The Legend of Krystal, Version G (Finished)

Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G (Finished)

Postby Ratattack » Tue Dec 14, 2021 1:08 am

SteamTheWotter Wrote:Is it just me or was there a version of this game with music and stuff that was more updated or am I going crazy? The version that's downloaded from here is silent and the interact icons are just the blue crystals, I swear I had a version where the crystals were Krystal's face and there was music?

That is quite possibly the remake of this that I believe is being made by....The Tribe whom have named it LOK RE (Legend Of Krystal REBIRTH). I was watching it for a bit until they released version 1.0.0 which was instead seeming more like a version as I believe they updated it again to include more content and even redid the start later on. Since then I've heard and seen nothing on the internet about it though their discord is active. I have no idea if the end product will be sold or not but from what I have seen I am very interested in it as it seemed at the time like it was holding itself to a higher quality standard but using this version as a basis for the overall thing....

Potentially interesting thing:
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This G version is also a remake of a much more broken one made in maybe...playshapes style flash was a long time ago now and I found it a few months before this begun it's production I believe.
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