Playtesting feedback

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Playtesting feedback

Postby FurrinGok » Mon Nov 10, 2014 8:44 pm

!!!This thread is locked until we get a decently working version out!!!
For now, use the Current Build thread!

The intention of the game Gangs n' Whores is to put the player into a situation where they feel like their world is dangerous, rather than that they're some sort of hero. This means that the game is meant to be very challenging, but still possible. The use of stat-boosting items like drugs is highly recommended (once they get added), as without them you can expect a fairly hefty loss chance.

We want feedback on what's too difficult (Currently, Sasha) and what's too easy, so that we can get it fixed and make it a dangerous challenge, and keep the player working towards their goals, and prevent them from just plowing through everything. We'll probably add a debug mode for those who do want to just plow through it all.
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