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Re: Fallout: Sisterhood of Steel (Lorielle)

Postby Lazy Kitsune » Thu Feb 13, 2020 9:19 pm

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Unarmed Roll: (13+10=23): Success
Contested Strength - Hull v Coyote: (3+4=7)v(19+3=22): Coyote Wins

This distant clamour of power armor boots hitting concrete and energy cell discharge triggers something ingrained deep within Paladin Hull, something far more crucial to the core of her being than her love for cock (at least for now). Her warrior instincts kicking back in, she prepares herself for combat, mustering her strength even while her master Coyote fucked her tight ass. Waiting for the right thrust into her to give her the momentum she needed, she swung back with her leg, striking Coyote on the thigh and send him tumbling backwards. A strange emptiness overcame Hull as his cock was pulled out of her backdoor, but she had more important things to focus on right now.

"What the hell, bitch?" Coyote snaps, falling to the ground. As she moved on top of him she could feel his earlier deposit begin to ooze onto the ground in front of the Paladin, leaking out from her well fucked pussy and onto the floor. "I see you still need some taming. Just makes it all the more fun for me... its boring when they have no fight in 'em. Wait... what the fuck is that sound?"

By now it was closer, and even the sex absorbed, untrained rabble that surrounded Hull and Cotton noticed the distinct whirr of gatling laser fire and the panicked, dying screams of Coyote's crew just out of sight. Hull may not have been able to take out all that many members of the group, but she certainly helped distract enough of them to leave the entrance relatively unguarded for Decker's assault.

The group fucking Cotton see him first, scrambling away from the cum soaked slut of a scribe that now lay in the middle of their gangbang. They rush to grab their weapons and gear, the biggest among them being cut down immediately as Decker starts his approach. A few more are blown to ash by lasers before they even get their weapons ready before the remainder finally start getting to cover and making use of whatever they could grab in time.

Coyote is quick to try and join the action, pushing against Hull as she tries to keep him pinned down. Before Hull has a chance to knock him out and join Decker in rescuing Cotton, it seems the raider boss has a bit more fight in him than expected and pushes the Paladin off of him, throwing his disobedient bitch to the ground. Getting to his feet, Hull has time to do the same, leaving the two of them standing separated off from the rest of the action as Coyote quickly slips his cock back in his pants and raises his fists. "I'm going to enjoy breaking you." he says, waiting for her to make the first move.
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