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Private Games RP Forum Rules

Postby Renara » Mon Jun 17, 2013 11:48 am

Welcome to the One on One RP forum!

This sub-forum is for two people, or small groups of predetermined players, to publicly role-play together, without resorting to private messages that may have to be deleted. Roleplaying here follows the same basic Roleplay forum rules, but with most of the restrictions ignored due to the more limited participation, here's a quick summary for convenience:

  • Role-plays in this section may post a single topic to this sub-forum, however if the role-play topic gets too long (more than 20 pages or so) it should be locked by its creator and a new topic created to continue, with the new topic including any relevant summary of previous events.
  • There is no need to post role-play rules at the start of a thread, since only the creator and their role-players may participate, and can discuss any rules privately, though you can post rules if you wish.
  • Since threads are publicly viewable the topic creator should still include a summary of the setting of the RP, and any important events from locked topics, so that readers know what they're reading; just because the role-play is between few people doesn't mean other people won't want to see what happens!
  • One on one RPs don't have as much need for out of character threads, and should consider using private messaging (or e-mail, AIM, Skype etc.). However they can still use an OOC thread if the RP includes a lot of information that needs to be kept track of, such as character profiles for non-player characters, important events, locations etc. Just use some common sense and ask a moderator if in doubt!
  • If you want to run a one on one role-play specifically, but need someone to join you, then you should use the Recruitment Thread as normal, and once you get some interest use private messages to finalise any details before posting your thread. This is the place for one one one roleplays, but please do not post RP threads until you have your second player!
  • If you're not part of a one on one or private RP then please don't post in its thread! If you have questions, ask the participants privately. If you're still newly registered then get some posts of your own under your belt first.

Most importantly have fun! Ask a moderator if you have any issues, and respect their decisions; our moderators are volunteers who just want to help you have fun, but if you don't agree with a decision you can ask me, I don't bite!
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