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Humbird0's RPG Maker Help

Postby Wolfy » Thu Mar 31, 2016 12:03 am

So I'm very new to the forums, joined just today but have been scoping out the other posts on here for a couple days, and I like what I see and would like to join!
I wanted to get started in my game making with Humbird0's RPG Maker, but his site seems to be down. Lack of funds it seems. So there is no way to download the RPG Maker itself, so I copy and pasted the application into a new folder and ran the program. It automatically created the files and such, but it didn't have the "Help" folder that Humbird includes in the original download. So that help is out of the equation.

So I went about making my first test map just to get a feel for the application, and it was going well. Following a PDF document file instruction tablet, I got to the Events section. But double clicking on the map doesn't do anything like it says that it should. Is this just a software error or could it be because I didn't download the original version? I honestly don't know. But if anybody has had experience with adding events and such with the software, I could really use help. Thanks :)
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Re: Humbird0's RPG Maker Help

Postby Wolfy » Sat Apr 02, 2016 9:17 am

Okay so an update:
I found Humbird0's actual website, it's on a completely new domain and I got the actual download of the RPG Maker, and it fixed the problem that I had with the event creator not working. But I've run into a new problem. When I create a dialogue box, it says it will work when write in the action, but when I test the game, it just appears as a black box. I don't know why this is happening whatsoever, but I'm starting to think that this thing is more trouble than what it's worth. I was trying to get some coding experience.

Also, I may have this in the wrong spot, but it was my first post so please forgive me :)
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Hallo, tech supprt how may I (eventually) help you?

Postby humbird0 » Fri Oct 09, 2020 3:24 am

Sorry I'm late!
What did I miss?


GameEditor.exe by itself is just a general-purpose editor. It's not always an RPG Maker. I've used it to edit other kinds of games as well like platformers and shooters.
It turns into an RPG Maker when it has the rpgSprite files in its sprites folder.
You'll want to download from my website that already has all that stuff included for you.

There is There was a little glitch when you make a new level. After creating the level file you have to also double-click on the level file you just created to open it before the editor lets you modify it.
I just fixed this bug today.

Another possible reason why double-clicking the on the map didn't create a sprite was maybe you were in the map editor instead of the sprite editor?
Map editor: Image
Sprite editor: Image

My website has a video showing how to create a map and also how to add sprites.

Recently, I completely re-created the help files for the RPG Maker so you can get it as a single PDF file or a single Windows help file instead of a folder full of HTML.

PDF Help File
Windows Help File

The help file for Windows is your standard help file that you can just open with a double-click, and it even includes some demonstration videos showing how to use some of the features. But when you download it, you need first right-click it, choose Properties, and "unblock" it or else Windows won't display anything.
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