ASV Brawler source codes

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ASV Brawler source codes

Postby AcetheSuperVillain » Sun Jun 26, 2016 4:13 am

Sup. I used to make AS3 brawler games. Those days are long behind me. So I'm going to share the source code with you now, so that you can make AS3 brawler games. All of these projects will require FlashCS4 or higher to view and they are all written in AS3. Feel free to ask me questions about how they work, but it has been YEARS and I don't necessarily remember. ... adff06beb7

Things to look forward too:
You can play it without downloading here:
AxeQuest was a tiny 48 hour project designed to make the most brain-numbingly simple brawler of all time. It doesn't use any outside classes and uses as little OOP as possible. If you are intimidated by brawlers, this is a great place to start, however, the other games are all related to each other, AxeQuest is an unrelated engine.

The remaining projects all use blit engines, specifically 8bitrocket's AS3 blit engine. If you don't know what that is, google it before you try to understand how these games work.

You can play it without downloading here:
Chronologically the oldest, FoF had a very simple version of the brawler engine, without any jumping or z-axis mechanics, but some very interesting game mechanics that nobody seemed to go for at the time, including switching between characters on the fly and a random dungeon generator. It is also crazy hard as balls, as far as I know, no one but me has ever beaten it.

events_strip3.png (2.71 KiB) Viewed 1926 times

You can play it without downloading here: ... b67000c1d6
The Brawler Demo was a testing platform for early stages of the Brawler engine. Envisioned as a sequel to FoF that never panned out. The actual brawler engine included in this game is fairly simple, but it has an interesting text and dungeon system that make an interesting alternative to scrolling right until a boss shows up.

barM_stn.png (578 Bytes) Viewed 1926 times

Play it without downloading: ... 753d4d9950
"DBeat" was a project that did not pan out. I never even came up with a decent name. There are some interesting non-character-specific mechanics, like all characters get the same "kick" attack and non-robots can cast magic spells. This is also a good example of a repeating background for sidescrolling.

Play it without downloading:
Super Defense Force is what these games might have kind of looked like if I had bothered to draw them well. Unfortunately, I got about half-way done and decided that I didn't like the way the characters were dressed, so the game is incomplete, but it's a solid brawler engine. SDF introduces turn-delay, which allows turn-attacks. Turn-delay causes characters to wait a bit before they change the direction they are facing, which I find very natural and strategically interesting, but people loved to bitch about it at the time.

Play it without downloading:
The most advanced of the brawler engines, the Space Amazon Brawler included the turn-delay, back-dash, down-state and grab attacks. The grab mechanic was downplayed for Space Amazon Brawler, because it is weapons based, but it exists in one of the impaling attacks you can do. Note that I never continued this project because the Flash CS completely balked at the gigantic pre-rendered spritesheets. Everything got really buggy and it was hell to work with. Newer versions of Flash might be better, but be prepared for anomalies if you work with this game.
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