly. "Can't believe I'm asking this but mind if we pair up for a little while? As much as I hate to admit it even us Spectross have a hard time out there in the wild alone... Avenir forgive me." She mutters that last part under her breath, hoping Avenir would indeed understand that the wilds were way to unforgiving to call that statement false.

The girl only smiled more widely as Anastasia called her skill impressive, seemingly appreciating the compliment. "I've learned during my travels that anything can be a weapon if you train with it hard enough... whether or not that weapon is effective is another thing entirely." she replied, continuing after Anastasia requests her assistance "Hmm what's your mission? I'd be willing to help, provided your employer pays me as well. Everyone needs more [C] in a world like this." she said, a thoughtful expression crossing her face as she leaned back and started flicking a card back and forth between her fingers, slowly, seemingly missing Anastasia's little prayer to Avenir.

Anastasia nods. "Yes of course, though I won't accept anything below average personally. To accept a stick or rusty sword as a weapon is a insult to all Spectross kind." She then brushes her hair back as the girl talks. "Gotta act as a debt collector to some guy in the Colosseum of fools. Beat up some guy called Ralph Kipling for not paying his dues on time or something. Regardless, in order to even enter the colosseum I need a party of three. I had someone else but well... They were kidnapped when Monsteropolis became a fucking hell scape. I got knocked out by whatever happened and when I woke my companion was completely gone." That last part was only partially true of course. "By the way my name is Anastasia, whats yours?"

The girl nodded as Anastasia explained her situation "Shame about your companion... and all of Monsteropolis. The mission at least sounds easy enough, so I'll help you out." she said before adding "My name is Aranya Wulfekastiel, pleased to work with you, Anastasia." she said. The name itself was nothing special, though the last name could easily be recognized as native to Azraq. With that, the girl stood up from the table and asked "So, if we need three, what do we do about the third?"

"Tch, you're telling me. Granted Monsteropolis wasn't the best place to be to start with." When Aranya said her name, Anastasia attempted to repeat it to herself. She got the first name down pretty well, but completely butchered her last name, Spectross accent really not agreeing with all those syllables. "Well, we could either find someone we like in the guilds, or just hope we run into someone cool on our travels." Anastasia looked over her shoulder at the paladin girl. Personally Anastasia wasn't sure she liked the look of her, but if she proved to be a pain she could always kick her out of the group that is forming. Jerking her head in the direction of the girl, she asks, "What about her? Haven't heard her say a word since I got in here though."

Aranya looked over Anastasia's shoulder when she pointed to the Paladin "Well, she's an oddball, just from what little I know about her. As a Paladin, she's a devout follower of Nour... with a Caltish accent. I know nothing of her personality or combat prowess, she barely speaks... probably because she's embarrassed by her accent." she explained. "hmmph, nothing like having a pansy ass Nour follower to 'brighten up' your day." Obligatory insult to another deity done, she shrugs. "egh, she might be useful in keeping away some of Tenebris's or Zalaams walking assholes away though. At least Nour tends to be tolerable and humors Avenir." She starts trailing off and mumbling some more things along the lines of how perfect Avenir is. "Well, you wanna try her out or should we look around for some others?"

Aranya shrugged as she glanced back over at the Paladin "I don't mind one way or the other. I'm working for [C], not to make friends, and I'll get the job done regardless of who I'm working with." she said, sliding herself off the table and standing up straight. With her standing right next to her, Anastasia can see that Aranya is about a foot and a half shorter than her. Anastasia huffs a little. "Yea me to, I was asking if you think she'd be useful.... Ah fuck it." Anastasia turns around on her heel and walks over to where the paladin was sitting. "Hey, shining beacon of light gal, mind if I ask if your busy quest wise?" Anastasia decides to just cut to the chase with this girl, after a few moments she suddenly remembers something however. "Also... Can't you paladins dispel curses or something like that?"

The girl looked up at Anastasia with a smile, seemingly not recognizing that she was being condescending. "I'm not busy, I was intending to rest for the night, and then find a new mission in the morning." she said, sweetly, in the thickest Caltish accent Anastasia had ever heard. the girl also talked very softly, barely loud enough to her to heard. "Are you asking because you want to get rid of that that curse on you? I've never seen a cloud quite so dark before." she said, pointing over Anastasia's head, despite the fact only she can likely see it.

Anastasia kind of struggled to understand the girl, yet at the same time it was likely people had a hard time understanding Anastasia at first to. "Ah, I see. Well, me and Aranya over there," She pointed to the girl she was talking to, "Were wondering if you wanted to join our little incursion to the colosseum of fools and whatever other quest we might pick up." Anastasia then looked over her head and around her, despite knowing she wouldn't see anything. "Uhm. Yea, glad to know there is actually something there I guess. I haven't slept for the past 2 or 3 days thanks to whatever I attracted. It doesn't do jack all except KNOCK." She said that last word with a raised voice, as if the thing would respond. "But yea, if you could get rid of it I would appreciate it."

The girl couldn't seem to take her eyes off the area above her Anastasia's head, even keeping her eyes glued there as she spoke "Well, what is it you're being paid to do?" she asked before adding "If I'm going to try getting rid of something like this, we'll need to find a wide open area with no civilians. That's the nastiest cloud I've ever seen." she said, once again pointing at the space above her head, looking more worried the longer she stared. Even though she just looked Anastasia couldn't help but look up again, trying to see what the girl saw. "Well, I'm supposed to beat up some guy called Ralph Kipling for not paying his dues or whatever. I didn't really get the details, all I was told to do was rough him up and get paid.... Well, this is the first time I've been to Nirvana, but it's getting dark out so I wouldn't be surprised if the streets have cleared. Chances are you would know of a better place than me assuming you've been here longer."

She quickly stood up and nodded "As one who has sworn her life to Nour, I must do good where possible... therefor I will help you get rid of the curse... I also have nothing better to do for money, so I'll help you and the card shark beat people up... for money." she said, with an innocent smile, before starting to walk towards the door, motioning for Anastasia to follow her. "Hmph, all the good I care about is furthering Avenir's wishes, Nour is to much of a ray of sunshine for her own damn good." Anastasia gave the girl a wry smile as she seemed to contradict her 'I do only good' nature and followed her out of the door, hoping it isn't to far where they are going. The Paladin slowly led Anastasia, and Aranya close behind, own the mostly empty streets until they came to an area that looked like a small park, with a bench, a few trees, and another liquid-filled hole in the ground, resembling a lake. After several minutes of staring at the space above Anastasia's head, the girl finally said "A-are you ready?"

Nobody bothers answering Anastasia's question, maybe because Aranya doesn't care enough, maybe because the Paladin looks so nervous, however she's not nervous enough to give her name "Aurora. Now... hold still." she says, taking out a gold pendant on a platinum chain, in the shape of Nour's personal emblem. She holds her hand out, pointing the pendant above Anastasia's head, then starts mumbling to herself. After several moments of mumbling, Anastasia could see out of the corner of her eye that Aranya was staring above Anastasia's head now, no longer looking disinterested, instead looking very slightly worried. Following her gaze would reveal that a shifting mass of black shadows was slowly expanding above her head, growing and extending, a mass so dark that the night was further darkened by its presence. Well geez thanks for the insightful info guys. Anastasia doesn't respond to their lack of responsiveness though, opting instead to mostly focus on what was happening now. Aurora, how adorable. As the paladin starts chanting, Anastasia just crosses her arms and tries her best not to move, unsure if that'd mess up the incantation. She does look over to Aranya though,. and notices that her expression has changed for once, and not in a good way. Grimacing slightly. She takes a small look up and notices the mass of what looked like dark clouds. "By Avenir what is that?" She keeps her eyes on the clouds, afraid to look away from them now. She wants to ask Aurora if this is going to plan, but is also afraid she might mess her up in taking her attention away from her chanting. So she just watches as the cloud slowly gets bigger and bigger, her hand instinctively reaching towards her back to grab the hilt of her hammer.

After roughly ten minutes of Aurora chanting and growing slowly, and visibly, more nervous, the shifting mass of shadow takes the form of a massive skeletal creature, holding a lantern which seems to drain light from the area around it in one hand, and a scythe in the other, with horns protruding from the top of its head, wearing a cloak with two massive wings which cover the entire sky of the city slowly drifting to both sides on its back. The creature, after fully forming, looked down at the trio and stared. "I was not prepared for this, today. I just wanted to take a bath and sleep." Aurora mumbled just barely audibly, while she drew her sword from its scabbard, and Aranya flicked her wrists, bringing a card into each hand, taking a battle stance.

Knock knock:
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First shadow creature:
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Second shadow creature:
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As the battle starts off, Aranya shuffles her deck and pulls out a pair of blue looking cards. She throws them at Anastasia, causing them to dissipate in thin air, forming a shimmering, translucent barrier around Anastasia. Aurora says a prayer, cause Ana and Ara to glow slightly for a second, giving them resistance to damage. Anastasia roars and charges at the creature, releasing the signature red mist at it, causing it to reel back a little. The ghost turns and slashes at Aurora with its scythe, causing a shallow but large wound that bleed profusely. She cries out in pain and clutches at her chest, but keeps her attention focused on the creature.

Ara seems to stumble a bit out of nowhere, but quickly recovers. Anastasia digs out a hyper elixer from her pocket and chugs it quickly, replenishing her energy. She takes a swing at the giant monster with her hammer but it seems to simply phase through it. With a growl of frustration, she waits for a better opening. Ara shuffles her deck again, drawing a pair of yellow cards, but decides against whatever those did and instead shuffles some black cards out. However, as she throws them at the creature it moves aside surprisingly quickly for its size. Aurora tries hitting the ghost, but suffers a similar fate as Anastasia's attack. The ghost then lets out a howling sound and a creature forms out of thin air near it, looking like a shadow. The shadow immediately goes for Anastasia, hitting her. However, the barrier takes action and explodes outwards, negating what damage it would of done and killing the creature.

This time as Ara stumbles she falls to the ground, seemingly fast asleep. Anastasia only barely notices but focuses purely on what's in front of her. She takes a deep breath and tries to steady her mind, then attacks the ghost again, once again the attack merely phasing through the creature. As this happen Ara struggles to her feet. Aurora gives another prayer, the same soft glow surrounding Ana and Ara for a second. The ghost then raises its arms up, and tendrils of what looked like pure darkness erupted from the ground, hitting Ara and Aurora, but managing to miss Ana. It seems to have hit both of them pretty hard to.

Ana suddenly starts to stumble, feeling the embrace of sleep starting to try and take her, but despite how much she wanted it, she resisted the urge and kept fighting. Fighting as in having her hammer phase through the ghost anyway. Ara shuffles her deck, drawing blue cards again. This time she throws it at the ghost itself, seeming to cause a surprising amount of damage as large swathes of darkness shear away from it. Aurora tries to hit it again, with no results as usual. The ghost lifts its arms up in the air again, releasing the same torrents of darkness from the ground, this time hitting all three of them. Anastasia feels as if she was just hit with a waterfall of needles, but manages to stay upright... For a few seconds, before suddenly the world fades around her and she falls asleep. She only sleeps for a few seconds though, quickly scurrying back to her feet when she realized what happened.

Ara draws a pair of purple cards this time around, using the same attack as last time. It seems the ghost smartened up to the power of those cards though, and made it a point to dodge them all. Aurora uses a spell to heal herself and healing all her allies a little bit as well, but only enough to close some tiny wounds on Ana and Ara. The ghost then swings its weapon around in a circle, hitting all three of the trio, causing massive shallow lacerations that caused massive amounts of bleeding. The attack seems to put Ara to sleep though, as she collapses to the ground for a few seconds again. Ana notices the thing seems to have recovered from her attack, so she unleashes another red wave, causing it to reel back again and roar in frustration. Ara begins getting up as Aurora tries to heal her with a spell, it doesn't seem to do much however, her biggest wounds barely closing at all, and the bleeding still happening. Boy was there a lot of blood, Ana was beginning to feel dizzy, and she could tell the others, especially Ara where feeling it to. The Ghost then whispers something at Ara, causing her to stumble and fall, not getting up this time around.

As this happens, the sleep returns to Anastasia, but she manages to keep standing, the area around them begins to darken even more however. Enough to where she could barely see in front of her. Anastasia fruitlessly swings at the ghost again, not expecting any results, and none were given. She stumbles a little as the blood loss starts getting to her, but not enough to bring her down. Aurora refreshes the protective spell as this happens. The ghost howls, and another creature that looked much different than the last appears, though still just looking like a mass of shadow. As Anastasia sees this happen, she collapses to the ground, falling asleep again. The ghost then raises its arms again, a torrent of darkness engulfing Ana and Aurora. The pain actually manages to wake Anastasia up from her little nap to. Aurora uses this chance to refresh the protective spell again. The ghost began to raise its arms again, but Anastasia and Aurora were ready for it this time, and managed to jump out of the way before the darkness engulfed them again.

Anastasia then drops to the ground again, another spell of sleep hitting her. It only lasts a few seconds though, and she quickly gets back up. Aurora, finally tired of trying to hit it with her weapon, says a chant, and her weapon suddenly doubles in size and begins glowing. She hits the creature with it, seeming to damage it, if only minorly. The ghost turns around, swiping its arm at her, but missing entirely. Aurora stumbles a little, the urge to sleep seeming to hit her this time, but she keeps on her feet. The creature then used its most effective attack so far, raising its arms in the air, seeming to expect Ana and Aurora to dodge this time around, as even as they jump aside it hits them. Anastasia sighs and unleashes another red wave, also fishing out a health potion and chugging it, all of her wounds closing up completely no matter how big it seemed. The shadow creature which was hanging around suddenly dissipates into thin air.

The remaining duo were still bleeding pretty profusely, and Aurora tried to use that same attack she used before, but this thing was smart, and was quickly seeming to become immune to all of the attack the duo threw at it. The ghost started to raise its arms in the air, but seemed to change its mind for some reason and lowered them before summoning the torrents of darkness. Anastasia falls asleep again, but once again, only for a few seconds. Aurora looks at Anastasia and quickly says a chant, healing up Anastasia a little from the damage she's taken so far. The ghost swings its lantern around a little, and the area somehow manages to get even darker, it was almost impossibly dark now. It then turned to Aurora and whispered, making her fall asleep instantly. It also seemed to make Ana fall asleep to. With both of them asleep, the thing raised its arms in the air, now not having to worry about moving targets. This final time seemed to do Aurora in, as she doesnt get back unlike Anastasia. Anastasia uses the last thing she knew how to do, unleashing the red wave, however, this time the creature seemed unaffected. Well shit.

The creature swung its weapon down upon Anastasia, knocking her to the ground for good, feeling all of her strength leave her at once, mostly due to the blood loss most likely.

Third shadow creatures:
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The Knock Knock Ghost finishes off Anastasia by slashing at her with its scythe, quickly, then seemingly taunting her by reaching out the hand holding the lantern chain, and knocking on a nearby rooftop twice. 'Knock. knock.'

Anastasia stumbles back then groans in pain. To think she would lose twice in such quick succession. Quick to her anyway. Truly she must of done something to piss off Avenir. Using a nearby fence to try and stabilize herself, she does her best to keep a air of triumph. However, she did give the paladin a look of more annoyance than rage actually. "Why the hell did you not prepare! Are you a fucking idiot!? How the hell were we supposed to beat this thing!"

Coming to her senses, Aurora looks around before shuttering in pain from her injuries. "Ah, Goddess Nour, grand us strength" She mutters, as she sees her comrades on the floor next to her and the cursed monster still standing. When the Spectross begins yelling at her, she has a brief moment of guilt. "There was no way I was to know! The beast was a cloud of shadow upon your being and I could sense nothing more about it! Perhaps if you had given a bit more information?"

"I told you everything I know! All the damn thing did was knock and keep my awake! If anything you should of known more about it than I did seeing as you could actually see the damn cloud and no one else could!" She barked at the Paladin, pretty amazed at her surface level incompetence.

Around this time, Aranya raised her head to look around, seeing the other two on the ground, she showed visible strain on her face, as she attempted to stand up, only to lack the strength "Well... look on the bright side... our deaths should be swift, as that creature is far too large to rape us...." she said. The creature then responded by holding out its lantern, causing waves of shadows to pour from it onto the ground. The shadows then began shifting until they formed a small army of Shadow Creatures, all looking at the three hungrily. At the sight of the creatures, Aranya stopped looking resigned, and looked far more worried. "Aurora, perhaps you should continue praying."

Upon appearing, the creatures quickly dashed over to the group, as quick as lightning, with two of them grabbing Anastasia and shoving her to the ground, while two others already had Aranya pinned down, tearing at her suit, and three others grabbing at Aurora, one tugging at her armor and her dress, while the other two had her pinned by the shoulders. When the creatures appeared, Anastasia huffed and couldn't help but roll her eyes a little. "Did you really have to say something?" Anastasia could only give a meager resistance of kicking the things away as they pinned her to the ground, why couldn't this thing just kill them anyway? "Hey Aurora, if we survive this, I'm gonna beat your ass even harder than this thing did." She said as if that was even possible. Really, chances were Anastasia wouldn't do jack all, she just wanted to sleep more than beat Aurora up which was a testament to how tired she was.

"Oh, Goddess protect us. Watch over us in our time of need and carry us to safe haven." Aurora begins praying desperately as the creatures descend on them and begin stripping all of them. She can deal with the rather rude Spectross when her chastity isn't at risk of servants of evil. Or at least she assumes. She's never been in such a dire situation before and can only go off of what she's been told. It's just as likely this vessels of evil could be sacrificing them to a dark god. Or Tenebris. She wouldn't be surprised if such foul beings belonged to that vile being

The creatures wasted no time in tugging Anastasia's armor off, seemingly ignoring her weak kicking as she tried to fight them off. Once she had been stripped, the Knock Knock ghost quickly changed into an stream of shadows and appeared before her in a significantly smaller form, only appearing a few feat taller than Anastasia. The ghost threw its shadow-like robe aside, revealing a large, black, cloud-like cock. grabbed Anastasia by the 'hair' and tugged her head back, before roughly ramming several inches into her mouth, and beginning to slowly thrust. One of the other two creatures roughly grabbed and groped at Anastasia's breasts while the other grabbed her cock, tugging it out of the way, and began prodding at her slit with its own erect rod. Not too much farther away, the creatures had stripped Aurora of her chest armor, and tugged her dress down, exposing her breasts. One of the creatures started groping at them roughly, its claws digging into her flesh, while the second creature ripped the lower part of her dress off, exposing her lower, including her thighs and panties. The two creatures who weren't fondling her appeared to point and laugh at her plain pink panties, before one of them moves its rags aside to reveal its large cock, with a veil of shadows around it, then slowly and teasingly began poking at her slit with it, carefully scanning her face for her reaction as it did. Meanwhile, Aranya had been stripped of her suit, the tattered remnants tossed aside by the creatures, as one of them was holding her arm in one hand, as she had tried to stab it with one of her cards, and had her head pinned down with the other as it forced its cock in and out of her mouth repeatedly, while the other shadow creature was yanking her pants off.

As the ghost came down into its smaller form and stood in front of her, Anastasia couldn't help but sneer at it. "Enjoy it while you can, Avenir holds grud-" And then the kind of cock was in her mouth. Well, this felt fucking weird, it was like having a bunch of smoke trying to coalesce into a solid object yet it couldn't quite manage it. As the other two began man handling her she grunted a little, and tried to shove the one by her slit away, not that it would do anything. She thought about biting down on the cock to, but figured it'd do jack all, so just opted to keep her mouth as slack as possible, minimize any kind of pleasure it might get from her moving it.

"Oh Goddess, no!" Aurora shrieks as her breasts are revealed. She can't help by release short gasps of pain as the creatures of the dark are not in the least gentle while mauling her breasts. She also can't help the blush that graces her face as said creatures laugh at her choice of underwear. She personally finds them cute and comfortable, so why must they humiliate her in such a fashion? Of course, none of that matters when one of them reveals it's unholy cock and begins seeking entrance. "Goddess, no!" She screams once more, trying desperately to back away from the unclean thing trying to violate her. "Goddess, please no. Nour, please banish this blight upon me and deliver me from evil. My apologizes for abandoning my training. I swear upon my life I will return and finish finding the path to you through training if you spare me this evil!" She's frantically kicking her legs and trying to back away from the creature, paying no mind to the two already holding her in place. She can only think about how little she wants that tool inside her!

The Ghost gives Anastasia a strange look, then suddenly its cock expands in size to fill her mouth as it continues thrusting, strange sticky liquid leaking into her throat as it thrusts in and out of it. The second creature suddenly rams its entire cock deep inside her all at once, letting out a growl as it hilts itself into her pussy. The third creature claws at and gropes Anastasia's breasts roughly while the other creature and the ghost are violating her mouth and pussy. The creature grabs her by her thighs, forcing her legs open, and suddenly hilts its entire cock deep inside her, immediately tearing her hymen painfully, then without even letting her get used to its size, it begins thrusting in and out of her roughly, as the second creature mauls her breasts, drawing blood as it carelessly and roughly gropes her. The third creature opens its mouth and slips its black tongue out of its mouth and, as it forces Aurora's mouth open with its claws, slips its tongue into her mouth slowly, its saliva tasting disgusting as it leaks off of the creature's tongue and onto her own. Nearby, the shadow creatures had forced Aranya onto her knees, one was forcing its cock down her throat while the second creature had ripped a hole in her white panties and was thrusting in and out of her pussy through it rapidly as it clawed at her hips with its hands.

Anastasia returns the look to the best of her ability, though her eyes widen as the thing expands its cock. Gee, guess it didn't like the whole dead fish routine. She lets out a muffled growl as the other thing starts ramming itself into her pussy. Yeesh it didn't even feel that good, like a bunch of very strong air was rushing inside her more than an actual cock. Anastasia barely even noticed the third creature, her skin had grown so tough that the rough handling barely even phased her, let alone cut her breasts if a wolf biting at full force could barely manage to pierce the skin.

"NOOO!" Aurora screams as her virginity is painfully robbed from her. "Please, please no!" She continues to shriek, sobbing as pain thoroughly wracks her frame. Her insides twist around this new, unwelcome feeling as she desperately tries to force him out of her using her muscles alone. And screams only increase as her breasts begin bleeding due to the aggressive attention of yet another foul beast. Due to her screaming, it's no trial for the third to shove its tongue down her throat and she instantly begins choking since she doesn't expect it. Of course, she immediately begins trying to pull the disgusting length out of her mouth, the feeling of becoming unclean increasing the longer such an offensive length reminds within her. And all she can think is "Why, Nour? What have I done to deserve such wrath?"

The Ghost rams its cock deeper into Anastasia's throat, blocking it off with its sheer size, and thrusting roughly in and out of it, sticky liquid starting to leak into her throat with its thrusts. The second creature stops groping Anastasia's breasts and instead repositions itself ontop of her, pressing its cock between her breasts and pushing them together, starting to thrust its cock between them slowly, while the third only continues thrusting in and out of her pussy roughly. The creature gags Aurora with its tongue, then slips it out of her mouth and promptly slips its cock out of its bandages, followed by slipping it into her mouth, growling at her as it starts thrusting in and out of her mouth. The second creature gropes Aurora's breasts one more time, then roughly bites down on her right breast and starts chewing on it with its sharp fangs. the third creature continues roughly holding onto her thighs as it thrusts in and out of her, deep and hard, sticky liquid leaking inside her as it pounds her. Aranya has a shadow creature on each side of her, one of the creatures forcing her head down on its cock while the other was holding her thighs up and thrusting in and out of her roughly black liquid seeping out of her mouth and pussy as they fuck her from both ends.

Anastasia takes deep gasps of air when she can, trying to time the thrusts for when she can breath. Oh, this thing could actually produce liquid to, probably isn't healthy, good thing she doesn't have to taste it. Yet. Anastasia couldn't help but make a snorting sound as the second tries for paizuri, yea, good luck getting off on those breasts, stupid bastard. For a moment Ana briefly wonders how soft her breasts actually are before the ghost goes in particularly roughly, immediately turning her attention back to trying to extract as much air as she possibly can.

Aurora almost sings Nour's praises when the craven beast removes its tongue from her mouth, but just as quickly swallows them down as she is forced to swallow the devil's cock. Now the pain between her legs is joined with an almost bruising sensation as he slams his penis into her throat. She actively begins crying when the third begins savaging her breasts with its teeth and she can only wonder why. The others at least get pleasure out of the act, but this foul asshole is just being cruel. She counts her small blessings as the disgusting liquid the beast is leaving within her also helps it feel less like he's dragging sand through her vagina. But all she can do is shed tears and beseech Nour to let this end quickly, without thinking of what such an ending would bring with it.

The ghost rams its cock as deep as it can reach without changing shape, then suddenly unleashes a huge torrent of liquid into her throat, so much so that it overflows out of her mouth and runs out her face. The other two creatures continue grinding between her breasts and thrusting in and out of her pussy, the same liquid starting to leak onto her chest and into her pussy. The creature grabbed Aurora by the hair as it thrusted in and out of her mouth repeatedly and roughly, not being any more gentle than the other two. The second creature roughly sunk its teeth into her breast and clawed at them with its hands, leaving numerous cuts and bruises on them from its rough treatment. The third creature lifted her lower body by her thighs and continued ramming in and out of her, starting to shiver with its thrusts as it pounded her pussy roughly, its grip tight, causing its claws to sink into her skin, drawing even more blood. The creatures were releasing black liquid into Aranya's mouth and pussy, causing it to leak down her thighs, and out of her mouth as they continued thrusting, and the creatures shook from their orgasm. After the creatures had finished, they threw her aside, then the two of them began kicking her partly conscious body repeatedly, causing her to cry out in pain as she writhed on the ground.

Anastasia lets out a muffled grunt as the cocks suddenly start spurting out their load. Unfortunately there was enough that it started backing up into her mouth. It tasted fucking horrible because apparently tasting good isn't allowed around here. Her eyes lulled into the back of her head for a second as the creature kept pouring its seed down her gut, giving her no room for air, but when it finally lets go she would take a huge gasp for sure. To bad there was little stimulation for Ana so all she was left at for now was half-erect at best and barely wet.

Aurora can't quite decide which pain is the worst. She's leaning towards her vagina simply because nothing has ever been in there before, but her breasts being mauled deserves some consideration. And then she's likely going to be unable to speak for a while given the beating her poor neck is getting. And she's somewhat surprised she can even consider this. Is this an out of body experience? Is Goddess Nour taking pity on her and taking her away from the situation? No, no, she can still feel her tears and the pain wracking her body. She weakly tries to push the one tearing her chest apart away from her simply because he's just being mean, but she really just wishes this would all end. She almost envies the card woman in that no one is violating her insides. She would take being kicked on the ground over this senseless pain.

The Ghost pulls out of Anastasia's mouth and sprays more black liquid across her face, while the creature sitting ontop of her suddenly sprays black liquid onto her chest. The second shadow creature suddenly starts pumping hot liquid into her pussy in massive torrents, as it and the other shudder, showing Anastasia that this is what passes for an orgasm with shadow creatures. The creature thrusting into Aurora's throat suddenly releases a massive torrent of black liquid into it, causing it to overflow her mouth and seep out of it, and down her face, while the third creature suddenly releases the same liquid into her pussy, overflowing it as well. After the creature finishes, the one that was mauling her breasts stops and moves between her legs as the other moves out of the way. The creature rams into her pussy in the other's place and starts thrusting rapidly while the second one forcing her to sit up and slowly lines its cock up with her pussy again, threatening to force itself into her alongside the other. The two creatures that were raping Aranya seem to have picked up some nearby chains and have started beating her with them, however she's no longer crying out in pain or writhing on the ground.

Anastasia grunts again as she is sprayed with the foul liquid, yea, certainly affiliated with Tenebris, that bastard never did understand what enjoyment was. The amount of fluid was impressive enough but their overall reaction was so lackluster it was almost like it wasn't even happening, talk about unfulfilling. She does her best to cough out any of the liquid still in her mouth and throat and looked over to how the other two were doing. Aurora was still being filled and Aranya.... Anastasia wasn't even sure what was happening there.

Aurora tries her hardest not to swallow any of the disgusting fluid at the entrance of her throat. She tries to force it back as quickly as possible. This unfortunately isn't possible when the foul demon's penis sits right at the entrance of her throat. She swallows a lot more than she's comfortable with and every drop she loses is a blessing to her. The same cannot be said for her pussy. She lets loose a choked shriek as she is filled up from within with the foul liquid. Fears of pregnancy fly through her mind as the scream tears through her throat. Just when she thinks her ordeal is over, the one ripping her breasts off switches and begins taking her pussy as well. 'Well', she thinks, 'At least the vile fluid is making this less painful.' She can only hope this disgusting creature is a quick shot or that he gets distracted by something else. Anything else, she'll take it. 'Please, Nour, make this quick'

The ghost shoves the shadow creature that was fucking Anastasia's pussy aside and turns her over, before grabbing her hips and lifting them up. The creature then waits and uncomfortable amount of time before suddenly ramming into her pussy and thrusting full speed while the other two creatures grab Anastasia by the hair and force both cocks into her mouth at once. The creature continues thrusting into Aurora's pussy while the other one holds her tight, too tight, and slowly forces its cock into her pussy alongside the first, causing her horrible amounts of pain and causing her to bleed even more, while the third creature grabs her by the hair and forces its cock back into her mouth, and thrusts rapidly again, slamming its hips into her face with every thrust. Meanwhile the two creatures that had raped Aranya had now changed tactics, as one had thrown down the chain and found a metal pole, so one was now beating her with a pole, and the other was whipping her with a chain.

Well, it seems the damn creatures weren't done yet. The ghost wanted a piece of that perfect pussy or something. And then it decided to wait for fucking forever! It took so long to do anything Anastasia started getting annoyed. "Just fucking do it alre-" The creatures were apparently waiting for that maybe, probably not and stuffed their cocks back in her mouth, Ana simply rolled her eyes and let them do their thing, closing her eyes and wondering if its possible to fall asleep while getting fucked.

Aurora's eyes widen as another of the demons prod against her pussy. "It won't fit! PLEASE, it won't fit!" She's not happy to be proven wrong and releases an ear piercing scream to show just how unhappy she is. "JUST STOP!" She screams, moments before her mouth is plugged up. 'Please, Nour, just let it end.' she thinks frantically as round two commences

The Ghost lasts significantly longer than he should have as he fucks Anastasia's pussy, considering he just came only a bit ago. After several minutes, the Ghost releases a torrent of black liquid into Anastasia's pussy, only pulling out when it has completely finished. The two Shadow Creatures don't last nearly as long, releasing the black liquid after only a few thrusts. After the three have finished, the Ghost dispels the two creatures, kicks Anastasia once in the face, then stands and waits for its other summons to finish. The shadow creatures don't thrust into Aurora for nearly as long this time, the two thrusting into her pussy only getting off a few hard thrusts before they both release the black liquid into her at once, with the third creature thrusting into her mouth finishing shortly thereafter, but pulling out before it sprays, causing all of it to cover her face and hair. After the creatures had finished, they pull out of Aurora and shove her onto her side, only to immediately ta kicking her body. After beating her used body down for a solid minute, the Ghost Dispels those three, and the two that were assaulting Aranya. With the shadow creatures dispel'd, the Ghost slowly hovers into the air, turns into a cloud of black smoke, and travels over the city wall and out of sight.

Tears of joy fill her eyes as the beasts once again come. Not because she enjoys the feeling, but because it means they are finally done. Even if her insides are simply coated with their sickly seed, they won't be taking their fill of her any further. She also welcomes it when they start kicking her since external pain is something she knows how to deal with. Lying on her back, staring into the sky, she can only try to push the memories as far into the back of her mind as possible and pray that Nour strikes it from her mind and her body. If nothing else, she feels her goddess owes her that

Anastasia was pretty glad these ghosts dick barely felt like anything in a way, cause this guy was taking forever. It was like it was no longer trying to get off but going out of its way to inconvenience the trio. Anastasia sighs in relief when it pulls out one last time."Ah thank Avenir..." Then she was kicked in the face. Spitting on the ground next to her, she sighed. "Dick." Thankfully, it wasn't long before they finished with the other two, and they all disappeared out of site. Anastasia rolled onto her back in a small patch of the black grass and sighs, somehow, she knew she would get some sleep. So the first thing she tried to do after all of this, was just that.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Entering the Castle:
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Saphira was just returning to the Barton Castle from her most recent job, however it had turned out that the mission had already been conducted by any number of mercenaries before she had arrived, leaving the supposed cache of relics completely empty. She arrived at the familiar castle, with the guards standing at the gates. She had noticed over time that all of the guards had the exact same voice and build, so it was impossible to differentiate them from each other.

Saphira also just happened to arrive at the castle just in time for the sun to begin sinking low in the sky, signaling that the dreaded night was fast approaching.

However, despite having missed the target, Saphira was in a good mood. She had somewhere safe to sleep and adventure was adventure! Of course, she'd have loved to see those relics of the past, but what can a girl do?

Saphira waved at the guards as she approached with a smile. Despite them seemingly being replicas of each other, they still deserved some respect... "Hello there, I've returned!"

Saphira kept walking towards the gates, a safe night inside the castle an alluring prospect to the explorer.

The guards returned Saphira's wave, with one of them greeting her "Welcome back, Lady Saphira. Lord Barton has retired to his chambers, however he has requested that we show you to your room and inform you that should your recovery mission be successful, we are to let you know that your payment shall be given in the morning." the guard looked at her and nodded "Were the relics recovered before your arrival, my Lady?" he asked.

The warm greetings were nice, Saphira thought, this place surely wasn't so bad as what it had looked like the first time she arrived. For a second, she was happy that she didn't have to tell the Lord about her failure, but it was a shame she wouldn't get her payment.

The guard’s question was an oddly specific one. Because it was true. "Yes. Yes actually, somebody else got there first... the cache was empty. Sorry..." Saphira hoped they weren't too disappointed... she couldn't have gotten there first, could she?

The guard nodded as he motioned for the gates to be opened, "After you had been instructed to investigate the cache, we found that news spread to the guilds. Relics are in high demand by Calt, so it is likely, given its proximity to Calt, that a Calt guild had arrived before you." the guard explained as the motioned for Saphira to follow them into the castle and down the halls.

Saphira followed the guards into the castle, nodding at the explanation. That indeed made a lot of sense. It was still a shame that the Calt got there first. "I'll try to make sure that next time, they'll be the ones left emptyhanded!" She said confidently, no one would outperform the great Saphira!

The guards nodded in encouragement "We'll also be more careful with our information, don't worry." the guard said, as they led Saphira to her room. The room that they had brought her to was across from a pink and black checkered door that hadn't been there on Saphira's last visit. They opened the door to Saphira's room for her, and it was exactly as she had left it. It was a very nice room, with a wool rug covering the floor, its own kitchen, and a bathroom with a metal bath, among the other things one would typically need. "As per usual, if there's anything that you need, be sure to alert us. Lord Barton will meet with you in the morning when he awakes." the guard explained, before the two left her alone there.

"Thank you very much, have a good evening," she wished the two guards. This room was so cozy, although the door across from her had caught her attention with the weird paintjob.

Taking a bath:
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

After unpacking any gear, emptying her pockets and pouches and such, Saphira walked to the bathroom to start the flow of warm water into the bathtub, after which she started stripping down from her trusty explorer's outfit until she was completely naked, waiting for the tub to fill.

Saphira waited impatiently for the tub to fill, sitting on the edge until she could enter. The best way was always to go in all the way in one go, so she submerged herself in the hot water completely, with a high pitch squeak as she forced her body to adjust. Then she could relax, as her muscles rested in the hot water for a while before she started cleaning herself properly.

With whatever combination of hygiene products was available (let's be honest, probably some soap), Saphira started ridding herself of the dirt that seemed to have gotten to almost every part of her body. The experience was extremely relaxing and comfortable and it didn't take long for Saphira to feel properly refreshed. Alas, the warmth of the bath did not last forever, and soon Saphira had to pull herself away from the hot heaven she had immersed herself in...

Soon the girl had drained the bathtub and was drying up her petite body. On her bed, at some point, the guards had left a red pair of shorts and a grey shirt, in addition to a spare bra and panties, both sky blue, and a matching pair of stockings.
Saphira gratefully put on the spare clothes, giggling as she saw herself in stockings, not something she'd usually wear... but it was admittedly kinda cute! Now it was back to adventuring, staring with the room in front of her own. She slowly opened her chambers' door, peeking out to see if anyone was in the hallway...

As Saphira looked out into the hallway, she found that no guards were present at the moment, leaving the coast clear. The hallway was decorated much like the rest of the castle, with paintings on the walls, and potted plants on shelves, a red rug on the floor, and tapestries on the wall as well, with the Barton Family emblem. Just like before, the checked pink and black door was closed, and just across from Saphira's room.

The hallway was like any other and no one was there... no one but her and this weird door. Saphira walked over and tried to look through the keyhole...

The checkered room:
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Through the keyhole, Saphira could see that the room was also checkered pink and black, with some toys and a bed in it. The carpet was pink, and there seemed to be a figure on the bed. The room was mostly dark, with the exception of a jar of lightning bugs on a dresser keeping the room dimly lit.

Saphira curiously let her eyes scout the room. This was all... very weird... and... was that a person on the bed? Who could it be? Saphira tried to make out the frame of the person on the bed and if they looked happy being there... maybe this was some weird kind of children's playroom? Across her room?

While Saphira was looking into the room, the figure sat up and looked directly at her. After staring for a very brief moment, the figure gets out of bed and quickly moves over to the door, looking through the keyhole directly into Saphira's eyes. After staring for another moment, she lets out a soft "Awoo?" and cocks her head. The girl had split black and white hair, one red eye and one black eye, and was wearing similarly patterned black and white clothes with a bow on her head.

Saphira blinked and felt like she was just busted trying to get a cookie from the cookie jar when she saw this funny looking girl rush towards the door. However, instead of anything else, the girl just looked back. Saphira kept looking back through the keyhole, their eyes a few centimeters apart. She wore a smile, this girl seemed nice enough. "Hey there, young lady! How are you doing?" On a hunch she added, "Are you one of the Bartons too?"

The girl backed away from the door and fiddled with the nob for a solid minute before the door sort of half opened on its own, and she just tugged it. "Hoot hoot?" she said to Saphira, cocking her head. The girl didn't need to return Saphira's smile, as since she got out of her bed, she had seemed to be wearing a glad expression the entire time. The girl repeated herself and cocked her head the other direction "H-hoot?" she said, reaching out and handing Saphira a star-shaped wooden block.

Saphira waited for the girl to open the door, frowning as she made the kind of sounds kids would make to impersonate an animal, while completely ignoring her question. Of course, Saphira smiled still, taking the block and softly throwing it up, before catching it again. She would have to take it slow. "Who. Are. You?" She asked slowly and clearly, stepping into the girl's room. "I." Saphira pointed. "Am Saphira."

The girl poked Saphira when she saw her point and said "Awoo?" then pointed to herself and said "Hoot hoot?" thus far only repeating the same sounds as if they were natural to her, yet also as if everything she said was a question. She then left Saphira standing just inside her room, went over to the center of her room and picked up a wooden board with shapes carved into it, then went back over to Saphira and held the board up, with various block shapes sitting on top of it. She grabbed the triangle, showed it to Saphira, then proceeded to attempt to stick it into the circular hole repeatedly, letting out soft halve-hoots with each attempt, but still keeping a happy expression on her face, as the girl showed Saphira her inability to figure out that the block doesn't fit there.

This girl was clearly... not very smart. And she seemed to have a hard time with even basic objects and communication. Saphira, however, decided to not deter in her quest to play with this girl. She seemed to be enjoying this, and it was a nice distraction from the outside and serious life. So Saphira walked up to the wooden board and fit her star shape into the star-shaped hole in the board. "Here you go.!"

The girl's eyes widened as she saw Saphira drop the star through the hole, then she set the board down on the floor, getting down on her knees, picking up the star, then looked at it, letting out soft hooting sounds as she examined it. She then dropped the star through the same hole, just as Saphira did, and let out s soft, excited "Awoo!". She then grabbed Saphira by the hand, and with the blocks and board in her other hand, led her to her bed and sat down with her, with the board between them. She picked the circular block up and handed it to Saphira, then grabbed the square block and proceeded to start trying to jam it through the circular hole.

Saphira giggled and let herself be led by the girl, sitting down on the bed and watching her try again, but fail to connect the correct hole with the correct piece. After a while Saphira shook her head and grabbed the girl's wrist, guiding the square block towards the square hole. "Try this!" Saphira waited with her own block still in hand.

The girl looked surprised again and let out an excited "Awoo!" then examined the block closely. She then dropped it through the hole again and smiled at Saphira. She then pointed at the block Saphira was holding and let out another soft "Hoot hoot?" poking it with her finger and cocking her head.
Saphira nodded rapidly as she saw the girl understood her toy, and then handed her the circle block. This had to go well!

The girl accepted the circular block and proceeded to try to put it into the triangular hole, making clacking sounds as she repeated tried sticking the block into the wrong hole, letting out soft hooting noises with each attempt. She leaned forward to look closer at the block and hole, seemingly failing to understand why she was failing.

Saphira used the index fingers on both her hand to draw a small circle in the air. Then she did the same thing, tracing the outline of the circular block of wood. Then Saphira made the same trace with her fingers over the triangular hole, showing that the shape wasn't the same.

The girl blinked twice and stared at Saphira's motions, letting out soft, rhythmic, hooting sounds, her face looking thoroughly confused. Then she looked surprised for a moment before proceeding to drop the Circular block into the Circular hole. "Awoo!" she said, excitedly as the block slides right in, then she repeated the motion, dropping the circular block into the circular hole a second time. "Hoot hoot!" she says, apparently excited that she got the block to drop into the hole.

Saphira clapped as she saw that the girl got it. "Hopefully this sticks.... something must be wrong with her... but she doesn't deserve not being able to do the most simple things. Picking up the triangle block and handing it over to the girl with the struggling intelligence, Saphira gave a hopeful smile.

The girl stared at the block, then Saphira's smile, then back to the block. She started to try to place the triangular block into the star-shaped hole, however stopped herself and dropped it into the triangular hole. She looked surprised when it slipped through and let out another triumphant "Awoo!" followed by leaning in and giving Saphira a tight hug, hooting softly as she held onto her.

Saphira smiled brightly at the success and let the girl hug her, wrapping her own arms around her. "You did good, really good!" She would keep the girl in her arms for a bit, kind of enjoying the very simple and sweet form of affection that came from such a simple but sweet creature.

As the girl hugged Saphira, a guard appeared in the doorway and, noticing that Saphira was in the room with the girl, cleared his throat to get her attention "I see you've met Lord Barton's newest creation." he said, causing the girl to jump a little, getting startled, "Hoot!" she said, waving at the guard while still hugging Saphira.

Saphira shivered for a bit, fearing an angrier reaction. But the guard seemed to not mind that much. "Yes, I did... she's really sweet.... but still needs to learn a lot." Saphira was kind of glad that the guard implied that this was indeed not Barton's biological daughter, which would have meant she would have been way too old to struggle with these issues. "What's her name?"

The guard nodded "In the creation process, she gained a trait that she shouldn't have, making her somewhat... slow." he explained "she was created using the likeness of a Mercenary that has been working for Lord Barton, an Owlbear, and a Frost Kragg. The mother named her Magnolia, however, I think she has yet to learn that name. The mother, Lady CeeCee, will be bringing her with her when she goes out again, and she will hopefully learn a lot more during the trip." he said, before adding "Lord Barton doesn't mind guests playing with her, she is far more docile than his escaped creations, and has thus far been completely safe to play with. Lord Barton used a new technique when using his relics to create her, which resulted in her taking on a trait from a Spore Floater, causing her to gain a similar disposition." he finished. Meanwhile, Magnolia rubbed her head against Saphira's chest, letting out soft hooting as she hugged her.

"Magnolia huh... well she's truly adorable." Saphira giggles and pets the created girl... who was part monster, part human... part CeeCee. "Are you sure it's safe for such a girl to go outside with a mercenary?" Saphira could already feel herself caring for this poor, defenseless being.

The guard sounded nervous as her explained "If something attacked her or her mother... the creature that did so could consider itself most unfortunate." the man explained "If you're worried about her, you could ask the mother to take you with her. It would probably help her immensely since you seem to get along with Magnolia so well."

Looking at the young girl, Saphira frowned. "I know you put monster stuff into her... but come on now, she's clearly as dangerous as a kid... but I'll consider it... maybe she'll like it." Saphira smiled at the guard, while continuing to pet Magnolia like she would some sort of pet.

The guard's helmet failed to hide his surprise when Saphira said that she wasn't dangerous "I understand that you haven't seen the other products of Lord Barton's work in action. The last one we encountered, the third of her kind, slaughtered an entire regiment of guards, after having been crushed by a falling building, and having lost an arm. This same girl had escaped the place she was created, incinerating numerous other guards while doing so. Another, the second of her kind, tears creatures apart bear-handed and devours them. The difference between this one and those is that Magnolia was made far more docile." he explained, adding "If you intend to accompany the mother on her trip, you'll need to catch her as she leaves in the morning. She's in Lord Barton's personal chamber, sleeping, right this moment." Meanwhile, Magnolia smiled up at Saphira, not seeming to understand what the frown represented simply continuing to hoot softly.

Saphira nodded in understanding. "I better go catch a good night's rest th-." The frown returns. "Sleeping?" Even she wasn't this stupid "As you say..." She let go of Magnolia , slowly backing off. "Goodnight little girl... see you soon!"

Magnolia slowly waved her hand as Saphira left her in her bed. "Awoo?" she said, as Saphira left her. The guard nodded, saying "Thank you for spending time with the girl, I can see that you made her very happy by sharing your time with her. Do have a good night, Lady Saphira." The guard slowly closed the door as the two of them left, then he stood by as Saphira entered her own room.

Saphira said goodnight to Magnolia and the guard, and then went into her own room, locking it. It was time for a true rest, she had to be up early tomorrow!
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Spoiler (click to show/hide):

"You're not even curious about these guys?" Lilith asked Metia as she continued to look at the armored figures as they failed to hide. Knowing Metia's fiery temperament, it was better to let them be for now. "Fine, come along Camilla" Lilith said as they continues to Azraq.

"Only as curious as one can be about burning flesh to cinders." she replied, a bored expression on her face. The two nodded and followed Lilith as she began leaving the area, however the green-armored figures began adjusting their circle and slowly following the group, so of the walking sideways and backwards in order to keep the group surrounded as they moved.

"What the ..." Lilith was puzzled by the continued pursuit of these green-armored figures . Lilith's group was obviously out numbered. Even if they were scared of Metia, they could probably take us. Lilith continued moving, picking up the pace to see if they could keep up.

Metia was clearly unamused as they picked up the pace, the green-armored figures were matching their speed, some of the ones walking sideways tripping a little as they were forced to speed up. After a few moments of keeping this pace, Metia began growling "Okay, this joke has gone on long enough." she said. Just as Camilla started to ask what Metia meant by this, she was already inhaling deeply, then firing a massive bolt of flame at a nearby tree, igniting it and causing it to shatter and start to fall over, causing the green-armored figures to panic and start breaking their circle to avoid the falling, flaming tree.

Lilith panicked a bit as Metia let loose a fireball to bring down a tree. Once the figure's formation was broken, Lilith grabbed Camilla and Metia and tried to make a run for it with the Redcap's corpse. "Let's go before they have a chance to regroup"

As the group tries to escape, the green-armored figures manage to keep up, at first, however Metia grabs Lilith and Camilla by the arms, letting out an angry growl, and bolts at a much higher speed, leaving the green-armored figures far behind them. After running for what seems like miles, Metia finally stops. "Well, that was incredibly odd." she comments, her breathing normal despite running such a long distance.

"Indeed" Lilith said as she help Metia and Camilla up

As they continued on their way, Lilith seemed absolutely exstatic. "I gotta say, I'm excited to see Azraq. My mother and I have traveled past it but never got through the gates." She said turning to Metia. "What's the city like?"

Metia rolled her eyes "Decorated blue, tall buildings, lots of guards, the most guilds of any city, and rulers that are in the public sight very frequently. It makes sense that they would keep you out, you're a filthy grey-skin harlot." she explained, as the city started to come into view, the tall walls completely blocking their view of the buildings inside.

Lilith was starting to get use to the harlot title. Even before her time with the followers of Zalaam, she was a rather loose girl. But that was more as a means of survival then anything else.

As the walls of the city came into view, Lilith slowed down and let Metia take the lead. It would be a lot easier to pass the guards if she was the one to do the talking.

The group made it to the gates, and Metia shouted up to the guards on the wall "Hey, let us in, we have business." the guards looked over the side, and Lilith could hear the guards muttering amongst themselves about recognizing the fire-spitting demon. After a moment, the gates slowly opened, allowing them through, then closed right on their heels as they entered the city. The guard beside the gate, at the booth, started "Oh, you have a filthy gr-" however Metia quickly cut him off "Shut it, Jickly" to which he grunted and let them leave him behind without another word.

Metia led Lilith and Camilla to the Friendly Mushroom Guild, a red-colored building with a dome-shaped roof that was build larger than the structure itself, as if the building was an actual oddly-shaped mushroom. Metia kicked the door open and grabbed Lilith's arm, dragging her over to the clerk before untying the corpse in one swift motion, and swinging it onto the counter, causing the clerk to cry out in shock. "I believe there was a request for this weakling to be killed and brought in."

The clerk looked at a sheet of paper and nodded quickly "Y-yes, and you're the firs-" to which Metia cut him off "Of course I am, now pay up." she demanded. the guard started to say something before noticing Lilith, then started "H-het, that's a filthy gr-" to which Metia interrupted him again "Can it or I'll turn you grey, too."

It wasn't everyday that someone defended Lilith. Though it had more to do with Metia not wanting to deal with any guff. Giving the dragonkin a nudge, Lilith smiled. "Thanks" she whispered. as they awaited the reward.

Metia seemed to pretend that she didn't hear her, as she accepted the [C] from the clerk, and handed Lilith her cut of the payment. "What do you intend to do now?" she asked.

Taking her payment, she gave Camilla a pat on the shoulder. "I'm planning to head back to Fero and try my hand at a different job. There aren't that many places that a Nomad can find work. Plus I need their help to find someone."

"Nour be with you." Metia said, before walking away from Lilith, leaving her in the middle of the room with Camilla, as she presumably left to find her room in the guild. With Metia gone, Camilla looked at Lilith and asked "Is she going to be back?" softly.

Lilith knelled down and gently stroked her hair. "No dear, this is Metia's home. We have to head back to Fero. There are a few think I have to settle their" She said before getting back up. "Though it would be nice to find a blacksmith" Lilith said to herself. If her recent travels had taught her anything, it was that she needed to change her approach to problems. That would have to start with a new weapon. Her Hidden Blade had been trustworthy, but it felt somewhat limited. The Morningstar was rather cumbersome as well. "Hey Camilla, Why don't we do a bit of exploring and spend the night here in the city?" She said knowing their chancing of getting hassled were rather high.

Camilla looked somewhat sad when Lilith explained that Metia would no longer be traveling with them, then nodded slowly when she suggested exploring and spending the night in the city. She grabbed Lilith's hand and then followed her out into the streets.

The people in Azraq had mostly retired to their homes as the sun sank low in the sky, indicating that night was fast approaching. As night fell, Lilith began searching for an inn for the two of them to stay. Somewhere run down and cheap would be fine. Chances were good they would be tossed out on their asses. In that case, they would have to go with a different plan.

As they traveled across Azraq, they came across a rickety old Inn in the slums, the place was made of mostly wood, with only minimal torch light on the porch and inside. The sign read simply "Inn" with no fancy title whatsoever.

"This should do" Lilith thought to herself has she approached the rickety building. As she entered, she began to look for anything that resembled a reception desk. "Hello? Me and my friend were looking for a room. Are there any available? We can cover the room cost."

The clerk, an old man in a plain white button-down and brown pants, with grey hair, at the rickety desk started to greet Lilith... then stopped short and sat back down "All of our rooms are occupied." the person said, despite the fact that the sign-in sheet in front of the clerk was completely empty, and there were no lights in the other windows.

Figured Lilith thought as the clerk straight up lied about the rooms. Crossing her arms under her bosom, she lifted her chest. "Come on, I saw how empty this place was. It must be pretty lonely here. I wouldn't mind keeping you company if you let us stay the night?"

The clerk propped his feet up on the desk and grunted "Ain't got no rooms for filthy grey-skins." he said, gruffly, giving Lilith a nasty smirk.

Not deterred Lilith approached the clerks' desk. "Just give me one night, I'm sure I could change your opinion of us grey-skins.
The Clerk scoffs and points at Lilith "Bitch shoulda thought of that before showing up with a filthy grey-skin. Besides, ain't nobody gonna stay in an Inn with a filthy grey-skin. Get your disgusting carcass outta my Inn." said the Clerk, making shewing motions with one hand.

With a long sigh, Lilith took Camilla and left the inn. That went about as well as the Nomad though it would. "Looks like it's Plan B, we'll be staying in the Park Camilla. If we can find a secluded corner in among the trees, we can manage a good nights sleep" Sometimes, Lilith would find herself sleeping in alleyways, small parks, even graveyards when her and her mother were usually turned away. Lilith had a particular affinity for graveyards. They were quiet and empty. People rarely visited, not wanting to be reminded of their mortality.

Camilla echoed her sigh "Why do people keep calling you filthy and grey?" she asked, on their way to the park. During the trip, what few people remained in the streets, mostly guards, kept moving to the edge of the pathway to avoid being near Lilith, and the few townspeople spat when they saw her. When they reached the park, a small, grassy area with a bench and some trees, it was now night.

"It's just how it is Camilla" Lilith said with an equally exacerbated sigh. She had gotten use to the stares and disrespect. But that didn't mean it didn't sting. "Most people consider us Nomads cursed and force us out of the cities. But there is a place for us in Fero. I promise I'll take you their once day breaks.

Once they got to the park, She took notice of the bench and the trees. If they slept on the bench, no doubt a guard would harass them. She lead the young slave to the trees. After preparing a few tripwire traps, she lay down against one of the trees. Lilith made sure she was facing away from the main path.

"Come here Camilla. I may not look like it but I make a pretty good cushion"

Camilla looked sad to hear that Lilith's race is driven out of cities and treated poorly, however she couldn't seem to think of anything to say in response. When they reached the park, Camilla obediently made her way over to Lilith and rested her head on her chest, while wrapping her arms around her gently. Cuddling Camilla gently, Lilith also drifted off to sleep.
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As Ophelia surfaces towards consciousness all she can really care about is the unfamiliar warmth she's once again experiencing. Chasing the warmth, she pulls it closer and nuzzles into it. Of course, pulling it closer also allows her to feel how soft said warmth is and her groggy brain begins filtering in details. Like where she last felt this. And how continuing would likely be a very poor idea given that, if the position is similar to the last incident, her hands are in places that are considered very private and not somewhere to just lay hands. Opening her eyes as Alice speaks on their first assignment confirms her thoughts: she is once more curled around Annie with her hands upon the detective's breast and between her legs. She has a brief thought wondering how this always seems to happen and if Annie is really as unaware as Ophelia believes her to be, but decides that investigating deeply enough to provide answers would likely lead to retaliation that she cannot afford at current moment if she wishes to complete her Lady's objective. Some day, she will gain permission to have this warmth so that such concerns are unnecessary. It's the second selfish desire she remembers having in her life, right behind the one where she makes Wire Bitch and the Barbarian Whore suffer, but she can't help but like this one better.

Untangling herself from the detective, Ophelia sits up and begins preparing for combat. "Are we given any information about our foes?" She inquires to Alice. She also draws near so that she can see what's on the letter herself. And, if asked she would deny such a thing, possibly to soak up a little of her fellow devotee's warmth. She is beginning to detect an obsession.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Spoiler (click to show/hide):

CeeCee, now intent on spending the night, had to make sure Slongvir had a safe place to stay. Not that she was all too worried about Slongvir’s wellbeing inside the castle, she was more worried about the other animals that might run into him. She reached her hand down to Magnolia and said: “Come along now dear, I have a friend I’d like you to meet.”

Magnolia grabbed CeeCee’s hand, a circular block still in her mouth, and let out a muffled “Hoot?” cocking her head as she stood up to follow CeeCee, only spitting the block out after she had stood up completely. Seeing the block being spat out, Lord Barton remarked: “We should probably teach her not to eat blocks… eventually.”

“Well considering that she stills seems to have the intelligence of an infant it is only fair she is trying to put everything in her mouth, it’s what they do. For safety reasons though I do agree that she shouldn’t be eating blocks.” Said CeeCee as she turned towards the door. She walked with Magnolia outside down back to the courtyard where she had left Slongvir. She gave a simple sharp whistle once she could see him and gestured with her head towards the stables. When she got there she would search for an empty stall, and one as far from the other horses as possible. “This Magnolia is Slongvir. He is a Goart and my loyal mount. He is very similar to a horse but he has horns, the tail of a lion, and can climb mountains like a goat.” She said, giving Slongvir’s coat a few brushes. “Slongvir, this is Magnolia, protect her as you would myself.” She said, getting the introductions out of the way. Once inside the stable CeeCee would also show Magnolia some of the horses. “These are horses, they are faster and stronger than most humans, beastfolk, and rovers. We use them as mounts or to carry or pull large loads. Some people eat them, But we do not unless I explicitly tell you to. ok?” Continued CeeCee as they walked through the stable. CeeCee did her best to make large gestures and talk relatively slowly, whether or not it helped wouldn’t be known for some time.

CeeCee finds a stall on the end for Slonvir, far from the rest of the horses, in very good condition, and of good proportion for him to stay comfortably.

Magnolia looked in wide wonder at Slongvir and smiled at it for a moment, before waving at him “Hoot-hoot?” she said, directly to the creature, as she reaches out one hand to touch its face. When CeeCee continued speaking, however, she stopped and stared directly at her as if listening, only responding with another “H-hoot?” after she had finished, followed by standing on her tip-toes to get a good look at the horse, to which she would smile and wave as well, before looking back at CeeCee and giving her a short “Awoo?” as she grabbed a rock off the ground with her free hand and started chewing on it.

CeeCee reached up and slowly took the rock away from Magnolia “You are going to ruin your teeth if you keep chewing on random things, you crazy girl.” Assuming she found a secure place to lodge Slongvir she would wish him a good night and make her way back into the castle. Once she was back in Lord Barton’s chambers she turned to the lord and asked “Is there a bed somewhere for Magnolia or has she been sleeping in a separate room? Or dare I ask in your bed?”

Lord Barton lets out a soft chuckle at CeeCee’s question “Oh, by Nour, no, she has not been sleeping in my bed, she was created from you and I, that would be… questionable at best.” he said, before standing up from his bed and walking over to his drawer. He pulls out a slim, folded cushion, which he drags behind him as he motions for CeeCee and Magnolia to follow him. He walks out of the room, and down the hallway until he comes to a pink door, which he opens to reveal a pink and black checkered room with an empty bed, more wooden toys, and an elastic tube on the ground. Lord Barton lays the cushion on the bed, and picks up the elastic tube, handing it to Magnolia, which she accepts and promptly sticks in her mouth, chewing and sucking on it while letting out soft, satisfied ‘Hoot’ing sounds. “As you can see, she has her own room. I had it built just yesterday, and before that she had been sleeping on that cushion,” he explained, as Magnolia leaned against CeeCee, chewing on the elastic toy.

“Well hopefully she doesn’t grow too attached to the cushion, I doubt we’ll be seeing another bed for some time. Goodnight Magnolia.” Said CeeCee leaning down and ruffling her hair some. She still didn’t feel bonded with her half-daughter or maybe quarter daughter at this point. Though she was hopeful. “With any luck she won't destroy the room.” She said as she left the room with Lord Barton.

“Not to worry, the girl is easy-going enough that she will likely find only enjoyment in traveling with you.” Lord Barton said, while Magnolia gave CeeCee a hug, giving her a soft and loving “Awoo~”. With that, Lord Barton tucked Magnolia into bed, then walked with CeeCee to his personal chambers, getting into bed himself, making sure to leave enough room for CeeCee on the other side.

CeeCee took the time to doff her armor and then disrobe. She made it an arm's length away from the bed before she realized she was quite filthy from having tracked all day long. She turned to Lord Barton and asked, “You wouldn’t mind preparing a bath for me would you?”

Lord Barton smiled “I don’t mind at all,” he said, snapping his fingers. One of the guards from outside the door entered the room “Yes, Lord Barton?” he said, standing at attention. “Make Lady CeeCee a bath, please,” he said, to which the guard nodded and entered the bathroom, running a bath for CeeCee. The Bathroom matched the rest of the castle, with the bath being made of metal, much like the sink.

“Thank you, my lord. Would you care to join me?” She offered to gesture towards the bathroom.

When CeeCee turns to ask Lord Barton her question, he has already shut his eyes and is breathing silently, completely asleep. He must have been very tired from the day’s activities to have practically fallen asleep practically the moment his head hit the pillow.

CeeCee shrugged and stepped towards the door, “How about you?” She asked winking playfully at the guard.

The Guard looked surprised for a moment, despite his face completely obscured by his helmet, it was still quite apparent. He quickly glanced at Lord Barton, seemingly to ensure he really was sound asleep, then glanced back at the door, silently stepping over to it and slowly closing and locking it. He then made his way over to CeeCee, whispering just loud enough for her to hear “Lady CeeCee, it would be a great honor.”

“Ohh hush. Great Honor. I’m no queen or princess, I’m just a hunter. Now get all of that off.” She said gesturing up and down at his armor. “I am actually quite filthy so I’d like to bathe right away. You could bring me some soaps or oils, yes?”

“My lady, we are to treat you with the utmost respect, regardless of what you think yourself to be.” he said, before nodding eagerly. He quickly left for only a moment, then returned with some soap for CeeCee, then closed the bathroom door and quickly stripped off the standard Barton full suit of armor that he was wearing. Underneath the armor, the guard was very muscular, with long blond hair. The man’s body actually appeared completely flawless and well-built, topping it all off with a rather large, hard member, only hardening and lengthening further as he looked CeeCee up and down.

“Well what are you doing standing around for? There’s a lovely hot bath to be had.” She said waving him over. She was resting on the far end of the tub, with her arms slung over the sides, just enjoying the hot water. Once the guard had entered the tub she would slide her way over to him and hand him the soap. “So, do you have a name I can call you by?” She asked spinning around and offering her back and shoulders to the man.

The man wasted no time in joining CeeCee in the tub, continuing to hungrily scan her gorgeous body with his bright blue eyes. When CeeCee turned her back to him, he gently wrapped his arm around her side, and pulled her closer, causing his erect cock to poke against er lower back as he obediently began scrubbing her back and shoulders, replying to her question “Well, as creations of Lord Barton, we do not actually have names unless we see fit to give them to ourselves. Most of us do not, so I am merely ‘Soldier 841’ as of right now.”

“Have none of you ever asked Lord Barton for names? The idea of naming oneself is somehow both liberating and daunting. I had a the nickname CeeCee while I was growing up and it stuck. My birth name is Chris. Would you like me to call you anything in particular?”

“Lord Barton saw fit to give us the freedom to name ourselves since, at the moment of our creation, we are old enough to do so, he says.” explained the guard, seemingly considering giving himself a name as he scrubbed at CeeCee’s body. “Would you prefer to call me by a name instead of a number?” he asked quizzically.

“Well I’ve never been friends with a number before, but it does feel quite impersonal. Tell me what is your greatest feature. What do you value most about yourself?” She asked while turning back around and pushing her chest out towards the guard.

The guard tried to keep his eyes on her face, but failed and ended up glancing as her lovely breasts anyway. After a moment of consideration, the man replied “Probably my combat capabilities, the power I have to protect Lord Barton’s castle, the rest of us soldiers, my comrades, his creations which he believes will one day make the world safer.” he responded.

She took a few moments to ponder, making sure to place his hands on her breasts while she did. “If you should wish to take it then I propose Chulainn, in honor of an ancient hero, who battled armies single-handedly. He was also known for a terrible unquenchable lust,” She said reaching through the water to find his cock.

He instinctively groped her breasts as soon as she head placed his hands on them “I like the sound of it, I’ll take it” he said, smiling as he rested his chin on her shoulder. He let out a soft moan as soon as CeeCee found his cock in the water, her grip causing it to harden even further. Feeling her hand on his cock, he got the hint, and gently started rubbing and kneading her breasts with his strong hands.

CeeCee sat and gently stroked Chulainn’s cock, enjoying his groping. She allowed herself to enjoy the sensation for some time before she stood up over him. She reached down and pulled his hair, forcing his face upward. “Eat me.” Is all she said, pressing her pussy against his face.

Chulainn moaned further as CeeCee stroked his cock, then looked confused only briefly as she stood up, however, recovered quickly and immediately started licking her slit as soon as she pressed his face into her pussy, using his hands to gently stroke and rub her hips as he ate her out.

CeeCee bit her lips to silence her intense moans as Chulainn worked away at her. She began to grind her hips back and forth and she teased her nipples and groped her breast, edging herself towards an orgasm. She was still taking her time, however, pulling away ever so slightly when she got too close.

Chulainn moved his hands along CeeCee’s hips and gently groped her ass as he continued eating her out eagerly, allowing her to continue edging herself and only resuming when she pressed her hips forward again.

Now wetter than the bath itself, CeeCee backed up and gestured for Chulainn to stand. Without words she kissed down his body and knelt in front of his cock. She teased the tip and shaft for several minutes with gentle kissed, while she fondled his balls. “Have you ever been with a women?” She asked looking up at him.

Chulainn obediently stood, then shivered from pleasure as she kissed down his body, moaning softly as she teased and kissed his tip and shaft, causing his cock to pulsate in her hands, and against her lips. Looking down at her lustfully, he shook his head “We have visitors very rarely, and none of us really do anything besides our duty to the household.” he said, between soft moans as she pleasured his cock.

“What would you like to do to me?” She asked between long sucks.

Between his moans and shivers of pleasure, the man seemed to think for a moment, then quickly answered “I r-really want to… put it in you.” as he rested his hands on her head and gently ran them through her hair.

“Well aren’t you quite the poet.” She said teasingly as she stood up and spun around, slowly bending over and rubbing her ass against Chulainn.

The man blushed at the teasing, then shivered when CeeCee bent over in front of him. He gently grabbed her hips and poked his tip against her slit, however he didn’t penetrate her, he instead spoke up once again “M-may I?” he asked, hesitantly.

CeeCee responded without words, confidently pushing her hips back toward his pelvis, her pussy easily engulfing his hard member. She gave him a few moments to adjust to the sensation before she shook her butt back and forth. “Not going to make me do all the work are you?”

He moaned out in surprise, then gripped her hips more tightly on reflex “O-of course not, L-lady CeeCee” he responded before slowly beginning to thrust in and out of her, letting out soft grunts and moans with each thrust.

CeeCee smiled and enjoyed the gentle fuck she was receiving from Chulainn. She kept her ass pushed out and began to play with her clit while she was getting penetrated. This was possibly the most relaxing sex she had ever had, and she liked it. But after a few minutes her hips began picking up the pace as she was nearing an orgasm.

Chulainn tried to match CeeCee’s pace, doing his best to try to make up for his lack of experience, and began panting heavily as he neared orgasm at roughly the same time, pulling CeeCee’s hips slightly harder, and thrusting slightly harder at the same time, but still making sure to be as gentle as he can be.

It only took another handful of thrust from Chulainn to send CeeCee over the edge. She let out a muffled moan as an orgasm rocked her body.

Chulainn tightened his grip on her hips as he reached orgasm at roughly the same time, spasming and firing a torrent of his seed deep inside CeeCee, letting out pleasured moans as he does. After he had finished, he cleared his throat and hesitantly said “Th-thank you, Lady CeeCee.”

“Thank you as well Chulainn. Not too bad for your first time.” She said as she stood up and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “I’m going to finish cleaning up, you should make yourself scarce, and quietly so.” She said with a pleasant smile. Once Chulainn was clear she would finish her bath and make her way to bed
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Amun had listened to Lyanna's advice with apt attention, and nodded gravely as she finished. At the warning, he merely smiled. "You need not worry, Miss Lyanna. I'm aware I'm not so good in a fight, so I'll keep out of the way and help safely and smartly when I can. Besides, we wouldn't have much of a choice for jobs, correct? We'll need [C] to supply our future quests in this new world, and when we inevitably all settle down, it'd be nice to have some finances cushioning us." Of course, the former noble had to think far into the future. Above all else, a Khufu is meant to adapt to their surroundings. That's something every one of the Khufu children had been impressed on at a young age, Amun included.

Besides. He wasn't used to living poorly. The amount of work he'll have to do to get comfortable was already daunting enough, but the failure to do so was the scariest thing.

With a destination in mind, he figured now was the time to get going. As Lyanna said, it'd be best to make the trip while there was light out. "Let's not waste any time then. We'll head straight to Azraq and identify a means to settle temporarily. Then, we'll look for work, and plan from there. Miss Lyanna, Miss Lucia, let's do our best." After his brief explanation of the plan, Amun stood up from the... place, they'd been sleeping in, and made for the exit. Once outside, he'd proceed in the direction of the town's gate—well, what passes as the town's gate, then head in the direction Lyanna said Azraq was in.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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The weather is Cloudy

Anastasia Ursa/LittleManKitten
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Anastasia proceeds to have the best sleep of her entire life. When morning arrives, Anastasia finds that she's no longer in the park, where they had faced the Knock Knock Ghost, she's instead in a comfortable bed. Awakening, she finds that the room is striped black and grey, with only one window. Despite the blinds being down, she can see the light shining through, indicating that it was morning, however the light feels harsh to her eyes. Looking around further, she sees that Aranya is still sleeping, in an identical bed on the other side of the room, her hat sitting on the black wooden table beside her bed, with a note sitting beside it.

Upon picking up the note, she can see that it's signed by Aurora. It says that she had taken them to an inn on the other side of the city, where she had gotten them a room to rest. The note then goes on to say that she's sorry for the way the fight had gone, and that she has chosen to rectify her mistake and resume her training as a Paladin so that such things never happen again.

Across from Anastasia's bed, a mirror is hanging on the wall. Looking into the mirror reveals that Anastasia's skin has darkened considerably, becoming completely black. Her veins had also become visible through her skin, turning a light grey color. Meanwhile one of her eyes had turned from red to yellow and was projecting light like a spotlight.

Saphira Perinther/Randomizer
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Saphira wakes, she can see through the one window of her room that the weather is cloudy, perfect weather to begin the next journey in.

After only a moment, she can hear Lord Barton standing out in the hallway, having a discussion. Upon leaving her room to investigate, she finds Lord Barton talking to a wolf Were-Beast, with white hair and white fur, who had Magnolia beside her. When the girl notices Saphira, she lets out a soft "Awoo!" and runs to hug her, throwing her arms around her hips and rubbing her face into her chest. Seeing the girl do this, Lord Barton cuts off his current conversation and turns to Saphira "Ah, I see you've met Magnolia. She's such a sweet girl, isn't she?" he says, after which he immediately realizes he has yet to introduce the Were-Beast and clears his throat "This is Lady CeeCee, she's Magnolia's mother. She aided in the defense of Monsteropolis and works alongside the family." he then turned to CeeCee "This is Saphira, she assists us in finding the ancient relics that you see around the castle, which we use to harness the lost arts, such as what we used to create Magnolia." he explained.

Lilith Rose/Mark3000
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Lilith sleeps decently, due to the city being relatively safe compared to the rest of Chaldea. When morning arrives, she can clearly see that it's a cloudy day, and around her people had already taken to the streets, and were going about their daily activities.

Shortly after she had awakened, however, Lilith was approached by a pair of Azraq Guards. "Hark!" one of them said "We were alerted by a citizen that you spent the night in the park. Sleeping in the park, at night, is strictly prohibited, you are instead encouraged to spend the night at an Inn." then the other guard piped up, just loudly enough for Lilith to hear "Filthy Grey-skin." he added. The guards began to move to wards Lilith "We ask that you come quietly, or we may have to use lethal force." they said, brandishing a pair of handcuffs.

The guards only made it a step or two before someone called out from only a few feet passed the guards "What are you doing to that poor girl?" said a girl with platinum hair, in a robe with a belt around the midsection, a gigantic book, and short shorts. As she closed the distance, she scanned the guards suspiciously with her brown eyes "She's just sitting here, and you stopped to harass her?" she said, when she was close enough that she didn't have to shout. At this distance, Lilith could see that the girl was incredibly short, likely no more than four feet tall, and both guards towered over her. The second guard, who had called Lilith a filthy grey-skin growled at her "What's it to you, short-stuff?" as he puffed his chest out. "This girl has just been sitting here, you're wrongfully arresting her. You only want to arrest her because of her race." she replied, without backing down from either of the guards.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Alice shook her head and handed the note to Ophelia. Meanwhile, behind them, Annie was just starting to stir from her sleep. While Alice and Ophelia looked over the note together, they could hear Annie roll off the bed, with a loud thud, and an 'oof'.

The note merely directed the group to head down to the Arena within the hour to face off against their opponents, who they are given no information regarding.

Being rather disappointed by the lack of information, Ophelia turns to Annie. "Are you OK, Annie? You usually wake with more grace." She asks to check up on their other teammate. Still, with no information given there's not much more she can do than prepare for any eventuality as best she can. Which means removing herself from Alice's person and getting dressed. Almost reluctantly, she pulls herself away from her more awake party member and begins pulling on her armor and clothing. She also begins searching the room for anything that could potentially be used. She doesn't expect much, but it can't hurt to be sure

Annie quickly picks herself up off the floor and nods vigorously "I'm fine, just not used to sleeping so close to the edge..." she says, blushing as she starts to get herself ready to leave. Alice put the letter aside and started getting ready herself, commenting "Regardless of who they are, they won't stand a chance against us!" excitedly.

Ophelia's search turns up nothing useful, the room is mostly bear aside from the typical necessities and a few comforts of better-end Inns. Once the other two are ready and dressed, Annie turns to Ophelia and Alice "What do you propose we do while we wait for the match's designated time?" she asks, quietly.

"So long as you are fine." Ophelia says, acknowledging Annie's response. She also acknowledges Alice's response, though she doesn't quite believe it. She knows that there are stronger people out there and you never know when they will arrive to destroy you. She'll give it her all of course and hope that that is enough.
"We are searching for someone, are we not? Getting an accurate idea of the town and who is within it would make our hunt easier in the long run. I would suggest familiarizing ourselves with the area until we are needed."

Annie nods and opens the door, leading the way out of the room. Alice shortly follows at the back of the group, commenting "I wanted to see if they missed a banner, anyway!" to which Annie facepalms and groans "If they did, they can start hanging them on the ceiling." she comments sarcastically.

Walking out into the hallway, Alice immediately starts naming off all of the banners where she left off last time, and the group starts investigating the floor they're on. They discover that the upper floor goes in a full circle and numbers up to exactly 1000 identical rooms.

One thousand rooms... how much traffic does this place see if they decided 1000 rooms was an acceptable cost!? And it's likely a good thing she is very used to doing things that most people would consider dull or else she would be bored with their investigation already. "Unless we are to look through each room, this isn't likely to be an efficient use of our time. Especially given we are unaware of how much downtime we shall have between matches. We should either find a registry of guests to investigate or follow another path of inquiry." She decides. There just isn't enough time in the day to look through each door since this is just one floor out of potentially many. She did not register how many floors were in this establishment before going to bed the previous night so she will need to fix that today.
"I believe we are done with this floor. We should move on to the general area."

Annie nods her head again, commenting "If we decided to go through each room, we'd probably sooner meet his team in battle." to which Alice replies "That would be much simpler than encountering him in a room or hallway."

When Ophelia comments on the guest registry, Alice pokes her arm "He didn't register under his real name, according to the man at the desk, how would we be able to tell it was him?" she says, as they follow her up the stairs to the top floor.

The top floor is much the same as the one they were on, but far less tidy. The rooms are mostly ajar, and only filled with rusty supplies, such as swords, armor, spare construction materials, and some large metal containers of sand.

"We would not look for his name. We would look for a reasonably close pseudonym since he likely wouldn't select something too different from his actual name. People find it weird when you show delay in answering to what is supposed to be your name." Ophelia answers, using her experience with hunting targets to answer the question. She did not intend to go to the top floor as she didn't think there was anything else of interest in the building of their hotel. She is proven somewhat correct when the floor is revealed to likely be a storage area of items in ill-repair. Maybe she can find armor for her arms and legs, but that would be the extent of the usefulness of this area.

"This floor is time ill-spent. Perhaps there will be somewhere people gather to eat we can obtain more information on someone sharing the description of our target.."

Looking around some, Ophelia manages to find a pair of Bracers that are less rusted and less broken than the rest, as well as a pair of boots in similar condition.

Annie shrugs when Ophelia tells her that the alias probably wouldn't be all that different "This place is so large, there SHOULD be a dining room." Alice says, mobilizing with the rest of the group.

With the top and second floor investigated and the top floor investigated as well, the group heads to the bottom floor, which looks mostly the same as the second floor, banners covering every wall, however Alice doesn't point any out, since they entered on this floor.

While the group wanders a bit, Annie goes over to one of the guards and speaks to him for a moment, and he makes some hand motions and points down the hallway. When she comes back to the group, she says "Well, there's a dining room, but it's only for celebration nightly, after the day's battles." she says, then adds "Given that, there's probably nobody there."

Well, at least Ophelia can say something came out of their expedition to the top floor. More armor between her and her opponent's weapons can only be a good thing. Annie's findings confuse her however. "Where is one to eat if the dining room is only for after the day's battles? Do they expect their warriors to fight while hungry? I imagine some would take offense to that even if it were not a poor idea." She does not think she missed somewhere to eat within their room, so there should be somewhere to eat while the dining room is closed. Beyond finding that, Ophelia cannot think of anything else to do that would not put them over their expected arrival time. "If there is nothing else besides figuring out food outside of the dining room, I suspect we do not have the time to investigate in greater depth right now. We should find where we are to go to confirm we are ready for combat."

Annie shrugs her shoulders "Well, this is a place for warriors, they're likely expected to bring their own food, especially considering the pay they get for victory." she guesses. Alice then speaks up "The note said that we're supposed to be in the Red waiting room, which is on the West side of the building. I guess the Blue waiting room is on the East side." she said, shrugging as she begins leading the group West.

Once they arrive in the waiting room, a mostly bare room, with walls covered in mostly red-colored banners, once again all of them different. When Alice sees this, her expression turns sad. "NO! This means I won't get to see the banners in the Blue waiting room!" she says, dropping to all fours and letting out a loud sob, to which Annie face-palms again.

Ophelia feels like that information should have been provided by the guards so that incoming warriors can adequately prepare themselves, but it's entirely possible they might. Out of the 4 guards they interacted with, only 1 was anywhere approaching professional. The rest were either perverted or disinterested at best with their party. To be fair, that's better odds than what she usually deals with when her race is recognized, but it is irritating that she may have missed vital info because the guards were more interested in them as whores than combatants. Still, lodging a complaint now would do little to nothing given that she is not aware of the names and did not bother to remember the descriptions of the guards. They will have to solve this issue another time.

Ophelia feels... well, she's not used to the feeling inspired when Alice begins crying. Would awkward be the right word? She does feel embarrassed on her teammate's behalf so she supposes that word would fit. She feels awkward because of Alice and, based on what she's read in a book once, places a hand on her shoulder. "It is possible we will be assigned the Blue room at some point in our journey. Do not lose hope." She says. She's going for comforting as the book suggested, but since she's not sure what "comforting" sounds like it probably comes across as her usual monotone. Maybe she can ask Annie what a comforting tone of voice is supposed to sound like at a later point? She seems like she would know.

Alice starts to cheer up a little, however a bell rings and the gates on the opposite side of the room from the door they entered open, signifying that it's time for the group to enter the arena for battle.

Once the group had walked into the arena, the gates slam shut behind them and bolt themselves. All around them was a high stone wall, and behind those were crowds upon crowds of roaring spectators. The stone walls had drawings on them that Ophelia didn't understand, much like the segmented metal floor beneath them, covered with thin layers of gravel. Across from them, the blue gates had opened to let out three heavily armored men, then shut tight much like their own red doors.

The roar of the crowd quieted down as a man in a tall chair stood and waved his arms around him. He had long, sharp horns, grey skin with red runes, red eyes, and was dressed in black and red armor. The man was clearly a Vagabond, yet the crowd quieted down when he stood. "Thank you for coming all the way out here to the center of the world for the Tournament of Fools." he said, to which the crowd cheered briefly "I am Lord Fool" he continued "Warriors from all over the world have come here to fight for the title of King of Fools, however only one may claim that title. Right here, we have the first bracket challengers, New Fish Smell, composed of returning veteran Gladiators, Fish-Eyes, Sweat-Eater, and Bigus Dickus, from the Blue Gate." the crowd loudly cheered for a moment, before the man continued to speak again "From the Red Gate, we have the newest addition to the Tournament of Fools, Finding JUSTICE! With Ophelia Kallis, Alice Liddell, and Annie Doyle!" the crowd cheered for them, with others whistling, calling out lewd things to them, and complimenting them on their appearance. Annie looked embarrassed, and Alice was striking poses for the crowd, when the man quieted them down again "Without further ado, let the match commence!" he called, after which team New Fish Smell began making their way towards the group.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

CeeCee slept very well beside Lord Barton, and after going about their morning routine, Lord Barton takes her to collect Magnolia from her room, who runs over to hug her as if she hadn't seen her in years, letting out soft, happy, excited 'Hoot-hoot' sounds as she does so. "It's good to see that she enjoys your company, it will make it that much easier for you to work with her." he explains as he leads the two out into the hallway, Magnolia clinging to CeeCee as they move along "Before you take her with you, it's important to note that the girl is stuck in a very friendly, happy, and calm mindset, therefor you'll have to give her orders. She otherwise will not understand that a battle is occurring, and will remain completely docile." he explains, nodding as he speaks. He started to say something else, while giving Magnolia a soft pat on the head, however a girl with red hair and green eyes, wearing a pair of red shorts and a grey top had appeared in the hallway, and Magnolia ran directly to her, throwing her arms around her hips and rubbing her face in her chest, letting out a soft "Awoo!" as she did so.

Seeing the Magnolia react this way to the girl's presence, Lord Barton loses his train of thought and focuses on her "Ah, I see you've met Magnolia. She's such a sweet girl, isn't she?" he says, after which he immediately realizes he has yet to introduce the the two, and clears his throat "This is Lady CeeCee, she's Magnolia's mother. She aided in the defense of Monsteropolis and works alongside the family." he then turned to CeeCee, and motioned towards the stranger "This is Saphira, she assists us in finding the ancient relics that you see around the castle, which we use to harness the lost arts, such as what we used to create Magnolia." he explained.

Amun Khufu/MrBlah
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

The citizens of Ferraille wave as the group leaves, shouting out that they should visit again sometime. As soon as the group exits the city fully and is out of earshot, Lyanna leans towards Amun and whispers to him "They say visit again, but let's not... everything is rotting and falling apart, they have no wall, no weapons, no armor. I'm baffled as to how they're still alive." she explained, while tugging on Lucia's hand to keep her following them.

After having traveled for quite some time in the direction of Azraq, a thick fog begins to cover the area for as far as the group can see. As soon as the area is fully covered with fog, so thick that the group can barely see their hands in front of their faces. The ground then begins to rumble, and the group can see a silhouette approaching them from deep within the fog.

Seeing the massive, city-sized creature approaching them,Lyanna let out a soft "Nooo... no way." taking a few steps back and pulling Amun and Lucia with her, who didn't see to notice or care about the creature's presence.

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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby mrblah » Thu Feb 14, 2019 8:23 am

Amun had politely thanked the citizens and waved in farewell as they had, but he'd already been thinking exactly as Lyanna said when they'd gotten far enough away from the settlement. "Agreed. The place seemed as if it were on the edge of its lifespan... but the people were nice, wouldn't you agree?" It was something he'd been surprised by. Now that he'd left and had time to think of Ferraille's positives without being reminded of its negatives, the people were rather accommodating when they hadn't needed to be. If not for them, it's likely Amun and Lyanna would've died with nowhere safe to recover, and he couldn't imagine Lucia being in any better position. He felt a bit of genuine gratitude for Ferraille.

The trek was long and arduous. The former noble wasn't built for stamina, so the long walk without pause was killing his legs and his energy. It didn't help that life on the ground felt so different from life in Cielo. The steadiness of the earth beneath him somehow made him feel less assured of where he was stepping, and he felt aware of every movement he made on the ground as if it took more conscious effort than usual just to walk. Plus, he was bored. They'd been doing nothing but walking ever since they'd left Ferraille, and while Amun could've started a conversation with either of his two companions, it still felt a little awkward to speak to Lucia after what happened in the morning, and it felt awkward to speak to Lyanna after what happened to Lucia in the morning. To be honest, he felt like he had to address the issue and had no idea how. Amun had never needed to deal with a suicidal acquaintance, or even someone who was particularly depressed. He had no idea how to broach the subject, and once they're talking, he had no idea what to say or where to steer the conversation. Lucia seemed to be in a volatile state as well, so he'd have to choose his words carefully as well, right?

Probably. He still didn't know... but he felt as if he'd have to try. If push came to shove, the former noble felt he could improvise something or redirect to their current activity. Hopefully. "... So, Miss Lucia—" Yet before he could begin, Amun found himself halting his words as he noticed the strange mist the group had walked into. It was a thick fog that blanketed the world around him, and it felt slightly... moist. It was his first time seeing fog. He tried to turn to speak to the others about it, but he noticed that he couldn't find them. Amun searched the area with confusion, and came upon... something dark, and veeeeeery large. "Hm?" His eyes narrowed as he stared at it in confusion. Does this strange cloud-like substance in the air get darker as they head in? Weird. But it probably wasn't anything dangerous so—

Amun felt himself get pulled back, and he turned to just barely see Lyanna in the thickness of the fog surrounding them. "M-miss Lyanna? What's..." No, he thought to himself. Wait... could this be something bad too, like the rain? The werebeast felt a shiver go down his spine, and he simply followed Lyanna's lead in trying to escape whatever danger they happened upon. He spotted Lucia with them, and made sure to grab onto her when he'd have to ruthlessly sacrifice her to save himself and his better ally to make sure the group stayed close together.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

The creature closes the gap between itself and Amun's group in only one step, to which Lyanna responded by jerking Amun and Lucia further back, and continuing to move, however it was pretty clear that this creature's massive size means that it's going to be able to not only keep up with them, but also pass them if needed in only a single step. The creature's tentacles on its body begin slowly but surely snaking out towards the three of them, each one making a hissing noise, while also releasing jets of fog, just like what they were surrounded with.

By the great light that was Nour, this was... bad. Worse than bad, this was terrible. The worst possible situation. Now that the creature had stalked closer to them, Amun was explicitly made aware of just what was happening and where things could be going. He had broken out into a cold sweat, and fear gripped his heart like an icy widow reunited with a long lost lover. He didn't know of any way to escape... no, escape felt pointless. Even now, they weren't getting away from the damned monster as they stepped backwards. It was coming to them. He wasn't even sure if he could chance asking for help, but the weredog shot a worried and desperate glance to Lyanna anyways, hoping for anything no matter how unlikely.

Lyanna grabbed the two by their hands and began full-on running, however the creature stomped its feat, knocking them over, forcing Lyanna stumble to her feet and tug both Lucia and Amun back up. She looked at Amun and shook her head "I wouldn't even be able to hurt this if I got near its feet, I don't know what to do!" Lucia continued staring at her feet, as if not even aware of what kind of damage they were in.

"W-well, isn't there some sort of... thing we can do to appease it?!" His normally calm tone was practically nonexistent in his voice as he panickedly picked himself up with Lyanna's help and resumed the escape he knew was doomed to fail. The noble shot another look back at the monster chasing them, then back to Lyanna. "W-what if... what if we hid underground, l-like a hole?! There's a hole to hide in somewhere, right?!"

Lyanna began to panic now "No, it wants to either eat or fuck us, that's all monsters want, and even if we found a hole, it would either dig us or, or pull us out with its tentacles!" she began bolting, however the creature stepped passed them, knocking them down when it caused the ground to shake again.

Eat them or fuck them... neither option felt safe to Amun. In his fear-riddled state, only one option to survive kept coming to him, and though it wasn't a fun one, it seemed to be the only one. Amun picked himself up and moved to Lucia's laid out form, before he tore open her shirt and hoisted her at the damned monster. "BY THE GREAT GODDESS NOUR, FUCK HER INSTEAD! JUST FUCK HER AND DON'T TAKE US!!"

Before anyone could object, the creature accepted Amun's offer, wrapping several tentacles around Lucia and yanking her deep into the mist, soon after shedding her torn clothes, the shreds showering over Lyanna and Amun, followed by her screams echoing through the area. The creature then slowly stomped off towards the mountains. Lyanna looked at Amun with wide eyes, saying nothing, but her expression showed shock and horror plainly.

"..." Somehow, though he should be thankful that his desperate plan worked, he only felt a deep sense of guilt and shame. Those horrified screams of hers wouldn't be leaving him any time soon, and the fact that he knowingly subjected Lucia to her fate... "W-well, what choice did I have?! It... it was either one of us, or all of us. That was the best option!" He'd defensively shout a little at Lyanna as she looked at him, taking her look for one of disapproval. "I... I didn't have a choice."

Lyanna stared at Amun uncomfortably for a moment more, then looked in the direction that the creature had gone. "I think it's best that we part ways when I've escorted you to the city." she says, bluntly. She then stood up the rest of the way, and started walking in the direction of Azraq without awaiting Amun's reply.

"..." He wasn't sure how to reply for a moment, so instead he glared off into some direction and followed after her at a distance. He was still in the right. She didn't understand that he just saved their lives. Maybe he'd have a chance to convince her once they were in Azraq, but for now, it was best to just follow along.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby Mark3000 » Fri Feb 15, 2019 4:05 am

Lilith's restful sleep was a welcome change of pace. Looking down at Camilla, she smiled and gently stroked her hair. Though their peaceful morning was interrupted by the presence of two of the city's guards. With a sigh, Lilith listens to their speech trying her hardest not to roll her eyes. Though when they brandish their handcuffs, Lilith tenses up.

Then, unexpectedly someone comes to her aid. She had a rather elegance to her that made it all the stranger that she was defending Lilith. Though Lilith couldn't let this girl take on the burden of defending her. She gently woke Camilla up and stood up beside the mysterious girl. Standing a tall 5'9" Lilith looked directly at the guards. "If you know of any inns that accept Nomads, I'd be happy to hear it" She said, pausing for an answer that probably wouldn't come. "There's no need to arrest me anyway. I'll be gone from the city before the end of the day." Lilith added. Though she remained under the canopy of the tree waiting to see what kind of weather awaited them.

Turning to the girl, Lilith gave her a nod and mouthed a quiet "Thank you".
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby Littlemankitten » Fri Feb 15, 2019 7:40 am

Anastasia has the best damn fucking sleep in the history of ever. Unfortunately, she had to wake up eventually. She groans as her eyes flutter open, sad that the sleep finally had to end, though she quickly realizes that she feels completely refreshed and honestly pretty good. Though at the same time, she felt weird. Not in a way she could really describe to herself though, just weird. Getting up, she shields her eyes from the surprisingly bright light that came through the windows, though after a while she still felt comfortable looking at the window, she chalked it up to just waking up. Well, it was definitely day as if that was in any question. She headed to the note she saw on Aranya's bed, looking the sleeping girl over a bit before reading the note. Hmph, well, at the very least the girl got rid of that ghost. Even if it ended up being in a less than ideal fashion. Regardless, she couldn't punch the girl even if she wanted to. Yawning, she set the note back down for when Aranya wakes up and notices the mirror... Then notices herself. Anastasia inhales sharply, her eyes focusing on what she was seeing. She slowly walked to the mirror, trying to comprehend what she saw before her. She saw... Her, no, a twisted version of herself. A version of herself that became a mockery of what the Spectross race was... She was tainted. She couldn't believe what she was seeing, she refused to believe it at first. Looking down at her now black skin, she lightly traced her hand across the clearly visible veins, her breathing becoming more and more labored as time went on. She then looked back at what her eye had become, and went to the darkest part of the room, seeing the faint light that went wherever she was looking. This was real, she wasn't hallucinating. By Avenir how she wished she was though. She went back to the mirror, dragging her hands slowly down her face, realizing what she has become. Finally, something inside her snapped, and she screamed, pretty loudly at that, and smashed the mockery of herself in front of her, a brilliant wave of red psychic energy crossing the room. Thousands of shards of twinkling pieces of glass scattered through out the room, she could still see her face as every single shard flow past her face though, she could even see it when the glass had settled on the now empty wall. She fell to her knees, the glass not even scratching her flesh, and started weeping.

Anastasia's scream and psychic attack on the mirror causes Aranya, behind her, to suddenly sit up in bed. The girl had a handful of cards in each hand and was holding them up in preparation for battle, however when she sees Anastasia, she suddenly freezes and drops all of them onto the blanket. "Uh A-Anastasia?" she asks, as she stares at her black skin and spotlight eye. Anastasia had buried her face into her hands, tears streaming down her face and arms. This can't be real, she must still be dreaming, she had to still be dreaming. That damn ghost was trying to fuck with her even after it left. She didn't really register Aranya's words, to focused on telling herself it was a dream and that Avenir would forgive her, it was just a dream and Avenir would forgive her... Aranya climbed out of bed and repeated herself "Anastasia?" she asked, reaching out slowly to touch her shoulder. She was only wearing her black bra and panties, and her clothes were folded up on the nearby table, though she didn't seem to notice due to the strange sight she was met with when awakened.

As Aranya's hand touched her shoulder, Anastasia head shot up and looked at the wall directly in front of her. This wasn't a dream was it? Would Avenir forgive her for her very existence? No, she must. Their rare, but Avenir has taken in humans and were-beasts under her fold. If Avenir can find value in them, she can surely forgive Ana for something that most Spectross would be unable to do anything about. Clenching her hands into fists, she steeled herself and slowly got up. "I'm going to make that ghost wish it never found me...." With a shaky deep inhale, she tried to calm herself, finally looking at Aranya. "Are you still gonna stay with me?" She looked directly at her face, noticing that the faint light made her look somehow, prettier? She wasn't sure if that's the right word, but she looked different to her now, if only slightly.

Aranya held up her hand to shield her eyes from the light emanating from Anastasia's own eye and backed up slightly to get it out of her face. "Promise not to pull anymore super ghosts out of your soul, and I'll still help you. Beating up some guy is still much easier than fighting monsters." she said, startled by the subject change, however she quickly added "You look... different. Did I miss something?"

Anastasia looked to the side a bit to help Aranya out in not getting blinded or something. "Well, I feel a lot better all things considered, and I don't feel like I have any super ghosts hiding around, so I think we're fine... Though, we'll need to find a third person to get into the colosseum." She sighs and rubs her temples. "I remember where my companion is, I followed her to where her kidnappers are, there is one problem though, she's stored in the middle of a fucking crowded Barton castle... I had already tried going in but they wouldn't let me, I figured smashing my way in was suicide but after what we just went through it might not be all that bad..." At Arnya's last question, Ana slowly rubbed her arm, tracing the very visible veins. "I woke up like this, I have no idea what happened, but I suspect that ghost tainted me some way, and I'm going to make it pay for creating a mockery of Avenir and the Spectross race." She said that last part through gritted teeth, but kept mostly cool.

Aranya sat down on the bed so that Anastasia can just look over her head and seemed to think the idea over for a moment "How strong is she?" she asked, as she started pulling on her shirt and buttoning it up, followed by her pants. Once she was fully dressed, she added "Did it do anything else to you besides change your appearance? I've heard of people being physically changed by encounters with monsters, but this is the first time I've actually seen it."

Anastasia thought back to the battles she had with Idalia, nodding to herself. "She's pretty strong, not sure exactly what she is but she seems to have a lot of tricks up her sleeve, she is definitely capable in combat. So yea, she's proven pretty useful if sometimes she does some weird things." Anastasia then looks back at the closed window, noticing that it still looked bright. She walked over to it and opened the blinds, shielding her eyes a little when she does so. By Avenir it looked so bright outside. Not blindingly so, after her eyes adjusted it was more like looking in the general direction of the sun over looking directly at it, she had to squint, but she could see. "Well, it looks pretty fucking bright outside to me, so that's annoying... I have no idea what this does." She brings her hand to her spotlight eye, waving her her hand up and down over it, trying to see if anything happens. "Really, if there is anything else, I think we'll just find out later."

Aranya shrugs her shoulders and stands up as she puts her hat back on, now fully dressed. "I guess if I want that [C], I'll just have to help you free her. You may want to keep an eye on these changes, though, lest you start having other problems that could cause you far more dangerous problems." She finishes, "So, lead the way, I'll just follow you and help where needed." She adds. Ana nods and sighs a little. Hopefully it doesn't get any worse, but she had a sinking feeling it would. Ana equipped her weapons and armor, then headed out the door and down the hall so they could get outside. "I had a order placed at the blacksmith, we'll stop there first." She stated, heading that way once they were outside.

Aranya follows Anastasia into the Blacksmith's shop, a bored look on her face. The Blacksmith sees her walk in and lifts he black-armored boots onto the counter, with a smirk on his face "I trust these boots are to your liking?" he asks. The boots, despite being made from bronze and silver, had been made into a smooth, sharp, black-colored metal.

Anastasia doesn't say anything until they enter the shop, ignoring the looks she got from other people as they walked. Her eyes had mostly adjusted to the light and while it was annoying, it wasn't all that bad anymore. Once in the shop, Ana inspected the boots carefully, then nodded, smiling. Finally, something good happened. "Yes, these will do just fine. Thank you. How much?" She said, figuring there was some price for the effort he put in, then again, he might take the privilege of working with silver as good enough. "Also hey I don't suppose you know of a way to reverse or stop uh... This?" She says, pointed and gesturing to her eye and body.

The Blacksmith makes a face and leans forward as if he had only just now noticed that Anastasia looked different. "What the hell happened to you?" he said, however without waiting for an answer, he goes ahead and tells her the price for his work "Uh. 3 [C]..." he says, shoving the boots forward as if now that he had seen that Anastasia looks this way, he wanted her out sooner. Anastasia sighed. "Monster. But I'm gonna take that as a no, here." She hands him the 3 [C] and then gets out of there, wondering if maybe that paladin could of fixed this... Or maybe she would of only made it worse. Would going to the temple of Pradera yield good results? Perhaps, Pradera wasn't a fan of the undead from what little she knew about the inferior goddess so perhaps it would work out. Yet at the same time going to another goddess, other than perhaps Nour, for help left a bad taste in her mouth. Honestly, Anastasia didn't really know what to do. Perhaps Idalia would know for some reason. "Come on, let's go to the Bartons I guess, if I'm lucky my companion will know what to do at this point." With that, she began heading to the exit of the city.

Much like with her trip to the Blacksmith, people along the street gave her odd looks, some of fear, some of confusion. Aranya merely ignored the people and followed along "How much do you know about these Bartons?" She asked as they headed towards the city gate. The Guard at the gate saw the two approaching and gave Anastasia and uncomfortable stare "G-going out?" he asked, when they got to the desk, and started immediately opening the gate for them, only fumbling for the clipboard after the gate was fully opened "R-right, please sign this before you go." he said, almost dropping the clipboard as he handed it over to Aranya, who merely scribbled in one of the boxes and handed it to Anastasia casually.

Anastasia was used to odd looks, but these were different. Usually the looks were of curiosity, why was a Spectross around here? But now they were of fear. It was kind of unsettling. "Well, not much really. They were around when Monsteropolis fell, and everyone I fought has had the same exact voice so far." Anastasia wracked her brain for more information, in case Idalia or the other bitch said anything else. "They have been doing research and creating artificial people to further their goals, my companion was one of them I think. They rip them apart and use the pieces to stitch together and make new ones or something along those lines... You can ask her when we free her." She huffed, reaching the gate as she finishes. Ana simply tapped her foot impatiently and did her best to ignore the look the guard was giving her, though she gave him a dirty look at the end after she signed her own name. She then walked out of the gate and headed to those damn wastes to get to the castle.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby lilbooth » Sat Feb 23, 2019 12:44 am

CeeCee and Saphira
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

" A pleasure to meet you Saphira." Said Cee Cee as she stepped forward and extended one of her hands. "Glad to see Magnolia's made a new friend so fast." She continued.(edited)

Saphira chuckles as the cute girl wraps her arms around her, and she gives the girl a nice pat. "Morning Magnolia!" She then turns her gaze up at Lord Barton and the new woman, who shares some features of a wolf. She seemed friendly enough. "Yes, Lord Barton, she is adorable!' Giving Magnolia another scratch behind her ears, Saphira then responded to Cee Cee's greeting. "A pleasure to meet you too, Cee Cee! And yea, we played a little last night and had some fun! So you also work here?" Saphira seemed full of energy and happy, her questions carrying genuine interest instead of merely politeness.

"Well I work all over really. I have taken a few jobs with the Bartons like yourself. The gracious lord shielded me from a Storm Elemental. I reciprocated by joining the defense of Monsteropolis. Then the Lord offered to use some of the lost arts and voilà, here is Magnolia. I'm a beast tamer by trade and do a far bit of hunting. What is it you do exactly." She asked. The enthusiasm coming from Saphira was refreshing and earned her a sly smile,

"Oh yes, Lord Barton is reliable and generous, if you ask me. I kind of stumbled into his place by accident, but it worked out. I honestly thought the castle would house some kind of supervillain when I first saw it!" Saphira smiles widely when Cee Cee asks her another question. "Weellll, I love exploration and history. The world is intriguing and I wanna know how everything works. So much seems to have been lost over the ages..." Her voice seemed to change tones as if the loss was personal instead of historic. "And maybe... I can help bring some of it back...."
"So a historian and archeologist. Fascinating." Said Cee Cee. "By bring back do you mean restore? Like finding an ancient painting or armor and putting it in a museum or something?" She asked.

Saphira shrugged as good and well as she could while being hugged by Magnolia. "Well... that's something but. I hope to figure out how to actually make the world back to how it should be. Magical and safe! Although with these spires propping up, it seems more dangerous than ever..." The girl lamented. "What about you? What are you running around the wilderness for?"

"Survival Mostly. I sell exotic animals, live or dead, to nobles usually or other wealthy aristocrats. The wilderness has the beasts so I go and I take them. There has been much going on as of late to cause strife among the world. With my usual hunting grounds disturbed by the undead I've sought work elsewhere. Like here with the Barton's, and with mercenary guilds."(edited)

"So I've not been the only one to notice the disturbance lately..." Saphira listens with interest to Cee Cee's story. "Magnolia isn't being sold, I hope?" She looked down with a look of concern towards the little girl.

"Gods No! She's no beast." Said Cee Cee, A bit shocked by the question. "You see, I have a certain way with wildlife, I can exert my will over creatures. Magnolia, for instance, was named in honor of Magni, an Owlbear that I had tamed and used for battle. I generally only sell beasts that are rather harmless or can be trained very well. Wolves, wild dogs, a stag or an elk here and there. Generally, anything smaller than a house-cat also falls into the list. I did quite a lot of horse breaking for a lowly lord of Calt one season." Said CeeCee. her face flushing a bit on her last statement.

Saphira gave a relieved smile when Cee Cee showed she was just as appalled by the idea as the explorer was. "I am glad... as for your powers. That is super awesome!" Her eyes beamed, "So you can uh...." she noticed Cee Cee blushing, "What is horse breaking, I don't think anyone did that in Fero?"

"Ohh..." She started, her blush growing slightly. "It's a form of domestication. Well established kingdoms usually breed horses and raise the foal into either draft or riding horses. If no already domesticated horses are available to breed then you have to catch wild ones. And the wild ones have quite the temper. Breaking a wild horse gets it ready for pulling a cart or carrying supplies or a rider." She said starting to calm down a bit.

Lord Barton clears his throat, reminding them that he's still here, apparently. "Now that the two of you have met, one of my guards has informed me that Lady Saphira would like to travel with Lady CeeCee when she takes Magnolia on her trip outside the castle." he says, nodding slowly. At the mention of her name... probably... Magnolia lifts her head, while still keeping her arms wrapped around Saphira, and lets out a confused-sounding "Hoot?".

"Well that's splendid." Said CeeCee with a wide smile. "Tell me Saphira do you have a mount? I think Slongvir can carry myself and Magnolia but I wouldn't want him to carry us all."

"Oh yes! I'd love to travel with you two, if that's okay. Just to make sure Magnolia is okay, and I mean, I'd appreciate the company too!" Saphira tilted her head. "No, sorry, I don't know how to ride horses, or any animal, for that matter..."

"Well do you know how to sit?" She asked with a smirk. "I'm sure riding a horse is going to be easier than all that historian stuff you do. I'll just keep a lead on Slongvir and your mount will follow right along behind. Only way things are going to get dicey is if your mount moves ahead. But I'd be happy to show you the basics before we set out." She said with a smile,
"Lord Barton. is there a prospective mount available for Lady Saphira? Or will I have to show her how to break a stallion?" She asked with a mischievous smile

"I do have much experience sitting!" Saphira said wholly serious, "And well, it's not like what I do is thaat amazing, but I'll gladly learn from you!"

Lord Barton nodded "She can use one of our horses, they're all very well trained." Lord Barton answered "If you're all three in agreement, I'll have your mount prepared for you and you can leave when ready."he said, making a quick wave at a nearby Guard who immediately left to prepare the mount for Saphira. Meanwhile, Magnolia opened her mouth to start nibbling on Saphira's shirt, but Lord Barton quickly took a chew toy from the pocket of his robe and handed it to Magnolia, she hooted happily and started chewing on it while she kept her other hand wrapped around Saphira. "Oh, and there's some food in the dining room if you'd like to eat before leaving," he said, seemingly reminded by Magnolia's strange behavior.

"Thank you, Barton!" Saphira smiled at the lord. "I'll have something to eat, for sure!"

CeeCee pouted for a moment when she heard there was already a horse available but it would save them a bit of time. "Yes, breakfast would be great." She said as she walked over next to Magnolia and Saphira. "Shall we?" She asked gesturing down the hall.

Lord Barton waved at a nearby Guard and smiled at the three girls "Enjoy your meal, ladies, I hope to see you back soon from your journey as well." he said, as he took the stairs down to what the two would recognize as the Barton lab, while the Guard was joined by another and they guided the ladies to the dining room. It was every bit as spacious as the rest of the castle, complete with a massive Darkwood table, large enough to seat multiple entire armies, with red walls, decorated with the Barton Banner, and a grey wooden floor. On the table was diced up purple melon, grey scrambled eggs, and black wooden bowls to eat from. Magnolia immediately ran to the melon and started chewing on the rinds without even grabbing a bowl.

Saphira watched amused as Magnolia ate her breakfast, and she got herself a plate with something of everything that was there, eating in small bites.

CeeCee filled her bowl with what could only be considered far too much food. Yet in a handful of moments she had shoveled all of it down and leaned back deeply in her chair. "I just realized I haven't eaten since yesterday morning." She said breathing a bit quickly.

By the time CeeCee and Saphira were done eating, Magnolia had finished her melon and was now chewing on a bowl. As she did so, a Guard entered the room "Lady Saphira's horse has been prepared, miladies may leave when they are prepared." he said. Seeing the guard, Magnolia waved at him, the corner of the wooden bowl still stuffed in her mouth.

Saphira looked at Cee Cee, having probably eaten half the food in twice the time as the wolf. "I am ready to go outside, but you still have to teach me horse-stuff!"

"Sure. I suppose now's a good a time as any, Hope you don't mind ruffing it. I don't have any tents, just some furs to keep warm and the animals to lean against. We'll get your crash course in riding started and maybe later this evening a few days from now we'll cover the more advanced procedures." She said as she stood up. "Magnolia, follow me darling, Stick close." She said in a firm yet kind tone as she made her way towards the quartyard and then the stables

Saphira followed towards the stables. "Cool, yea I have no problem with sleeping out in the open, do it all the time! And I'm really excited to learn!" She stuck close, eager to get to learn a new skill.

Magnolia obediently followed CeeCee, holding onto her sleeve. When they reached the Stables, a Stallion was already saddled for Saphira to use, its mane was a strange black and grey striped one, and it had a red and grey saddle on it for her.

CeeCee turned to the closest guard to the stables and beckoned him over. "Good sir, what is this stallion's name?" She asked whilst standing alongside the horse and rubbing its neck.
"Whoooaaahhhh, he's... I get to ride him?" Saphira seemed amazed at the beautiful creature, coming closer to just marvel at him. "Can I touch him?"

"Yes of course." She replied gesturing her over to stand next to her. "It's generally a good idea to let the horse see you first and let them recognize your sent. Then you can start at the neck. He's a big boy so you'll have to put some force into it if he's going to know you're there." She said allowing the horse to get acclimated then placing Saphira's hand on his neck. Soon after the guard had retrieved the horses name. "He is called Onyx malady." The guard said with a bow as he returned to his duties.
"It is very important that if he can't see you that you be touching him. Walking behind a stallion like this and giving him a spook would not end well for you." She said shaking her head to and fro. "Let's take a couple laps around him and make sure you keep your hand on him when you go past his hind legs."
Saphira listened carefully, enjoying the feeling of the horse's soft mane. "Alright Onyx, you and I will be good friends," the girl said softly, following Cee Cee's instructions, making sure to keep her hand on the stallion when walking behind him so that he knew who she was.

"Good, good. He seems to like you." Said CeeCee giving the big stallion a scratch on the head and a kiss on the nose. "While your down here i'll go over all the important bits you need to know. This is the saddle that's where you sit There are loads of different parts of the saddle but you are just going to plop your butt down and try to find a comfortable spot. Onyx here is most likely trained for war, so he may response to seat position, if he does I'll try to get him to ignore it for now. These are the stirrups, they hold your feel, and will also help you keep your balance while you ride. They also let you stand up in case your getting sore or your legs are stiff. Up here are the bridle and the reigns, they let you steer the horse, There are again loads of ways to do this but generally you're are going to give a tug with one hand or the other when you want him to turn. Or if you want him to stop you can pull back both of them at the same time, just don't pull too hard or you'll end up on the ground. So let's get you up there and then we'll go over how to make him go." Said Cee Cee. She leaned down and made a foot hold with her hands, gesturing with her head towards the saddle.
While CeeCee was helping Saphira onto Onyx, Magnolia crouched down on the ground and watched a tiny little bug scurrying across the ground, hooting at it quietly.
"So Onyx is just gonna let me ride him?" Saphira asked, giggling a bit at Cee Cee kissing the noble creature like he was her boyfriend. She almost jumped towards Cee Cee when she actually told her to get up there, full of enthusiasm!

But when she got close, she used Cee Cee's help to get into the saddle, swinging her leg around, and once she was in the saddle, she looked down a bit unsure at Cee Cee, only moving her feet in the stirrups and adjusting her butt to sit comfortably once she had given her a nod of approval. "Whoah! I'm doing this, I'm doing this..." she murmured to herself, and as she got more and more comfortable, her doubt gave way to a sense of pride. "Look I'm riding a horse!"
"Yes, indeed you are!" Replied CeeCee with a cheerful Smile. "Don't eat any more dirt Magnolia." Said CeeCee giving the girl a knowing nod.
When CeeCee turns to Magnolia tell her not to eat any more dirt, she has the beetle that she was watching in her mouth and is sucking on it instead of chewing. At CeeCee's words, she cocks her head and says "Hoot hoot... dewt?", the bug's legs wiggling in her mouth as if it was still walking and hadn't noticed being stuffed in her mouth.
“Don’t eat random beetles either, it could be poisonous, just come stand by me.” She said with a heartfelt sigh.
She turned back to Saphira and Onyx. "Ok so go ahead and pick up the reins and really force your feet into the stirrups. You do not want them to fall out when you are riding. Getting your feet back into stirrups on a moving horse is one hell of a challenge. Anyway, just hold onto the reins and let me lead Onyx so you can get to feel the rhythm." She said as she hooked her hand under the stallion's bridle and walked him forward into the center of the courtyard. She walked in a few large circles, allowing Saphira to feel the way he moved. After the third circle, she let go of the bridle and Onyx stopped.
"So I'm going to walk the same circle, you just try to stay behind me and turn onyx. A soft steady pull is all you need. And to get him moving just squeeze your legs together as if you are trying to get your heels to touch." She said as she began pacing the same circle again.
Saphira nodded, putting on a serious face in an attempt to appear professional as she made sure her feet were secure in the stirrup. Then she took the reins, trying to make sure her body moved with the horse as they walked.

The calm way Cee Cee explained what she had to do gave her confidence, and by the third circle, she felt confident enough to make Onyx follow Cee Cee on his own, squeezing her legs together to get him to move and then trying to steer him the right way.
After she walked her third lap CeeCee walked to the center of the courtyard and watched Saphira on Onyx. She allowed the novice rider to steer the horse around with no guide for another handful of laps before she whistled for Slongvir to come out and join them.
When Slongvir comes out of the stables at CeeCee's beckoning, Magnolia spits the bug out of her mouth, then waves at him, giggling, as she uses her other hand to flip the bug back over onto its legs so it can get walk properly.
Once Slongvir was close enough CeeCee turned to Magnolia. "Your going to ride with me girl. Hop on up." Said CeeCee. She was prepared to assist the girl up onto Slongvir's back but wanted to see if she could manage it herself.
Magnolia points at the bug that's crawling away, dripping with her slobber, while looking at CeeCee and says "Bewg?", while cocking her head quizzically. Upon being told to get up on Slongvir, she flops at him, and then starts kicking her feet to try to get over his back, but slips and falls flat on the ground. She lays there for a moment, then stands back up, brushing herself off, apparently surprised by the fall, but she looks no less happy than earlier. Once she's finished brushing herself off, she once again flops at Slongvir, this time managing to climb up successfully. sitting on his back properly, Magnolia gives CeeCee a triumphant smile and hoots at her happily

“Yes that is a bug. In particular a beetle. But bewg is also fine.” She replied quickly mounting Slongvir. Her and Slongvir’s eyes glowed blue for a brief period before the goart began striding forward.

Saphira, now confident in her ability to give basic commands to Onyx, chuckled at the sight of Magnolia. She was happy that the little experimental girl found the whole ordeal as funny as she did. "I'm ready to go, CeeCee!"
While CeeCee spoke to Saphira, Magnolia was patting Slongvir on the head and hooting happily, while holding onto him with the other hand
"I think I god it ma'am!" Saphira said, smiling confidently at CeeCee
“To Iseult then! It’s not a long ride.” Said CeeCee, as she had Slongvir, giddy up, and begin their travels.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Colosseum of Fools: Ophelia Bout One
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

As soon as the announcer declares the bout started, Ophelia blends into the background to make herself unseen. For extra insurance, she also clutches her Memento and invokes the ability within to make it even more difficult to find her. Observing the enemy is the first step to defeating the enemy and observing from the shadows makes retaliation unlikely

Alice sees Ophelia go into stealth and moves closer to the enemy, after which she poses for the crowd, throwing her arms behind her, completely straight, while she shifts her weight on her back foot and shouts, "ACCEPT MASINO AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR, EVERYONE!", the crowd's cheering lifts the team's spirits.

The battle begins. While her allies moved to do their parts, Annie had taken it upon herself to make the first attack. She was aiming her black gun at Fish-Eyes' exposed knee. His wicked blades and weird armor creeped her out the most, and she really didn't want to be the next victim to color those barbs. Annie fires her gun, but was a little off the mark and her bullet 'plinked' uselessly against the creep's chest piece.

Fish-Eyes laughs at Annie as her bullet is deflected off his chest armor, and moves to fire a grappling hook from his back. He bends over slightly and fires it straight ahead at her, aiming to stab her through the stomach with it and pull her to him, however she sees it coming before he even fires it and just side-steps the attack.

Sweat-Eater growls and moves to meet Alice in engaged range and attempts to hit her with a Mining Pick-like weapon seemingly made from jagged chunks of metal, however Alice draws her Vorpal Blade in a mere millisecond and deflects the attack, while giving him an innocent smile "You're going to have to try harder than that to hurt me!" she shouts, loud enough for the crowd to hear, causing the crowd to only cheer louder for her and her team.
While Sweat-Eater distracts Alice, forcing her to hold her block, Bigus Dickus charges over to her and lifts his loin cloth, showing everyone an absolutely colossal cock, which he uses, with a giant leap, to jump over Sweat-Eater's head and slap Alice with it, causing her to fly backwards and land flat on her back from the heavy impact, which could be heard by everyone. The noise was akin to that of an exploding bomb. Upon seeing Alice struck, the crowd started booing the Blue Team.

Ophelia's eyes narrow as the man slaps Alice with a tool she really can't consider a dick. Aren't penises supposed to go into women? How would something that big even fit? Regardless, the man has made a very, very poor decision in a) assaulting Alice and b) revealing such an easy weak point. She creeps from behind him and swings her dagger twice in such a way that she can run past him when she's done. She may have focused too much on the getting clear aspect, however, because the man senses her approach and gets clear of the attacks before either of them connect. But with that objective useless for now, she closes the distance between herself and Alice and slips her fellow follower a Potion. "He has revealed a weakness to us. Annie, I would advise firing as many bullets into it as possible." She says before ducking back into stealth

She didn't need to be told twice. The sight of that grotesque abomination of a cock brought both a blush to Annie's face and a firm disturbed frown, especially when it was used as a weapon. "Right. Dumb of him to show something like that out on the field of battle..." With Bigus Dickus still away and focused elsewhere, Annie had the time to line up her sights well. She gently pressed her finger on the trigger, and... SPLAT! That was one. But she wasn't stopping there. The pain the beast was in only fueled her to continue until he was out for good. Immediately after bursting his first testicle, she aimed right for the next and depressed the trigger. SPLAT! With a burst of blood, Bigus Dickus's biggest dick was rendered useless, and her third shot narrowly missed the basis of his dick. Annie blew some imaginary smoke from her gun. Have fun having kids.

Bigus Dickus howled in pain and fell to the ground, clutching his exploded testicles, then slowly crawled to the edge of the arena, his cries slowly dying as he bled out from the grievous wound. Fish-Eyes and Sweat-Eater, meanwhile, searched the area for Hel as she had just recently shown herself and disappeared again. While Fish-Eyes just looks stupid for a moment, Sweat-Eater successfully detects Ophelia "I've found you!" he said, lunging towards her.

"Tch" is all Ophelia has to say about the oaf who managed to catch her. Of course, he likely should have contained his excitement about doing so a touch. A straightforward lunge is so easy to avoid she doesn't even think about it. She dances out of the way and slashes at him as he goes. It's then she learns that his armor is in fairly good condition as her attack merely bounces off of it without doing any damage to him.

Sweat-Eater laughs as Ophelia's attempt to damage him is deflected off of his armor, and grabs at her for a bear-hug, however she's much too fast for him, leaving him only with an arm-full of air. "Damnit, whore, stand still!" he shouts angrily.

"I'd much rather not have your foul stench on me, if that is acceptable." Ophelia says in response. She's not even trash talking, but the man is obviously called Sweat Eater for a reason and he smells as such. The basic components of a plan stitch themselves together for her. Focus down an opponent, take him out, repeat while minimalizing damage to the party. "Annie, Alice, attack who I attack. The faster we defeat each opponent, the better our chances. Annie, please continue unleashing as many bullets unto our opponent as possible from a distance. Alice, if you have recovered, please take your potion and attack as many enemies as possible." Her advice given, she closes the distance between her and Sweat Eater and attacks, but it is possible he is trying to give her a taste of her own tactics because she fails to make contact. All she can do is brace for the counterattack.

"Right." It was the obvious plan. Their opponents all looked well-armored and dangerous, so taking them down one by one would practically be a necessity to avoid getting overrun. Thankfully, their enemies are too dumb to understand or make use of tactics themselves. Since Ophelia attacked Sweat-Eater last, Annie lined up a few shots and depressed the trigger on her gun. She missed once, but even when her bullets landed, they'd just bounced off the hardy metal plating of the bastard's armor. Annie 'tsk'ed in frustration. "I don't think I can do much against their armor..."

Alice recovers from her stunned state, and takes the potion "Thanks, Hel!" she calls out, seemingly cheerfully, however, something about her expression betrayed the rage she was feeling after having been knocked down by the ball-less wonder earlier. Alice, regardless of Ophelia's orders, charges down Sweat-Eater, shouting "JUSTICE PAWNCH!" and delivers such a powerful punch on Sweat-Eater that he ragdolls into the air and tumbles across the ground. However, when Sweat-Eater stands back up, his armor seems to have absorbed most of the impact. Fish-Eyes ignores his companion being fisted in the chest and fires another grappling hook shot at Annie, however, she once again sees it coming before he even fires and side-steps it. Sweat-Eater, after recovering from Alice's heavy punch, throws one of his extra pick-like weapons at Annie, however she side-steps that as well, causing the weapon to clatter uselessly to the ground.

Ophelia's eyes narrow as Sweat Eater throws his weapon. His haphazard stance, his slow recovery! This is her chance! She fades into stealth and moves into the man's right side where he's still reeling a touch too much after his miss. Before he's even aware he has been defeated, her dagger is in his back, revealing his spine to the open air. Her second attack continues to destroy the newly created weak spot, tearing his spine in two. The man instantly, uncontrollably falls to the ground, never to stand again. And given the blood staining the ground, never to do anything ever again. "Target has been defeated. Repeat the previous tactic with the survivor." She says as she turns to Fish Eyes

With only one last opponent left, Annie figured she'd try to unload on him as best she could, but every bullet she shot bounced uselessly off of his armor. Unfortunately, Fish-Eyes was even more well-protected than the others. She wasn't confident she could even get a lucky shot in. Frustrating.

A ferocious blush flashes across her face as she contemplates what to do next. She is attempting to create bonds with her team so that they will continue to assist her with her mission. She's not sure how to do so with Annie since the woman has been so self-contained and apart from the group, but she knows how to do so for Alice. Unfortunately all the ways she can think to do so are very, very embarrassing to her. But she'll do worse than embarrass herself if it helps her accomplish her goal. And besides... it's not as embarrassing as it used to be at least. It may be possible she will get used to this if she continues doing it. That would make Alice happy at least, or so she thinks. "Alice, I don't believe morale is high enough. I believe I know how to fix that." She says, snapping her hand in front of her face, partially for the pose and partially to hide her face, her other holding her weapon and falling to her hip as she flexes the muscles within. Even as she does, she takes a step forward, aiming to intimidate their opponent at the same time

Alice smiles and quickly steps over right next to Ophelia "I think you're right, Ophelia, there's no bad time to raise morale!" she says, as she puts her back to Hel's and raises one hand to her chest, while the other holds her weapon directly behind her back, lifting one knee to her elbow, standing on one foot with her back straight "RECKONING IS AT HAND!" she shouts, as the crowd cheers for their team, appreciating their poses. Seeing the crowd cheering for their team, Fish-Eyes roars with anger, and fires his rocket anchor. Having apparently recognized that Annie had been avoiding each shot before they were fired, Fish-Eyes aimed the shot where he figured Annie would side-step to. The shot hits her directly in the stomach and latches onto her back, after which Fish-Eyes tugs Annie all the way over to him as she bleeds, then bashes her with the hilt of his weapon, before grappling her and lifting her off the ground, Annie crying out in agony the entire time.

Alice, seeing Annie attacked, cries out "COME ON, OPHELIA, WE HAVE TO HELP HER!" she charges into engaged range of Fish-Eyes and shouts "JUSTICE RISING!" swinging her Vorpal Blade directly upward, right on target. The strike avoids Annie entirely, but is deflected right off of Fish-Eyes' armor with a loud 'tink'. The expression on Alice's face shows that she wasn't expecting this and needed help stopping Fish-eyes.

Ophelia's eyes narrow once more as Annie is hooked and dragged to the soon to be dead man. Fuck her even being a teammate, Annie is one of hers. Doing that kind of damage to her just as unacceptable as dick slapping Alice was. Once more she goes into stealth and doesn't reappear until she hears Alice's strike ping off of the man's armor. That is acceptable, however. While he's bent over ever so slightly to deal with the shear force in Alice's strike, the back of his neck is revealed to Ophelia. And she strikes it with extreme prejudice. "She is a friend, asshole. You may regret harming her in your next life!" She growls as she tears the man’s neck out from the back and leaves him to slowly drain his life's fluid.

As Fish-Eyes dies, he drops Annie, who falls to her knees, coughs up a large volume of blood, then falls to the ground on her side, heaving out another torrent of blood from the grappling hook wound. Alice, seeing Ophelia straight-up kill fish-Eyes, puts her sword away with one hand and shoves him over with the other, before getting on her knees to grab Annie, pulling her into her lap "Annie! Don't worry, you'll be okay, JUSTICE won't let you leave us!" she shouts, and if Annie had the strength after that hit, she'd have probably face-palmed.

With the target eliminated, Ophelia stops to make sure her injured will be OK. "Injuries assuredly occur in the arena. There should be medical staff on hand, if only because people would want to see the winners fight in another round." She tries to reason, looking around for evidence of her claim. She does not believe either she or Alice have any experience with tending to wounds so finding someone who is is really the best option.

The Wanderer from earlier uses a small mallet to ring a nearby bell and calls out "The Red Team is victorious!" to which the crowd cheers, and immediately after the announcement, people in white overcoats run out of the Red Team gate as it opens. The group of men in white overcoats lift Annie in their arms, while a second gets on his knees beside Alice and Ophelia "Come with us to the medical wing, so we may treat your wounds." he says, to which Alice nods and grabs Ophelia's hand to bring her with them. Meanwhile a second medical team was collecting the bodies of the Blue Team and dragging them off. The trip to the Medical Wing was pretty short, it was the white room directly beside the waiting room, indicating that there were likely two, one for each side. The room was plain white, and thus far the only room with no banners. The white-coated individuals guide Ophelia and Alice to the same section, with a curtain around it, and lay Annie on a bed near them, after which they begin treating her wounds with a red gel.

Ophelia sighs in relief as the medical personnel swarm the arena and bring her team to the sickbay. She makes extra careful that her Aura does not extend to them as she's noticed that it will not harm those considered allied and, if they can fix Annie, then they are definitely allies. Even through her concern for Annie, she can't help but notice the warmth of Alice's hand as she grabs her own. Matter of fact, she can feel more than her hand warming up. Huh. So such activities can cause blushing to occur. That is likely information that is wise to know. She doesn't object though, nor does she make any move to make Alice stop. Maybe if she continues, Alice will forget and keep doing it? At the very least until she requires both hands for a task. Since they are all brought to the same area, she can make sure that nothing beyond the red gel, which she will need to learn the composition of so she can be sure it does nothing but heal Annie, is added to her team. Ophelia herself was never harmed and she believes Alice's only injury is to her pride since she had a weaponized penis used on her face, so the both of them can stand vigil over their wounded.

...Ophelia is beginning to notice a pattern of thought she previously thought herself incapable of. She notices she has a fierce desire to protect her comrades and bring harm upon any who would harm them. She thought such an impulse belonged only to Lady Techra, but she finds that it has spread over to people she really thought would only be a means to an end. Is this that thing called "friendship" she's heard so much about? If it is, she desires more of it. And that means keeping the two with her in as high an opinion of her as possible since she has heard of friendships dissolving and has no desire to experience what that would be like. "Is the gel working for you, Annie?" she asks, verbally verifying that no additives are in the gel. She isn't sure what she will do if the medical personnel is trying to addict her friend to something, but she doubts it will be peaceful

After the red gel is applied to the wound, the medical personnel leave the curtained area and the sound of the door closing can be heard afterwards, leaving the three alone in the room, assumedly. Annie nods her head and sits up, looking down at her stomach, where the wound is, and slips her overcoat off to get a better look at it, since the gel was applied through the whole rather than undressing her. "It seems to be similar to a Potion but for direct contact." she said, as she poked at the wound and cringed "Those gladiators had some very strong armor, and that rocket anchor was a rather strange weapon... fast and painful, though." she added.

Alice only smiled and placed one of her hands on her hip, either not noticing or not minding that her other hand was holding Ophelia's "Look on the bright side, all of them are dead, we're all okay, and we're moving onto the next round!" she said, flashing her winning smile at both Annie and Ophelia.

Annie nodded agreement "And every victory brings us closer to our target. I hope that we don't have to win the entire tournament in order to get to him, though. At least they take good care of their winners, I felt like I was at death's door only moments ago, and I can already move again." she commented, as she adjusted her position to lean against the headboard of the bed.

With a scrutinizing eye, Ophelia looks over Annie. When she sees no signs of being drugged, she finally drops her guard and accepts that it was a Potion in gel form. "We will require stronger armor and better weaponry ourselves if we are to move forward. With luck it will not be required because we will find our target soon, but I do not believe our fights will get easier if we do not. And the both of you were brought low with one strike a piece in this bout." While she doesn't mean to since she has no idea how to do so, the worry in her tone is clear to anyone listening. She doesn't care that they also didn't hurt the enemy much, she's much more concerned about how easily they were hurt. That should not happen again. The best case scenario would be if they were not harmed again, but that is unlikely. "In any case, I am glad that you are much better. It greatly concerned me when he got his hook in you."

Alice notices immediately when Ophelia is worrying, she wraps her arms around her shoulders, her cheek pressed to her's "Aww, I'm so happy that you care about us!" she says, squeezing her tight "Masino will protect us, but I will make sure that my Vorpal Blade will not be stopped by any armor, and my Vorpal Dress protects me more effectively~" she says, planting a kiss on Ophelia's cheek and giggling.
Meanwhile Annie was blushing darkly, not just from the scene "Th-thank you for your concern... Ophelia, Alice..." she says, looking down at her lap and running a hand through her hair, as a nervous tick.

Alice giggled all the louder when Annie thanked them "Aww, Annie does care, and she appreciates us~" she says in a teasing sing-song voice.

Today is a day of knowledge for Ophelia apparently. She did not know it was possible to feel your entire face blushing before she was drawn into a... she believes it was a hug, but she cannot be certain. She is extremely certain that she would not mind more of them, however. She does note that while extremely enjoyable, she is likely to pay less attention to what is going outside of the hug. She only just barely hears what Alice is saying. That was before the kiss to her cheek, however. After that, it felt like the heat in her face transferred somewhere in her core. She also, for some reason, became more aware of her pulse and how it's both rising and how it can be felt in her privates. She's not sure what to categorize that feeling as. That will be something to ask her friends later. Much later. Most things can be moved in priority so that she never has to stop being hugged. The warmth this brings forth is incalculable compared to accidentally groping Annie in her sleep. She's not altogether certain what to do with her hands, however and tries to think of other examples of hugs she can emulate. In the end, she wraps her arms around the back of Alice since she thinks that is what one is supposed to do. "Um... I do not believe we are in dire need of being elsewhere. Perhaps we will be best served waiting here for Annie to recover?" She says, her embarrassment and, though she does not know it, happiness coloring her words.

Alice pulls Ophelia into a tighter hug and gently rubs her back, while Annie speaks up "I definitely wouldn't mind your company, however you... sh-shouldn't feel obliga-"

Alice cut her off, saying "Oh come on, as Ophelia said, there's nowhere else for us to be, may as well rest with you! Now, let's make this a group hug~" she says, removing one arm from Ophelia, and grabbing Annie's arm and tugging her to her feet and into the two of them, then wrapping her into Ophelia and her own shared hug.

Annie hesitantly wrapped her arms around Ophelia and Alice, her face bright pink with blush as she tried to look down to hide her embarrassment "D-don't you think this is a b-bit embarrassing?" she asked Ophelia and Alice, however Alice just scoffed "We're friends, friends can hug~ don't be so silly" she said, as she tightened her hug on both Ophelia and Annie..
Ophelia finds she doesn't have anything to contribute to the conversation. She only tightens the hug herself and feels her face doing something that she doesn't recall it doing before. She believes it's called a "smile". A rather wide one at that. The warmth given off by the bodies around her isn't the only source of it she seems to be experiencing. There's another one that comes from a different place than the one from earlier when Alice kissed her. It is a somewhat fuzzy feeling. She doesn't know what it is, does not have the data to figure it out based on what she has observed or read. What she does know is she desires it fiercely. Eventually they'll have to come apart. They need food and to upgrade her companion's gear so that they can survive the coming battles. Even her own could probably be more efficient. But that can wait until she has had enough of this feeling or someone else does. Somehow she doesn't think she will be the first to bow out.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Anastasia Ursa/LittleManKitten
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When the two of them reached the Fungal Wastes, Ara looked around the area, a look of disgust on her face, especially as she paid special attention to the Mushroom Creatures they were passing. "I hate this place..." she comments, as she deflects a puffer-fish-like creature with a Counter Card as it drifts towards her, causing it to bounce off the transparent blue glass-like barrier, and drift in the opposite direction. The creature itself didn't seem to mind, the look on its face looked no different on contact with the barrier, nor as it drifted away. After a moment's thought, she added "Do you have a plan for storming the castle? Do you know what kind of defenses they have?" she asked, as she kicked a small squirrel-like mushroom creature on her way passed, causing it to screech as it sailed through the air and into a not-so-nearby bog.

Despite Ara punting several other small mushroom creatures on their way through the swamp, the two manage to exit the Fungal wastes without incident. Not because creatures were not encountered, but because the creatures largely ignored the two. Among the creatures they passed were more Fungal Wolves and a Fungal Dragon, all of which merely glanced at the two, then proceeded to return to wandering aimlessly.

As the castle comes into view, the two can see a squad of Barton Soldiers leaving the area in the direction that Iveta had left Anastasia a day or two before, however there were still three three guards at the castle gate, with seven more patrolling around the castle itself. Looking at the Castle up ahead, Ara commented "They must have a lot of guards on hand to be such large amounts away, while also still keeping such large patrols." she said, without a hint of worry.

As she was still speaking, a small group of guards was returning from over a hill near the castle, and the gate was opened to them, allowing them to very slowly stream in. Once again, every single guard had the exact same armor, equipment, and build to them.

Lilith Rose/Mark3000
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

The guards laughed at her when she spoke back to them "Did you hear that brother? An inn that accepts filthy Grey-skins.", the other guard laughed as well "Ah, yes, much harketh, brother. You see, filthy grey-skin, slave girl, and tiny one, it's no concern of our's whether you find a place to bed, you are not to be in the park at night, we are therefor placing you under arrest." the first guard nodded at this.

The short girl spoke up again, only responding to Lilith's mouthed 'thanks' with a curt nod "How is this right? You're knights, you're supposed to protect the weak and downtrodden, instead you're joining in on treading over them! How can you act like thi-unf!" she was interrupted by the second guard shoving her over with one of his armored hands, rudely remarking "Hush now, short one, the ADULTS are speaking." then with the girl on the ground, the first guard kicked her in the side, causing her to cry out and curl up in pain, clutching her side where she was kicked. The guards, ignoring Camilla, who was remaining quiet while gently holding onto Lilith's dress, half-hiding herself behind her. The guards, however, were stopped by a flamboyant and snobbish-sounding voice from another approaching man "Now, there's no need to act like this towards our citizens." he says, coming into full view beside the two knights, grabbing one's shoulder. He was wearing the typical Azraq Knight armor, but without a helmet, and with a long blue cape that marked him as a captain. He had a flawless face, blond spiky hair, blue eyes, and his voice sounded snobby, as though he was speaking through his nose, and sounded incredibly flamboyant. He let out a snobby laugh, and reached out to help the hurt girl up, pulling her to her feet gently as she accepted his hand, with a soft "Thanks". He nodded and looked over Lilith, Camilla, the short girl, and the two knights "Hello, m'ladies, I'm Jenkins. Captain Leeyor Jenkins. What seems to be the problem?"

The first knight let out a 'hrumph' and replied first "This woman was seen illegally spending the night in the park. We're here to apprehend her, however this short one got in the way." he said, as she looked at the two angrily and clutched her side in pain. She looked angrier as he finished, however she quickly made her expression neutral again and ran a hand through her hair to fix it "These men are harassing this girl on the basis of her race. They assaulted me for telling them they could be stopping actual crime instead." to which the second knight growled and started to speak, however the captain cut him off by holding up a hand, and looked at Camilla, then Lilith "M'lady, what say you?" he asked.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

After their hug was done, Annie had gotten back onto the bed to rest up and finish healing, however Alice decided that everyone should get into bed with her to help her rest. While Annie protested, Alice crawled into the bed with her and gently tugged Ophelia into the bed with them, followed by wrapping her arms around Annie's hips. The two(Or three) of them managed to sneak in a nap.

When they awaken, Annie checks her the hole in her clothing and finds that her wound has at least closed thanks to the healing gel that she was given. After they were all ready to leave the medical bay, they all left for the dining hall, as planned.

The dining hall was made of mostly stone, stone tables, stone floor, stone counters, and stone walls covered with yet more banners. When the three entered, they were greeted by a man in a suit, welcoming them "Welcome, ladies, and congratulations on your victory." he glanced from girl to girl, his eyes falling on the grinning Alice "Lady Alice, what a pleasant surprise. Your reputation precedes you." he says, looking slightly surprised, despite clear attempts to suppress the emotion. "Please, have a seat wherever you like, and I'll bring you your meal." he says, leaving them.

The group finds a place to sit, and Annie glances over at Alice, Ophelia seated between them, and comments "How does everyone know you? Practically every person we've encountered so far has recognized you on sight, by name." she said, despite the fact that this individual being Annie would indicate that she probably already knows. Alice smiled and crossed her arms over her chest "I've traveled far and wide, met many people, delivered great JUSTICE where needed, and spread the word Masino everywhere I've been." she side, only smiling wider as she stated this. Annie inhaled to say something, however a man in black armor, with dark hair and a matching beard stopped at the table, arms crossed over his chest "Ah, I see that the great and mighty deliverer of Justice has graced the Colosseum of Fools with her presence." Alice didn't seem surprised that the man stopped at her table "The reach of great JUSTICE is not limited to any specific location, I deliver it anywhere it's needed!" she said, giving the man a winning smile and a thumbs up. The man grunted, then commented "We'll see how long your supposed justice holds up in the arena. You've never stepped foot in this Colosseum, you have no idea what you're dealing with. All you have is this red-headed whore and this filthy Grey-skin to help you." as he walked off to join his teammates at the table. Alice called after him "Even if that were true, a Prostitute and a Wanderer are better than you!" she called back, making a gesture known to be rude among Caltians in which she held one arm bent upward at a right angle, with the other hand holding her bicep. The man made a rude Nornian gesture, but Alice had already turned back to Ophelia and Annie, thus missing it entirely.

Annie leaned back towards her in front of Ophelia and whispered "If we end up fighting that guy, I call dibs on killing him." while Alice wrapped her arms around Ophelia's hips and responded "I think we can all deliver JUSTICE upon him at the same time.", then to Ophelia said "Don't let him get to you, people can't know how special you are without getting to know you. He's just an ignorant fool, and I think you're amazing, talented, and caring." then she rested her head on Ophelia's shoulder, and slowly rocked back and forth, only stopping when the man in the suit returned with their food, setting it in front of them.

On the plates were roasted quail, grey-colored leaves, orange slices, a mountain of mashed potatoes, and a black apple. Annie looked impressed "This Colosseum must be supported by some of the other cities to have obtained so much food for a single meal, and a separate plate for each of us. The potatoes would be easy to explain, as only Calt cannot grow potatoes due to the cold, but the rest... hmm." she said, stroking her chin while Alice didn't question it, and just dug in hungrily.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

As CeeCee and Saphira travel towards Iseult, Magnolia looks all around at her surroundings, all of it new to her, hooting happily as usual. When they begin passing the wood line that CeeCee had passed on her way to the Barton castle, Magnolia excitedly points at the trees and hoots at CeeCee, her mismatched red and black eyes looking directly into CeeCee's own. This behavior repeated every so often when she would spot something new; flowers, little bugs, etc. When the Mountains came into view, her eyes widened slightly and she pointed at those as well, and let out a soft "Awoo!" while bouncing a little ontop of Slongvir.

As they neared the mountains, a black spire began to come into view, not nearby, however the expected undead began coming into view, staggering towards them from the right, and blocking their path from ahead. The pulsating purple tentacles also came into view from beneath them. While CeeCee had seen these before, they didn't reach nearly as far away from the spire the last time. When Magnolia saw them, she pointed at the purple roots, then at the zombies ahead, and hooted at CeeCee, then at Saphira nearby.

Not only were the zombies blocking their path, over to CeeCee and Saphira's left, a black object seemed to be growing from the ground at a very quick pace, being at the height of Slongvir's ankles at the moment they spotted it, but reaching CeeCee's full height on top of Slongvir after only about a minute, with purple tentacle-like roots weaving themselves into the ground beneath it, more appearing as time passes.

Saphira Perinther/Randomizer
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

As CeeCee and Saphira travel towards Iseult, Magnolia looks all around at her surroundings, all of it new to her, hooting happily as usual. When trees come into view, she treats them just the same, as well as the bugs on the ground.Each time, she looks at CeeCee with those mismatched eyes, her face ever-smiling. When she sees the mountains in the distance, she points at them and lets out her little howl "Awoo!" while bouncing up and down on her mount.

As they neared the mountains, a familiar, yet different, black spire came into view on the group's right, in the distance. The purple pulsating roots stretched much further than Saphira would have expected from her previous experience, reaching miles upon miles away from the Spire itself, extending even beneath them as they road towards the mountain in the distance. The Spire, however, was not the only familiar sight that Saphira was met with, as the figures in the distance, blocking their path, and coming towards them from the direction of the Spire were also familiar. They were undead creatures, much like the ones that had raped her before she began working for the Barton household, yet new ones entirely. Upon seeing the roots and the creatures, Magnolia began pointing at them and the roots, Hooting excitedly as if at anything else she had seen previously, that was new to her.

Not only were the zombies blocking their path, over to CeeCee and Saphira's left, a black object seemed to be growing from the ground at a very quick pace, being at the height of Slongvir's ankles at the moment they spotted it, but reaching CeeCee's full height on top of Slongvir after only about a minute, with purple tentacle-like roots weaving themselves into the ground beneath it, more appearing as time passes.

Amun Khufu/MrBlah
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Amun and Lyanna reach the city of Azraq, Lyanna calls up to them "Open up, there's a giant tentacled mist-bringing monster after us." to which the guards on the wall began to panic, opening up the gate and shutting it on their heels. Lyanna gave their names to the blue-armored guard at the desk their names, then left him at the gates, walking off to the left, without so much as a wave. The man at the desk simply watched her go, from inside his blue-painted wooden little box-shaped booth without a word, then went back to waiting for more visitors.

While standing there at the booth, Amun could see in the nearby distance, two more Azraq Knights and a Captain with blond hair and blue eyes speaking to a short platinum-blond girl with a colossal book, a little slave girl, and a Wanderer in a black dress with a yellow spider emblem on the back, black hair, grey skin with runes all across it, in the Azraq park, a grassy area with a bench and a few trees. The blond girl was holding her side as though she had been struck, and the Captain seemed to be calming down the two guards.

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Cee Cee stared down the small undead horde with confidence. She had taken this many alone before, and now she had Slongvir, Magnolia, and Saphira as aid. She charged in, howling as they went, ordering Slongvir to Flash Ram. The attack was partially effective. It’s purpose was more to carry CeeCee and Magnolia into melee range. Slongvir managed to do some damage, but it was hardly impressive. CeeCee and Magnolia dismounted and both engaged the undead. Cee Cee hefted her ax and swung it down… And caught only air, the zombie had managed to shamble backward just out of her reach. It was a little discouraging, her first fight with all her companions and she managed to whiff immediately. Still unsure of how Magnolia even attacks something, CeeCee turned to the chimera and issued a short command. “Magnolia, kill this shambling corpse!”

Magnolia hooted in acknowledgement of CeeCee’s orders, then swung her other leg over Slongvir, dropping off over his side. She then puffed out her cheeks, straining for a brief moment, then swung her arms around, creating a massive area around her in which the ground was frozen, effectively partially freezing the horde of undead, the frozen area, however, seemed to avoid Slongvir and CeeCee. She then took a step forward, and swung her arm out, a large and crude icicle materializing over her arm before she plunged the entire thing through the Zombie’s chest, impaling it. The attack left a massive hole in the creature’s chest, causing it to exhibit some difficulty continuing to move. CeeCee made no mention of the impressive display by Magnolia. A smile crept on her face though when she watching her manipulate the ice. She was excited to see what else Magnolia was packing.

Saphira glared angrily at the zombies in front of her. She had not forgotten what had happened with them previously, and she was glad she had another chance to take revenge, this time with the help of a skilled warrior like CeeCee. Taking aim, she fired a couple of shots at one of the zombies, afraid that the small calibre might have little effect on the undead. Luckily, one of her shots hit the head, rendering one of the zombies incapacitated. Another one of her shots injured a second zombie. “Take that, you creeps!” she shouted.

The Zombie horde, with one now down and another maimed, starts by ejecting a giant cloud of green mist. While CeeCee is completely unaffected, as well as Slongvir, Magnolia seems to be in very slight discomfort as she inhales some of it, while Saphira coughs up some blood. One of them moves towards Saphira, while yet another moves in on Slongvir and takes a huge bite out of his neck, leaving it dangling only by a small sliver of flesh, as he dies instantly.

Shocked, and utterly infuriated, CeeCee let out a vicious howl as she watched Slongvir crumpled to the ground. The wolf took over and she flew into a fit of rage. She swung down with all her might. She cleaved one of the undead in half and severed the arms of one of the others. “Again!” She shouted to Magnolia, he ax painting the ground with putrid blood.

Magnolia is briefly distracted by Slongvir’s death. She gets down on her knees and pokes at him, then tugs at him, trying to get him to stand up. She eventually realizes he won’t be standing up, so she rips the clothes off of one of the fallen zombies and uses them to cover him, partly, as if tucking him into bed. When CeeCee tells her to get back to work, she howls like CeeCee, then re-materializes her icicle and slams it through a Zombie’s stomach, then swings her arm, flinging it into the air and causing it to crash into a distant crowd of undead.

CeeCee’s mount had died, briefly distracting Saphira as she saw the normally gentle warrior go into a fit of rage to avenge her fallen pet. Seeing a zombie hurry towards her, Saphira made sure there was still enough distance between the two to take another shot at the enemy, one of which hit a vital organ, which sadly wasn’t enough to completely incapacitate the undead.

One of the creatures stumbles towards Magnolia and swings at her with its arm. The attack, however, only causes her to cock her head and hoot at it in confusion, while the other remaining creature stumbles its way towards Saphira.

CeeCee steps in closer to the remaining undead and swings her ax up at them. She connects but it’s only a glancing blow, a bit of flesh and cloth flies from the zombie, leaving it mostly unharmed. Her second swing however, land deep in the cadavers collarbone and near splits it two. “Keep going Magnolia, tear these bastards apart!” She shouted, spinning her ax wildly in the air.

Magnolia lets out an “”Awoo!” when CeeCee tells her to tear them apart, then charges down one of the nearby creatures, swinging her Icicle crosswise, splitting the creature’s stomach open and causing all of its internal organs to spill out onto the ground, a rotting mess. When Magnolia sees the rotting organs on the ground, she kicks at them with the toe of her shoe and hoots in confusion, cocking her head.

The carnage suddenly left Saphira with a flashback to the terrible rape she had undergone from the zombies prior to her stay in Barton Castle. Instead of taking another shot, she completely froze, unable to take action.

The remaining horribly maimed Zombie tumbles over to Saphira and tackles her, before starting to punch her in the stomach and face repeatedly, leaving gashes on her cheeks and bruises on her body with each strike.

CeeCee finally manages to calm down as the all but one of the undead were laid to rest yet again. She sighed as Saphira caught a fright and failed to defend herself from the last zombie. She rested her ax and pulled up her ring. She shouted the command word “Dread!” and materialized the soul syphon bow for the first time. She aimed at the last zombie and an ethereal arrow sprung loose and tore through the last of the undead.

With the fight over, Cee Cee awoke Saphira. “You alright?” She asked plainly, anger and sadness still covering her face. While CeeCee helped Saphira, Magnolia was patting her on the head, hooting softly as she stared into her eyes.

Saphira blinked a few times as her eyes went into focus on CeeCee. “H-hello… mom?” She then realised it was in fact not her mother standing over her, and that she wasn’t late for school. “O-oh… CeeCee… I think the zombies got me… again.” Only afterwards she saw the sad look on the wolf girl’s eyes. “Is… everything alright with you?”

“Again? I would have guessed that was your first fight, way you froze up like that. And yes, I’ll be fine. Slongvir has fallen, and there is no hope in bringing him back. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find a better mount.” She said while resting her face in her palms.

Without really thinking about it, Saphira sat up and hugged CeeCee, she could feel for her. “They… aren’t nice when they win. I am sorry for Slongvir. I’m sure he was a great companion, CeeCee.”

Seeing the two hugging, Magnolia joined in, making it a group hug, hooting happily while holding them both tight in her arms.

CeeCee chuckled softly at both the prospect and feeling of the group hug, it had been a while since she had received a friendly hug. Most of her hugs were just groping on their way sex. But it was a nice feeling. “Come, we’ve got to gather what we can and move on. And we need to bury Slongvir, I pray that Pradera will protect his body from this vile magic. That and these bodies need to be burned, from what I’ve seen its harder to animate ash.” She said as she broke the hug and helped Saphira up.

Saphira had a bit of a struggle standing, a bit bruised. But she nodded. “I hope Pradera takes care of him…”

CeeCee went about burying the body of her companion Slongvir. She had only known him for about a weeks time but he was a powerful and loyal mount. She dug with intensity using the pointed end of her kite shield. Magnolia, seeing CeeCee digging, got down on her hands and knees and started eating the dirt, by scooping it with one hand. “Dirt is not food, rocks are not food, I will tell you what you can eat.” She said between burdened breaths. Magnolia looked up at her, some of the dirt falling out of her mouth, and cocked her head “Dewt?” she said, letting the rest fall out onto the ground. Once CeeCee had dug deep enough, she slid Slongvir into the hole and prayed for Pradera to take his body back to earth. It took some extra time, but it was worth it to try to ensure Slongvir was not animated by dark magics and brought to fight against them.

While CeeCee prayed to her Goddess, Magnolia went to each of the remaining nearby Zombies and started tucking them in with the shreds of their clothes, patting each one on the head as she did so, hooting softly.

Cee Cee and Saphira worked together stacking the undead bodies, then with the help of the gunblade they started a fire to burn their remains. With that taken care of Cee Cee readied the party to move out. When suddenly….
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Lilith rolled her eyes as the two guards continued to be dismissive. As they spoke, Lilith started glance around the park for an escape route in case things got dicey. Though leaving wasn't an option once the platinum haired girl was knocked to the ground and kicked. Ushering Camilla behind her, Lilith prepared to take out her hidden dagger. "Hide behind one of the trees if a fight breaks out Camilla" Lilith whispered to her.

But before it could come to blows, their captain intervened in the situation. The minute he opened his mouth, Lilith knew she wouldn't be able to handle him. For all she knew, he was probably a follower of Avenir with how snobby he sounded. But if talking to him could get her out of this situation, she could put up with it.

"It's true that me and my friend spent the night in the park. However, it was merely out of necessity. No inn would house a Nomad such as my self. But it was only for one night. I plan to leave for Fero this morning, and I hope to leave as early as possible. You won't have to suffer my presence much longer. " Lilith said plainly as she walked to offer the platinum haired girl a hand off the ground.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Sneaky time
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Anastasia and Ara sneak in behind the returning squad of guards. While behind them, Anastasia can hear them mentioning a short red-haired monster uprooting a tree and crushing to death half of their squad before they retreated. One of the guards posted at the door starts to look in Anastasia's direction, however he gets distracted by something else, and both she and Ara go by unnoticed. Upon entering the castle, it seems that the vast majority of it is underground, due to the hallways and spiraling staircases that branch off from them. The rooms are decorated with the Barton banners on the walls, desks with grey and red vases on them, a red rug with silver trim spanning across the floor, leaving no spots bare. The doors closing off the hallways are all red wood with grey nobs, with only two standing open, revealing the carpeted staircases. The walls are also decorated with portraits of Lord Barton when he was young, as well as paintings of landscapes with green grass, blue ponds, and trees with green leaves. The guards seem to be patrolling the areas as well, stomping up and down the hallways.

Anastasia drifts past the guards slowly when they first enter, having a minor heart-attack when the guard beings looking in her direction, but thankfully they look away. It seems they had a run in with that piece of shit related to Idalia as well, good, seems she can be useful still. When they get into a relatively safe space inside, Ana leans over and whispers to Aranya. "I think it would be best to try and distract the guards from the staircase, perhaps you could break something?" When Aranya leaves to do that, Anastasia tries to keep track of the movements the guards were making, but she couldn't find any discernable pattern, probably because she kept focusing on that weird-ass painting on the wall that looked like two centaurs trying to scissor each other to no avail.

Ara nods when given her orders, then tis her hat as the light around her is bent away and she becomes a slight blur against her surroundings. Her form then completely vanishes as she leaves Ana. After only a few moments, a crash can be heard, and the guards around Anastasia begin running down the hallway towards one of the rooms to Anastasia's right, shouting at each other that there's an intruder in the castle. The staircase is left completely unguarded now that the guards are all looking for Ara. Ana is a little amazed at how completely Ara vanishes from thin air, but at this point she has seen a lot so it doesn't affect her the same way it would have a few weeks or so ago. Using the distraction to her advantage, she goes for the stairway. She attempts to have a good mix between caution and speed as she does so, but does go a bit more heavily on the speed side.

Anastasia makes it into the lower level, and is met by a massive room full of rows upon rows of green glass tubes with silhouettes inside each. While the tubes are not transparent enough to see through, the figures match those of the household's guards. The bases of the tubes are also strange to her, shooting out steam, with glowing lights built into them. Against some of the walls are panels similar to those Ana had seen in the building in Baskerville. Beyond the rows of tubes, there re large black metal doors. The room is also unlike the others, in the sense that it's bare instead of decorated, with no paintings or rugs, just a metal floor and metal walls, with various strange cogs and steam technology built into them. Lining the walls, six against each one, one on each side of each door, and pacing the lines of tubes, and working with the control panels. In other words, the room is crawling with numerous guards.

As Ana enters the next large room, she is well, amazed. This was something that seemed even weirder than what she has been seeing these past few weeks. The tubes were filled with what looked like the exact same person, using machinery that was completely foreign to her. Were they somehow cloning each other? It seemed like it, but with the amount of guards she saw in this room, she couldn't contemplate it for long. Seeing as there was no place to hide and think in this room, she attempted to make a distraction only loud enough to garner the attention of the two guards guarding one of the doors, by using the bone she had in her back and lightly tapping it against the metal of the tubes.

Anastasia successfully distracts the guards by hitting tube with her bone, then glances inside the third room from her location. Upon opening the third door, she's met with a metal hallway that leads to a black door, just like the one that protected the room she found Iveta in. The door was heavy, thick, and made of the same black material that kept the building in Baskerville standing through the calamity. The room was otherwise bare, just a hallway with a metal floor and metal walls. As Ana looks into this metal hallway, she couldn't help but see the similarities between this style of construction and what she saw at Baskerville. That was promising. Quickly heading inside and quietly closing the door, she began walking to the door on the otherside, looking around to see if there were any traps or similar things along the way and around the door. Anastasia found no traps, however she also found that the door was locked. The large, heavy metal handle wouldn't turn for her, regardless of how hard she tugged, pushed, or hit it. The material the door was made of would not budge from brute force, that much was clear. After further examining the door, Anastasia finds that it requires a strange object to be opened. Typically one would refer to such a thing as a key, however it seems to be a wide, flat sort of key, which she ad never witnessed before. That or someone accidentally left a flat opening in the door, which did not extend all the way through.

Ana places her hand on the massive door and runs it along its length. It felt metallic, yet at the same time somewhat soft. It was obviously made out of a material she had never seen before. Grabbing the handle to the door, she yanked on it. It didn't budge. She yanked on it even harder, once again, didn't budge. Even with all her might it didn't move. With a annoyed huff, she stepped bad and investigated the door some more, seeing there was this strange flat indentation on the door. Perhaps some kind of key-slot? Only reason it could be there, unless it was for design purposes which seemed unlikely. Regardless, it seems there was nothing else she could do here, so she decides to head back out, making sure the guards aren't right back by the door first though. As Anastasia made her way back out of the room, she bumped into something 'short' and soft, hearing it tumble to the metal floor with a clank and a "Ouch!" After a moment, the object slowly materialized before her. It was Ara, and Anastasia had just bumped into her and knocked her down. She had her hat off and was rubbing her head with one hand and her lower back with the other.

Ana makes a small, surprised noise as she bumps into something. She instinctively starts getting ready into a combative stance before realizing it was Ara, Ana then immediately looks around, making sure none of the guards heard the noise, fortunately it seems they didn't and she very softly sighs in relief. She grabs Ara's hat and puts it back on her head. "Sorry." She whispered to her, "I found the room I think she may being held in, the problem is is that its guarded by this massive door that needs some kind of large, flat key, I couldn't get it open no matter how hard I tried." She points to the door she had gone out of, just in case Ara hadn't seen her exit somehow. "Well, we're gonna have to cause a lot more distractions with the amount of guards here... Unless you got some brilliant idea to make this a lot easier for us?" While Anastasia was still speaking, Ara had stood up and dusted herself off as she moved towards the door. She cocked her head as she looked at the 'lock', then as Ana was talking about causing a distraction, she flicked her wrist, bringing a card into her hand, then jammed it into the lock. The door made a clunking sound, then opened slightly. Ara then looked at Anastasia and raised an eyebrow.

Ana's speech trailed off a little as Ara went to the giant locked, seemingly unopenable door and just proceeded to... Open it. Ana got up and shrugged. "Oooooor you could do that. That works to... good job" Ana says a little embarrassed, but quickly shakes it off. She walks over to the door and begins pushing on it with all her might, expecting it to be more than a little heavy.The door is easily the heaviest thing Anastasia has ever moved, taking every bit of her immense strength to move it enough to be able to walk into the room.

The room is circular, with a high ceiling, and is made entirely of the same black metal as the door. The room is also entirely bare, aside from a single wall made of a smooth glass-looking substance on one wall, and a segmented portion of the wall with indentations around it. In the dead center of the room is Idalia, chained up and dangling from the ceiling, one arm missing, wearing nothing but the purple shreds of her typical purple frock and leggings. One of her eyes was missing, she had a hole through the lower right part of her stomach, which Anastasia could see the wall through, and her one remaining arm was barely attached, merely dangling uselessly from her elbow joint. she was completely unmoving, with her one remaining eye staring off into infinite.

By Avenir this door was fucking heavy! Like sure it looked damn heavy, but this was a kind of heavy Ana had never experienced before, even her near-perfect muscles were struggling to get this damn thing open. When she saw Idalia however, she grimaced. She knew it wouldn't be pretty when she found her, but was still caught a bit off guard at the scene. Avenir what did these Barton pieces of shits do to her? "That's her..." Ana looked around the room for a moment, once again looking for anything that might resemble a trap before moving towards Idalia. "Help me get her down. She looks bad but I've seen her recover from some nasty wounds. She just needs a healing potion or something to eat..." Ana brought out her pike and tried cutting the chains. Ara followed Anastasia into the room and up to Idalia, then used her pinky to poke the dangling, partly-attached limb, then watched it dangle slowly. Idalia didn't react, she just remained limp, staring off into nothingness. "Are you sure she's alive? This looks pretty bad." she said, poking her body instead, causing her to swing back and forth slightly. When Anastasia went to hit the chain with her weapon, Ara backed up. Sparks erupted from the chain, and Idalia started swinging back and forth, however the chain didn't break, or even show any sign of damage. Ara looked somewhat surprised and flicked a card into her hand "My turn, I guess." she said, as she flicked a card at the chain, however the card simply bounced off and clattered to the floor. The shock was apparent on her face when the card failed to cut the chain.

Ana sighs a little. I sure hope so, I'd be fucking pissed if we came here just to find out she was already gone." For some reason Ana didn't really believe she was dead though, something about her just made it seems like she would be up and kicking as long as they did the right thing. Well, first was to cut the chains off. Or so Ana thought. As she swung her pike onto the chains, it just bounced harmlessly off, if with a bit of flair thanks to the sparks. Taking a few steps back as to not fall over, she huffed. "Wow, they sure made everything strong around here." As Ara went to cut it herself, and failing, Ana began walking around the room and looking for anything that could possibly be useful. "Maybe they have a key or special tool or who knows what just laying around." It was a bit hopeful, but they needed some luck on their side right now it seems. Anastasia and Ara examine the room, however there's nothing in it to use to get Idalia down. Anastasia does, however, notice that the rod which the chain is attached to in order to suspend Idalia off the ground is made of a different material from the rest of the room. "I have never seen this kind of metal before, one which I cannot damage with my cards." she says as she knocks against one of the far walls with her knuckles.

Anastasia looks at the chains and the walls again, as Ara talks, this was indeed a very strange room and material, perhaps the Bartons stole it from the Spectross's? Seems like something the Spectross's would use. As she looks around, Ana does notice something though, the rods to the chains were connected to looked more ordinarily metallic, like steel, instead of this strange material the rest of the room was made out of. Ana points to it and looks at Ara. "What about that? The rods there look like their made out of steel, kinda out of my reach but looks like you throw your cards at em." Ara stops mid-sentence when Anastasia draws her attention to the metal rod that Idalia was suspended from, then proceeded to throw a card at it. While the first one was mid flight, she threw a second as well. The first bounced off the ceiling while the second cut through the rod, causing it to mis-align itself, after which the chain slid off, causing Idalia to slide off and drop to the floor in a heap, with a sickening thud. When she hit the floor, the chains wrapped around her loosened, giving the two a glimpse of the red marks that they had made in her skin from how long they had been wrapped around her, and how tight they were. Ara made her way over to Idalia and couched next to her, looking into her unblinking eyes. "You know, she hasn't moved since we got here." she commented.

Ana waited impatiently for Ara to cut the chains down, but when she finally did Ana rushed to Idalia's side and checked her over, thinking about what to do now. "Yes, I'm fully aware, but would they really keep her so securely chained up and locked tight if she was dead?" Anastasia grabbed Idalia's lose arm and tried to put it back where it belonged, not really actually expecting it to just magically fix itself and more of just doing something while she thinks about their next move. Ana then rummages through her pack, trying to find any health potions, only to find she has ran out at seemingly the worst possible time. "Fucking...." Ana sighs heavily and looks towards Ara. "Don't suppose you have a healing potion or some kind of card that heals people?"

Ara rolled her eyes "I don't typically heal corpses, however, I'll make an exception for you and give it my best shot." she said, flicking her wrist, causing a green card to appear in her hand, she then threw it up into the air and caught it before jamming it into her shoulder, letting out a cry of pain, which she muffled by cupping her mouth with her hand, causing a green light to flicker out of the wound and off of Idalia simultaneously. The result was the wound in Idalia's lower stomach closing, after which she blinked, then looked around, first at Ara, then at Anastasia. "Oh, I guess she isn't dead." she commented, while pulling the card out of her shoulder. Ignoring Ara, Idalia commented "What an unexpected, but very much welcome surprise..." she said, just above a whisper, her one remaining eye focusing on Anastasia "You look different..." she said, her right shoulder moving as if she was about to reach towards Anastasia's face, however she quickly realized the arm no longer worked.

Ana made a soft snort but decided not to say anything about it, just letting Ara do her thing. Why did healing others always seem to require hurting yourself to? Just another one of the many weird things that happen in this world. Ana tensed up a bit when Ara cried out, a little surprised since she figured Ara would of expected and been used to it enough to not do that, but apparently not. Thankfully, no guards came bursting in. Ana sighed in relief when Idalia began moving again. "I told you, she's a tough one to kill." Ana couldn't help but smile a little, more than a little happy Idalia was still alive. At Idalia's words, Ana covered her glowing eye and sighed. "Yea, I had attracted the attention of something quite powerful, even with the help of a paladin and Aranya here I couldn't stop it. It seems even after it's gone it wasn't done with me though..... Anyway, we gotta get you out of here, unless you saw a easy way to get out though, I think we only have one option. Try and lure a guard or two in here and hope they go down quietly so you can heal up more, then sneak out without catching the attention of the rest."

Idalia started to say something, however she was interrupted by the sound of the rod that the chain was previously hanging from fell out of its socket and loudly clattered to the floor. Immediately afterwards, bells began ringing all across the castle, which caused the sound of stomping armored feet to begin resonating from outside the room. Ara flicked cards into each hand and held them at the ready "They're looking for us, I think that rod is what prevented those bells from ringing." She said. To which Idalia responded "I'm surprised an alarm hadn't been tripped already..." her voice still just above a whisper, as if it hurt her to speak. Ana jumped a little at the sudden noise of the rod hitting the floor, and groaned a little as she heard the bells start ringing and the heavy footsteps approaching them. "Well shit, looks like we gotta get out of here the hard way." Looking towards Idalia then at the door, Ana got up and unsheathed her hammer, getting into a battle position. "Aright, lets focus down the first guard that enters, Idalia, I don't think I need to tell you this but as soon as the first guard drops go to town on him, we need you in this fight as soon as possible, there is a lot of them after all." She then looks towards Ara and gives her a wary smile. "Sorry about putting you into two bad positions so quickly, I'll be sure to buy you a drink when we're done." Ana knew she wouldn't to happy if someone she just met drug her into the two scenarios she drug Ara into, but if they can get out of this she'd try and make it up to her.

Ara chuckled "I accept your offer." however as she started to say something else, a voice filled the room, the voice of an old man "Well, what do we have here? A wraith and a card player, here to steal my property. Tell you what, I'm so impressed with the fact that you managed to sneak into my castle that I'll let you live and work for me, if you just leave 02 there and shut the door. Otherwise, I'll just wait for you to come out into the open, where you'll be forced to fight my guards in force." the voice said. Ara looked at Anastasia, while Idalia kept quiet on the floor, waiting for Anastasia's reply.

Ana nods at Ara, then perks up when the voice of an old man suddenly booms into her ears. The old man could only get two sentences in before immediately ticking off Ana however. "What did you just say? I'm a fucking Spectross not a damn Wraith you miserable old cunt! I could care less about working for your grungy ass, I went through a hell of a lot of trouble to get here, and by Avenir I am going to leave with her in tow. I don't know what fuck your problem is, but doing what I see here looks like something that really pisses me, and Avenir off." Exhaling loudly, Ana looks around with a smug smirk. "How much do you trust your guards anyway? Why not just send a few in here to finish us off? Maybe 5? Or if you're really confident how about 3? Make it a even fight?"

The old man laughed as Ana shouted at him "I don't remember Spectross having spotlight eyes, madam, however if you can convince yourself that you're Spectross, it's no problem of mine. At any rate, I see no reason to risk the lives of my guards when I can just as easily apprehend you with minimal loss, due to overwhelming force. Your options are to leave 02 and work for me, surrender, come out and be defeated, or stay in there and starve. Regardless of which you choose, you will not be escaping with my property." he said. Ara looked around her, trying to figure out where the voice is coming from and replied "I wasn't aware that you would prefer losing your entire army rather than three to five in honorable combat." she said, snidely. Ana growled at the old man, not really having a comeback, which pissed her off even more. "Oh please, I think you already know what we plan to do, but to me it sounds like you don't have enough faith in your troops to take us out right here and get it over with. Why make us leave and face them all at once or starve? To me, it sounds like you have so little faith in your own people that you have to rely on all of them at once to take two people out, and that was a lot of guards. Is it because you don't train them properly? Or maybe you don't give them good equipment? Oh there could be many reasons, none good for them. But I won't judge to badly." She snorted, hoping to tease him in bringing in just a few so they could feed Idalia, since there was no way he could know that Ana knew about Idalia's regenerative abilities, she was just a thief after all.

The old man laughed again, this time louder "I'm not going to risk more people than I need to, wraith, accept my terms or die." then a clicking sound was heard after he had finished speaking. "So, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that your not-really-dead companion here is tougher when she has two arms and both eyes." Ara said, without looking away from the door. Idalia didn't reply, she just struggled her way to her feat and made her way over to Anastasia, standing behind her. Well that didn't work, ah well, looks like there is little choice in the matter. "Well, she'll do a lot better if we give her a guard to feed on, I don't know exactly how much punishment she can recover from by eating flesh though, don't bother questioning how that works I don't know either." She kept her voice down a little, both not wanting the old man to hear but also sort of knowing even if he knew she knew that it wouldn't matter cause they were gonna attack anyway. Ana helped to steady Idalia then began walking towards the door. "Well, lets see how tough these guards are shall we?"

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As soon as a group of 6 guards isolate themselves and go for the trio to start off with, Anastasia roars and sends out her signature red shock wave. The guards reeled back a little and displayed signs of pain, but otherwise didn't seem much affected however, that's a little strange, but who knows why they seems otherwise uncaring about that attack. Aranya flicks more cards out of her sleeves, then flicks a volley of them into one of the knights, cutting his body and armor to shreds. The resulting maiming causes Idalia to regenerate her eyeball more quickly. Idalia, once her eye is back, leaps onto the dead knight and devours a large portion of his body in seconds, then turns her head, drops her jaw open, with a sickening cracking sound, then breaths a plume of flames over another one of the knights, causing several to jump back, evading them, while the target is consumed, crying out in pain. The knight retaliates by flinging a Spark Net at Anastasia, which wraps around her and sends a powerful electric current through her body.

Anastasia cackles a little when Idalia gets back in the fight. Now she felt a good amount more confident in this fight.... Not that she wasn't before or anything, by Avenir she isn't going to lose to these mooks after all! Just a that though finished forming in her head a big ass net fall on top of her, shocking her with bolts of electricity. Anastasia yelps in surprise, and suddenly realizes why Idalia didn't like these things. "Motherfuckers!" Ana yells out as she tries to get the damn thing off. The other knights pull out Steam Rifles and start firing at the group, however Idalia and Ara evade the shots, and weave in a second Spark Net, throwing it at Idalia, however she ducks it quickly, allowing it to sail over her head and smack against the wall. The knights shout that they're reloading to each other. The Spark net gives Anastasia another horrible shock.

Ana spends a little bit trying to get out of the net, tangling herself even further for a moment before realizing if she stopped for a moment and stopped struggling... she could just stand up and shrug the damn thing off. Which is exactly what she did. She had to stand there for a little while though to stop shaking as the electrical currents dissipated out of her body though. Aranya flicks Red Cards into her hands and flings them at another Knight, causing him to burst into flame and reducing him to a pile of ash. Idalia slides across the floor and into the middle of the Knight group, then launches another plume of flame into the Knights, lighting all four of them on fire, with one of them crying out and falling to the ground, then going completely limp. The knights fire their Steam Rifles at the three of them, and while Anastasia is evading one of the bullets, another Knight throws a Spark Net over her, sending another horrible jolt of electricity through her body.

Just as Anastasia was getting ready to attack, another guard put another fucking spark net over here. As she attempts to escape, Ara and Idalia manage to kill a few guards. Thankfully, these things are actually fairly easy to get off, and by the time Ana gets it off again, she was really pissed off to the say the least. With a angered shout spoken in the Spectross tongue, she releases and a psychic wave that knocks the the rest of the enemies down. "Fus ro dah!" Seeing his Knights drop like flies, he old man's voice resonates through the room again. "I see that you won't be quite as easy to deal with as I initially expected. I suppose I should have thought this would happen when I realized you had broken into my castle in the first place." he said, then he spoke to his knights "Please stand back from them and open the second door." he said.

One of the guards furthest away moved to the second door and opened it, then ran inside. After only a moment, he came out, dragging a chained-up girl with him. The girl had pink hair, was wearing an odd white and black dress that resembled flower petals, and had a mirror tied to her back with vines. The old man's voice spoke to her "05, apprehend those three and I'll feed you whatever you like, and as much as you can eat." he said, as the guard that had pulled her into the room pointed at Anastasia, Idalia, and Aranya. The girl's face lit up, and she nodded, as the guard took the chains off of her, and she stretched.

Anastasia panted a little, trying to regain her breath from being shocked multiple times as the new experiment exited her room. Another one of them? Just how many of these experiments were there? Didn't that red-head bitch only say like 4 or something? Well, looks like she was useless even in the information department. Two larger guards in fancier looking armor joined the girl to. Anastasia exhaled heavily, then roared again, sending the two guards onto their knees, but the girl only flinched, seeming unaffected.05 cocked her head as Anastasia roared at her, then slowly floated off the ground and crossed her arms in front of her, while the black vines wrapped around her body extended and started running along the ground, slowly covering the area. Aranya flicked some cards into her hands and started flinging them at the girl in rapid succession, however she seemed to know where she was aiming before she threw the card, causing her to dodge the attacks before the cards left her hands. While the girl was seemingly distracted by Aranya's rapid attacks, Idalia slid across the floor, and fired a plume of flame at her and the two guards, however, the guards jumped back in time to avoid the flames, while the girl simply deflected the flame with her strange black mirror, causing it to harmlessly shoot towards the room's ceiling and dissipate. Idalia growled in frustration "Well, I certainly can't deny that the one he made from me is somewhat impressive..." she muttered, just loudly enough for Anastasia to hear.

The two guards focus down Anastasia suddenly, one of them missing but the other hitting her arm, and doing very little damage. Unfortunately for the guard, she was getting more than a little tired of all of these antics, and just wants to get out of here at this point, the spotlight resonating from her eye suddenly changes for a yellow to a red color, and she angrily swings at the guard that hit her, hitting him directly in the chest, causing him to fly back straight into a wall, a huge dent in his armor now. At this point what Idalia said finally registers in her brain, and she looks towards her. "When we're done here you're gonna have to run that one by me again."

05 watches the Barton Knight rocket passed her, backwards, nonchalantly, then the vines wrapped around her extent and lift up to one side of her, then suddenly make a wide swing across the half of the room that Anastasia, Idalia, and Ara are on. Idalia starts to say something back to Anastasia, however she's interrupted by the attack as she ducks the hit, while Ara jumps over it, however Anastasia is too slow, and the attack hits her like a ton of bricks, while the Knight that Anastasia had knocked back with her Hammer fired several shots at her to follow up. The second Knight flings a Spark Net at Idalia, however she dodges to the side, avoiding it completely. Unknowing to Anastasia, the ton of bricks hitting her will set a pattern for most of the rest of the fight. Luckily for her companions though, Anastasia could take a hell of a beating. Despite taking direct hits from those two attacks, Ana got up and looked surprisingly fine, as if she took no damage from those attacks. Clutching the handle of her hammer even tighter, she rushes the guard she hit before and slams her hammer directly into his face, causing the helmet to cave and causing a sickening sound as both metal and bone break open, a large stream of blood starts coming out of the holes in the helmet and the guard slumps to the ground. With the guard dead, Anastasia huffs and turns her attention to 005.

05 looks at the newly-made corpse and lets out a bored yawn, however says nothing. While she's distracted by Anastasia's brutal display, however, Aranya disappears from sight, Anastasia being able to see her fade out like before out of the corner of her eye. She then appears behind 05 and throws a set of cards at her, however without even looking, her Mirror repositions itself and blocks each of the hits, one after the other. While this occurs, Idalia lunges at her from the other side, however she just hovers upwards, causing Idalia to pass under her, landing in a forward roll. The remaining Knight flings a Spark Net at Ara, however she quickly evades it. 05 then uses one of the vines covering the floor to grab Anastasia's ankle, it then lifts her off the ground and flings her against one of the far walls. Anastasia growled a little as she is picked up in the air, but lets out a yelp when thrown against the wall. Once again though, she gets up looking mostly unscathed. With a new target in mind, Anastasia runs for 005 and hits her straight in the torso, causing quite the painful hit no doubt

05 didn't look worried about Anastasia charging her, her mirror moved in front of her to block the strike, however the force of the blow simply carried the mirror into her. As the hammer struck her with her mirror, she first looked shocked, then coughed up blood as she was knocked further into the air, tumbling backwards once before righting herself again. She looked at Anastasia, her face no longer smug and bored, but angry. As Anastasia seemed to have 05 under control now due to the immense damage she had taken from the one hit, Ara flung a card through first the remaining guard's chest, then hit head, causing him to drop dead. Meanwhile Idalia launched a steam of flame at 05,who deflected it back at her with her mirror, however Idalia rolled out of the way. 05 crossed her arms and glared at Anastasia as a volley of four vines shot at Anastasia, two grappling her arms while the third slapped her in the stomach, hitting like a ton of bricks, and the last wrapped around her neck and tugged her face into the metal floor, forcing her head to whiplash off of it. Anastasia swaps her angry face with a smug look at 05, essentially reversing their moods, that was until 05 retaliated and grabbed Anastasia with her vines, flinging her around like some kind of doll and slamming her against the walls and floor, pinning her to the ground, but still Ana kept on trucking, still seemingly mostly unphased by the attack. She could still do something even while bound however, and she lets out another roar, the same red shockwave pulsing through the area, this time though, it seems 05 managed to get affected by it, causing her mind itself to reel back and become chaotic, making it much harder to focus.

05 let out a screech like nails on a chalkboard when hit by Anastasia's psychic wave, her tentacles started thrashing about wildly, hitting guards, swinging at Ara and Idalia, but missing barely, while swinging Anastasia around in her clutches, then flinging her aside. Ara took the opportunity to fling a card at her, cutting her shoulder, while Idalia attacked from behind, biting her arm for a moment, before being shaken off. Anastasia cackled as 05 screeched in agony, but ended up doing her best to not vomit all over her when she began getting swung around wildly. Ugh, ok Anastasia was starting to regret doing that, but finally the girl let go and she got flung into a nearby wall. Well that was unpleasant, getting up, the red spotlight eye turned back to a yellow, and Anastasia took a deep breath, trying to stop her head from spinning before rushing at 05 again, swinging her hammer and hitting her directly in one of her arms, causing it to bend in a angle it really should be bending.

05 was knocked against the floor with such force that she bounced off of it and into a nearby guard, who caught her, but not without being knocked back. 05 shrugged out of his grip, wordlessly, then hovered up into the air again, while one of her vines wrapped around her arm and righted it, with a sickening crack. She glared at Anastasia, as she ran a hand through her hair. Her vines slowly rose up off the floor and pointed at Anastasia, poised like vipers. In an instant, the vines began striking her, rapidly, thrusting forward and back like striking snakes, their strikes piercing Anastasia's body like spears. Idalia cried out in alarm, and immediately leapt at 05, attempting to knock her out of the air to stop the assault, however her mirror swung from the side, striking her in the face, then one of her other vines flung a Spark Net at her, entangling and electrocuting her, causing her to release a scream of pain with the discharge of electricity. Ara reacted next, diving forward in front of the attack and throwing a Blue Card at the ground, which created one of her Counter Cards, reflecting one of the strikes back at her, and shocking her out of continuing the assault. She drooped lower in the air for a moment, running a hand over her stomach, finding that the counter card had forced her to stab herself through her lower abdomen. "Come on, now, surely that's not all you have." Ara said, prepping another Blue Card in her hand, behind her back. Anastasia wasn't expecting such ferocity in the assault, she's been tanking a lot of damage but suddenly it was like 05 got serious. The attack was more that enough to not only pierce her extremely tough skin, but also in the end, due to the amount of hits she took, caused her to slump against the wall, finding herself unable to do much at all at this point, thankfully though, it seems with 05 pretty much focusing Anastasia down, it bought time for Idalia and Ara to start doing some serious damage to 05, so at least there was that, though she could practically feel Avenir shaking her head down at her weakness.

05's blood was starting to trickle through her fingers, from the reflected hit. She looked down at her blood-stained hand and rather than getting angry, she seemed to be getting worried about the situation. Noticing her hesitance to continue the fight after taking so much damage from her opponents, the old man's voice filled the room again; "05, if you don't take down the intruders, I won't feed you. Finish them off now." he said, before the voice cut out again. With an audible sigh, she swung her arms forward, the one Anastasia had hit looking sluggish compared to the other, then splayed out her fingers, causing the vines to prepare to strike again. Ara tensed up in front of Anastasia, only partly blocking her view of 05, moving flipping the card from knuckle to knuckle as she waited for the exact moment of 05's next attack. As the two faced off, while Idalia struggled against the net and the electrical current flooding her body, 05 seemed to grow impatient, likely due to blood loss and knowing Ara could just wait for her to pass out, she closed her hands into fists, causing the vines to strike. Ara, however, was ready, and dropped her counter card, creating a barrier that blocked the first attack, causing it to reflect back at 05, putting a hole through the left side of her chest and knocking her out of the air. Laying on the ground, her breathing grew ragged, and despite clear struggles to lift herself up again, she couldn't overcome her wounds. A group of knights with white cloaks over their armor entered the room and gathered her up, with one lifting her by the legs, and the other grabbing her shoulders, then they carried her off out of sight. Ara took a step forward and flicked a yellow card into her hand, looking around the room "Who's next? If you're going to attack, I suggest all of you doing so at once, you may get a hit in that way." she said, as Idalia finally got the Spark Net off herself and shakily dragged herself over to Anastasia. The old man's voice filled the room again "Hmph. You may leave. I think I'll cut my losses here and let you live a bit longer. Don't let the door hit you on the way out." he said, before adding "Men, stand down. They'll drop their guard eventually, and then we'll make them pay for this theft." he finished, then the knights all parted, giving them a pathway to the door.

Anastasia can for now only watch as Ara... well, uses 05's attacks against her, causing 05 to essentially end the fight by hurting herself to badly. Talk about a ironic way to achieve victory. It's a good thing she had strong allies, cause recently it seems like Anastasia was much less perfect than she originally thought. Just as Anastasia was about to try her best to get back up, the old fart decided to admit defeat. Anastasia was about to protest, then really thought better of it and just silently and shakily stood up, walking over to the defeated guards and seriously pushing her luck by grabbing a few things off of them to keep. Thankfully though, they didn't seem to protest and so Anastasia then went back to Aranya and Idalia. "Right, let's get out of here." Anastasia wasn't exactly sure what they were going to do now, they could head straight for the colosseum but they really weren't in much of a position to fight anything they may encounter, at least Ana wasn't. Then again, even if they head back to Nirvana they'd have to pass by those damn fungal creatures again. Regardless, they should leave here sooner rather than later.

As soon as the group had exited the castle, the door was slammed behind them, and guards quickly manned the walls, aiming their Steam Rifles at them, but not firing. Idalia and Ara each grabbed a side to help Anastasia walk. When they were finally out of earshot of the guards, Idalia whispered to Anastasia "Thank you..." while Ara asked "So... where are we going?" Anastasia kept looking forward as the doors closed behind then, her breathing becoming mostly normal now that they were out of that mess. Anastasia nodded at Idalia and shrugged a little. "No problem." Turning to Aranya, she shrugs once again. "Well, we could head straight for the colosseum and get that over with or uh... Go to Nirvana and I can buy you that drink I guess... But then we'd have to cross the fungal wastes again..." Making a disgusted face, she shakes her head and heads northward. "Colosseum it is."
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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He watched as she left him, with not even a goodbye nor a 'thank you for saving my life' before she left. He had some idea that maybe she'd reconsider on the way or he could convince her, but the words failed in his mouth as he instead felt a strong sense of ire for the woman. How ungrateful could she be that she'd just leave like that? How wrong did she see him as, when he only did what was best for the both of them? The were-beast deeply frowned as he tightly clenched his fists. Fine. She'd have it her way. Now that he was in a more proper city, he should be able to find some way of replacing his lost companions with others who'd be more helpful to him... and at least this way, he's rid himself of having to find some way to get Lyanna off the plan of vengeance he'd set her on.

Yes. Good riddance, he thought. Find someone else who'd sacrifice someone's life for hers... he only frowned deeper and glared bitterly at the ground as he still felt some feelings of guilt.

Just as he was deciding to head his own way, Amun's eyes spotted what looked to be some form of conflict between two knights and three young women. He watched out of curiosity for a few seconds, coming to a few startling conclusions that did not help his first impression of Azraq. What sort of city has their knights seemingly hurting and harassing young women? Even if their captain was stepping in, just having knights so rowdy seemed far more than a little unprofessional. Not that it was really his problem.

... But honestly speaking, he still needed companionship after Lyanna left him, and even if now wasn't a good time, an opportunity to so easily slip into the beginnings of one doesn't come often. With those thoughts, the were-beast took a moment to cool himself a bit, schooled his features, and he made his way over to the situation in the park.

"Do excuse me, sir Knights, but I'd heard there was a commotion and I was feeling concern. Is there any problem?" He'd asked as soon as he was close enough, smiling genially and speaking in his most proper tone. It's easier to deal with others when you do so in a formal capacity. Even though Amun wasn't the most active in his family's political side (or, in anything his family did really), all of the Khufus knew a thing or two about the ancient art of polite talk.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Fight Aftermath
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The first thing Ophelia does when they awaken is to look over Annie for any evidence of her injury. Thankfully Annie is doing so at the same time so it perhaps isn't as obvious. Either way, she's satisfied that the wound has healed so she allows the detective out of bed. Otherwise, she would have been kept there until she was sure of Annie's health. With her friend's health assured, she moves to the dining room and takes a seat at the suited man's direction. It's pleasant, up until someone decides they need to intimidate Alice. And once again, she's referred to as a grey skin. "If you're as strong as you are creative, I 'm confident Alice has nothing to fear." She says. The man chose the two easiest and least thought reliant insults he could have. She has been referred to as "a filthy grey skin" so many times that even if she was bothered by such things she would have long since been desensitized to it. And given their reception to the Colosseum before finding Alice, Annie is likely used to people degrading her as a whore for no visible reason. "I would also draw attention to the fact that 'the filthy grey skin' as you call me was responsible for two of the kills this match."

She doubts she'll intimidate a man as stupid as this, but making him wary can serve her purposes. Besides, she was not made aware of any rules against assassinating opponents outside of matches. If he becomes an annoyance... well, he must sleep. And a neck is a very vulnerable thing while in repose. Her wondering solidifies into a plan of action when he makes such a rude gesture towards Alice. Alice herself cuts that line of thought off by claiming dibs, however. Added to the compliments and contact, Ophelia discards her plans of killing him in the night. She would not wish to deprive her friend of the pleasure. "I am used to being judged by my skin. The meaningless opinion of the uninformed masses mean very little to me." She says. With a blush, she continues, "Your opinion is much more highly valued and much more appreciated." She's not sure what to do with Alice's head on her shoulder, but Ophelia herself is learning she enjoys being touched by those she trusts. So she places her hand on the top of Alice's head until the meal arrives. She does not believe she's seen so much food in such variety at once outside of the manor. Even then, she herself has never had the opportunity to enjoy such a banquet. Normally such a thing is for guests of the Techra estate, not the help and she would be one of the help at best. She doesn't know what exactly Annie refers to when she claims that the food must come from a few different places, but she respects the detective's intelligence so she believes her without problem. "Interesting" she says, simply because she's unused to the idea of cities cooperating with each other. Normally everyone fends for their own. She does wonder what the other cities gain from supporting the Colosseum. Enough that she poses the question to Annie. "What would the other cities gain from supporting this? Mercenaries they know to be strong? Entertainment? Would those be enough to pour that much money into such a place?"

Alice smiles and kisses Ophelia on the cheek when she says that she values her opinion. Annie doesn't reply for a moment, seemingly deep in thought, while Alice just shows down on her own food, making a sizeable dent in only moments, not even noticing the conversation Ophelia is having with Annie. "Hmm. I wonder if it's a form of population control... but if that were the case, they're getting rid of those most qualified to work in the guilds. I may include this in my list of cases, the reasons behind this could be somewhat unsettling. It may even connect with one of the others, such as the disappearances from Azraq." Annie said. She started to say something else, but cuts herself off and cocks her head slightly. Ophelia could barely hear over the other conversations taking place in the room, but the people directly behind them at the next table were discussing the appearance of a new city where Monsteropolis used to be, just suddenly appearing overnight, with tall black walls, and a perpetual cover of darkness around it. The man next to the speaker said that it was probably where the filthy grey skins had finally built place their ilk could be expected, though the exact wordings the two men were using was difficult to hear over the noise as the room continued to fill with people who had finished their matches in the arena.

While Ophelia feels a blush come on once again when Alice keeps her cheek, her eyes narrow as Annie states there have been disappearances in Azraq. While the city is not the best, being one of the most obvious examples she's seen of those in power abusing said power, disappearances are worrying. She'll need more information on this matter. Then there's also the curiosity of the new city where Monsteropolis once stood. The description she hears is eerily similar to those spires that keep spitting out those undead monsters. The man's speculation confuses her, however. Just what power does she think Nomads hold that allow them to build entire cities in one night? If they had such a power, she would think that rather than just be despised, they would be enslaved and forced to found cities wherever their master pleased. And from what she knows, Nomads are not welcome in the spires. The dead treat them just as badly as they do everyone else. More utterly stupid talk from an utterly stupid man, she supposes. "That city the... gentleman... describes sounds like the spires that we found the undead nearby. If our journey takes us near there, I would advise dire caution. Also, Annie, is there further information on those disappearances? I am from Azraq hearing of such a thing is disquieting."

Annie nods and leans back "If it's just appearing overnight, it would imply heavy relation to those spires, especially given the color. We're in full agreement... things seem to be getting much stranger as of late." she said, before finishing a portion of her food. "As far as the disappearances go, I've found no patterns yet, though I haven't investigated as much as I like, a few cases are added every week. People have been disappearing seemingly at random. Young, old, wealthy, poor. I had thought that Ralph was a victim until the investigation brought me to this Colosseum. I'm intending to get to the bottom of this once I return to my work." she said, finishing another portion. "What are you intending to do, once your work here is done?" she asked, turning to look directly into Ophelia's eyes.

Ophelia nods her agreement. It's reassuring to have someone of Annie's intelligence come to the same conclusion she did. She's not sure what they can do with that information at this point, but having it and being able to use it later is better than the alternative. Ophelia hasn't eaten much of her food, unused to such large portion sizes. She mostly has picked at the meat since that is such an unusual fare for her, but she doesn't believe she's ever had oranges before so she picks at that a bit as well. She doesn't know what that black apple is so she hasn't touched it yet. She makes sure to pay extra attention when Annie begins describing what she knows of Azraq's disappearances. The fact that there is no pattern is concerning for the simple fact that she is not there to protect Lady Techra. Her Lady could disappear at any time and she would be completely unaware. She has the urge to abandon her mission and check in on Lady Techra this instant, but she would hate to invalidate the efforts her friends have put forward and the pain they have endured for this. She's not sure when she began valuing these people as much as she does her Lady and the thought scares her at the same time as it inflicts some unknown feeling within her. Still, there's a compromise she can live with. "I intend to go back to Azraq. There is someone in the city I must know if they are ok. This is aggravated by the fact that I did not see this person before I left." She looks down as she contemplates her next words. They have no reason to agree after all. "Um... I know I have no right to ask this of you since you are already assisting me in this matter, but could I trouble either of you to follow me when I do? I... um, well, I don't have many I trust and I also find myself unwilling to part from your company so easily."

Annie nonchalantly replies "I have to go back to Azraq, my detective agency is located there, so we have absolutely no reason to part company... evenifIwaswillingto." running the very end of her sentence together in such a rushed manner that one could barely catch it, before finishing her food. Alice, on the other hand, had finished her food much earlier and was now poking the plate with her fork, making it rock back and forth, seemingly amused by this. She, however, turns her attention back to Ophelia when she asks if they'll stay with her "Of course, you're the best friends I've ever had, and I would be a bad friend if I didn't check in on this person with you. We also happen to dispense JUSTICE far more effectively when we're together!" she said, getting visibly more excited as she adds the last part, while also giving Annie a smug look to show that she caught what she had said. She then gently rubs Ophelia's lower back "I'm so happy that you want to bring us with you, too~" she coos into her ear, sweetly.

Ophelia has a small smile on her lips and that she ducks her head to avoid revealing to the world. The fact that the two of them want so badly to stay by her side only cements her loyalty to them. Now she has to see this through, if only to make everything they've done for her already worth it. Since everyone is done eating, she supposes getting their equipment updated so that they can survive the upcoming battles should be the next thing to do, then they need to begin looking for their target. The quicker they find clues of him, the quicker they can get out of here. Her thought process is arrested when Alice's hand meets her lower back and she speaks so softly in her ear. There it is again: that burning feeling in her loins that spreads through her body and makes her feel like her head is full of wool. She's not sure what she wants in this state, but her first instinct is to claim the lips that are already so close to her. She fights the feeling as best she can if only because she doesn't know if Alice would enjoy such an action, but it takes more will than she would care to admit. "Thank you. Both of you." She says, trying her best to move on before she does something unwise. "If we are finished with our meal, we should begin investigations. Both into somewhere to improve your armor and weapons to survive further battles better and to our target so that we may leave here as quickly as possible. While it is necessary, I do not enjoy lingering in this place."

With the group now finished eating, they pay a visit to the Colosseum Armorer, who is just down the hall. The room matches the rest of the Colosseum, however some of the banners on the walls are blocked by the shelves of generic equipment. As soon as they walk in, Annie scowls at the wooden shelves of equipment, while Alice is busy pointing out each of the banners and attaching a name to them. The clerk at the counter, a man in armor which matches that of every other guard at the Colosseum, sees Annie's scowl and starts to say something, however his attention is quickly drawn to Ophelia instead, beside her. "I would tell the guards at the door to stop letting in filthy grey-skins, however it would mean I would not get to watch you die in the arena." he says, then he starts to say something else, but Alice rests her elbows on the counter and greets the man "Hello! I and my friends are looking to reinforce and improve our current gear, what kind of materials do you have?" she says, interrupting him. "L-lady Alice!" he says, seemingly only just now noticing her standing in the room "My sincerest apologies for insulting that thi- I mean lovely lady, please forgive me!" he says, to which Alice responds "Don't apologize to me, apologize to my friend." she says, with a smile. The man bows low to Ophelia, after stepping out from behind the counter and starts begging forgiveness "I'm sincerely sorry if I hurt your feelings, please forgive me!" he begged.

When the armorer turns out to be yet another of those that despise her because of her race, Ophelia has to resist the urge to sigh. She really would rather not dwell in this place for longer than necessary. It seems that the negative view of her race is very prevalent here and it's only a matter of time before someone does something stupid. Her thoughts are interrupted when Alice steps in and even manages to force the man to apologize. It's a position she does not think she's ever been in before. A part of her, cruel and vindictive, wants the man on his knees to kiss her feet and beg her forgiveness. It wants his tongue removed so that he may never disparage her or those of her kind again. However, she suspects Alice and Annie likely would not approve of such measures. And in the end, their good opinion of her is worth more than making this scum suffer. "If you seek forgiveness, then I would have you show us your finest work and give it your all reinforcing our armor. That is all I ask."

In response to Ophelia's demand, the man pulls a suit of crude iron armor out from under the desk. The armor looks as though it was made by someone who had never worked with metal before. As he did so, he turned to Alice to answer her question "We have Iron, which is what our armor is made of as well." he said, to which Annie's scowl only deepened. She leaned closer to Ophelia and whispered "This is a waste of time. This armor is all poor workmanship and I don't want to give money to a man who just insulted you anyway." she said, while Alice was asking the man "What, Iron is the best you have? I guess it is the most commonly used, but still...", and the man was apologizing profusely for not having anything that's to her satisfaction.

A small frown overtakes Ophelia's self-control. What this man has to purchase is among the worst wares she's ever seen. The material used to make those items are wasted to the man's inexperience. And he has the gall to snipe at her for something she can't help? He's had the time to either fix his lack of talent or get out of the business. And yet he maintains his haughty attitude anyway. "Utterly disappointing. If you had proven to have some skill, then I would have lent the material to make your own, but given the quality on display, the lent items would be wasted. We are done here." She says, walking out of the shop. She sighs afterward. "I apologize for wasting your time." she says to her companions

Alice and Annie followed her out into the hallway, with Alice laughing as Ophelia apologized. "He wasted our time, not you. Besides, my Vorpal Blade is master crafted with the finest materials of the ancients, he couldn't have hoped to compete with it." she said, unsheathing her blade and showing it to Ophelia. Annie's eyes widened as if she hadn't already seen Alice use the weapon several times. The weapon's blade looked flawless, despite not being made to look flashy, however the entire weapon itself sparkled in the light. After showing it off for only a moment, she re-sheathed it nonchalantly, with a winning smile. Annie nodded "You did nothing wrong. Anyway, where should we go now?" she asked, scanning the room while placing her hands into her overcoat pockets.

With another sigh, Ophelia rethinks her plans. If this is the only blacksmith in range, upgrading her companion's gear simply isn't feasible right now. Which means they are still at risk for being seriously harmed like they were in the last fight. It's a concern that she may actually lose sleep over, but it's one that she cannot address at current moment. It'd be best to move on and deal with what can be fixed. "Since he proved to be less than useful, we should attempt to see what information we can find on our target. Annie, how much experience do you have on finding targets such as this? If you have an idea of where would be the best place to begin such a search, I would value the input."

Annie shrugged, then mumbled "He was in the dining hall, I just don't know which of the people in the dining hall was him, too many people in full suits of armor." she said, with a sideways glance at Ophelia. "If you're wanting to beat him up, we're probably better off fighting our matches until we get to him. If we do anything to jeopardize his match, the employer, and by extension the legions of guards posting throughout the building, won't be too happy." she said, slowly nodding her head towards each of the nearby guards in the hallway. "If you were wondering whether or not he was still here, then yes. He has to stay, too, because he needs the money to pay his debts. He's not among the gladiators we're facing next round, either." she said.

Ophelia's eyebrow raises at the information Annie offers. She does not ask how Annie obtained this information, if she wanted it known she would have offered it without being asked. But the information is useful regardless. "I have no intention on staying within range of those guards after my business with him was concluded." She says in response to the first point. "The problem I have now is we have more fights and your armor has been proven not to be up to the task. I worry about risking you in open combat before that is resolved. To mitigate that a little, is there any information you can offer on our next opponents?"

Annie shrugged "Based on appearance, one if strong and heavily armored, with an axe on his back, one looked like a rogue-type fighter, with a pair of knives and some throwing knives on his thighs, and one was lightly-armored and wearing a bow and arrows. None of them looked like a real threat." she said, to which Alice responded "Well, of course not, we're fighting for JUSTICE, therefore we cannot lose!" she said, excitedly, giving them both a hug.

Ophelia takes a moment to just enjoy being in Alice's warm embrace. Even though it has happened many a time in a short period, she still finds she utterly enjoys the action. She wonders if she will ever get tired of it, but she very much hopes not. "I would rather not risk it. It would be for the best to have some kind of plan before entering that fight. I would rather not see either of you so injured again. And if it is possible to corner Ralph before fighting him in the Colosseum, that would be for the best as well since it would mean I no longer have to put the two of you at risk." She says, her worry about them being harmed still prevalent in her mind

Annie shrugged out of Alice's hug "I'd be fine with that, if it weren't for the fact that there are guards all over every hallway, working for the interests of the Colosseum. Not only that, but it worries me that not a single fight has broken out since we've gotten here, despite the fact that there are so many pompous Mercenaries here. At first I wondered if different types of people were here than we expected, or whether Alice was keeping them from 'misbehaving', however Alice's encounter with that Gladiator earlier, the fact that he didn't act on her response immediately, implies something else." she said, her voice lowering even further despite the fact that she already was speaking pretty quietly, as was the norm. Alice cocked her head at this "I don't follow."

Ophelia takes a moment to think about what Annie has said since the detective is obviously leading to something. If it is not Alice's influence that is causing the gladiators to be... well, not civil but perhaps restrained would be the better word. After all, even though the blacksmith very obviously hated her based on her race, he made no hostile actions even before Alice made her presence known. "I would assume there must be either severe penalties or a very fierce guardian or team of guardians overlooking the Colosseum if no one is willing to step out of line. Given that you have already stated that multiple cities must be aligned with that Colosseum, I must also assume these penalties would spread out to them if the infraction is not solved within the Colosseum or whatever Guardian team they have are unable to intercept the troublemaker before they fled. Given that we do not know all the cities involved, we could walk into a hostile situation and not be aware until it was too late. At best, we could have Wanted posters made of us given they have our names and appearance." She lowers her voice to match Annie's as she speaks.

Following this thought process, she sighs. That would mean that following along with the Colosseum until they can meet the target in battle really may be the best course of action. It would put her friends at risk now, but doing otherwise may put them at greater risk for a longer period of time. She can't help but wonder why her Lady assigned her this mission given the difficulty behind entry and obtaining information on the target. With her skills, there is almost no way she could reasonably eliminate Ralph without detection. Meaning her Lady expected her to fight in the tournament. Even though Ophelia is not meant for honest combat. She will have a fair few inquiries to her Lady once she returns. Hopefully Lady Techra will be there to receive them. With another sigh, she turns back to her companions. "Very well. We will continue to fight since the consequences would be worse to your health."

Annie nodded "That would be the conclusion I came to. I also concluded that we would be able to do whatever we like with Ralph after we've defeated him since, as far as the Colosseum is concerned, they have no further use for him. He's supposed to be dead. I was told that the door we found that was locked actually leads to an acid pit beneath the Colosseum, which they throw the dead bodies into." she said. Alice looked shocked at this, and horrified "They don't bury their dead? The people running this Colosseum are no friends of JUSTICE..." she said, crossing her arms. Annie gave her a confused look, then continued "Regardless, we can conclude that we can act freely as long as nothing we do works against the interests of the Colosseum. That's fairly easy, we basically just play their game, and win. As long as I can scout each group of opponents before we face them, we can decide how to fight them, and gain a slight advanta-" Alice interrupted her "We beat them with great JUSTICE!" She shouted, much too loudly, causing Annie to face-palm.

To answer the question on Annie's face, Ophelia tells her, "It is an affront to Masino not to bury the dead. Indeed, she looks down upon any who fail to do so. Naturally, this makes it an affront to Alice and myself to hear of it given we have devoted ourselves to her care." With the question on her face answered, she thinks of the information she know has on the next set of combatants and what they should do. "General strategy dictates the ranged adversary should be dealt with first as they can annoy us from afar and may dip their arrows in poison of some sort. Next should be the rogue as they generally have ways of appearing and disappearing at will or inflicting us with unwelcome ailments. We should stay out of range of the axe-wielder or trust in Alice to keep his attention until the other two are dealt with." With a general idea of a plan laid out, she turns to Alice. "Do you feel you can defeat or delay him without incurring too much harm? I know you are very capable, but I still worry about your safety." She turns to Annie next. "You as well. You have already been severely injured here. Is there a way we can prevent that happening once more?"

Annie started to say something in response to Ophelia's explanation of why the corpses not being buried was bad, however Alice let out an exaggerated laugh "Worry not, Ophelia, nobody can defeat one who carries the will of Masino!" she said, puffing out her chest. Annie seemingly moved on from the subject, deeming tactics more important "I could dodge better. I highly doubt the archer could hit me anyway, especially before I kill him first. His weapon is inferior, store-built, common. I built my Steam-Gun myself, and have practiced with it exhaustively. The only reason I was hit by the rocket anchor was because I had evaded too soon on the last atta-" she said, before being interrupted by Alice "Well-said, innovation wins out once again!" she said, pointing at Annie's gun with her pinky, with a winning smile. Annie wore the smallest hint of a smile as she replied "Now that, we can agree on. They made it to the second round, however our equipment out-classes theirs. I'll bring a potion into the battle just in case, but I doubt we'll need it." she said.

"Very well. We shall start off by matching with our other. I will deal with the rogue, Annie should attack the archer, and Alice will deal with the axe man. If it looks like any of us are outmatched, the others should attempt to even the scales. If one of us finishes our opponent before the others, we can attack whoever seems to be in need of help more." With a plan laid out and all objectives for the day... well, neither of them are complete but they are outside of their ability to complete them currently, there is no further reason to open themselves up to observation. "We should retire to our quarters for the night. The less information potential opponents can acquire about it, the safer we shall be." She says, leading the way back to their room

In the Hotel Room
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The two agree and follow Ophelia to their room, with Alice running past them and flopping onto the bed, face-down as soon as the door is opened, letting out a loud "Whew!" as she lays there, adding "I know it's not home, but it's always refreshing to JUSTICE flop onto a clean bed." she says, laying there as the others follow them in. Annie nods her head "It's also a very comfortable room, compared to those in Azraq." she says, sitting on the bed beside Alice, who simply remains face-down, and nods her head "The bed is so comfortable, I want to bring it with me!" she says.

Within the privacy of their room, Ophelia now feels secure enough to ask a question that has been on her mind all day. It is slightly embarrassing to need what should be a simply part of biology explained to her, but she finds it better to pose the question to those she trusts rather than find out another way. Still doesn't stop her face from full on blushing red, however. "Um... I have an inquiry as a result to actions brought up earlier today. I have observed a... a rather molten heat around here." She puts a hand just above her vagina to point out the afflicted area. "It surges through me and makes me consider actions that, according to reading and observations, would be rather foolish without the consent of those involved. I have also observed a rather private area becoming... moist as a result of that heat. Is it possible to acquire assistance in resolving this feeling? Or at the very least acquiring information about it?"

Annie looks shocked, then blushes immediately, hiding her face by looking down into her lap, while Alice quickly rolls over and sits up "Wh-what?" she asks, looking at Ophelia, then at Annie "Sh-she's saying she felt aroused and wants help resolving it..." she mumbled quickly. Alice laughed and nudged Annie "Go ahead, Annie, help her out!" she said, laughing even louder as Annie's face blushes even darker "B-but I'm a virgin..." she says, to which Alice laughs again "Me, too! Gosh, I didn't really expect you to be one, you seem like the type of girl that would be married right now." she says, causing Annie to hide her face in her lap "S-stop it!" she says, then Alice pats her on the back, her laughing subsiding into giggles. She looked into Ophelia's eyes "Well, we've faced life and death together, and I don't want to part company with either of you... you're the closest anyone has ever been to me, so I'm okay with doing this with you. Though, are you sure you want to do this with me?" she asks both of them, rubbing Annie's back. Annie sighs while hiding her face, but Alice tugs on the back of her overcoat, making her sit up slowly while Annie protested "No, no, no stooop!" she says, until her face is fully exposed again, the blush on her face evident. "F-f-fine, if Ophelia wants it..." she sputtered, weakly slapping at Alice's hands to try to get her off, so she can hide her face in embarrassment again.

Arousal. Is that what she is feeling? She trusts Annie at her word since she trusts Annie to be more knowledgeable about most things. And it seems both of her companions have at least theoretical knowledge about solving such a thing, even if they seem somewhat embarrassed about teaching her. She wonders what it entails to make Annie blush so hard. Does it involve some kind of embarrassing ritual? Or maybe a trial? Well, based on her reactions earlier in the day it must at least require them to be in extreme proximity to each other. Figuring that, she closes the distance between she and her companions and says, "I can think of no one else who I would trust to assist me in this." She doesn't even realize how that may sound, but it is her truth so she says it. She makes another guess based on what caused her reaction and brings her face close to Annie's since she has agreed and is currently unable to stop her. Then before she can second guess herself, she places her lips on the detective's softly to see if she objects

Annie squirms, but doesn't resist the kiss, only blushing darker and letting out soft "Mmmph" sounds into Ophelia's mouth. Alice, meanwhile, giggles at Annie's reaction as she was taking off her dress, stripping down to a white bra and a pair of matching white panties. Once she had dressed down, she made her way behind Ophelia and gently rubbed her shoulders, while gently straightening her up, then kissed her lips softly and passionately. Once their lips were locked, Alice started delicately removing Ophelia's armor. When Alice had pulled Ophelia away, through Annie's blushing, she actually looks somewhat disappointed as and starts taking off her overcoat.

Ophelia's eyes widen as Alice takes over, but it feels no less enjoyable than kissing Annie did. And Alice has the added benefit of being mostly disrobed already. That means she can do something she's wanted to do since this morning: she places her hand on Alice's breast, moving her bra out of the way so she can feel the soft, warm flesh beneath. She wants to do more, but Alice's hands are busy and she would hate to interfere with their work if Alice's urge to touch her skin is anything like Ophelia's own. Instead she focuses more on matching the passion behind Alice's lips, grabbing the back of her head to pull her closer as she other hand continues to play with her breast. She can feel the nipple becoming harder and decides to investigate, trapping the hard nub between her fingers

Alice lets out a soft moan into Ophelia's mouth as her nipple hardens between her fingers, and her face flushes a light pink color. She works Ophelia's armor off, then as she continues holding their kiss, she lifts Ophelia's bra out of the way and gently gropes and kneads her breasts with both hands, while slipping her thigh between Ophelia's own and gently grinding it against her crotch, panting in excitement as she does so.

By the time Annie has stripped down to her underwear, her skin looked about the same color as her hair, a slight grimace on her face as she covers her breasts. She mumbles something under her breath, something about not expecting to do it with a female perhaps? Hard to tell. She tentatively walks over behind Ophelia, standing there awkwardly for a small while, seeming to try and gather up to courage and desire to start, finally though, she takes a deep breath and wraps her arms around Hel's stomach, nuzzling her face into her neck and kissing it, gently rubbing her stomach and breathing heavily.

Ophelia releases a brief gasp as the feelings surging through her increase to a fever pitch she's never had to experience before. She had no idea someone touching her would be just as desirable as touching others. And someone touching her vagina, even through her panties, almost causes her to melt into the sensation even as lightning runs through her. Annie improves the feeling as she discovers her neck can feel just as sensitive. Still, it doesn't feel right that Annie is left out as she is. So she pulls her hand away from Alice's skull and places it on her panties, rubbing the detective's vagina through the thin piece of cloth. If it feels anything like Alice's leg feels to her, then she definitely wants to share the feeling. Then, unable to help herself, she begins grinding against the leg beneath her, trying to enjoy the feeling more

Alice giggles into Ophelia's mouth as she feels her grinding her crotch against her thigh and slightly picks up the pace, panting softly as she slips her tongue into her mouth. She also stops groping Ophelia long enough to grip her nipples between her fingers and start rubbing them slowly, as she starts softly licking at Ophelia's tongue with her own.

Annie lets out a soft moan as Hel starts giving her attention, bucking her hips a tiny bit in order to better stimulate herself. She presses herself again Hel harshly and continues to kiss Hel's neck, while a bit sloppy, she seemed to know exactly where to kiss and how to do it, or perhaps that’s just cause its Hel's first time. Reaching down with one of her hands, she attempts to reach around Alice's thigh to do something of her own, but after a few moments finds that there wasn't much she can do there, and so caresses Hel's inner thighs and butt when she can.

Ophelia's eyes widen when Alice's tongue intrudes upon her own, but given the heady feeling blocking out normal thoughts for her she can't bring herself to dislike it. Rather the opposite action. She intertwines her own tongue around Alice's and she tries sucking on the intruding appendage to see if that helps Alice feel like she does. She softly pinches the nipple in her grasp and gives small tugs, just to see if Alice likes it. She hopes so, but she literally has no idea what she's doing. When Annie begins helping the sparks spread from just her vagina to her entire lower body, she can't help but give a small yelp as more and more of her are overtaken by her arousal. Moving the cloth out of the way, Ophelia begins rubbing the detective's vagina directly. She enjoys this a lot more than doing it over her panties, feeling the warmth of Annie's skin directly in her hands like she's wanted to since she woke up this morning

Alice moans a bit more loudly into Ophelia's mouth and gives her nipples a light pinch in response to her own light pinching and tugging, then stops suddenly and breaks their kiss. Alice, with the kiss now broken, leans close to Ophelia's ear and whispers to her "I think you'll like this better, one sec~", then lowers herself to her knees and lifts Ophelia's skirt, then moves the crotch of her panties aside before running her tongue along Ophelia's slit slowly while gently stroking and massaging her hips with her hands.

Annie moans louder as Hel starts rubbing her slit even harder, bucking her hips into Hel's hands and overall looking like she is really enjoying herself. As Alice breaks away and begins moving downward, Annie quickly takes this opportunity to take Hel's mouth for herself. Kissing Hel surprisingly aggressively and groping her breasts from behind now, occasionally breaking the kiss only to kiss her neck or suckle on Hel's breasts for a few moments before returning to kissing.

Ophelia releases a whine of loss as Alice disengages her kiss. That whine very rapidly becomes an embarrassingly high pitched moan as both Annie takes up where Alice left off and Alice uses her talented tongue on her burning vagina. Annie's hands on her breasts only enhance the sensations rushing through her. It is like there is nowhere on her body that doesn't have lightning running through it! The unfamiliar feeling is almost maddening in how pleasurable it is! And she can only think she needs more. She presses Alice's head further between her legs, needing more contact to pursue that need. At the same time, she increases the pace she runs her fingers across the detective's vagina. She feels one part of it becoming stiffer than the rest and, on a hunch, begins targeting that point

Alice begins letting out soft purring sounds as she starts lapping between Ophelia's folds, slipping her tongue in and out of her. She moves one hand from Ophelia's hip to her clit and pinches it gently while groping at her right asscheek with her free hand. Every so often, she slurps at her juices as they ooze out of her, followed by a soft "Mmm~".

Annie almost bites Hel's lip as Hel begins rubbing her clit, clearly indicating that was indeed a very good spot to rub. Annie double down on her efforts on kissing and groping Hel roughly yet sensually, exploring Hel's mouth with her tongue and slowly seeming to push Hel towards the nearest wall.

While before it felt like electricity running through her body, Alice pinching that hardened part of her it like having lightning strike her from below. It almost takes her breath away and all she can think to do is pinch and rub the same spot on Annie just to share the same feeling with her. She barely notices the detective is leading them to a wall until they come in contact with it. Which is acceptable to her since, with Alice's head against a wall, she can more fiercely grind her vagina against the other woman's face. She can feel herself panting faster and faster into Annie's mouth as she becomes more turned on, just as fiercely attacking Annie's tongue with her own

Alice spreads Ophelia's pussy and licks deeper into her, and more passionately, letting out louder purring noises while she pinches and rubs her clit between her fingers. She uses her other hand to gently massage and rub her lower back, while also pulling her into her thrusts so she can try to eat Ophelia out more deeply, occasionally letting out more slurping noises as she swallows her juices.

Even with Hel pressed against the wall, Annie continues to push her body up against Hel, pressing herself into her and kissing her passionately. It did seem Annie did have a bit of a fire in her as she did this, rubbing her hands from Hel's neck to her hips and rubbing her inner thigh and breasts occasionally, mixing it up by kissing different parts of Hel's body to.

As pleasure begins to build to a fever pitch within her, a brief thought, which surprises her for she believed she lost the ability to think, tells her that they are currently doing nothing for Alice. Ophelia is being pleasured and she is pleasuring Annie, but Alice is exerting so much effort and getting nothing in return. With a force of will she did not know she possessed, she pulls her lips away from Annie and her vagina away from Alice. "To the bed." She growls, hating every moment she is not coming closer to some unknown edge. She all but drags the both of them to their destination so they can pick things back up. She plants her vagina back on Alice's face, removes Annie's panties and forces her face between the detective's legs so that she can do much the same thing Alice is doing for her, and attempting to force Annie's face between Alice's legs so that no one is left out

Alice is surprised by the sudden force and movement at first, however when Ophelia places her pussy back on her mouth, she understands and doesn't miss a beat resuming eating out her friend. With the new position, laying on the bed, she can also now reach up towards Ophelia's chest and gently grope her right breast, as she holds her hip with the other hand, the slurping from her mouth only growing louder as Ophelia is turned on more.

It was clear by Annie's body language she was thrown quite off guard by the sudden change of positioning, as if someone who thought they were taking charge was suddenly aware they in fact weren't. She didn't say anything though and after a few moments just rolled with the new positions Hel put them into to. It only took a small while before she was back at her firm, but sensual pace, eating out Alice eagerly and rubbing Alice's waist and butt with her hands, she took extra care with Alice's clit, focusing most of her attention on it.

With everyone now taken care of, Ophelia can now fully allow herself to fall to the feelings floating through her. Well, not completely since she's given herself a job to do, but it's an enjoyable one. Mimicking Alice's actions, she spreads Annie's vagina and allows her tongue to taste as deeply as possible. Remembering how she reacted before, she also devotes one hand to massaging the hard spot that sent lightning through her before. The only goes up to the detective's nipples, pinching and playing with the nub. Thanks to Alice's work, she can feel a most exciting feeling coursing through her veins, taking her closer and closer to some unknown point. She's both eager and scared to see what will come of that since what she has already is most pleasure than she knew existed

Alice lets out loud moans as Annie starts eating her out, bucking her hips to try to drive her tongue deeper, her moans only growing louder as Annie grows more eager. She drives her tongue as deep inside Ophelia as she can, suddenly eating her out extremely passionately, only growing more passionate as Annie drives her further into pleasure.

Annie kept up the pace, doing everything she could to give Alice more pleasure, her own pussy practically dripping with her pre. Her entire body had progressively grown into darker shades of red. Her own arousal starting to increase to the point where it wouldn't be very long until she is tipped over the edge.

Between Alice's relentless assault and being consumed by the scent of Annie's arousal, Ophelia feels herself tip over the imaginary edge she's been reaching towards for so long. For a moment her mind goes white, completely blanked from the sensations. Then it crashes into her so fiercely that she can't help by scream into Annie's vagina and its all she can do to force herself to keep tasting the detective while it feels like all her nerves go insane. She can feel her legs close around Alice's head, keeping her in place while she rides out the waves of this feeling

Alice shivers and shudders as Annie keeps driving her closer and closer, also closing her legs on Annie's head, causing her moans to increase in intensity as she maintains her pace in eating out Ophelia, while slurping up the juices from her orgasm, also moving one hand to Ophelia's clit, rubbing and pinching her clit as she eats her out.

Annie was spent, as Hel begins to orgasm she does at almost the same time, her juices spurting out onto Hel and a poorly-stifled half scream half moan escaping from her lips, her body shaking and quivering as waves of pure ecstasy ride throughout her body. She does her best to keep eating out Alice during this time, but there is a noticeable drop-off in her ability, though she does still manage to keep it up.

It takes much longer than Ophelia ever anticipated for the crashing, overwhelming feeling to begin to recede. And that is not at all helped by Alice's continuing efforts, making sure the wave she was riding never completely dissipates and even begins building up once more. And she can guess when Annie finds her edge as well by the noises she makes and the tense quivering that somewhat traps her between the detective's legs. Meaning that Alice is the only one she is not sure has reached her peak. She figures it's only fair that everyone enjoys this just as much as she is, so she moves her hand away from Annie's breast and onto Alice's nipples, pinching and pulling with it as best she can with Annie's legs blocking her vision. Maybe the additional stimulation can help her

As soon as Ophelia finds and starts pleasuring her breasts, as Annie continues eating her out vigorously, Alice lets out a soft, pleasured squeal into Ophelia's pussy as she shivers and spasms violently, her juices coming out in a torrent into Annie's face, as Alice finally reaches her own orgasm, panting heavily afterwards as she wraps her arms around Ophelia's hips. After a moment, she starts using her tongue to lick off the excess juices from Ophelia's pussy.

Annie makes a strange muffled sound as Alice suddenly squirts her in her face with pussy juices, but keeps eating Alice out as the orgasms continues none the less. With her own orgasm finished, she slowly retracts her face from Alice's pussy and takes a few deep breaths. "Well... I think she has learned the proper way to relieve that feeling now." Annie, probably to no one’s surprise, was the first to disentangle herself from the threesome and then roll onto the floor with a soft 'oof.' Getting back up, she starts heading towards her discarded clothing.

Ophelia releases a soft, almost inaudible groan of loss as Annie's warmth is separated from her. And then blushes when she realizes she has done so. To cover her sheepishness, she tries to think of something to say. "Ah... yes, this was a most enjoyable method of relief. I had no knowledge that such pleasures could even exist. Would.... would it be acceptable to ask for a repeat performance in the future?" It's only afterward that Ophelia thinks that she may have failed in her objective of deflecting embarrassment as that question brings it all back. At the very least, she finally releases Alice from her prison between her thighs and allows her a clean breath of air. With Annie currently on the floor, she has the room to orient herself with Alice and hug her head into her chest. Unless Alice indicates she does not wish to be embraced. Then she'll let go. But only then

Alice gladly rests her head on Ophelia's chest and gives her a gentle hug in return "I'd love to! This was very much... thoroughly enjoyable." she said, lifting her face up to Ophelia's and giving her a soft kiss on the lips, before resting her head back on Ophelia's chest, comfortably wrapped in her arms, before quickly adding "Wh-what about you, Annie?" she asks.

Annie slowly puts her clothing back on as Alice and Ophelia cuddle, giving them a surprisingly deadpan look before then looking at the floor in a unsure manner and shrugging. "Perhaps, but this was quite unprofessional as a detective and well...." She looks around the room, as if searching for some more excuses in the air and walls before sighing heavily. "W-we'll see." She stated finally, seeming to be very unsure about how she felt about the entire ordeal.

Ophelia looks concerned about Annie's answer for a bit, but decides that the detective did not say no and so is not as against it as she may outwardly seem. She's beginning to suspect a lot of Annie's answers may require a bit of thought to truly process, but then provoking thoughts seems to be in a detective's description of duty. With a small, serene smile Ophelia takes the answer she's been given and contemplates why it makes her feel so gleeful. It used to be the only reason she would experience such a thing was she just completed a tricky assassination. Because of that feeling, she determined that they were the reason she existed and chased it everywhere she could. She supposes that was the closest to the feeling of "happiness" she thought she would ever get. But she feels very happy now, in the arms of one of her only friends while the other desperately tries to hide her embarrassment. Still, she supposes she should throw the detective a lifeline before she does something further to avoid the feeling. "We have no further objectives today. I suggest we rest so that we may defeat any obstacles that hinder our path tomorrow." While she says that, she slightly tightens her hold on Alice, burrowing deeper into the hug.

Alice looks up at Ophelia's face and gives her a smile, then rests back onto her chest, before letting out a soft sigh as she lays in Ophelia's arms, hugging her tightly, and drifts off to sleep, breathing softly, seemingly unbothered by Annie's slightly ambiguous answer to their question. They would have to get used to her distant nature eventually, anyway.

Annie nods but doesn't immediately go to the bed, instead opting for rummaging through her jacket for a bit, apparently looking for something. After a few moments she nods curtly, seeming to have found what she wanted, then turns around and walks to the bed, laying down and as usual trying to keep her distance between the others, even after what just happened. Some people never change apparently.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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It's snowing

Lilith Rose/Mark3000
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Camilla nodded in understanding when Lilith told her to hide behind her if anything happened, moving closer to Lilith's back in response, a look of worry on her face. When Lilith helped up the Platinum-haired girl, she whispered a 'thank you', which was probably the best she could manage due to the kick she had suffered.

Lilith had just finished explaining her side of the story when a Were-Beast made his way over to them and spoke, just as Commander Jenkins was about to speak. "Do excuse me, sir Knights, but I'd heard there was a commotion and I was feeling concern. Is there any problem?" said the Were-Beast, causing the Commander to stop before he even started. "Ah, welcome to Azraq. My fellow knights were taking their jobs far too seriously is all. What the lady-" "Filthy Grey-skin, you mean" he was interrupted by one of the two knights, though which one said it was up in the air, though he ignored it regardless "Was just telling me is that she had not intentionally broken out law and had no place to say. Nobody was hurt, so I believe the little situation can be overlooked." he said, nodding at each of the knights, before turning back to Lilith and saying "Safe travels, m'lady. Do be careful... there have been disappearances as of late, I'd hate for you to be next." he said in a friendly warning sort of manner. The knights then departed, with Commander Jenkins giving the short platinum-haired girl, Lilith, Amun, and Camilla a quick wave.

The short blond girl rolled her eyes as Jenkins left "The guards here are usually kind, trust me. This was far outside the realm of normal." she explained, while checking her book to make sure it hadn't been damaged in the scuffle. She then turned to Amun, then at his Pendant. "Thanks for coming to our aid... and give Sir Cole my regards." she said, before starting to take her leave "I suggest steering clear of the guards on your way out, if those two see you again, there will be more." she called back, waving at the group without looking.

Amun Khufu/MrBlah
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Amun got to the area, it looked as though the Captain was about to say something, however he let Amun speak first, before responding "Ah, welcome to Azraq. My fellow knights were taking their jobs far too seriously is all. What the lady-" "Filthy Grey-skin, you mean" he was interrupted by one of the two knights, though which one said it was up in the air, though he ignored it regardless "-Was just telling me is that she had not intentionally broken out law and had no place to say. Nobody was hurt, so I believe the little situation can be overlooked." he said, nodding at each of the knights, before turning back to Lilith and saying "Safe travels, m'lady. Do be careful... there have been disappearances as of late, I'd hate for you to be next." he said in a friendly warning sort of manner. The knights then departed, with Commander Jenkins giving the short platinum-haired girl, Lilith, Amun, and Camilla a quick wave.

The short blond girl rolled her eyes as Jenkins left "The guards here are usually kind, trust me. This was far outside the realm of normal." she explained, while checking her book to make sure it hadn't been damaged in the scuffle. She then turned to Amun, then at his Pendant. "Thanks for coming to our aid... and give Sir Cole my regards." she said, before starting to take her leave "I suggest steering clear of the guards on your way out, if those two see you again, there will be more." she called back, waving at the group without looking.

Saphira Perinther/Randomizer
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

After they had finished burning the bodies, Saphira can see that Magnolia was staring at something off in the distance. Following her gaze, she can see off in the distance, a city with black walls taller than any city she had seen so far. The area around it seemed to darken in a large dome shape. The city had strange posts around the walls, topped with black glass-looking cylinders around it. The city also was strangely standing where Monsteropolis had previously been, though its dimensions were larger. Having been this way recently, Saphira was aware that the City of Monsteropolis was recently nothing but a pile of ruins, and this black city had been apparently constructed in a time which would have been far shorter than what's considered reasonable. The city gates were also guarded by a pair of pale-skinned girls in black armor, black skin-tight suits beneath said black armor. The girls were seemingly unaware of the zombie horde or Saphira and her party, as they were standing as still as statues, only looking straight ahead.

After having noticed this anomaly, she also noticed that the mob of undead that had been near them was now moving the opposite direction and towards the distant spire. In response to this, Magnolia was waving at them, happily, with both hands. The Black Spire that was growing nearby seemingly ceased to do so and crumbled to a pile of black dust.

Magnolia then suddenly turned and started waving in the opposite direction of the Undead, causing Saphira to direct her attention behind them, causing her to be greeted with the sight of a VERY tall... something. The girl she was seeing heading up the group was wearing gold armor and vaguely resembled a Spectross, however she had one spotlight-like eye that even blinded her from the distance they were approaching at, and had black skin. Aside from being tall, her other eye looked Spectross, and so did her hair. The two that were with her were a short girl in a black and yellow outfit, with a hood and a Ninjaken, with very long black hair and lilac eyes, as well as a girl with long white hair tied back with a red ribbon, wearing a black suit.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When they had completed the task of burning the undead bodies, CeeCee becomes aware of the feeling that she's being watched. Looking in the direction that Monsteropolis once stood, she finds standing in its place, a much large and expansive city surrounded by a smooth black wall. The wall was surrounded by posts that were topped with black glass-like cylinders, and the entire city seemed to be avoided by the light that would have otherwise been shining upon it, creating an area covered by darkness. The city gates were guarded by a pair of pale-skinned girls in black armor, black skin-tight suits beneath said black armor. The girls were seemingly unaware of the zombie horde or CeeCee and her party, as they were standing as still as statues, only looking straight ahead.

Speaking of the Zombie horde, it was seemingly retreating, with Magnolia waving at them goodbye, the entire mob moving back towards the distant black spire that CeeCee had noticed earlier. The one that was growing, however, seemingly ceased to do so and crumbled to a pile of black dust.

Magnolia then suddenly turned and started waving in the opposite direction of the Undead, causing CeeCee to direct her attention behind them, causing her to be greeted with the sight of a VERY tall... something. The girl she was seeing heading up the group was wearing gold armor and vaguely resembled a Spectross, however she had one spotlight-like eye that even blinded her from the distance they were approaching at, and had black skin. Aside from being tall, her other eye looked Spectross, and so did her hair. The two that were with her were a short girl in a black and yellow outfit, with a hood and a Ninjaken, with very long black hair and lilac eyes, as well as a girl with long white hair tied back with a red ribbon, wearing a black suit.

Anastasia Ursa/LittleManKitten
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

After that had left the Barton Castle behind, Idalia took the group on a quick detour to the treeline, and got Ara to help her dig a hole beneath the nearest tree. After only a moment, they find a metal case, which Idalia kicks open, revealing a pair of clothes and Idalia's weapons. Idalia quickly strips, seemingly unbothered by Ara and Anastasia watching, and puts on her new clothes; A pair of black and yellow stockings, boots, a matching shirt, and a skimpy jacket with a hood attached to the back. She slips her wire into her sleeve, then puts on her Ninjaken and hides her Katars, before they resume their travels.

It wasn't too long before the group came upon what should have been the ruins of Monsteropolis. In place of the ruins was a large black city, surrounded by black walls, the tallest city walls Anastasia had ever seen. The wall was surrounded by posts that were topped with black glass-like cylinders, and the entire city seemed to be avoided by the light that would have otherwise been shining upon it, creating an area covered by darkness. The city gates were guarded by a pair of pale-skinned girls in black armor, black skin-tight suits beneath said black armor.

Closer than the city, however, was a trio of girls who were watching a zombie horde leave the area, heading towards a distant Black Spire. The group consisted of a red-haired, green-eyed girl with Engineering goggles, wearing a grey shirt and black shorts, with a Gunblade holstered at her side, a Were-Beast girl with white hair and orange eyes, and white wolf ears and tail, who was wearing tight black armor and a Barton Shield. The two were with an odd-looking little girl with mismatched brown and red eyes, split black and white hair with a matching bow, and a black and white dress. Upon seeing the group, Ara perked up "Huh. So many strange sights at once, a weird black city in place of ruins, a group of travelers all the way out here, retreating zombies, and one of those random black towers." she commented, casually. Idalia was less impressed "That looks like a Barton Shield... but that's not a male, nor is it one of me. Maybe she looted it off one of them? They're everywhere lately, so she could have ambushed a group of them and took the shield." she mumbled barely loud enough for any of them to hear.

Selvaria Vaimel
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Selvaria was closed up in her shop, after having operated in Azraq for quite some time, when suddenly a brief knock is heard at her door, only for a loud crash to immediately follow as her door is kicked down by the Blue-Armored Knights of Azraq. The three knocks enter the room, with the one in the lead loudly proclaiming "We have official notice that an individual is illegally operating in the area without a license, we are therefor tasked with gently reminding you that you must either take up a job with the guild, or convince the other shop to cease function so that you may instead become the only business of your kind in Azraq. Failure to cease operations will be met with more severe punishment." the knight finishes with a curt nod, before the trio turns a full 180 degrees and walks out of the room, with the one at the back grabbing Selvaria's door and dragging it off with them for no apparent reason.

This event makes Selvaria acutely aware that the only business which may be operated in Azraq, more than one at a time, is a guild. This, of course, was a recent decision in an attempt to create a larger concentration of mercenaries in the city. The problem with this, however, was that Selvaria actually had one more week before this law would start being enforced.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Ophelia and her companions were in the midst of sleeping, Annie by her side, and Alice resting against her chest, when a crash awakens Ophelia from her sleep, coming from the hallway. After the loud crash, she could also hear footsteps following, until it stopped directly outside her room door. Checking on the two of her companions, she would find that neither was had awakened from hearing the crash, and are both sleeping just as soundly as before.

After the sound stops in front of her door, it begins rattling it, only to run back up the hallway, then right back to the door, rattle it again, then start moving erratically back and forth once more. The sounds of guards did not follow, which was somewhat strange, given how many guards are typically posted all over the Colosseum. After the noises stopped in front of their room door once more, Ophelia could hear an odd sloshing sound, as if someone had taken a dunk in a pool of water, then was taking slow steps, marching in the same spot.

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