Dark Conception (Monster game)

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Dark Conception (Monster game)

Postby dryingpole » Fri Dec 31, 2010 5:48 am

Okay, now I know this one's a little niche, so feel free to ignore if you don't like complicated rules. About four Years ago, I created a game system for a squad based tactical game called "Dark Conception" I posted this little sucker on a website, and saved a copy to my computer, thinking that it would be enough. Well of course, that computer crashed, and the website deleted all non-graphical stories when they changed servers... I managed to salvage some of my old character sheets, as well as the combat quick reference sheet...

Essentially, I'm rewriting the game from scratch, and would LOVE a bit of input from people. Eventually, I'd LOVE to turn this into a full fledged computer/flash game, but considering it's pretty ambitious...

Game Paradign: A small town is besieged by monsters. Classic B-movie set up. The humans fight off the monsters using firepower and team tactics. The monsters try to take down the humans using in-bred mutations and skills. Humans improve through experience. Monsters improve through breeding... with humans... Yup, you guessed it! Total porn squad based strategy. Humans try to save everybody they can, because every human lost to the enemy improves the monsters. And of course the monsters want to rape every woman that they see, since it not only improves the breed, it increases their numbers. Monsters are created via the CAM or "Create A Monster" paradign, where each monster has a general type, (At present, the current types are Human/zombie, Insectoid/Arachnid, Mammal, Demon, Alien, Lizard/Bird, Worms/Slimy, and Plants) A "Frame" and a "Size". All of those factors determine what modifications the creature can mount, from biological weapons, to tentacles, to hands, etc...

Of course, being nailed by a monster has some interesting side effects, based off the type of monster that bangs each woman. (In other words, slowly but surely, the victims begin to take on the characteristics of the monster that breeds them... So if the victim manages to escape, she might find that she has a few abilities that will help the human side.) And of course, just for hentai's sake, every orgasm a woman has during the rape increases her chances of getting pregnant...

This game DEFINATELY caters to the "Pregnancy" fetish crowd, as well as the NC crowd, but also has a little for the "Furry/Scalie/Buggy" crowd since every time a human gets bred she turns a little more monster... (And you don't OFFICIALLY lose her until she turns totally monster, but if she's captured, you better rescue her QUICK!) There's also the "Ripped Clothes" crowd, since I actually wrote in a mechanic of how much clothing a monster could rip off a girl at a time, and how much it could just IGNORE when it tried to nail her.

I'm including the original sheets, keep in mind that they are EXTREMELY primitive as far as art work goes. (I have no drawing ability, WHATSOEVER.) and many of the abbreviations don't make sense, since they were designed as a companion to the original rules. And you will also note that the HUMAN sheet is missing... It disappeared as well, and I'll need to recreate that. If there's some interest, I'll post what I have as far as the rewrite... Essentially, I'm NOT trying to steal anybody away from the LOK or any of the other projects. I just would like some feedback, and if anybody has any ideas they'd like to share, I'd love to hear them.
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Re: Dark Conception (Pen and Paper Game)

Postby tarvos » Fri Dec 31, 2010 6:18 am

I suppose if you wanted to get rather technical, and detailed, I had a thought for the monster side. more of a collection mini-game in a way.

Each "class" or profession would yield a different look and stat for the monster, while each "race" of female would contribute some form of resistance to a certain type of elemental damage or something. of course there is no reason to get unreasonably complex since you would feasibly have to start off with one form and branch out from there as you catch different types of girls. Then the whole "fathers" side comes into play and we get into some complex experiment in selective breeding >.<

And for the human side? Bolters. Lots and Lots of Bolters. :P
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Re: Dark Conception (Pen and Paper Game)

Postby corta » Fri Dec 31, 2010 6:23 am

now, I've got no idea if 'pen and paper game' is a game-play genre.. so, I'll ask how the whole thing is going to work out..
..going for a 'multiple character' RTS sort of setup or single player (team?) RPG?
..or even.. something else entirely?
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Re: Dark Conception (Pen and Paper Game)

Postby dryingpole » Fri Dec 31, 2010 6:28 am

That's actually a really good idea! Let me clarify a little of what I had in mind, and then I'll see how I could work your idea into it.

One of the original ideas was to have the monsters only start with ONE of the various types (Mammal/Insect, whatever) as well as one frame and size.
The way that they would gain more would be through spending points gained from raping women to improve their stats/available mods via purchase...

BUUUT, I like your idea slightly better. If we made it a collection mini-game, then not only would victims be useful for nebulous "Points" but in addition you'd have to look out for certain victims to rape... (Like maybe the "Cthulu' obsessed artist... rape her, and suddenly your monster can mount the tentacle mutation) You could still have the need to "Breed" for basic stats, etc... but to REALLy improve your monsters, you'd need to hunt down and get gals with that special... something... (Oh wait! I've got it! You still need to spend the points, but that modification doesn't become "Unlocked" until you rape a specific type of victim!

That's a great idea for the revision.... (Jots down notes...) Must work harder!

Just trying to think about what kinds of gals would need to be raped for the "Giant cock" mutation... porn star maybe?
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Re: Dark Conception (Pen and Paper Game)

Postby dryingpole » Fri Dec 31, 2010 6:31 am

Originally it was a pen and paper turned based strategy. (Kinda like X-COM with sex)

I would like to keep it turned based for two reasons. 1. I LOVE turn based games... 2. A rape in a turn based game would be infinately more fappable than one where you had to react quickly to solve the problem.

In a perfect world, this game would be like a combination of overworld strategy, and low level skirmish battles between humans with weapons, and monster that want to breed... Definately squad based, with many more monsters than humans.
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Re: Dark Conception (Pen and Paper Game)

Postby tarvos » Fri Dec 31, 2010 8:15 am

Well if you are talking about upgrades, then as long as you have the basic forms to start with (big brutish type, scaly rogue type, stealthy flying type, etc) you can do it a number of ways. If you capture, lets just say, a common "Indian" skinned villager who is trained as a hunter you have three variables.

Level- Common- as she was in life she is nothing special, nothing defective but don't expect bosses to be spawned from her

Race- You have the damage and resistance modifiers from monsters bred from this type (that and a reason to include different skin toned from White, brown, Indian, martian, mooninite, whatever)

Training- if we fallow the Assassin's creed logic and say that what you are good at usually passes through your genes then the monsters from this type of person will prefer to stalk and use range weaponry from the "hunter" type.

While, yes you could use the commoners to breed your army, you want to keep an eye out for a more accomplished "wife" to breed your leaders and specialists and so forth. I am familiar with pen and paper RPGs, and even am one of two GMs for the Deathwatch RPG (40k) group in my area; so I do know a little about how these systems are suppose to work and you can make a great game with this principle. I just can't wait to see the end results ^.^

Edit: I suppose these modifiers would carry over to the Humans as well (and if this is a fantasy based one, Elves and whatever), they pick their race, class and gender and instead of being "born" a higher level, they do it the traditional way and every level threshold they reach makes them a higher priority target for the monster players.
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Re: Dark Conception (Pen and Paper Game)

Postby Csbears » Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:15 am

For all of the things that are created around here I really am taking a liking to this idea you've got here. Amazing work and I'd like to see where this yellow brick road leads to. :D
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Re: Dark Conception (Pen and Paper Game)

Postby dryingpole » Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:21 am

Okay... this is actually getting quite fun, so I'm going to start out with the most basic concepts of the game's design, and that way we have a foundation to start with... (I hadn't thought about elves or other fantasy creatures, since I pictured it as a modern b-movie style RPG, but we can adjust for what people want.)

As far as stats in this game, the start at 0 and go all the way up to 100 for HUMANS. (Theoretical Human max is 100 percent, so that's the top.) Monsters however, have NO such limit, and as long as they have appropriate modifications or breeding, can go above that with restrictions only based off the "Frame" they are using..

A Standard human score is NOT 50. Most common characters will have stats around 15-25, representing an average trained human. (Males and females)

The basic stats for ALL characters, Monster and human are:
Strength: Pretty standard, affects carrying capacity, grapples, and melee damage
Agility: Determines speed/movement, as well as number of actions that can be taken per turn, as well as the ability to HIT in close combat.
Marksmanship: Covers ONLY ranged fire. (This is separated from Agility, since the greatest ninja in the world might be a lousy shot)
Reactions: Separated from Agility as well. This covers the ability to switch targets, as well as the ability to react to a target of opportunity during opposing teams turn.
Intelligence: Covers ability to learn. This is important to humans for the ability to learn new skills when going up levels. Monsters with high enough intelligence might be able to use human tech.
Discipline: Ability to stay calm and return fire when in a stressful situation. (For example: A giant rapist monster is charging right at the gal... or in monster terms, they've just opened up a .50 cal on you.)

In addition Humans also have minor skills like:Driving/Weaponsmithing/Mechanic/Demolition, etc which allow them to perform special actions like researching weapons or setting bombs. These skills are generally worked off intelligence, but there can be minor variations.

Monster skills are identical to human major skills. However, there are maximums for various frames. (A facehugger is not going to have a strength of 200 for example)
Monsters fall into one of four general frames, which are further modified by their race and size.

The four frames are: Amorphous (All "Slots" in one location. Allows for the largest mods to be placed, but total slots reduced by 20%)
Worm (2 Locations for slots. Slowest frame without additional limbs attached, but able to mount most heavy modifications)
Four-legged (Fastest frame, but slots spread around body)
Humanoid (All around frame, emphasis on arms and head)

The sizes are: Small : About the size of a Facehugger or other small monster
Medium: About the size of a large Dog
Large: Human sized
Huge: About the size of a volkswagon bus. (And honestly, anything larger than that trying to rape a woman would probably instantly kill her...)

As earlier stated, the Archetypes for monster's "Race" are : Plants, Worms/Slimey, Demon, Lizard/Bird, Mammal, Insect/Arachnid, Human/zombie, Alien. Originally, the idea was to have these races be mostly cosmetic with different costs for different mutations... I'm toying with the idea of making these a third variable that affects both base stats/max stats, as well as what modifications can be mounted TOTAL...

Phew... okay, as far as breeding goes, you pretty much nailed it with the general concept... Regular, run of the mill humans are NOT the best fodder for breeding. (Since when you breed with a human, you only gain bonuses based off her stats) You pretty much want to nail gals with high stats, and breed with them as much as possible. (Once again, I had in mind a SLIGHT "Corruption" model, where based off a gal's discipline, she can resist the corruption... After a while though, each monster she births catches up with her, causing her to develop more and more into a slightly inhuman form. (Which is where the furries come in. In other words, if she gets bred by a "Wolf" looking mammal monster, she'll slowly begin to take on her "Mate's" features. If she can't get away, she'll eventually become a monster herself. At that point, she'll no longer be useful for breeding, (Game balance decision there) But you have a monster who MIGHT have much higher stats... and if you want to make it even more interesting, I'm also toying with the idea of a fully bred human becoming a "Futa" and going after the other women... no stats on that, but it's another idea.)

I can and will go into more detail on the breeding mechanics/monster mods/rape mechanic/stripping mechanics/combat, etc, but I just wanted to give you an idea of where I started.

Edit: I know that the stats here are different from the ones on the character sheet. In recreating the rules, I decided that certain terms were far too "Cliche" and didn't really represent what I was trying to present. Sorry if that's a little confusing, but ya gotta remember these things are pretty old. Aaaand I just realized I forgot "PLant" as well... DOH
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Re: Dark Conception (Pen and Paper Game)

Postby dryingpole » Fri Dec 31, 2010 7:36 pm

Okay on we go to creating monsters:

Monsters, as stated earlier, fall into various frames and sizes. once you get to that, you have several factors that come into play.

One: The creature's "Base Stats" These are determined by the overall gene pool of the monsters that you have. You improve your general gene pool by breeding. However, once again, the maximum stats are affected by the general frame of the monster, in that they cannot exceed certain levels. (But only as a BASE, they can be further modified by the next section)

Two: The creature's "Slots". This is where it gets fun. Every monster has a certain amount of mutability, which allows it to mount biological weapons, or mutations, etc. Essentially, this is the monster's "Equipment" Smaller creatures generally get less than big monsters... BUT on smaller monsters certain modifications take up less space than on larger creatures. (For Exampe: A "blending" mutation that make the creature's stealth and dodging better costs one slot per location on a small monster, but 4 slots per location on a LARGE creature. And yes, this is another advantage for Amorphous, in that mutations with multiple slot locations take up less total space as well. [Amorphous is an advantageous form, but has major drawbacks as well])

Three: I'll post most of my mutation ideas in the next post. Note: It's a LONG list and not in any particular order. Not all of these are totally practical, but this is a brainstorm excercise. Anybody who'd got more ideas, feel free to suggest, and I'll see how I can work em in.

Now in addition to all of the above factors, monsters also have 2 minor stats that are not as important in a combat situation, (But with the proper mutations, can be DEADLY in a combat situation) Gestation time, and Maturation time. Essentially, the smaller the creature, the faster it is grown inside its mother and the faster it matures into a monster capable of fighting back. (Not a combat situation? Imagine this... you have a "breeder" creature which can impregnate women with a maximum speed growth and maturation monster... one in combat rape... and a few rounds later, you've got reinforcement... in addition, you may have corrupted the mother as well...)

As far as the Slot system for humans goes. The way I was planning on having it work was that whenever a victim reaches a new level of "Corruption" (Six levels, with zero being untouched) she gains three slots. (And at each level she begins to resemble the monster that bred with her) The monsters can either use them to mutate her (Provided they have enough time and are able to secure her) or if she has escaped and is back with humans, she can use them herself to gain various abilities. (I'm thinking that the mutations the monsters will apply will generally be non-combat, geared only towards making her a better breeder, while escaped humans will try to grow the BEST possible combat stats. [I'm thinking that Marksmanship and agility mutations will be especially popular])
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Re: Dark Conception (Pen and Paper Game)

Postby dryingpole » Fri Dec 31, 2010 8:28 pm

Okay... on to the fun topic, and the one that almost anybody can contribute Ideas to! Monster Equipment!

Once again, this is in NO particular order other than the creatures that inspired it: (I flipped through a bio textbook and stole ideas from nature that I thought worked) (And this in no way suggests what creatures I want as the "Archetype" for each critter. this is just the inspiration.)

All base stats have a mutation to improve them, which fall into the logical areas. Standard rate is one slot for five points.
In addition, Various defenses to "Environmental" attacks are size based. (Fire, ice, etc...)

Electrical Sense(Platypus): If the humans are using high tech equipment, this is an easy way for the monsters to hunt them down.
Pain Amplifyier Poison (Platypus): The only poisonous mammal has a poison that increases nerve stimulation. (Essentially a stun poison)
Jumping Locomotion (Kangaroo): Ability to jump high, and close distance rapidly
Teeth/Fangs(Inspired by all mammal Carnivores): this one both acts as a melee weapon, and allows the monster to strip clothes from a victim
Armor (Armadillo, Pangolin): Reduces damage from attacks. Pretty basic really
Glide Flight (Flying squirrel/Lemur): Allows the monster to glide, but not increase in altitude. Great when paired by some method of propusion/launch
True Flight (Bat): Uses up a LOT of slots but allows full flight, which is VERY dangerous...
Prehensile Tail (New World Monkey): A manipulator, which allows interaction with the environment as well as stripping. (Can also count as a "Tentacle" with enough support mods)
Opposible Thumb: An extremely valuable mutation, allowing the use of tools, as well as granting a major bonus to stripping.
Cock Knot: (Canine) Prevents a woman from stopping a rape halfway through. (Once it gets in there... it ain't coming out until the monster cums...)
Improved Smell (Canine); Another method of detecting humans
Climbing (Bear/Monkey) : Ability to scale walls. Becomes extremely dangerous if the humans rely on static defenses
Burrowing Mammals (Rabbits, etc): Ability to create a burrow, which acts as a lair. (Monsters will not need to rely on existing buildings or caves)
Swimming (Otter/Seal): For the times when the humans think that a wall on a peninsula is the BEST defensive strategy.
Retractable Claws (Cat): Melee weapon that also improves stripping. Unlike other claws, does NOT decrease monster's stealth.
Night Vision (Cat): NVG's have got nothing on this one...
Hooves: Increases overall speed. (Abstract choice, since this usually represents Distance running. I'm thinking of making it an Overworld specific mutation, which allows for rapid movement there)
Huge Dick (Equines): Since we're making this an H-game, a huge dick translates into increased pleasure for all victims... (Not realistic, I know, but who cares.)
Horns (Hooved Mammals) : Deadly weapon. Not useful otherwise.
Extended Tongue (Giraffe); Can act as a tentacle, or a stimulation tool, which of course results in more impregnations... (Remember... orgasms equal increased chance of pregnancy)
Hump (Camel): Acts as a nutrient supply, and with the monster's biology, essentially acts as a back up... (If monster gets killed... there's a chance it revives, minus the hump)
Slime Glands (Hippopotomus): Slime can have several effects, based off the toxin that is used. With no toxin, slime merely serves to reduce chances of grapples and increase stimulation
Tooth spear (Narwhale): Base is simply a spear of bone. more modifications can turn this into a spear launcher.
Increased Reproductive rate (Squirrel): Installing this causes you monster to grow faster and mature faster. (Can be installed multiple times to further reduce times)
Flight (Bird): Pretty basic, but I figure reptiles/birds should get it faster than other "Races"
Beak (Bird of Prey) : A stripping tool as well as a weapon.
Dive attack (Peregrine Falcon): An attack that allows a small creature to overbear a larger one. Requires distance, but has a chance of stunning victim.
Scales and Shells (Lizards and Turtles) :Other forms of armor. Some are deflective instead of just absorbing.
Climbing Pads (Gecko): Drasticly improves climbing.
Large Jaws (Alligator): Dangerous weapon. Useless for stripping.
Stealth (Chameleon): Allows a dodge chance against all ranged weapons even when not actively dodging, as well as reducing visibility to unaware enemies.
Entangling Tongue (Chameleon): A sticky, grabbing appendage which can be modified to strip/stimulate
Detachable Parts (Skink): In this one we get a little weird. I think it's be interesting to allow the creature to detach part of itself and attack with that part. (Limited lifespan, but a built in flanker)
Constrictive tentacles (Snake): A standard entangling attack.
Venom (Snake): Pure damage. Pretty useless if you want to take them alive.
Venom (Cobra): In the spirit of hentai, this one becomes a "Knock Out" toxin. (For those with a sleepy fetish...)
Poison Spit (Spitting Cobra): A ranged weapon allowing various toxins to be projected at range
Jelly plug (Garden Snake): After sex a Garden Snake fills its partner with a jelly that prevents sperm from escaping. (Improves pregnancy chance.)
Metamorphosis (Frogs): The ultimate nightmare for the human male. The monsters can transform (Either rapidly or slowly depending on how much is put into this.) a male into a female for breeding...
Poison Concentration (Poison Arrow Frog): Poison arrow frogs do NOT create their own poison, they concentrate it from insects... improves poison effectiveness.
Water Knockback (Archerfish): The equivelent of a fire hose. Nonlethal, but knocks victims off their feet, and stuns.
Tentacles (Octopus): Hentai AWAY!!! Tentacles fall into the standard category of entagles/rape objects.
Sperm package (Octopus): WIth this, it's no longer necessary to fully rape a victim to impregnate her! Just fire this little sucker and hope it hits...
Web (Spider): Standard bondage tool. Very helpful in keeping impregnated victims quiet and under control.
Stinger tail (Scorpion) : Another Poison delivery tool.
Pincers (Crab): Useful for stripping and dealing with heavy armor
Extra Limbs (Insects/arachnids) : Limbs can mount mutations that can not be mounted other places. Mounting an extra limb increases the number that can be installed.
Exoskeleton (Insects) : Another form of armor.
Wings (Bugs): Another form of wings, these are slower, but almost always allow for hovering.
Mantis Arms (Mantis): A extremely rapid strike attack. Not useful for stripping, but good for grappling.
Egg Insertion (Wasp): You no longer have to BREED with women to impregnate them. Instead you can use them as hosts for eggs. The downside is that you gain no breeding points for doing this. The upside is that even the crappiest host will provide a baseline monster. (In other words, it's 100% based off the MONSTER DNA...)
Traumatic Insemination (Bugs): Some bugs don't bother with sex and just STAB the opposite sex with an injector. As far as this one goes, it is a special attack with a chance of pregnancy. (No sex required)
Cock Cannon (No RL equivilent) : A giant underslung penis, which fires huge globs of semen. Can be modified with toxins, but the real danger is that on unprotected women, the active swimmers might cause a pregnancy.
Rape Pod (No RL Equivilent): A large pod that is the exact size of a woman. A woman captured in one of these WILL become pregnant, it's just a matter of time. (Huge, and only mountable on the largest creatures.)
Creature Launcher (No RL Equivelent) : A muscular spasm that fires another creature. Only can fire up to 2 sizes lower, and a large mutation. (Great when combined with wings, etc)
Seed Flood (No RL): During sex, the monster pumps HUGE amounts of seen into the victim. increases preg chance.
Non Organic Acid (No RL) : Also known as Clothes remover, breaks down the victims armor, but does not damage living creatures.
Ovulation Inducer (No RL): Causes a woman to ovulate. Dramatically increases the chance of pregnancy...

And theres ALL my ideas... Phew... here's where I could really use input... Next time... More rules!
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Re: Dark Conception (Pen and Paper Game)

Postby dryingpole » Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:41 pm

Basic Combat rules;

The original rules called for this to be on a 3D Hex field. (I like em better than squares, to be honest, and they aren't too complicated.
Base movement for all characters is AGI(Agility)/5 rounded up. (Human max is 20 squares per turn.) These squares also represent Actions that can be taken per turn, so humans can have a maximum of 20 action points or (AP).

Standard movement is one Action point per hex. That represents running speed. (We'll keep it 2D for now, just to give the sense of the rules)
There is no cost for turning, but remember that somebody can only see what's in front of them. (This is important for reaction fire, because monsters can close FAST)

The percentage of action points used to fire a shot depends on a weapon. (Pistols are easier to pull up and fire, while rifles require more time to brace, etc)

Standard difficulty for a shot at short range is a random number is 100- character's Marksmanship. (Lower is better, you want to roll over this number) This is modified by range(dependant on weapon), autofire, target's dodge (If it is dodging) and firer's movement. (Run a few feet, then try to fire a shot... it's harder than standing still)

If you hit, check the chart. Then do the damage of the weapon, reduced by any armor. If you notice on the critical hits chart, Crits get dangerous FAST. (This is the main way that humans can even the odds. Make every shot count...)

Close Comba (Lethal or Stun)t:

Make the Defense Roll. D100+ Defenders Agility.
Make the offense roll. D100+ Attackers agility.

Hits are identical to the ranged table.

Damage is reflected on the chart, but substitue Strength for Phys (Which was a confusing stat that I hate)

Subdual (Monster's FAVORITE)
Roll to hit as the same. However, if damage is rolled, the victim gains SP (Subdual Points) equal to the # Defender was beaten by.
SP result in a penalty to AP. If Ap are reduced to zero, Victim cannot move as long as grapple/subdual is maintained. (However, victim may still fight back. Is treated as having 1 AP for fighting ONLY.)
(However, keep in mind that SP do not ONLY reduce AP. They are cumulative, and as a result can go FAR above victim's AP)

Phew... Ok, next time Stripping and Raping rules...
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Re: Dark Conception (Pen and Paper Game)

Postby dryingpole » Sat Jan 01, 2011 2:12 am

Okay, time to get to what everybody's been PATIENTLY waiting for:

The Rape Rules. (The entire Point of the game)

Okay rape has three stages in this game:
3.Climax (And resolution)


First off, before a creature can begin the process of knocking up a woman, it has to get her out of those clothes...
Clothing/armor has 2 stats. OC- Obstructivie Clothing... (How well it protects against a rape attempt) and Armor (How well it protects against damage altogether.) For example, a gal wearing a bullet proof vest won't take damage from ranged shots, but is totally defenseless against some critter trying to rape her...)

Most women in a combat situation will be wearing armor, or at least clothes, however, any monster can COMPLETELY ignore some of that. Divide the monster's strength by 20. That is the number of points in what I used to call Rsr can be ignored. (I'm gonna change it to something a little more descriptive. How bout, Obstructing Clothing, or OC... (The justification for this is that a Bikini can be easily pushed to the side, etc... The stronger the monster, the more clothing it can just rip through, ignoring it completely)

Unfortunately for the monsters, most women wear more than that. Stripping off clothing, (Or at least rendering it useless to protect against a rape) requires a specific "stripping attack" There are numerous modifications that are useful for this. The best of course are claws, teeth, and hands. Tentacles are also pretty good for this. Standard Agility versus Agility check. Victim has a penalty equal to how far subdued she is, (SP). Monster has bonuses based off what it's using to strip her, and faces a penalty of OC*3 as well.

If the monster wins flat out, the gal has had all erogenous zones exposed and is fully ready to be raped.
If the Gal wins, but the monster has made at least 1/2 of the target number, her clothing is damaged. For every 3 higher than 1/2 the difficulty, number the OC or the Armor value of the clothing is reduced by one. (This also results in a tattered, ripped clothing look...)

These checks can continue until the victim breaks free, OR the monster has enough of her body exposed to rape her.

Once the monster has cleared the way, it rolls one final AGI vs. AGI check. (VIctim still suffers penalties for subdual) If this succeeds, the monster has succeeded in penetrating her.


From here on out, the monster's goal is to give the victim as many orgasms as possible before it reaches orgasm. Each orgasm the victim suffers increases her chances of getting knocked up.
Throughout this whole process, the victim can fight back, but suffers penalties based on SP as well as the distracion of having sex.

Monsters last a base of their Discipline/10 rounds before they must cum. This can be EASILY modified by many factors in the monster's design, but is the base.

Each round of sex, the monster makes an opposed check against the victims discipline. For every five points the monster beats the victim by, she gains a point of "Stimulation" 10 stimulation points equal an orgasm. (Yes, this does mean that potentially women can have multiple orgasms in a round)

Monsters have numerous mutations that increase their discipline for sex checks. (Tentacles that stimulate, size, etc...)


The monster can choose to reach orgasm sooner than their maximum, but they only gain bonuses for the sex they actually have, not on the maximum possible.

When the monster reaches orgasm, it makes a D100 check based off its monster design. If the check is made, the victim becomes pregnant. This is totally based off the monster design. (The assumption is that the monster "Forces" her body to ovulate, etc... if the impregnation is successful) This chance is modified by how "Good" the sex was. Each orgasm the victim reaches during the rape increases the chance by 15%. If the combined chance is over 99%, there is a chance that either the victim was "Overpowered" by the sex, or she was knocked up with a multiple.
The monster makes the decision. If the monster chooses pregnancy, reroll the combined chance after the first impregnation, halving the chance until failure. That's the number of monsters she is now carrying.

If the Mosnter chooses "Overpowering" move on to the next section.

Corruption/Furry girl!

-Every time a woman has sex with a monster, she has a chance of taking on it's characteristics. Each point of Stimulation she takes equals a percentage chance that she has been corrupted... Roll after every rape. These do NOT go away, and are cumulative until she gains a level of corruption, at which point they reset to zero. If a woman has been "Overwhelmed" by the sex, the stimulation points are tripled.

At level Zero, You have a totally human woman. Even if she has stimulation points, she's been able to resist the effects.

At level one, There are no OBVIOUS effects of the corruption, but she gainst 3 "Slots" (Determined by the controller and limited to a Large Humanoid "Frame") If she's in the custody of the monsters, they can either use the slots to slighty mutate her, or save them. If she's with the Humans, They are under her control to use. (But she's limited to the Mods of the creatures that have raped her)

At Level two, We see the first effects of the creatures on her. Depending on the type of monster that raped her, she becomes SLIGHTLY like that creature. (For mammals, think Catgirl...) She now has a total of Six Slots.

At Level Three, there is simply more slots gained, 9 slots total

Level Four, and the gal becomes a FULL furry of whatever type of monster raped her. (In the case of multiple types, she becomes the FIRST monster to rape her) 12 Slots now.

Level Five: At this point the woman most likely has been raped many times, and impregnated several times as well. She is now a monster, and loses the ability to bear children. (She's now more monster than human) In addition to her 15 slots, she maintains her stats, and becomes a futa capable of raping other women...

So that's how rape, corruption and pregnancy work on a base level. I still need to redo the effects of pregnancy, birth, etc... as well as monster maturation and growth, but you get the ideas. I also need to redo the human equipment charts and tech charts as well...

All Ideas welcome!
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Re: Dark Conception (Pen and Paper Game)

Postby dryingpole » Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:01 am

And thanks CSbears. I hope that I don't disappoint you, since unfortunately my skills are not in art... yet...

I'm WORKING on it! Jeez, The next semester starts in 20 days...
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Re: Dark Conception (Pen and Paper Game)

Postby tarvos » Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:15 am

/adds a stamp of approval.

I can't think of anything new until I play it first hand. And remember ladies and gentlemen, when you are playing your RPG games on the computer or console the GAME is doing all this work for you :P
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Re: Dark Conception (Pen and Paper Game)

Postby DexterdMMX » Sat Jan 01, 2011 1:59 pm

1. Look´s like a a difficult job to me.
I play PnP RPG for 14 years and my experience is, a more complex game hase more options but is complex.
Maybe you should try simple at first?
2. Do you plan a game where we could play the monsters to subdue as much women as possible to create a imperium of breeding? Maybe agins other monter groups. Or the normal way, women who kill monsters and get fucked while doing so?

But all in all a good idea ;)
I am working on it...
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Re: Dark Conception (Pen and Paper Game)

Postby Redcostar » Sat Jan 01, 2011 5:02 pm

Great idea for a game. :) Hopefully it'll be finished soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111
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Re: Dark Conception (Pen and Paper Game)

Postby KaTsuO_O » Sat Jan 01, 2011 5:06 pm

If you dont know anything about flash then you shouldent think about making a advance game because you wont be able to do it. Start of simple and then after a year or so depending how fast you learn you can start making more advance stuff.
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Re: Dark Conception (Pen and Paper Game)

Postby dryingpole » Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:48 pm

First off, yeah, everybody's quite right. This is a VERY ambitious idea/game. I have no idea how long it'll take to code, draw, etc... but since this idea has been floating around in my head for almost eight years total, I don't mind waiting a bit longer to see it come to fruition.

However, my thought is, FIRST get it all down on paper, work out as many rules as possible, etc... etc... At that point, I can see where I can try to create various aspects as introductory flashes to try to show where I'm going with this...

On to the specific answers...:
@tarvos: True, and having all the math/rules worked out before I start coding will help streamline THAT process so I don't have to work it out as I go.

@DexterMMX: True. And I know exactly how much work will have to go into this... However, I'm planning on cutting down complexity in certain areas where it isn't TOTALLY necessary. And the total plan is to have the game be to allow players to play either the humans or the monsters...

BUUUUT I suddenly like your idea about various monster "Empires"... Might be interesting to have one of the full game scenarious be a contest between various monster factions to defeat the humans, and the humans just trying to SURVIVE... (Would probably be a VERY HARD difficulty)

@Redcoaster: No idea. This still only exists as a pen and paper game (And that version is unfinished... due to losing the original rules)

@KaTsuO_O: Thanks for the advice... I have no illusions about how long this will take. I know this is gonna be a hard one. But I don't see anything wrong with making a few simple flashes in this universe to illustrate certain concepts as I work towards the finished product. (No idea on the total time frame)
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Re: Dark Conception (Pen and Paper Game)

Postby dryingpole » Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:46 pm

Breeding and Monster improvement!
Now here's where it gets VERY interesting. What's the point of the sex? Why to improve the monsters!
First off, we have CREATING monsters. Creating monsters is done on a character sheet. (In a game, it would probably be done on a "Design Screen" similar to games where you create a giant robot/spaceship)

There should IDEALLY be no limit to the number of monster designs that the monster player can have, but once they are set, they can not be changed without breeding another monster! (This is to balance the fact that each and every human can improve their stats through experience)

(One thing I'd like to work in, but haven't got together yet is how many "Designs" the monsters can have "Active" at one time, meaning that they can breed it into a woman... I'm thinking that ten at a time would be good, and if you want to upgrade one, you lose the old design. [but not the monsters MADE from that design, you just can't breed more of them])

Monsters have an overall stat which I call: Gene Pool
The GP stat represents how many points the monsters can put into each individual monster MAXIMUM. This is limited by the frame and size, but for example if you have a Gene Pool of 100, you can spread 100 points around the six stats of any monster you create. This is not the FINAL stats of the monster, since it can be further modified by the modifications and mutations placed onto the monster during design.

The mutations list is not replicated yet. Most mutations will only take up one to two slots, but will be able to be enhanced by further space dedicated to it. (The only one I can remember off the top of my head was tentacles. It's a ONE slot mutation, but has zero range, and essentially just acts as a restraint/stimulator. Add another slot, and the range becomes 2 hexes... add another slot and it can inseminate... etc... )(This is another area that will take some work)

When a monster rapes a female, the only way that the gene pool is improved is through impregnation. However, if the female has all stats that are LOWER than the monster raping her, There is no improvement in the gene pool. (This is not a good victim. SHe can still bear monsters and increase your numbers, but that's about it, unless she's an "Unlocking" victim for a mutation.)

If a woman has ANY stats that are higher than the monster, this is a useful breeding partner. Now, I want to see MORE monster sex, so I'm keeping the bonus for every victim low. The monsters gain ONE point to their gene pool for each stat that's higher than the monsters...
(Yes, this does mean that deliberately breeding low intelligence monsters, or monsters with some other low stat is a good idea for breeding...)
However, at a certain point you can no longer gain points for breeding through just higher stats. If you've gained 10 points from breeding with the Strength stat, you can no longer gain any points for breeding with a female who has a strength stat of ten or less. This represents the need to seek out better victims to improve your creatures. (Yes, this means that potentially you could breed with women with ten stat points in everything BUT strength and create a monster with 50 strength. This is deliberate, to represent the mutability of the monsters.)

Bringing in the "Collectable" factor. Some victims will also unlock various modifications or mutations. These victims should always be a high priority... (And here's where I need some help. Anybody who can think of a potential victim to unlock some of the mutations, I would GREATLY appreciate the help)

Gestation and Maturation.

Monsters are not instantly ready to fight the moment the victim gets fertilized.
The victim has to complete her pregnancy, and then the newborn monster must grow to the level where it can be a combatant.

This is primarily determined by the SIZE of the final monster, but frame has something to do with it as well.
Various mutations will exist to reduce both times, but keep in mind that that takes up space that would otherwise go to combat oriented monsters.
(However they do have combat applications... imagine if you will, a monster with the highest possible pregnancy and maturation time... A woman gets raped at the start of combat... and halfway through the combat, the monsters have reinforcements...)

[This is also an area where the original data has been lost and must be recreated. The planned Minimum time was ten rounds from impregnation to combat, and that was with a small amorphous creature with the maximum in gestation reduction and maturation reduction)

Keeping track of victims who are gestating the largest creatures will be a priority for monsters, which don't want to have the victim escape and have an "Abortion". (Thinking webbing and other mutations will be VERY helpful here)

The benefits of being Raped...

There are benefits? Yes, yes, there are. For one, every level of corruption gives the victim three slots to work with as far as improving herself. (Unless she's under the control of the monsters of course... then THEY get to decide on the slots...)

Two, Aesthetically, the victim starts to look like her assailant, minor at level 2, and MAJOR at level 4. (Of course at level five, she becomes ONE of the monsters, going futa in the process...)

Now how does a mutated furry gal count as being a benefit? For the human side, it's one of the FASTEST ways to get a powerful fighter. Slots are weapons/stat increases/etc.. etc.. (And I'm thinking about having a few "Human Only" mutations to make the strategy of "Rape and Rescue" a viable one...)

Phew... okay, next time I think I'll cover more on how a game should progress... (And maybe some thoughts on monster creation...)
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Re: Dark Conception (Pen and Paper Game)

Postby dryingpole » Sun Jan 02, 2011 1:27 am

Okay... here's how I'd like a typical game to progress... For those of you who haven't played X-COM or any other overworld/tactical strategy games, the concept is that all strategic decisions are made on the overworld, and that the actual combat takes place on a separate battlefield.

Once again with two sides, here's what i'm thinking. The overworld is a static map (for each scenario) with battlefields determined by the locations where enemies encounter each other.

On each "Strategic turn" which I think should represent 1/2 a day, (Day/night cycle) you can move the characters that you have under your control up to their various movements. Monsters will have mutations to help them move, IDEALLy humans will have vehicles to counterbalance that. (Which makes an interesting possible scenario of a monster attack on a vehicle... especially if a woman's driving...) Any enemy contact immediaely moves to a tactical map where the battle/breeding is fought out. (Of course keep in mind that humans who are not actively involved with helping the "good guys" are potential targets for the monsters...)

After combats, if women are impregnated and helpless, monsters can move them to lairs, where they can be bred at monster's leisure. (Thinking this will be very fun for monster players, since they'll be able to "Selectively breed" at this point, using various monsters to rape the victims until they either escape or become monsters themselves (And this is TURN based, so you can enjoy those rapes...) I think that the more victims there are, the more likely an escape will occur, if the monsters don't leave enough of a guard... etc... you get the idea.)

It should be possible to set up "Strongpoints" for both the humans and the monsters, in strategically sound positions. (Hospitals, national guard depots, h-game style girls private colleges... heh...)

Goals for the monsters of course are to get as many hosts as possible to breed with, build up their forces, and to finally take over the entire map.

Humans goals are to stop the monsters, through scavenging and utilizing weaponry, (POSSIBLY developing weapons) and engage in research on their enemy.

Scenarios should range from the fairly easy to pure Grotesques. (I know that random battlefields offer more "Replay" but honestly, to make the game interesting, I think set scenarios would be best.

(I've been toying with alternate victory conditions for each side, but that would depend on scenarios.)
Another area help would be welcome...

Shorter post this time, but just wanted to put the overall game idea out there.
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