Dark Recruitment, Beta, V0.22

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Dark Recruitment, Beta, V0.22

Postby Deva » Sat Oct 24, 2015 2:22 pm

Hello, I'm here to annoy you with -another- of my naughty games.. I'm sure theres worse things, right?

Link to the game:
Up to date on this blog.: http://pervyfantasyproductions.blogspot.com/

Game engine: Twine (HTML, aka you just need Firefox or IE to run it. Twine struggles a bit with Chrome.)

Setting: Dark Fantasy CYOA

Nutshell synposis:
A harmless little town is invaded by the corruptive forces of a dark queen, seeking to enslave and 'Recruit' them, as the protagonist avoids dire fate after dire fate attempting to fight them off.

Adult themes: F/F, F/M, F/S, Corruption, transformation, mind control, Female and Shemale dominant, Female submissive, focus on mind controley themes, hints of bestiality.

Scope: Depends on if you are a fast reader! No seriously, I wouldn't say it takes hours to play through current content, but if you want to go through all the endings..

Oh and, yes, we do have a patreon, but unless you want to you wont have to give a dime, for the full game content, and that wont change. I'm happy enough if you enjoy the game, maybe drop a positive comment, etc.

Latest version of the game: http://pervyfantasyproductions.blogspot ... -v022.html

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post below, I check on all comments semi-regularly.

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Re: Dark Recruitment, Beta, V0.22

Postby UnLimiTeD » Sat Oct 31, 2015 3:23 pm

I sense a certain theme in your games. ;)
I suppose it gets boring doing the same all the time?
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