Sakyubasu no Tatakai II (Finished)

Sakyubasu no Tatakai II (Finished)

Postby GoRepeat » Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:44 pm

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SnT2vF.swf [ 10.67 MiB | Viewed 15193 times ]

- Bunch of tweaks and bug fixes

- Added final combat stages
- Added final boss
- Added Bridgette Event Animation and trigger
- Added Eva Event Animation and trigger
- Final save wipe
- Done! I'll give it a few days for a final round of bug testing and feedback then publish to NG

Older Patch Notes:
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

- Added Shavees animation event
-- Buffed Shavees stats slightly and made the AI preference spawning 2 and 3 star units
-- This isn't retroactive, you will have to complete the mission again to unlock
- Boosted various hero stats to make them more heroic
-- Bobaksuez, VLAD//ROM, and Vintabas all received health boosts
-- Jurrassa and Photovol received attack boosts
- Fixed a bug where X Rank units weren't being removed from Chanting properly
- Tweaked in a few more combat optimizations

- Fixed a bug where toggling the mission menu after resetting missions would cause it to spaz out
- Fixed a bug where Lucky had Vanorel's special description
- Fixed a but bug ( ;) )where Photovol had Vanorel's special description

11/10 part II
- Fixed a bug where a nekkid unit mission would result in an "empty" gear reward
- Added Shavees units and boss
- Added Shavees combat level
-- Now you can see what Somna is bitching about!
-- Excellent completion of a specific mission will auto trigger the battle
-- The even animation isn't done, but it should be obvious what it will be

- Mission rewards are now in the game:
-- Excellent rating missions:
--- +4 corruption and one of the following:
---- 10,000 Souls
---- 50,000 Souls
---- Rank 2 Runes
---- Rank 3 Runes
---- Rank 3 Gear
---- New Convert Units(Chance to get advanced units like Bovos early!)
---- Barkeep Admiration
-- Adequate rating missions:
--- +2 corruption
--- 1,000 Souls
-- Failure rating missions:
--- +1 corruption
- The Barkeep now has her own animation sets
-- There are three missions that will unlock her events
- Fixed a bug where you would receive blank units from the Jurr fight.
-- mousing over the special icon in combat will give a SMALL description of the ability
- Other tweaks and fixes

- Fixed a bug where you would lose units by repeatedly selecting them for missions
- Reduced the health and unit pool of the Photovol fight

- Missions are now available at the Tavern
-- Missions are a way to increase your corruption for non-squad units
-- Other bonuses will be added later
-- Each mission is designed for a certain Class and Type of unit
--- The success rate of the mission depends on how close you got to the correct match
---- Failure: Neither class nor type match (Corruption +1)
---- Adequate: Either class or type match (Corruption +2)
---- Excellent: Both class and type match (Corruption +4)
-- Once activated, missions will complete automatically after two battles
-- Each mission slot can be reset / rerolled once per battle
--- A battle victory will reset the reroll option for all inactive mission slots
-- Upon reroll/completion, the game will attempt to spawn missions you haven't seen yet
--- If that isn't an option (you have seen them all), it will reset and cycle randomly through them again
-- Chanting Units, Hero Units, and Squad Assigned Units do not qualify for missions

- Fixed a bug that was preventing the Jurr fight from triggering
-- The error was with units pulled from chanting
-- Your units are still bugged (this wont be a retro fix)
--- cycling them in and out of chant or equipping / removing a rune should fix them
- Added Hero animations

- Fixed a bug causing blank runes to fill your inventory (again)
- Fixed a bug causing units captured by direct damage having negative health
-- ie: Voodoo, Flare, Thunderstorm, etc
-- This change is point forward so any borked units just pop over to chant to fix
- Tweaked the summon menu a bit to properly show previews for icons

- Quality of Life changes round 2:
-- Chanting Inventory will now group units by Type/Class/Rank
-- Page up / Page down / Page End / Page Beginning buttons added to inventory screens
- Fixed bugs with new chanting mechanic that was creating blank runes / removing runes from inventory
- Fixed a bug where equipping a rune would create a "blank" rune item in your inventory

- Significant stat overhaul (yes your saves had to be wiped)
-- In order to reduce difficulty spikeyness overall health values have increased
-- Unit Type will now have an impact on base stats to encourage variety:
--- Gorger base stats changed to 2/4
--- Mechiza base stats changed to 1/6
--- Phasmos base stats changed to 3/2
--- Drone base stats changed to 3/2
--- Illosa base stats changed to 2/4
--- Esurian base stats changed to 1/6
--- Bovos base stats changed to 2/6
---- (Bovos got some extra love since you don't get them until the very end of the game)
-- Corruption level stats
--- Rank 0: 0/0
--- Rank 1: 0/1
--- Rank 2: 1/1
--- Rank 3: 1/2
-- Rank 1, 2, 3 and X equipment values changed accordingly
--- Healers should now give you more bang for your buck
-- Chanting values updated:
--- Rank 1: Mana 2: 1/2
--- Rank 2: Mana 3: 1/2
--- Rank 3: Mana 4: 2/4
--- Rank 4: Mana X: 0/2
- Started making some quality of life changes
-- Now when you click "send to chant" a new window will pop up allowing you to select the class
--- The game will scan your inventory and equip the unit with the lowest rank of gear for that class
--- Runes will still be removed
--- This change means naked units can no longer be sent (not that they did anything anyway)
--- Overall this change will keep you from having to manually re-equip and click through 50 things
---- Just pick the class you want to send them as and go!
-- Reduced the required amount of runes for Runeforging from 10 to 5
-- The same odds calculations apply, you would just get 20% chance per type vs 10% previously
- Changed the way saves work so you can't just rename the file to use old data

- Added The Hand combat level
- Added The Eye combat level
-- Finally, you can capture Bovos!
- Slayer Bobaksuez is now in the game!
- Lady Vintabas is now in the game!
-- These two final heroes' rumors will emerge after The Black Gate and The Eye, respectively
- More bugs, optimizations, blah blah
- We are nearing the end, folks
-- After I figure out what I want to do with hero animation we will get into the "misc cleanup" phase, then that's it!
-- So get your feedback in now - quality of life, general input, etc etc

- Added The Mouth combat level
- Finished Bovos Event Animations
- Finished remaining hero units
-- Fights will come in the next update
- More combat optimizations
- Fixed a bug where Vanorel's Gravity would lock up the game
- Other misc bug fixes

- Fixed a bug that was preventing boss fights from executing properly

- More combat optimizations
- Bug fixes
-- Weaker runes should no longer overwrite stronger runes
-- Boss specials should always replace rune effects (even if they happen to be weaker (which is rare))
-- AI units shouldn't defensively swap through player units anymore
-- AI units shouldn't offensively swap through player units anymore
-- other small fixes you probably won't notice
- Fickle as ever, the Mask Spirits have changed Lucky's Voodoo power again!
-- Instead of switching 5hp or 5atk depending on which was higher, Voodoo will always switch 5hp for 5atk
--- this means if the unit targeted has less than 5 hp, it will die

- Added Demon's Claw
-- Added The Ear combat level
- Added Bovos animations
-- Added Bovos 1/2 star events
- Chef Jurassa is now in the game!
- I made a large change to the way units are called into battle
-- Let me know if this helps some of the performance issues described

- Somna awaits Eva in the Eternal Dream
-- She is a bit overtuned right now
-- I doubt many of you will be able to beat her as is
-- Please give me feedback as to what you found most difficult about her
-- Added Somna event animation
- Added Eternal Dream combat level
- Added Black Gate combat level
- Misc bug fixes

- Added The Blight
-- Added Twilight Gate combat level
-- Added Slumber Path combat level
-- Added Wither Wander combat level
- Added Phasmos units and events
- Fixed a bug where the health loss from Lucky's Voodoo was carried out of battle
- Fixed other bugs mentioned (there were a bunch, I forget which ones)

- The Mask Spirits have reviewed Lucky's power and deemed it to good
-- Lucky's Voodoo will now only swap up to 5 of the target's health and attack
-- Non-PC Lucky's Voodoo remains unchanged (Boss ability)
-- If health swaps below the previous max, it is set as the new max
- Fixed a bug where Mage Eva could land teleport in an occupied grid space (barrels/Pecunia)
- Fixed a bug where Tank Eva could land slam in an occupied grid space (barrels/Pecunia)
- Fixed a bug where the Summon Hero icons were mapped incorrectly
- Fixed an animation bug in the Gorger 1-Star scene
- Fixed a bug where Pecunia's regeneration dialogue would spam infinitely

- VLAD//ROM has entered the game
-- 10/2 scouts getting you down? VLAD//ROM has the cure
-- Boasting 25 health and a strong defensive ability, VLAD//ROM will be welcome in any party
- Pecunia decided that she wasn't hard enough
-- Fixed a bug where her dash wasn't hitting the back row
--- No more hiding in your blue squares
-- She now prioritizes Whirlwind over Dash
--- Whirlwind can't be blocked, but a 2 turn cooldown has been added
--- Watch your distance!
- Temporarily disabled the hero animations in summon menu
-- They "unlock" but will be blank until I resolve a bug

- Added Blightwall South
- Added Sand Gate
- Pecunia's plans have been forced to a head, and she is ready to execute her final stratagem
- I don't remember if I broke saves or not
-- I feel like I might have because I changed the way Hero victory's were handled
-- But I don't think I did? I am really not sure
--- Sorry if so.

- I didn't! Yay!

- Increased Vinara's health to 750
- Fixed a bug where Scout Eva's Dash skill wasn't breaking barrels
- Fixed a bug where Scout Eva's Blitz skill wasn't properly breaking barrels
-- Note: when Blitz destroys a barrel, Eva will not receive the buff/damage; this is by design
-- Eva will only get hit by the splash AoE if her original position before Blitz was next to a barrel that was destroyed
- Added post-combat dialogue with Vinara
- Fixed a bug where starting Hero battles would crash the game (100% screen of death)
- Fixed a bug where Hero battles wouldn't properly load even though the trigger conditions were met

- Vinara is ready to kick Eva in the tits
-- Bring aspirin.

- Fixed a bug where a unit's bonding with Eva would exceed rank 4
- After the events at the Blightwall North, you can use the Army menu to check in on Beezelba

- North Pass added
- Blightwall North added
- Blightwall Gate added
- Fixed bug where dark runes were being lost when re-equipping

- Madam Photovol has joined the game!
-- Rumors of her whereabouts should start to surface sometime after Vanorel's conversion

- Eva's special ability now comes with an effect determined by her class
-- Tank: Blind Desire: All enemy units are taunted for two turns
-- Fighter: Penetration: All enemy units takes 2 additional damage for two turns
-- Scout: Toxic Lust: All enemy units are poisoned for 2 damage for two turns
-- Healer: Sexual Healing: All ally units regen 4 health for two turns
-- Mage: Lust Guard: All ally units take 4 less damage for two turns
- Fixed spelling errors on info tab
- Modified the way souls were granted in combat so that non-captured units should properly be awarded
- Fixed bug where Lucky's Voodoo icon wasn't appearing during his combat
- Fixed a bug where base drones attack animation wasn't playing
- Fixed a bug where you could capture your own units
- other misc fixes

- Master Ioshia is now in the game
-- Rumors of her arrival should surface sometime after clearing The Break
- Poison, Flare, Thunderstorm, and Impact deaths should now capture units
-- poison deaths aren't capturing (poor Master Ioshia); working on it Fixed!
- Fixed bug where clicking on The Wastes background would take you to Death Reach

- Gallery is available again via the Summon menu
-- You can review any animations that you have unlocked during regular play

- The game now has its first Unique Hero: High Mystic Lucky
-- At certain points in the story, special battles will become available
-- When these battles are available, the Bartender will have a rumor that gives a clue on how to trigger the battle
--- Win the special battle, and the Hero unit is yours!
- Hero units come equipped with unique gear and runes giving them stats and abilities unavailable to regular units
-- Hero units cannot have their equipment and runes removed nor be sent to chant

- Squad units should now properly get their combat bonuses when strengthening their Binding Rank
-- Reduced the total bonus from 1/4 to 1/2
--- 1: 0/0 2: 0/1 3: 1/1 4: 1/2
-- But also reduced the amount of XP needed to gain rank
-- Since I am being NICE and not deleting your saves, you might need to swap them in and out to update your old game data
- Tavern framework put in place

- Units now have a Binding Rank to Eva that reflects how closely the two are bonded
-- There are four total ranks, each conferring stat bonuses (stacks with chant):
--- Rank 1: Enslaved Convert; Fresh off the cock; +0/+0
--- Rank 2: Willing Servant; They desire to serve without compulsion; +0/+2
--- Rank 3: Active Corrupter: They are now a conduit for Eva's power; +1/+2
--- Rank 4: Cohort Succubi: The bond with Eva has become permanent; +1/+4
-- Units that participate in the squad will gain bond strength after combat victory
-- You can check a Unit's current Binding Rank on the Info tab of the Army menu
--- Yes this is just unit exp in a fancy package
- Pecunia Mart will now properly sell and buy according to the listed soul price
-- I swear I wasn't going to delete your saves, but she showed up at my house with a knife
- Fixed a bug where level 1 training was rewarding Rank 2 equipment

- Quick fix to bug where changing Eva's class or sending units to Chant would break the store and cause your soul count to spaz out and become unusable
- Forgot to mention in original patch notes:
-- Fixed an issue where the swapping logic was causing AI lockups

- Pecunia Mart is open for business! Head to Exile Isle to check it out.
-- Buy / Sell / Trade! Great Deals! For Pecunia, not you!
-- Reintroduced Soul Currency into the game
--- Souls will be earned when you defeat enemies in combat instead of capturing them
-- Excess gear can be sold at the store for Souls
-- The store's inventory is randomized each time you enter, but each restock will have:
--- 15 Rank 1 Generics
--- 10 Rank 2 Generics
--- 5 Rank 3 Generics
- Corrupting Lust has been changed back to Seduction
-- You will no longer trigger animations during combat
-- Killing opponents when Seduction is active will instead activate a capture sequence
-- At the end of combat, you will receive a # of stars reflecting the number of units captured
--- After the Victory! overlay, a Prisoners of War interface will load
---- You can activate select animations depending on the number of stars earned
----- The Summon tab has been temporarily disabled until I update it for all the animation changes
--- Certain animations have had dialogue sequences added to them
--- New animations have been made for all enemy types rank 1 and rank 2
--- POV animations have been changed to rank 3 rewards
- Added Royal Path Combat Level
- Added Royal Gate Combat Level
- Fixed a bug where "Empty" runes were showing up when you sent units to chant
- Touched up Victory screen and and made some dialogue changes

- Runeforging is now in the game
-- Once you have beaten Vanorel, you will unlock the Runeforge tab on Exile island
-- Combine any 10 runes to receive a new rune
--- The element will be randomly selected from the material provided
---- For example:
----- 10 Earth runes = 100% Earth chance
----- 8 Earth runes, 2 Water runes = 80% Earth chance, 20% Water chance
----- 3 Earth, 3 Water, 3 Fire, 1 Air = 30% Earth, 30% Water, 30% Fire, 10% Air
----- etc
--- The rank of the rune will be one higher than a randomly selected material
---- For example:
----- 10 Rank 1 runes = 100% Rank 2 chance
----- 8 Rank 1 runes, 2 rank 2 runes = 80% Rank 2 chance, 20% Rank 3 chance
----- 4 Rank 1 runes, 6 rank 2 runes = 40% Rank 2 chance, 60% Rank 3 chance
----- Exception: if any of the 10 are Rank 3, the result will always be Rank 3.
- If you send a unit to Chant with a rune equipped, it will automatically unequip the rune and put it back in your inventory
- Runeforge interface ignores currently equipped runes, it will only look at runes in your inventory for material
- Changed the priority of the "Flee" button - should the game lock up, this should let you escape the combat without resetting the game
- Made an adjustment that will hopefully alleviate the AI lock ups (I am picking up on the scent)

- Added Esurian event animations
- Added The Blood Path combat level
- Updated the Hive battle after the events of the Comb
- Reworked the script behind events and how they run
-- This will be transparent to you, not sure why I even mention it
- Added Unique Scout item reward for completing The Waystation
- Added Unique Fighter item reward for completing The Comb
- Other bug fixes
-- Still can't find that damn lockup issue. Going crazy with this one.

- Added Esurien units to the game
- Added The Comb combat level
- Added a new Victory Screen after combat
-- There will now be a splash at the end of combat that shows how many units, runes, gear you acquired
-- Gear has been randomized as a reward
-- Rune chance hasn't changed
-- Units will be naked now when you get them
--- Gear/Runes acquired will go to your inventory (no longer pre-equipped)
- Beating Vanorel will give you a handful of rank 2 equipment and rank 1 runes
- Vanorel/Pecunia/Bridgette are now locked/unlocked in the gallery based on your story progress
- reverted Vanorel's tower repeat to the regular combat sequence
-- fixed a bug that was making the game spaz out when you tried to replay it
- other small bug fixes

- Added Mechiza units to the game
- Added Mechiza Event Animation
- Began Chapter 6: Hold the Line
-- Added The Phase combat level
--- Added the Mechiza special ability Nanite Cloud: Poisons all enemies on the field and Regens all allies
-- Added The Waystation combat level
--- Pecunia is taking to the field! Sometimes you just have to do your own dirty work...
--- Added the Mechiza special ability Over Load: Sets all active units health/attack to 99/99
-- Added The Mech Gate combat level
--- Rank 2 armor rewards available for captured units past this point
- Fixed a bug where Eva wasn't receiving her health attack bonus for chanting units
- Changed the way AI picks units for mid field / defensive combat
-- Shouldn't see as much ERMAHERD MAGE SPAM
--- I mean, it is possible, but much much less likely now
-- Scouts and Healers should pop up more often
- Reverted completed Starlit Tower to the pre-Vanorel battle for access to Light Runes

- Updated Illosa Event Animation

- Updated Gorger Event Animation
-- Temporarily unlocked Pecunia and Vanorel in the gallery for testing

- Fixed bug where enemies would use the wrong animation during a poison proc
- Changed the AI so that it will use special abilities after new enemies have been summoned
- Updated Hive Drone Event Animation
- Fixed a display bug where Shadow Forest area information was switched
- Added a map for The Wastes

- Vanorel's animation is now in the game
-- I haven't added it to the gallery yet, so temporarily you can repeat her fight at the Starlit tower
-- Eventually this will be flipped back to the rune fight

6/27 Part 2
- Unit sorting is now available in the army menu
-- Sort by Class, Type, Rune, or Squad Position
-- Clicking the button again will sort descending if you want to flip the list
- Fixed a bug when units would get stuck in Move animation after their turn ended

- Changed the way the combat timer was running to hopefully fix special skill animation "looping"
-- Some people might see graphic improvements as well
- Changed sex animations back to single click
-- Removed "speed" cycling since it wasn't really working anyways
-- There will be changes coming to sex animations and how they work in the future
--- Drone/Illu Rank 2, Bridgette Rank 2, Vanorel Scenes will be added in future update
- Updated map information tooltips to properly reflect Rune gain and % chances
-- Increased rune gain % on most maps
- Fixed a bug where you could duplicate units in your squad when sending one to Chant
- Fixed bug where exile unit list scroll buttons weren't working
- Fixed graphics bug where units moving multiple squares would "hitch" between moving and idle animations
- Other misc graphic and bug fixes
-- Had to break your saves to fix the squad bug, sorry :(
-- Keep em coming

- Exile Isle is now open for business
-- Changed "Return to Base" to "Send to Chant"
-- Removing units from your Army listing will now send them to Exile Isle
-- Eva and your troops will receive health an attack bonuses depending on how many and which troops are chanting
-- You can return units to your Army at any time
- Warning: Rune forging isn't done, so you will lose the rune on any unit you exile
-- I would suggest unequipping them for now
- Fixed a bug with Eva Scout ability Blitz
-- Should do proper damage now and not hit for 0 when at the end of a sequence
- Flee works on the Vanorel fight

- You can now set the Flash Quality on the title and world maps
- Fixed a bug where Eva was receiving 9999 health after using Last Stand
- Added a "Flee" button to the combat interface, which will fail the battle
- Changed Blitz (Scout Eva) to only deal 200% to non-boss targets (100% to bosses)

- Eva now has her own tab in the Army menu
-- You can select which class she will go into battle as
--- Tank, Fighter, Scout, Healer, Mage
---- Her class abilities with description will be listed
- Vanorel fight is now live
-- Since it is the first boss fight, I took it easy on you
-- Boss combat works unique from regular combat
--- You control Eva and the unit tabs are replaced with ability tabs
--- Same mana rules apply, except you will always generate 2 each turn (as there is no unit death)
--- Eva can move freely around the board (back, forward, left right) as long as she has movement left
---- Amount of movement depends on class (Tank 2, Fighter 2, Scout 3, Healer 1, Mage 1)
----- You can use the "Reset" button to reset any movements you have done, they wont lock in until you begin combat
---- Unlike units, Eva does not auto attack, you have to select an ability to use or she will not take action
----- You can use the "Cancel" button to back out of a selected ability
-- I am sure there are a lot of bugs since I basically rebuilt the entire combat system
--- I am looking for feedback on the following:
---- Were you able to beat Vanorel with all classes?
---- What seemed overpowered? What seem underpowered?
---- Did you find the fight difficult? (I thought it was really easy)
---- Bugs, bugs, bugs!
- I will do a maintenance patch next, so make sure you keep the bug reports coming, you gave me a good to do list so far

- Enemy Bosses will now charge and use their special abilities
-- Bridgette: Judgement: Deals 3 damage to all enemy units
-- Illu Tank: Crystal Ward: Makes all friendly units invulnerable for 1 turn
-- Illu Healer: Crystal Blessing: Restores all friendly units to max health
- Fixed a display bug with ability durations in the info description
- Added the Drone v Illu Rank 2 animation (whoops it was missing)
- Tuned down the Break
-- Enemy units will now only have a 50% chance to spawn with protect
- Fixed a bug where nekkid units initiating a scene would spaz out
- Other tweaks/fixes

- Fixed bug with mage's impact and protect
- Added a Squad indicator to the Army Unit List
-- Squad Captain will be marked with 3 stars
-- Squad Leaders will be marked with 2 stars
-- Squad Members will be marked with 1 star
- Added Class/Type restrictions to squad composition
-- You can only have 2 of the same type/class combination in your squad
-- ie: 2 gorger mages and 2 hive mages for 4 mages total is okay
-- ie: 4 hive mages for 4 mages total is not allowed
- Added chapter segues
- Added functionality for unique items that are better than the rank default
-- "Crystal Ward" rank 2 tank unique will be awarded the first time you clear The Break
-- "Crystal Heart" rank 2 healer unique will be awarded the first time you clear Shadefall

- Bug patches
-- Improved AI sequencing logic to help prevent lock ups
-- Fixed buff durations, they should now last for the described durations
--- The spell effects associated with the buff/debuff should now properly wear off at the end of the correct turn
---- You should be able to trust the state of the field buff/debuff animations during your prep phase
-- Fixed a display bug where the spell descriptions were showing the incorrect duration
-- Fixed a bug where the AI would shift through player units and not respect their blocking authoritai
-- Fixed a display bug where the special bar was not reflecting the correct charge
--- This resulted in slightly faster charging (5 turns)
-- Fixed a bug with Beezy's Jealous Rage ability not charging for a turn or two after use
-- Fixed a bug where Curse wasn't negating Protect (and visa versa)
--- Fixed a bug where splash damage hitting a protected unit didn't have its damage reduced
---- Note: if the main target has protect and the splash damage hits an unprotected target for 0, this is not a bug
----- Impact does splash damage for 50% of the damage the main target RECEIVES, not the damage the attacker is capable of

- Added Vanorel to the game files
- Changed Save/Load logic to better handle arrays and not accidentally auto save
- Fixed enemy locking after using Beezy's special (or anytime all three starter spaces were used)
- I believe I fixed the shift/attack bug - keep an eye out for it
- Added smarter shifting logic to the AI
-- The AI should now defensively shift if one of your units is in striking range and it is capable of blocking
-- The AI should now pick shift if they are lined up and switching rows will let them advance
- misc touch ups

5/27 part II
- Fixed unit spamming on the tutorial
- I believe I finally fixed all the stall out bugs from the AI - let me know if you still see this occurring
-- best case, take a screenshot and post it in this thread if the AI stalls out on you so I can get an idea of what it was thinking at the time
- You can now save your game! Yay! Just click "Save" on the world map, then the Title Continue should load you back up
- If your mouse has a middle wheel, it should scroll through the inventory screens now
- You can now order units not in your squad to "Return to Base"
-- This will do something later, for now it removes them from your inventory
-- You can't have less than 3 units in your inventory
-- You can't remove units assigned to your squad

- moar bug fixes
-- fixed the first level
-- enemy AI should summon the correct number of units now
-- protect will now negate splash damage
-- other misc bugs
- Crystal Forest stage 2 tuned
-- added conversion scene for the illu tank upon victory
- Crystal Forest stage 3 tuned
-- Beezy is taking the field! This is a unique battle with specials to prep the code for the Vanorel fight
-- added conversion scene between illu tank and healer upon victory
-- plot plot plot
- keep up the good work bug checking
- will implement save game data since the story is far enough along in the next update
-- for now, the continue button is disabled and will just start a new game

- minor bug fixes
- Crystal Forest stage 1 tuned down
- Crystal Forest stage 2 added
-- plot plot plot

- Added status effect information to the overlay
-- Overlay will now show the remaining turns left on any given status effect the character is under
- Winning the current plot battle shouldn't break the map anymore
- Fixed map text errors
- sex events should now take a few clicks to clear through
-- animations should speed up as you continue
- other misc tweaks

- Fixed a bug where units in your squad wouldn't reflect gear changes
- Increased Tank health bonus
-- Rank 1 - 6 -> 10
-- Rank 2 - 8 -> 13
-- Rank 3 - 10 -> 16
- Added an old friend to the game files
- Map mouse hovers will now show units that can be captured and rune/gear chance
-- when you convert a unit, by default it will convert to a rank 1 version of itself
--- there will be a random % chance that it will come with a rune or gear equipped as shown in the mouseover
- Small random tweaks here and there

- Added the Crystal Forest
-- Plot plot plot
- Misc bug fixes - keep em coming

- Starting to build the story
-- Dialogue skip button temporarily removed due to reasons
--- if you hit Continue Game, it will skip you past the intro battle
- Added new race: Illosa
-- While you won't encounter any on the field yet, I gave you one in your army to play with
- Added Bridgette to the game files
- Added Pecunia to the game files
- Updated the summoning chambers so it will use the boss character you select for Male/Male threesomes
- Fixed various reported bugs (thanks guys, keep them coming!)
- Stage 2 has been tuned down to be more in line with with the fact it is STAGE 2
-- AI unit max and playable max have been lowered
-- AI spells removed
edit - whoops fixed an inventory bug
- Also, changed the way the preloader works. Is it working?

- Created tutorial level
-- Stage 2 is now the combat test
- fixed a bug where removing a rune would destroy it
- fixed a bug where the summon chambers weren't working

- Added gear/equipment menu
-- All yer dudes are naked, so I highly recommend going to the Army menu and equipping them!
-- I supplied one of each piece of equipment and rank, so combo away
- fixed a display bug with Flare
- fixed a bug where your captains weren't getting their 50% starting hand chance
- fixed a bug where your unit list was transparent if you exited while in squad editing
- changed the Army menu so that the selected unit stays active when toggling between info and equipment

5/5 part2
- Added gallery mode
-- go to the the "Summon" tab in your Army window
-- selecting the units you want to participate, then hit "summon"
-- Eva/Beezy selection doesn't do anything yet
- fixed a display bug in the overlay for movement and range
- fixed a display bug on the grid where the available target/movement spots would overlap into the next row
- added enemy skills and skill ranks
-- enjoy getting your ass kicked (temporarily) reactivated player skills
- fixed a bug where the AI would shift through your units (it should be blocked)
- made swapping AI a bit smarter
- added in a brief movement slide to swapping animations to make it more clear which unit is going where
- added a skip button to dialogue

5/5 part1
- made the AI smarter
-- added offensive lane switching
- capped the number of AI units to 15 (fair is fair, I guess)

- added 2 new Drone vs Drone animations for ranks 1 and 2
- added dialogue framework and story intro
- added basic units in preparation for gear
- fixed bug where mana wasn't updating correctly
- started to build the game AI, it should be moderately smarter now

- added the info section to the Army menu
- added unit descriptions to the Army menu
- added variable sex animations based on the rank (mana cost) of the attacker
-- right now it is just functional on the Gorger vs Drone animation set as I haven't gotten around to making the others
--- added 2 new Gorger vs Drone animations for ranks 1 and 2
--- added 2 new Drone vs Gorger animations for ranks 1 and 2
--- added 1 new Gorger vs Gorger for rank 2
- temporarily made Corrupting Lust permanent (instead of one turn) to test animation changes
- added two additional sex animations
- added Hive Drones back to the random starting pool
- changed the Army Unit menu so it would be easier to distinguish different units

- sex animations should now reflect the classes involved
- changed army interface so you can't exit without having a squad of at least 3
- temporarily disabled the "Items" tab since it was causing issues not implemented
- fixed a bug where the last card in your hand would get deleted when the enemy summoned a monster
- added unit movement and attack range to the overlay
- added Squad setup in the Army menu
-- increased starting units to 30
-- Army -> squad will allow you to select up to 15 combat units to use
--- your captain unit has 100% chance of being in your hand when combat begins
--- one of your two lead units will be in your hand when combat begins (50%)
- randomized ranks just so there would be some versatile mana values to play around with

- *fixed a bug where the sex intro would spaz out when multiple enemies were killed
-- as a side effect of the fix, only death by regular attack will trigger a scene (no poison, flare, impact deaths)
- *quick fix to a bug that wouldn't let you use Corrupting Lust after the turn it became available
- added combat sex functionality
- Eva's lust bar will fill over the course of 5 turns
- Once full, you can trigger her special ability Corrupting Lust
-- While Corrupting Lust is active (1 turn) any enemy units defeated will trigger a scene
-- This will later be used to acquire new units and equipement once I have the Army interface complete
- added the bones for the army interface
- changed a few ui items

- added Eva and Beez to stand in as initial captains
- fixed bug related to dying while under the effect of poison
- cleaned up some stuff

- edit: fixed a bug where direct damage skills (thunderstorm/flare) would break the game when landing a killing blow
- All skills should now be functioning properly
-- boost skills don't stack, but will just refresh the duration
--- however group and single target buffs/debuffs will stack
-- poison and regen effects will occur at the end of the units turn (regen first)
--- poison and regen are not impacted by protect/vulnerability
-- changed aegis to heal
-- changed rallycry/heal to recover health up to max instead of increasing max
-- attack debuffs cannot reduce the target below 0

- Added unit skill effects
- Added combat selector for skills
-- Poison, Regen, Protect, and Vulnerability should leave lasting effects
- no actual stat changes associated with skills yet

- Added overworld map
- Added shadow forest map
- Added basic combat structure
-- Combat is very buggy because there are a few components missing still
-- (such as units dying :))

- units can die now
- tweaked combat animations
- added basic combat effects
- added markers with overlay to make move and attack ranges clearer
- rotated status bars to make the UI less interrupty with the game grid
- Added Gorger combat units
- Added Hive Drone combat units
- Added class abilities
- Added basic AI

- Finished Gorger Redesign
- Finished Hive Drone Redesign
- Finished Bovos Design
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Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II

Postby GoRepeat » Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:45 pm

Don't get too excited, I am just revamping the controls and combat right now. There really isn't a "game" yet. But you can give feedback on the abilities and feel as I redo things
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Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II

Postby Schramm » Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:56 pm

Not really much to say here, apart from YAY!

Oh, and the controlls are much better. Mostly YAY! though.
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Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II

Postby GoRepeat » Mon Aug 20, 2012 3:06 pm

Schramm Wrote:Not really much to say here, apart from YAY!

Oh, and the controlls are much better. Mostly YAY! though.

lol, I know! But now is the time to bitch and whine about stuff you didn't like about Act I since I am tuning things up.
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Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II

Postby pichu9000 » Mon Aug 20, 2012 3:06 pm

Controls are super smooth. This is gonna be good.
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Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II

Postby trrrr » Mon Aug 20, 2012 3:18 pm

The combat, movement and animation do feel smoothier. Controls are responding well too. In my test, using blitz and slam while moving on air and while shielding on air was successful. Im guessing that using these two skills while dashing (on ground or air) is not possible by design.
The movement speed, however, doesnt match her steping. It's like she's sliding while running. I'd suggest that you either decrease the walking speed or increase the running animation speed.

Two question: If you are actively working on this "game prototype", why your signature still says your not working on anything? And, have you ever considered adding the abilities to crouch and taunt?
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Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II

Postby Seyser Koze » Mon Aug 20, 2012 3:27 pm

If air dashing works consistently now, I'll be much happier.

I think adding a knockback or brief invulnerability when you're hit, so that you don't get chained into oblivion after landing half an inch too close to the target, would also be a good thing.
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Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II

Postby protognome » Mon Aug 20, 2012 3:36 pm

If the hit detection problems vs jumping/flying enemies, especially when using dash go away, I may actually enjoy the game. I appreciate your work, but hit detection problems are the biggest "turn off" I have in the video game world.
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Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II

Postby joeyjoey61297 » Mon Aug 20, 2012 3:41 pm

I just want a gallery of all the sex scenes possible with all the characters cause i couldn't beat some of the bosses
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Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II

Postby Red.Sheer » Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:04 pm

Any plans of including hellish hogs, sheep or bulls in there? XD Basically, something beasty (not too monster-ish), four-legged and hooved *gg*

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Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II

Postby viper2003923 » Mon Aug 20, 2012 5:07 pm

sometime after you finish it,were you planning on lumping all the different parts together into one game for seamlessness, or were you planning on just leaving them chunked? just curious either way....
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Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II

Postby Mr D » Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:24 pm

Gorepete Wrote: But now is the time to bitch and whine about stuff you didn't like about Act I since I am tuning things up.

Well then if that is so than might I suggest tweeking the jumping a bit? The way it just goes up and straight down without any diference in speed at the peak looks unnatural. Also some recovery time after an hit would be nice. It happened way to offen that I got draged into a loop of geting smacked without end.
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Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II

Postby OwnerOfSuccuby » Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:54 pm

It works good but why is it so fast ?
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Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II

Postby Thaedael » Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:37 pm

Why are you so awesome, and why isn't this game about how awesome you are ;O?

Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II

Postby Lucky777 » Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:47 pm

I am exceedingly glad you got slam working properly, I gotta say.

Things like the hive-tenders will be a lot easier now.

If Flash cockblocks you to the point that you are never able to get the variable jump-height working properly, well ... aerial slam will still be a great help.

Also, fuck yeah return of the awesome ground-dash.

: D
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Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II

Postby dalthos » Mon Aug 20, 2012 9:07 pm

Yay Pete! Glad you are working on this, controls seem a lot better and less laggy on this one so far, without an enemy to fight, can't give an opinion on how combat goes, but so far, the abilities in air are working nicely for me.
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Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II

Postby RockSora2 » Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:34 pm

It's pretty awesome that you are going to make a sequel and you aren't one of those people who makes something and leaves so many questions unanswered! Also I think Character changing would be pretty cool in this game. But it's your game so do what you want with it :D
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Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II

Postby Slayer_J » Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:25 pm

*gasp* No way!!!!

Excited for this, can't wait for the updates. Everything looks smooth by now, and I can see potential for the airborne slam and blitz.
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Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II

Postby trrrr » Tue Aug 21, 2012 12:30 am

I can go with Honey Pot being an regen buff just fine, but there has to b an explanation for her being able to use it that way. A new passive? I will kinda miss the channeling animation, though...
Also, just out of curiosity, why have u added the spell to summon Petunia in the last game if we will only b seeing her (the playable char) in this game?
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Re: Sakyubasu no Tatakai II

Postby core999 » Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:23 am

:) Pretty much the only reason to check this site anymore right here!
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