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Creative Corner Rules

PostPosted: Fri Jan 08, 2010 5:36 pm
by Renara
Just a few helpful rules to keep the creative corner running as smoothly as possible! These are of course in addition to the global forum rules.

  • Please tag your topics with any appropriate warnings for things like fetish content or sound. For example, "My New Flash Project [herm/sound]" means the topic will contain hermaphrodites and sounds.
  • Please do not download and distribute anyone's content without permission.
  • Make sure any submitted flashes have your username or the URL of this web-site on them, particularly on a preloader if you have one. This is so that if your work is copied to another site without permission then at least people will know where it came from!
  • Please don't post the .fla source files for every version of your work, as they tend to be quite large! Instead you should replace already uploaded copies to save on space.
  • Please do not post to topics asking only for updates or progress.

If you need to post particularly large files such as .fla files, then please consider hosting them off-site at one of the many file-hosting sites available these days, as they tend to give much better speeds. You can quickly upload a file using the widget below if you prefer, or use the direct link instead:

Re: Creative Corner Rules

PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 11:58 am
by Renara
Okay, same rules now apply to all creative corner threads as for LoK itself; please do not post to threads just to ask for progress, all content creators are capable of letting you know themselves how they're doing. Please restrain posting to contributions such as content, or feedback/bugs.

Also, those of your managing threads for your own games, please feel free to lock your own topics if they become to large (you should be able to do it by editing the first post, if not then let me know!) and post new threads to continue. This can help keep things manageable; you may also, if you wish, post separate update, feedback, and bugs threads if your games are popular enough, but please only do this if it makes sense to in order to keep things tidy and simple. Thanks!