Sakyubasu no Tatakai II (Finished)

Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II (Finished)

Postby GoRepeat » Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:55 am

RayGrimmace Wrote:My question is: Is this a coincidence or on purpose, and is there a way I can affect the chance that a certain mission will appear or is it random?

Thank you for the feedback; I am glad you enjoy the game so much! The missions are randomly chosen based on what is left incomplete. When resetting or changing a mission, the game chooses a random one based on which you haven't completed yet - in other words, if you complete a mission, you probably won't see it again for a while. When you get towards the bottom of the barrel, the resets will get repetitive because there isn't much left to choose from. Hope that makes sense.
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Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II (Finished)

Postby Jeanioz » Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:13 am

RayGrimmace Wrote:The final thing I have to say is that in a save that I found online, there was a scout armour that was called Blood Drinkers, and it was amazingly over-powered with attack and defence a little over 100 and the unit being able to move across the entire battle field in one turn. How does one go about acquiring this armour? Is it an end of the game special item? or are there some secret requirement that have to be met before you can get it? or is it an extremely rare reward that you can get by having an excellent mission ranking for the Bovos Scout mission?

I think it is a item you was not supposed to have, just like the Mega hammer or the Minigun in Madness: Project Nexus.
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