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Postby Firehead » Fri Sep 30, 2022 12:53 am

I gasped and groaned around the dick hollowing out my throat for the coach's pleasure. There was no better place for me than here right now. With the roughness of the way he took me, it was all I could do to just remain still and persevere as I was used like an Onahole, a simple sex toy for his pleasure. My clit strained at its cage drooling and my tail hiked up as if begging for someone to come give my back end some attention as well. My eyes clouded as I became drunk on sex, musk, and the dominant aura of the alpha predator whose cock I was currently gobbling as best as I could.

The guy you began deep-throating chuckled as you gagged on him. "Ah man, she's so eager, she's practically choking on me. Girls don't keep their gag reflex for long around here, so it's a real treat when you get to feel it." He thrust forward burying your face in his dense pubic hair and filling the air around you in a rich haze of manly musk that helped your brain become even mushier. The two guys thrusting into your eager ass laughed as they felt you clench down using that as a signal to help them find your weak prostate and nailing it directly with a brutal, focused assault. Someone touched your cage and you could just barely feel the digit brush against you. "Look at this little thing thinking it's a real dick. What do you think, Sissy? Aren't you glad someone had the sense to put it in time out until it learns its proper place?"
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