My future fragments (eventually) full guide, easy mode

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My future fragments (eventually) full guide, easy mode

Postby MajorMajorMajorMajor » Mon Mar 04, 2024 12:21 pm

Gonna write my future fragments guide here lol hehe
(updated bit by bit over time)

How to play the game in dark souls difficulty:
Whip (deal up to 2x dmg, take up to 5x dmg if you have high violence stats). Get your violence stat up.
At the same time, I think it's a little too easy to get to oneshot capability when you charge your shots. Up to you if you like the increased lethality.

It feels like about 50% of all things that happen will oneshot you. As for being a well-tuned level of added difficulty, I think it might be a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit much. I do think it's fair to pair it with the treadmill if you get over 25 achievements, or the Poutine, which is good too. The Tokin could work if your stats are right for it?

Early on when I was coping with the difficulty of this in electric, I occasionally used the horseshoe (surprisingly good QOL item), anti psycho medicine, dildo :), de interitus, or poutine. For damage, I might take cologne or four-leaf clover. But almost NEVER the house cat for the 5% healing (too much cope, very undark soulsy). Later, when you get the Japanese knife, it's also very good.'

When you are playing FF on dark souls difficulty, you will rush through places very often (as you die over and over). Don't kill everyone, ice is the best for rushing through. Just freeze them.

Also - I thought changing the ability swap keybinds from A+S to A+D was better.

The Harz Roller Canary has a 'cheese' trick to it. If you hold it down, you can fly briefly with it. If you keep tapping the button, you can glide at least 2-3 times longer.

There are obviously spoilers!


HW may have given us toooo much power with these new items :)
Unnecessarily easy mode (I think you should try to kill the boss without doing this) can be achieved with any of these items:
Rugby helmet (most OP), baseball helmet, Yokuryu-sha, Otoko Comb. Any two of these will basically make it impossible to lose. Rugby helmet alone is OP. Just add in damage items after this if you like.

I am telling you! THIS is the goddamn level that makes the 2024 FF release good like the demo first was for me.
it feels like the really good old flash games. Pretty damn bare but mysterious. THIS is where the game really shows off its complexity when you start to combine shock, fire, and water element abilities!! Someone should make a mod of this game with much harder puzzles honestly.
It's a bit hard to see the tree enemies.
Notes: Sometimes the screen will dim and focus on you o.o during this, any little mushroom icons on the ground will grow into mushrooms.

The trees: Their root attacks are hard to see and deal damage the entire duration that they are wiggling.

Secret area in path 2 (won't say more than this), honestly it's not THAT hard to figure out anyway, but here you go
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Use the Harz Roller Canary to get further after doing the electric jump and meteor dash. The order kind of does matter. And kill the infected oil grunt first to make it easier when you fail.

In the next section,
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

There are two levels of these platforms. It's not insanely hard but requires some recognition and thinking. in the first lower level, you can shoot them as soon as they appear. You can still get across. On level 2, if you shoot the first tile as soon as it appears, you physically cannot cross over. You have to shoot it until it gets to the end of its.. uh route. Freeze it there and use meteor dash to get over to the next one. on the next one you won't see the next platform at all. No need to worry. Just stand on the edge, crouch, and just keep firing for a few seconds. You have time. And then just jump, and meteor dash. You'll make it. GZ on your [spoiled]

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Seriously this boss made my eyes hurt. What the hell was going on in it? Yes it was interesting but yeah my eyes fucking hurt.
Once again, I don't think there is such a thing as a boss you can't cheese with enough defensive options. And this one you only need to hit her THREE times. Since there's no damn dialogue, I think you have to step on the panels on the floor too?

Not very hard, just weird. One of her hardest attacks to dodge is her charged attack that does 30 dmg. Best way to dodge it IF you have the mana I think is to use the shock jump. Meteor dash would be better but costs too much.

Plant Pitcher
Idk it's really not hard. It's the same 3 attacks over and over. And your health carries over from fight #1 though, lol.
Reasonably fair item to use: Sewing needles. Just face to the right 100% of the time when you attack and you'll never miss and constantly gain damage. The men's cologne didn't work to double damage, except on the purple flowers that spawn as individual enemies...

One attack just picks one of three levels and slices from right to left. just drop down or jump up.
Another attack, the vine crawls through all 3 platforms, and only causes one platform to explode into thorns. Just stand to the very right of one of the other two platforms. Or just drop down and take 6ish damage from the oil, lol.
Third attack, the boss spawns three purple flowers on each platform. They heal the boss +7 each flower. Honestly not hard. Just kill them lol.

One interesting strategy I tried was standing in the oil 24/7. It doesn't seem to work unless you find a way to increase your per-shot damage above 10. Neither Men's Cologne nor Calligraphy brush work on the boss as of this post. Bananas work, but it's probably not worthwhile. but again as I say, you can beat ANY of these bosses with enough damage reduction items. this one is just funny. You can bring the the dildo and stand in the oil and just blast away. You can never be hit by anything except for the -1 oil drain. And you can use the dildo all the way to more than -100 lol. Eventually your health can get reduced to tiny tiny amounts. I didn't figure out how to double my damage on the boss very efficiently, otherwise this strategy would probably work.

Spooky level
Um. this place is both cool and very unfinished. Kind of frustrating? There are so many dead ends.

(Also this game is really unfinished?? Lorain by Octopussy is better :) at least when it comes to completeness)
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