Lurker reintroduction, and reminiscing.

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Lurker reintroduction, and reminiscing.

Postby DeadlyAlias » Sat Feb 09, 2019 5:38 am

I recently came back to this forum, and apparently I was more of a lurker than I thought. I started my account in 2011, but I haven't gotten out of the first-10-post-trial for new members.

So lets talk some and get me out of post-purgatory and into real-time posting.

I joined this forum when the only project was Legend of Krystal and its direct source code adaptation. I remember Breeding Season gaining traction, ascending, going into a coma, reviving, and recently being executed :P

What about y'all? What brought people to this forum, and what projects kept you coming back?
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Re: Lurker reintroduction, and reminiscing.

Postby Ilverin » Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:25 am

Same situation here, I've been lurking for 4 years and only posted like 4-5 messages :D

I personally came to this forum because of (or rather thanks to) Gorepete's games, especially Sakyubasu I, but then I started to check out almost every other projects on the forum :D
I still come by and take a look at the new projects almost once by week, and I'm waiting eagerly for Gorepete to make his comeback and finish KH Lights in Darkness ^^
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