Legend of Hentalia. New RPG Maker VX Game. 1/2/2014.

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Legend of Hentalia. New RPG Maker VX Game. 1/2/2014.

Postby Kirito » Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:31 am

So I've been wanting to make a RPG maker H-game for a long time now.

I've finally gotten around to making it as I have enough time.

I'm making this post right now because I have several different directions I am able to go with the game and I wanted people to have some input.

Things that are kinda set in stone.
    Male main character.
    Semi-combat based.
    H-pictures with text as scenes.(not my own I suck at art)

So some questions for you all would be...

Do you want H-scenes to be easy to find/activate?
Do you want female party members to be easy to find characters from animes you like?
What kind of H-scenes would you like in the game?
How hard do you want the combat to be?
Are you looking for variety in gear/monsters or more H-Scenes?

Any special pictures you want in the game? Send them to me or post them here and I'll try to make make a scene out of it.

Any suggestions are welcome right now so I'd love for everyone to help me shape the game into something that most (if not all) members that play these types of games can play!

I'll be working on the game for a few more hours tonight so I'll hopefully have something up that you all can test out before I go to bed.
Edit: Yeah I greatly underestimated the time it takes me to make scenes. I'll work on this more tomorrow and upload when I get most of the first city done. probably gonna be ~10 scenes then.

Two examples of the type of pictures in scenes. (They're Naruto cause that's what I have lying around atm. I'm getting more as we go.)
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Re: Legend of Hentalia. New RPG Maker VX Game. 1/2/2014.

Postby nippers » Thu Jan 02, 2014 2:03 pm

Looks pretty nice, keep'em coming :D
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Re: Legend of Hentalia. New RPG Maker VX Game. 1/2/2014.

Postby Seyser Koze » Thu Jan 02, 2014 3:45 pm

My strongest suggestion to you would be to start out with whatever content you want to see before you start taking any requests. Letting random joes decide the direction of your work before your work even has a direction isn't a good recipe for it lasting very long.
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Re: Legend of Hentalia. New RPG Maker VX Game. 1/2/2014.

Postby UnLimiTeD » Wed Jan 08, 2014 9:40 pm

Well, I'm not big on Anime, but it's nice to see new content peeking his head and I sure encourage you to continue. Seyser Koze has it right, have a bit of your own direction, just to make sure you're still motivated a month in.
It seriously helps to have a bit of investment in the project no matter what others say.
I know from experience that working on something you're not that fond of can lead to some boring days.

Anyways, on to the fun stuff:

I'd recommend a basic starting curve with setting the scene, getting everything in motion, then at some point you deem sufficient, drop some easy to get H-Scenes for the people that are out for them. Then, when everyone has had his/her share, get the story rolling some more and pace it like whatever currently fits.
Light clustering of content works very well from my experience, though that's a bit far into the future.
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Re: Legend of Hentalia. New RPG Maker VX Game. 1/2/2014.

Postby riddlebox1321 » Fri Jan 17, 2014 12:39 am

It looks to me that you want some help finding direction and inspiration for your game, and this might be your first one; let me know if I am wrong. My first suggestion is to follow Seyser Koze's and UnLimiTeD's advice. My seccond suggestion is to study up on your favorite rpg's or some big name rpg's (i.e. Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Dragon Warrior, ect) and take notes on possible ideas and find inspiration for your game. After that you could study up on a few hrpg's on this site or another hosting site and take note on how they dispersed the adult content compared to the game content, (is it reward or consequence based or something else) and possibly read some stories written on lok, then with your notes decide the first direction of your game. After you develop a concept display your plan in text and maybe an alfa, and get support from some bloggers and programmers.
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Re: Legend of Hentalia. New RPG Maker VX Game. 1/2/2014.

Postby Ado13 » Fri Mar 28, 2014 2:32 pm

looks interesting
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