ASV Assorted AS3 experiments

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ASV Assorted AS3 experiments

Postby AcetheSuperVillain » Sun Jun 26, 2016 5:16 am

While rummaging around through my brawlers and brawler graphics, I also found some old AS3 programming experiments that you might find helpful. ... 2d058eed76

What are you looking at? - This is a very basic "my first game" sorta program where you jump over obstacles and get little power-up/reward type things. The program does not keep score or penalize you for failure. - This example shows how to roll text, that is, make the text appear one letter at a time. - This is a random dungeon generator with an animated character that can walk through the dungeon. It has a Final Fantasy or RPGMaker kinda look to it. - This shows how to make a spaceship follow the mouse around using spaceship thruster kinda physics. More to the point, this is how you would make a spaceship AI go from any sort of point A to point B. - A racing/avoider game sort of engine. - This was designed to illustrate why anyone would bother using a blit engine, using an RPG-like 8-way movement as example. The character will follow the mouse around, click to have her run instead of walk. I imagine this would be nightmarish to set up with MovieClips, but it's fairly simply by blitting spritesheets.
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