The Legend of Krystal, Version G (Finished)

The Legend of Krystal, Version G (Finished)

Postby GoRepeat » Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:20 am

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LoKvG.swf [ 11.24 MiB | Viewed 225475 times ]

Controls: All mouse driven

FLA: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=3578&start=480#p246754

- Fixed Darkwolf event on New Game+
- Fixed Adventurer ending
- Misc bug fixes
- Started to do Gallery then got lazy and decided to just not do one and end the project
-- Kind of tired of working on it and this way people have something to bitch about
-- So it is win / win!
- Seriously, though, it was a fun side project; hope you all enjoy!

- Finally fixed the notification bug
-- The farmer was tied to the stat, but not updating to the story
-- aka the game thought you had to talk to him but you really couldn't
- Took advantage of the "bug" though to test bonus scenes from stories like some wanted
-- The original farm scene will now take place once you complete the constitution story event
-- If it works, I might add extra similar events for the other stories (returning to the DW den, etc)
- Created a pseudo "New Game +" function although it is transparent
-- When you end a game and it resets, you shouldn't have to talk to the townspeople again when you load from that slot
-- The game will assume you know everyone and set them to their story 1 positions instead of 0 (introductions)

1/11 (update 2)
- Fixed a major error in the endings that was causing wrong rank to display
- Fixed an error causing no rank to display and/or no ending to display
- Reduced stat gain loss from story choices to 10/15/20 from 10/20/30
- Completed games should wipe for now
- Small update to fix an error I didn't catch with the endings
- Save reset

- Fixed bug causing notification dialogue to repeat when no event was in town
-- I think? check this for me, please
- Added small game information splash on the title page
- Reduced the maximum effectiveness of sensitivity and temperament from 100% to 33%
- Failed work days now have a 75% stat change penalty
-- this was to differentiate between a successful and failed work day as with the removal of gold there was no difference
- minor polish and bug fixes
- verified most of the ending ranks were triggering correctly
-- if you think you got a bugged ending, note your highest stat, loyalty, morality, and story choices so I can verify
-- Added extra criteria to the Rank S+ ending as it was too easy to get
- started working on the gallery although it is locked for now

- Fixed bug preventing pregnancy from occurring due to town notification
- Fixed display bugs regarding the Charisma outfit
- Added the Constitution outfit
- Added endings
-- There are 21 endings currently
--- 4 Rank C "Bronze" Endings
--- 11 Rank B "Silver" Endings
--- 5 Rank A "Gold" Endings
--- 1 Rank S+ "Special" Ending
- fixed other random bugs

- Reset games due to significant changes
- Kari will now send you to town after her introduction
-- You must talk to all 12 townspeople before returning home
--- This caused an issue with the farm event, so it has been temporarily disabled
- Sensitivity is now a working stat
-- Krystal's sensitivity rating will impact the stat gain and loss from work
-- A higher sensitivity will result in increased stat gain and lower stat loss
- Temperance is now a working stat
-- Krystal's temperance will impact the amount of stress gained when working
- Stat gains and losses are now displayed during the work day
- Stat gain and loss have been adjusted overall
- While change is slow at first, by the third year stat changes from advanced jobs will be significant
- Kari will now notify you when a town event is ready to be triggered
- Added Charisma Event 3 (>75)
- Misc bug fixes

- Added Charisma Event 1 (>25)
- Added Charisma Event 2 (>50)
- Increased trigger range on townfolk because flash is strange
- Fixed some dialogue bugs

- Adjusted stats slightly to allow higher level jobs to gain stats faster
- Added a High, Medium, and Low display option on the Title Screen
- Added the Darkwolf special event
-- In the summer, the feral darkwolves have been known to raid the village
-- The first event will trigger during the summer in which Krystal gets any stat >25
-- The second event will trigger the following summer should Krystal get any stat >50
-- The darkwolf event could result in pregnancy, so be warned
-- Removed the display for Gold and Virginity until I decide what I want to do with them
-- Fixed some bugs

- Added Flex Event 3 (>75)
- Added Flex Event 2 (>50)
- Fixed a few bugs

- Updated to flex schedule, thank you for all the feedback
-- Removed schedule lock
--- You can now start your day as long as there is an activity planned for it
-- The game will cycle through the schedule until it hits a "blank" day
--- This will return you to home to schedule further, check stats, talk to Kari, etc
-- Reduced the number of work days from 6 to 5
-- You do not have to fill the schedule perfectly
--- Example: If 3 days are left at the end of the season you can still select a job
---- The job will only last 3 days (instead of 5) and will return you home for the start of the new season
-- Overall, this should give a much better experience; you can schedule the whole month or go day by day

12/6 - Part 2
- Added Flexibility Event 1 (>25)
-- Either the bar patrons or Gaya, the waitress will get you started

- Fixed a bug in the Int 3 event that prevented the cutscene from finishing
- Redid the entire scheduling mechanic
-- Instead of 5 weeks per season, you now have 30 days per season to use
--- Working a job will occupy 6 days
--- Resting will occupy 2 days
--- A town visit will occupy 1 day
---- You must use all 30 days before locking
----- Later I might add the ability to just fill out the remaining (3 days left in the season, work 3 days)
------ Right now, though, the numbers must fit the 30 day template
--- When you start the season, it will cycle all 30 days instead of returning to home between weeks
---- After a town visit or cut scene, Krystal will pick up on the next day's activity
-- Please provide feedback on the new mechanic; better or worse than the old method?

- Added Intelligence Event 3 (>75)
- Increased Kora's dialogue trigger since there was some issue activating her

- Added Intelligence Event 2 (>50)
-- Gave some unique detail to Carana
- Not sure why it isn't embedding... :cry: Thanks, Ren!

- Fixed a dialogue portrait but in Con Event
- Added Intelligence Event 1 (>25)
-- just noticed after uploading that the file size jumped to 11mb. Will look into why the sudden spike later.

- Added Constitution event 1 (>25)
- Added Constitution event 2 (>50)
- Added Constitution event 3 (>75)
-- The workers hanging out in the armory or Salina the crop picker will get you started
- Save reset!

- added Strength event 3 (>75)
-- Game reset!
--- Krys will now default to Cerulian outfit
---- Tribal outfit will unlock after SE3, depending on player choice

- added Strength event 2 (>50)
-- Forgot to update version ID, so if you are having bugs reset your game before trying it
-- quit your whining!

- Redid the entire dialogue code to give myself better flexibility with events
-- Changes are transparent to players, although farm event will now have dialogue
- Added the first event in the Strength-based storyline
-- At >25 strength, Krystal will want to take a visit to town
- Changed the preloader to use a more universal code SO QUIT WHINING YOU NON-FF BASTARDS
- Side note, my vacation is coming up next week so you will probably not see any other updates until Mid-October
- Removed Event Crystals (they are all just the universal Blue Crystal now)
- Crystal triggers should be more easy to hit now
- I forgot to turn them back on (oops) so they work, but won't turn orange when active. Just click em when you are next to them.

- Created town event and dialogue trigger functions
-- Currently, only the first month of play has town events
-- Town events work by clicking a crystal on the screen
--- Krystal will walk over to the location and the crystal will change colors
--- Click it again to start the dialogue or event
-- There are two types of crystals:
--- Blue Crystals indicate a simple dialogue event and will turn orange when Krystal is close enough to activate
--- Green Crystals indicate a game event and will turn red when Krystal is close enough to activate
---- Game Events will have simple yes/no decisions associated with them
---- Your decision can trigger a statistical gain/loss/special cutscene
-- After the first month of game time, there are not any Event Crystals yet
- Added an "Exit" button to the main menu in Kari's House
-- This will return you to the Title Screen
- Temporarily disabled the ability to change Krystal's outfit

- A lot of code and behind the scene changes
-- Removed all static objects; everything is now dynamically loaded as the game progresses
-- Altered the way the save file was being created and accessed
--- This should hopefully clear up the "Erase Game then Work Bugs Out" issue that was reported
--- Rearranged the way job statistics were calculated
-- Changed the way the game determines work results
--- Three random numbers are generated at the start of the day:
---- A 1-100 stress check, a 1-100 libido check, and a 1-(33/66/99) job skill check (depends on tier)
---- If your stress is higher than the number the stress path is taken; if your libido is higher the sex animation plays
---- Otherwise, if your primary stat associated with the job is higher than the skill check you succeed; if not you fail
---- This is all in preparation for different levels of stat increases/losses depending on job tier. All stats will operate on a "scale" of 1-100;
-- Other random fixes and adjustments that you probably won't notice.

- Completed scenes for the following jobs (all done, yay!):
-- Bartender
-- Dancer
-- Babysitter
-- Cook
- Changed "Teacher" to "Cook"
- Small fixes here and there

8/30 (3rd update)
- Completed scenes for the following jobs:
-- Hunting Party
-- Guard Patrol
-- Laborer
-- Working on Farm
-- Acolyte
-- Chanting (futanari, be warned for those of you who hate it)
- Fixed issue where waitress animation was playing in gather job
- Adjusted maid sex animation so broom isn't floating
- Reduced the time it takes to fade in and out
- Can't skip work animations while fading (mashing the button too fast caused glitches)
- The game will auto switch to warning screen after 100% load since clicking wasn't intuitive for some people
- Fixed a bug where the next level of jobs was appearing unlocked when they weren't

- Small update to background coding (Hopefully fixes save/glitchiness)
- added pause and skip option to daily animation

- Framework established
- 5 basic jobs in place
-- 4 animations per job (stress, sex, fail, succeed)
-- Stress level checked first; if passed, job fail or succeed animation depends on stat check against job related skills
-- if Stress check fails, results in either stress or sex animation depending on libido check
- town walkable, but empty
- not much else to it at the moment
- saves are weird right now, working on it
-- game will auto save after each week passes and you return to the hut
- basic gameplay revolves around setting a schedule then operating it each season
-- after 12 seasons the game will end
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Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G

Postby GoRepeat » Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:20 am

Decided to stop crowding the other thread, so here is one for this to check updates on
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Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G

Postby WonderGamer » Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:25 am

Well I have to say I like what I see so far. Would be a shame if this didn't get finished... :(
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Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G

Postby Terrantor!!! » Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:26 am

Something new every day, man. I'm liking it :).
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Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G

Postby Kuragari » Wed Aug 28, 2013 3:27 pm

Tried playing it once, it seemed to freeze after I hit start start season/whatever it was, with the box saying "Animation placeholder" seeming to spazz out like crazy. Refreshing the page seems to have it stuck at saying 100%.
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Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G

Postby nizagam » Wed Aug 28, 2013 3:46 pm

Why does it freeze at 100%?
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Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G

Postby IxFa » Wed Aug 28, 2013 5:08 pm

Played through what you have, saw every scene, explored the empty town, had conversations.

Some opinions of mine:
When there is a new dialog, have Chat glow, or somehow be apparent that there is something new from her. I don't know what decides each chat, but I have some interest in not missing them.
Virginity "in tact" and then "lost" without being penetrated? Not my cup of tea. Being that she's a fox morph, not fully human, I won't get too fussy about virginity being taken with no blood signifying it, but I do think it's rather anti-climactic to have her virginity lost with nothing special.
As far as it goes as just a base for a game, it's not bad at all. You have a variety of jobs, a range of stats, a town to explore, and money. Town is empty and money is useless, but you'll doubtlessly add stuff later.
I think the "week" system should be day-by-day, though. Having to predict her stress levels and stat growths is notable and can add an element of strategy to how you plan out the month. The week can draw out quite a lot, though, and the schedule must be locked to begin. Either removing the lock, or making it a schedule for day-by-day in a week rather than week-by-week in a month, would make it seem more interesting to me.

Took me a minute to figure out that there is no play button and I had to click 100%. Not too long, but some might not realise it without help.

Any plans for something outside the work and town? Also, I didn't try this, but can you actually lose your virginity by grinding on the broom during maid work? That's just crazy if so.
I have a plethora of ideas, but this is something you're still working on and are no where near finished with, so I'll sit back and watch how you want to make this game and add my input when it seems more appropriate.
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Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G

Postby Lucky777 » Wed Aug 28, 2013 6:29 pm

Version G?
As in... Version by Gorepete?
First thought: "Goddamnit, he's found some way to make the game hard, hasn't he."

Second thought:

"TypeError: Error #2007: Parameter type must be non-null.
at flash.display::Stage/addEventListener()
at install_krys_fla::MainTimeline/frame1()"


Maybe I'll try updating flash or something.
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Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G

Postby NeerHeer » Wed Aug 28, 2013 7:30 pm

Gorepete I love you.

Also I hate you, your games are so fucking hard.

Edit 1:
I don't think it freezes at 100%, you have to click it to make it go to titlescreen.

Edit 2:
Uh...I tried opening it in a new window to play it. It's loading percentage is "Infi%"

I shit you not, it says it's loaded infinitely.
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Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G

Postby roskrad » Wed Aug 28, 2013 7:55 pm

Man you have great animations, this looks great can't wait to see where you take it.
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Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G

Postby Poati » Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:24 pm

How do i get the sex scenes? oO
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Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G

Postby benne » Wed Aug 28, 2013 9:01 pm

I was playing this game. and then came this on me screen Forum rules This forum is for posting and collaborating upon third party work. Please do not post request threads, and avoid posting artwork that is not your own unless it is being used as a reference. but I have done nothing. and now the game can no longer play. can anyone help me. or explain?
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Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G

Postby someone_unkown » Wed Aug 28, 2013 9:07 pm

I could think of so many things that you probably already have ideas for such as masturbation, seasons changing effecting the way the town looks and your job, and a lot more I could list. But I know Gor has plans for all of that in the future(hopefully). I can not wait to see how this project turns out.
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Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G

Postby Folseh » Wed Aug 28, 2013 9:58 pm

hmmm so its a lil bit like the princess maker series in a way...not bad
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Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G

Postby GoRepeat » Thu Aug 29, 2013 1:15 am

A couple of notes:

If you get game weirdness it could be for a couple of reasons - most notably is because I force a save state which is being really weird with the forum's caching (Ren is looking into some stuff, I am going to try some alternate stuff). In the next update I will probably temporarily remove this just so people can play without the random crash errors, null values or variable explosions. It is also being programmed more on the AdobeAir side of the house so that I can generate an .apk to make it a mobile game on android platforms (which is why it will be 100% mouse driven). This can cause some weirdness as well. If you keep having trouble, try just running the swf locally instead of in the browser.

The virginity loss right now is just tied to the first sex act that occurs; the game isn't really thinking about it (so lol, yes, you can lose your virginity by masturbating in the house). However, this will change. If you noticed, the first 5 sex animations aren't vaginal - this is on purpose. The higher level jobs and/or a special event will trigger her actual virginity loss, so consider the mechanic a placeholder right now.

And yeah, this is based off the princess maker series. Right now I like the seasonal/week lock setup, although there is merit in the idea of scheduling by the day and only locking a single week instead of the whole season for flexibility. I just don't want to have the game drag on artificially because it feels like you have so much more time to fill. I might play around with the idea of shortening the weeks or changing the days depending on the job/rest/town visits.

As always, your feedback is appreciated!
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Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G

Postby Alp » Thu Aug 29, 2013 1:42 am

Just a minor oddity here, new jobs become "unlocked" a season before you can actually SELECT them.
...and yes, that virginity issue is obvious. :lol:

Why are so many people getting crashes and errors with this? Update flash, people! :|
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Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G

Postby DocOnTheRock » Thu Aug 29, 2013 4:00 am

The week by week thing is fine with me but maybe just have the option to continue rather than just "wait it out". At least that way we can enjoy the fine quality of Gorepetes animations.
But in all honestly I like it how it is. I agree with the notice of a new chat dialogue because for some reason I have to find and see and read every fucking thing in every flash ever :|
Other than that? I think it's great so far. Please don't give this one up GP, you should finish what NO ONE else could. :lol:
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Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G

Postby Residentlover2 » Thu Aug 29, 2013 4:53 am

nice project gore! hope that you can finish it..

I have request for the game I want to see the sex animations in a better way...since is bored to look at them just for a moment!
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Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G

Postby trunks2585 » Thu Aug 29, 2013 5:03 am

Not too much I can comment on right now since it's still got a lot to add, and I feel like half of what I'd suggest is in the works already. I guess I would like to know what are your priorities in terms of adding stuff to this game. Like do you want to finish all the job animations before you start populating the town?

Besides that two things I will say have already been suggested. Some kinda notice when you have new chat dialog, even though it's pretty easy to know it changes with every season, but that might change in the future. And a way to skip the animations, (a 'next' button would be good). Because even when my computer isn't lagging out, it's kinda old to watch krystal fail at her new job for just about 2 weeks straight.

Oh something did come to mind, I suggest having different 'failing' animations for nurse and maid. Other than that, I don't think I have anything else at the moment.
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Re: The Legend of Krystal, Version G

Postby Folseh » Thu Aug 29, 2013 6:09 am


While princess maker is by week, it does slow the game down for this, doing the same thing all week week though while speed it up for this.
So how about a combination of sorts, where you do plan out for the month/season but for that work week you can decide how many days you'll be working at a certain place (4 days at the armory, spend one day resting then 2 days working the tavern) Cause really after 1 or 2 days resting much of the stress is gone and thus stuck waiting for 5 more days of her resting.
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