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Diligent Miss Underbough [Ze Blitzkrieg]

PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2022 9:19 pm
by Lazy Kitsune
Ze Blitzkrieg Wrote:Name: Nedda Underbough
Age: 36
Species: Mousefolk
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Background: A native to the city of Rosdorf, Nedda's story isn't a particularly rare one. As a younger woman, she admired many of the brave adventurers who would frequent the city on their journeys into the frontier, and eventually, that admiration led her to warming the bed of one of them. While the man himself did not remain for long, she would always have a token of his esteem in the form of four children the following year. Raising a gaggle of rambunctious mice while providing for them was no easy task, and Ned frequently took on odd jobs to keep her would-be family afloat. With her children now grown and out of the house, she's recently taken on a more permanent position at a local adventurer's guild. Due to staffing shortages, she's managed to become its impromptu manager in record time, spending her days keeping track of the lads and making sure everyone is fed and paid and, perhaps most importantly... satisfied. She always did have a type.
Traits: Cooking +8, Paizuri +12, -7 Handling Compliments

The evening's rainfall brought plenty of wanderers in from the wet and windy streets of Rosdorf. The glossy, candlelit windows of the Rostdorf Adventurer's Guild house trickled over with rain water as you gathered together a bundle of green and grey cloaks, licked with mud along the ends, for the evening's washing. Stationed in a web-roaded city rather than on the open green fields of a village, the Rosdorf guild house was built tall rather than wide. Three stories and a loft for staff to sleep in, plus a basement to provide a training area for adventurers staying over, this building was wear guild listed adventurers would gather at the end of their latest journey or when they're prepared to begin another.

With the lands as vast and wild as they are, the safety of the realms was often beyond the scope of any army or standing guard force. Neutral mercenaries and heroes were often needed to keep the roads safe and look after the needs of the common folk. The Adventurer's Guild started up as an unofficial collection of Inns and Shopkeepers that worked to keep the few skilled and brave enough to do these tasks supplied and cared for in return for being able to easily reach them in a time of crisis. This proved so successful that they even managed to draw in more would be adventurers to sign up for similar arrangements, earning training from the more experienced members and gaining gear to start out with in return for a share of any loot or rewards from their quests.

It wasn't long before this arrangement was formalised in an official capacity as the Adventurer's Guild, where ambitious, adventurous and heroic folk could sign up to take up jobs and earn benefits in kind for the quests they complete. It was here that you worked, along with a small staff of helpful assistants, keeping the adventurer's that come here fed, providing rooms for rest and cleaning their clothing after a long and messy adventure.

Some nights were quiet, with nary an adventurer in sight, others had each floor filled to the brim with adventuring parties amassing together to prepare for joint efforts known as raids against a particularly might threat. This evening wasn't anything half as chaotic as that, but you did have a few different adventuring parties to deal with. Having taken the cloaks of the last group you tended do, they were sorted for the evening, but you had three other tables to see to. Fortunately you were not so short staffed at the moment that you had to see to each one yourself. Whichever you approached, other members of staff would be able to see to the remaining two. It was just a matter of deciding which table you wished to take care of tonight.

1. Outland Warriors from the Northern Peaks - These tall, proud people make for fierce barbarians and fighters, often specialising in beast hunting or dealing with tribal warriors causing trouble. They can be a rowdy and aggressive bunch, but get them in a good mood and they'll sooner sing songs and boast of past conquests than throw a punch. That doesn't necessarily mean they still won't break some furniture however. It may be wise to send someone over there sooner rather than later to make sure they behave themselves.

2. A Group that called themselves the Moonlight Seekers - They specialise in hunting down creatures of the night, vampires, werewolves, banshees and ghouls. Most of what they deal with are solitary predators smarter than the average beast that often need to be killed in very specific and secretive ways. As a result this group tends to be compromised of very stern and stoic sorts, though it seems there are a few more upbeat ones in this particular party - perhaps a younger batch of recruits. Its a little unnerving to see them in the city, as that usually means a hunt of theirs is nearby. Hopefully whatever it is, isn't one of the more dangerous ones. Either way, they will likely need a great deal of attending to if they are to be in suitable shape to deal with whatever threat they're up against.

3. What seem to be novice Ruin Delvers looking over some old maps - With the world as filled with dangerous and powerful creatures, armies and magical forces as it is, many cities, castles and temples of various civilizations have been lost in the wilderness throughout the ages. Adventurers like these seek out these lost ruins and uncover mysterious of the past and the treasures that lie within. Normally treasure seekers and the historically inclined make their way into these groups. These ones seem to be trying to compare ancient maps to newer ones to find something near this very city - though if there is something here it likely isn't visible from the surface or it would have been found long ago. Their jobs can be dangerous, those old ruins tend to be filled with traps, but generally they have less threats to deal with than the other adventurers. They are known to tip well, however, especially if they've recently had a big score.

Re: Diligent Miss Underbough [Ze Blitzkrieg]

PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2022 9:34 pm
by Ze Blitzkrieg
The adventure's guild was a rather lively place to work even on the slower days, but Nedda had taken a shine to it almost immediately. Between the dozens of odd jobs she had taken over the years, and rearing four rambunctious children (quite successfully, she'd add) the matronly mouse folk was well accustomed to multi-tasking in a hectic environment. It was good work, too. Not the menial labor of hefting hay bales after harvest, or the thankless task of tailoring for a noblewoman when the seamstress' apprentice fell ill. It was work that really made an immediate difference. Seeing as weary adventurer's face light up as you took his cloak for him, fed him a good meal and asked about his day really meant something to her. It made her feel needed, and it certainly helped that it paid quite well to boot.

While the night certainly wasn't busy, it would be a lie to say she had too much time to dedicate to thought. Nedda sorted the dirtied cloaks she had gathered up into the laundry carts so they could be properly washed for the morning to come, and turned to assess each of the tables. While she had enough help to see each of them tended, some certainly seemed like they could benefit from her relative greater experience than others. The ruin delvers were typically a well-behaved bunch, despite their lesser experience. One of the newer girls could see to them without too much trouble, and their generosity would undoubtedly be more appreciated by someone less established than herself. The Moonlight Seekers, dour as they were, almost immediately invoked her sympathy. They had a rough job, hunting the very worst in the dead of night, and she couldn't help but take their stoicism as a challenge to her hospitality; they would be made to smile while they were in her common room!

But... As much as she wished to brighten their days, the outlanders were a raucous bunch. Their type had a habit of being overly aggressive with the staff, and she didn't want one of her people setting off a brawl by stoking their tempers. Seeing as though they were the most difficult bunch to please, she took it upon herself to see them served. If she could handle a gaggle of moody, teenaged mice, then she could handle a couple of big, burly barbarians! Gesturing for the folks on duty to see to the other tables, she grabbed her little board and charcoal and hurried over to the northmen to give them a proper greeting... and hopefully keep them from breaking any of the chairs.

Re: Diligent Miss Underbough [Ze Blitzkrieg]

PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2022 10:14 pm
by Lazy Kitsune
They must get particularly used to the cold up in the mountains, because you rarely see a Northman in more than a few furs and a kilt when they're adventuring down south. The three before you now certainly stayed true to that example, with the only one that wore anything on his chest baring nothing but a leather wrap about around his torso to bind a bear skull to his shoulder like pauldron. Below the waste on the three of them it was all fur loincloths and rugged boots, and if the occasional swaying was anything to go by they had nothing worn underneath. They seemed to have no shame with how much of their bodies they showed off, not that they had any reason to feel ashamed. Physically they were all very impressive. Taller than most men by a good foot or so, broad shouldered and fit enough to climb mountains as part of their daily routine, its not surprising that these are the men known for literally wrestling with great beasts. They wore more paint than they did clothes, tribal markings and mementos of victories and oaths marked on their skin in hues of blue.

All three were bearded and carried braids in their hair. The length and number of the braids was supposed to signify something in their culture, but you didn't know what. Fortunately to make it easier to keep track of them, they each had a different hair colour, one a blonde so pale it could almost be mistaken for white, one a fiery orange and the last a raven black. As you approach, the blonde was in the middle of rattling the table as he barked a story to the others. The redhead laughed back and rattled the table in return, shouting in corrections to the blonde's story, having been there himself. Their raven haired friend was silent for now, settling into his seat with an amused expression as he watched his friends bicker over whether it was three wolves the blonde slew with a single spear throw or four.

"Three and they were pups!" the red head said, laughing as he waved away the blonde's story with his hand.

"Pups? Must be pups that had you cowering over the hill then. Didn't know you were so afraid of the little 'uns."

They begin to go back and forth like this as you stand before them, your smaller frame almost invisible among these near giants of men. You'll have to do something quite noticeable to get their attention.

Re: Diligent Miss Underbough [Ze Blitzkrieg]

PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2022 10:42 pm
by Ze Blitzkrieg
As she approached, Nedda almost came to regret her decision. Their laughter near enough rattled her to her bones, and she found herself in awe at the disparity between them. Being a mousefolk, she wasn't exactly the tallest of specimens to begin with. Even average sized humans were quite large compared to her, and next to these veritable giants of men, she may well have been a dwarf! But... she didn't exactly hate it. There was something to be said for a man who could make her feel small and weak. A big, rugged man, who could take her up in his arms with ease and make her feel warm and protected. And each of the men before her certainly fit that bill. She found herself chewing at her bottom lip as she absently admired their thick, powerful builds.

She had to shake her head to banish those thoughts. She had a job to do, and it didn't involve leering at the first side of beef to wander in through the door! Of course, she had to find a way to get their attention off their boasting before the two started reenacting their exploits using the candle holders. Fortunately, her dirty thoughts had at least given her an answer to that. Holding her board beneath her arm for a moment, Ned reached up and gripped the hem of her dress, pulling it down just enough to reveal more of her generous cleavage. She had always been rather top heavy, and the corset of the uniform provided had a habit of highlighting that fact all the more by forcing her big, pillowy breasts together. Content that the show would get their attention where her voice wouldn't, she steeled herself for a moment and then stepped forward.

"Heya, fellas. Sounds like you're having a good time tonight! If you need anything to make it even better, and I mean anything, you let me know, alright? The Guild is here for whatever you need." She probably didn't need to emphasize her willingness to go above and beyond, but it couldn't be helped! Even she got lonely from time to time...

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2022 2:56 pm
by Lazy Kitsune
The men almost miss you as they turn their heads in the direction of your voice, their eyes cast over your head before they notice you at your smaller height. Thanks to your adjustments, the v-line of your dress pulled down and open a little more as your bust lifted proudly up, squeezed tightly as it was giving it an even plumper look. It worked a charm, and as soon as their eyes fell upon you, they were drawn with a hunter's instinct to your cleavage teasing the idea of bouncing free.

The blonde cracks a wide grin and leans across the table so his face loomed closer to yours. "Well, aren't you a pretty thing. Yeah, we're having a good time alright. A little celebration. And I think we could use a thing or two to help liven things up, can't we lads?" he turns to his fellow warriors who both nod their heads in agreement. The redhead was leaning forward with a similar grin, while the dark haired one kept a more relaxed smile on his face, though his eyes clearly looked you up and down from his closer, seated vantage, tilting his head to take a glance at your rear as well as your bust.

"We drink strong, miss." the dark haired one spoke up. "Stronger than most folk around here do. You got anything you'd recommend?"

The redhead spoke up next. "And since we're in such a good mood, I think we'd all be happy to share, if you'd want to stick around and hear a story or two."

You felt a strong, firm hand plant itself on your rear and give a squeeze, almost bucking you into the table but managing to hold you steady with its grip on your rear cheek. It was the dark haired man, who then pulled you just a step closer to his chair. "Oh, I think you'd love to join us for some drinks. I can think of plenty of needs you can satisfy with your... generous hospitality."

Re: Diligent Miss Underbough [Ze Blitzkrieg]

PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2022 10:10 pm
by Ze Blitzkrieg
Nedda couldn't help but feel a little pleased with herself. Not only had her gambit worked, but, well... it was kind of flattering that she could still turn the heads of a bunch of big, burly men like that. It wasn't exactly modest, but when she felt the eyes of the bulky warriors on her, she arched her back just a little, pressing her chest outwards and lifting her bottom, hoping to make her best assets all the more prominent for them. It might have worked a tad too well, as she found herself accosted by the dark haired one. Encouraging him probably wasn't a good precedent to set; she didn't want her other girls having to deal with handsy customers and unwanted advances when they went to serve tables.

But... it wasn't exactly like it was an unwanted advance. She had been trying to use her feminine wiles to her advantage, and frankly, it felt good to be the object of such desire, to say nothing of the fact she had certain... needs of her own that had gone unfulfilled for quite some time. Needs she was sure one of these big fellas, or perhaps if she were bold, all of them, would be willing help her with. So when she felt the man's fingers kneading into her supple rear, she pressed it back into his hand ever so subtly, hoping she didn't come off as too desperate. She had to maintain an air of professionalism, after all!

"Well, we do have some mead on tap. It's a quite a bit stronger than the ale, but you're big, strong boys, aren't you?" She offered, in part because she was sure the northmen would be accustomed to it, and in part because she quite liked it herself; it was nice and sweet, although she never indulged too much, her physique giving her all the tolerance for alcohol one would expect. "Why don't I go and get you a couple tankards, check on the other girls, and I'll see about keeping you company. If all goes well, I think I could end up being very hospitable to you tonight."

She bit her lip just a bit at the end there, giving her best flirtatious look at the brute with raven hair, before attempting to wriggle out of his grasp and hurry along to the back to make good on her word and bring them their drinks.