Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

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Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby hgameartman » Tue Dec 31, 2019 10:36 pm

Enter a world of magic and romance, fantasy and adventure, action and.... slime monsters?
Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower is now in open beta!

Attend college at the most ancient and exciting of all magic schools.

Explore dungeons, learn magic, meet new classmates... or perhaps lovers?
Spoiler (click to show/hide):


Oh dear...

Spoiler (click to show/hide):


And... oh...

Interested? The game is currently in beta and is free for all! I would greatly appreciate any feedback!

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Re: Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby hgameartman » Mon Jan 06, 2020 1:44 am

Bugfix update! (V0.1.0)
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

-Imp pregnancy-Stats Screen-Development Images Added

-Added the option to fast-travel to classes in the morning

-Added mouse movement controls(experimental!)

-Kitchen Imps Change- Can allow them to repeatedly grope you at night in the kitchens to speed up their scenes in the minigame

-Changed Curfew- Only applies to upper floors now

-Fixed Kitchen Minigame Sprites(no more animals)

-Misc Bugfixes and text updates

-Job board fixed on missed event

-Fixed Artifact Classroom's location showing the wrong room

- Breakfast fixed, heals hp, mp, costs 10gold for balance

- Save Points- (Job Board, DungeonCrystals)

- Fixed Classes not resetting properly on retaking

- Fixed skills being learned twice on repeating classes

Current Bugs

-Anya's scenes sometimes fail to recover from a fade-to-black. It seems to be skipping the fade-in somewhere, but it needs a bit more debugging to figure out exactly why.

(WORKAROUND) Open Menu-Debug Menu- Fade In

-Range errors on enemies. This one's a doozy, I might have to get rid of the mid-combat scenes entirely if it doesn't go away. I'll see what I can do to fix it first, but more savepoints in the dungeon should help in the meantime.

-Movement breakdown after slime loss - I thought I had this fixed, but it cropped up again in the weirdest of times...

(WORKAROUND)Facing right before defeat seems to be a workaround... somehow

Download Links are here, with an experemental mac version!
https://hmadarktower.game.blog/hma-dark ... downloads/
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Re: Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby hgameartman » Sat Jan 25, 2020 6:00 am

Update V0.2.0 - Purity And Corruption!
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

- Added the Church, village entrance, tavern, and choir room maps.
-Added Choir Practice- A subset of the religious activities the school offers, choir practice decreases corruption, increases purity, and lets angels give you.... "blessings" if you're pure.
-Skills Menu Upgrade - Skills can now be properly reassigned outside of dungeons.
-Milking!- During pregnancy(and for a little while afterward) your character produces milk!
-Tavern + Tavern PTJ- A new part-time job where you work as a cleaning maid!
-Basic Prostitution! (1x Scene)
-4 new talky(noH) repeatable scenes for Anya! Some have special activation requirements such as character pregnancy or seeing certain events previously.
- Imp Birth Scene added
- Added basic reactions to many, but not all, of standing students! Nude+ Pregnant reactions.

Bugfixes and Misc Changes
-Fixed a bug in a gardening club in which green mushroom seeds are never unlocked. This broke the questline for magic recall 1
-Fixed body freeze on waking up in nurses office when dying in any other orientation than facing right... still can't figure out what was causing it though, but adding a failsafe to combat disable fixed it
-Fixed waterway dungeon not properly passing time upon exiting
-Fixed Imps not showing up on stats screen when pregnant
-Gardening Club-Fixed harvesting not properly working on left side
-Imps now steal a little gold(1-10) from you each time they grope you. Little thieves!
-Combat Class-Sword Quest Never resolves properly in the quest log
-Added 8 new random students to the random students standing and walking around
-Gardening Club- Added a 1-use mortar! Unlocked after 15 visits, this allows you the choice of crafting 1 potion on leaving the gardening club!
-The debug tool is no longer added to your inventory on game start. It's now in a closet in the upper-left
of the tavern's 1st floor
-Removed the standing student spawn point in the women's restroom on floor 2. No more men in the women's restroom!

https://hmadarktower.game.blog/hma-dark ... downloads/
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Re: Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby hgameartman » Sat Feb 15, 2020 4:35 am

V0.3.0 - Corrupt Church
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Update Patchnotes
Anya has received new, updated artwork!
Added a new map! – Currently, only floors 1 and 2, and the grounds are supported, but more to come later
-Added a recipe list – Located in the “Encylopedia” menu option, this lists all your known recipes, as well as the required ingredients for each
The corrupt church is open! Break curfew and explore the castle after dark when you’re a little more comfortable with combat, but beware. There’s a reason the upper floors are off-limits after dark…
Added curses- Obtained through events in the corrupt church, these serve as a counterpart to
Added Church Volunteering! Available to almost all(High levels of corruption excluded), these activities are available from the priestess in the regular church during the afternoon. Angels can be called upon to remove blessings from those with unwanted blessings… for a cost
Added the fire ELEM wing(ELEMF), water ELEM wing(ELEMW)
Added 4 new classes – Potions 2, Elementalism Intro, Magic Archery 2, and Fire 1 – With 1 new skill and 1 new skill-upgrade
Added the guide NPC to the office wing outside the dorms!
He has an expanded tutorial available for reference anytime.
Request scene(x1) added for Anya- using the new animations!
Party request added for Anya
Both of these are accessible by “talking” to her after you have seen all 10 scenes of hers.
Added a new, updated boss to the end of the sewers – Higher-difficulty than before!
Enabled dashing by default and removed the option to turn it off. Everything from the size of the maps to the hitboxes are designed with auto-dash enabled, so hopefully this reduces issues.
Added signposts to each floor on the main stairwell.
Added a mass knockback to the first second of combat, to keep enemies from spawning on top of you while you’re still loading in.
Adjusted base unarmed attack-Higher range and KB, higher CD
this applies to enemies as well
-Disabled skill menu access in dungeons
-Added extra text to the end of Anya’s Diary text in her room to show when you’ve reached her last scene
Adjusted desk hitbox in the Tavern PTJ
Fixed mapping issues where you could glitch into the roofs
via knockback
Fixed clipping issues in many areas of the castle.
Fixed milk not depleating properly after pregnancy
Fixed the blessing of development not properly applying when rolled
Fixed a path in the sewers with no return

https://hmadarktower.game.blog/hma-dark ... downloads/
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Re: Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby hgameartman » Sun Mar 08, 2020 6:58 pm

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

-Olivia artwork revamp!

-Added the Library Entrance Area!

-Added Research- Available in the library room's topmost bookshelf, this allows you to gather research books!

-Added Paper writing - Available at the desk at the library's southmost point. Use research to write papers for classes!

-Replaced and animated the stats screen character bust for the first 2 pages of the stats screen

-Added images and a birth scene for the Nekomatas!

-Added the spells Water Spear, FireBolt, Splash Wave, Magic Binding

-Added the new non-combat spells Soothe and Excite

-Added 6 new classes, 3 water, 2 fire, 1 neutral magic

-Added basic prostitution/one night stands!
- These events happen in a variety of ways at the tavern. Most male Students and villagers are eligible for these events, but be careful! Some are a bit more... excitable than others, and you might not be able to please everyone right at the start...
-Prostitution requires you to have previous experience somehow, while you have to be aroused or drunk to trigger one-night stands. Both are functionally the same content. These will be expanded over time as I create new animations and artwork for the game.

-Added Nekomata birth scenes!
-Added a nursery to the Nekomata Village! With, of course, some interesting events....

-Added a second stairway above the dorms for easier access to the second floor
-Expanded above stairway area into a passage between the female dorms and the school's outside
-Added villagers and students to the tavern's 1st floor, as well as to the village!
-Added a minor HP recovery each morning after you wake up, equal to 1/4th of your max hp

-Fixed Combat 3 class visually showing the combat 2 classes assignment, instead of its own in the assignment journal
-Fixed bug on new game that disabled accessing 2 classes
-Fixed a bug that prevented you from ordering alcohol after having been denied it once
-Fixed - 1 in 4 Nekomatas pretending to be red slimes
-Fixed curses not properly registering on new game

https://hmadarktower.game.blog/hma-dark ... downloads/
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Re: Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby hgameartman » Sun Apr 05, 2020 7:04 pm

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

ChangeLog V0.5.0

-Updated and added Andrew as a datable character!

-His base Storyline is available to see! Spend time with him in the afternoons to build up your relationship with him!

-Added the Floor 3 Gymnasium, changing rooms, and Pool! - These will be used for various physical-related activities, sports clubs and gym classes mostly

-Added Basic and Intermediate Gym Class(Aerobics)- Work out to improve your endurance faster! Also unlocks some interesting scenes for more pure characters...

-Added multiple new facial expressions to the main character- Currently mostly used in the new scenes (gym classes and Andrew's Storyline).

Added - Poison Flask, Magic Laser 2 as new skills

Added - Sleep as a new non-combat skill

Added - Poison Flasks as a craftable recipe

Added New Classes- Basic Aerobics, Intermediate Aerobics, Magic Laser 2, Potions 3, and Sleep

-Revamped gardening club! It works completely differently now, with different reward tiers for visiting multiple times. Plants can be harvested anytime starting the second day after planting... but you have to be careful and water them each day, at least to start...

-Added 5ish new sex scenes! (ish because Andrew's storyline's a little spicy) - 3 for Andrew's storyline, 2 for Gym Classes


-Improved the male dorms! It's now actually traversable!


- Fixed standing students forgetting they were at school and not at the bar while on the school's second floor

- Fixed Menu Access errors after Tavern PTJ and from another, unknown source

-Fixed broken event flow when fainting in prostitution minigame

-Fixed picture getting stuck in prostitution minigame upon fainting

- Fixed hitboxes on multiple objects in your bedroom and in the tavern minigame.

-Fixed a glitch preventing you from entering some classes from the bottem doorway of the Mana Manipulation classroom

-Fixed saving and added it back to the menu!

It may be a little different, and I'm not entirely sure it works 100% with no crashes (only a few hours of testing so far) So report any issues you have and try to mix it up with save-point saves in your room to be safe!


Saving in front of NPCs can cause you to glitch into said NPCs, getting you stuck.

WORKAROUND- Encyclopedia now has an emergency escape option. Works just like using the map to travel back to the dorms (takes a time period) but doesn't need map access to work.

And don't save right in front of NPCs is also good..

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Re: Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby BurningCascade » Wed Apr 29, 2020 8:15 am

So how are you able to get to the Nekomata village also does the player get to TF into a Nekomata as well?
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Re: Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby hgameartman » Thu Apr 30, 2020 12:13 am

Nekomata village is located at the end of the dungeon that unlocks semester 2! Nekomata (and other transformations) are certainly planned for the future, but not implemented right now

V0.6.0: Book Club!
Spoiler (click to show/hide):


- Added Book Club - Join a new character (Eilana) and help her revitalize the library's book club!

-Rewards -> Eilana likes you more, a sense of pride and accomplishment....

And a masturbation scene, as well as increased INT from reading the books, and over time Mana Regeneration increases!

-Added 2 scenes to Eilana's storyline. These are accessable through befriending her in the book club and showing genuine interested in the club by reading each book you read together to its end.

- Added a new Secrets Passageway System!

- These secrets are hidden throughout the castle's current 3 levels, creating a network of passageways for those clever enough to find them.

-Discovered passageways will automatically be added to your map menu, under a new "Secrets" Option that can be toggled to view these areas

at will. When toggled, the passages themselves will also be easier to see while not on the map.

- Added 5 new classes - Basic Meditation, Basic Shielding, Fire Bolt 2, Splash Wave 2, and Basic Teleportation

- Added 5 new skills corrosponding to the above classes

-Added Basic Teleportation- A skill to travel quicker throughout the world

-Requires Teleportation Crystals to use

-These are both craftable, as well as available to purchase from the village shop after Semester 4

-Several new materials are available inside the dungeon! These vary in obtaining (field gathering, monster drops, etc) and are not currently used in anything yet. Spawn frequency, location and resource appearances may also need tweaking in the future.


-Added floor maps to the first 2 floors, positioned near the staircases with a marker (A small red circle) for your current location

-Made night a tiny bit darker

-Changed some prereqs for Basic Recall and Sleeping magic to better structure the class tree for that section of the school


- Spending time with Andrew when no event played used two time blocks instead of just one

-Fixed the fire Elemental classroom only entering classes when stepping

on the central transport

-Fixed the stats screen thinking your always corrupt, even if your purity is high

-Fixed Gardening club planter hitboxes

-Fixed imp birth never happening, causing perpetual, and rather confusing, pregnancy with imps!

Known Issues

-Gardening club plants don't seem to die properly in some cases... Probably need a bit of refactoring still for that code

- Choosing classes can be kind a pain, and is growing worse the more classes are added. UI needs a complete rework, hope to get to that soon and make it much more friendly to navigate.

-Workaround- Escape or cancel will cycle to the next class immediately.

-Re-assigning skills is a little confusing, UI needs to display which skill is already assigned to which button.

-Freeze when doing church work without any blessings

Misc Thoughts

-Passageway visibility on the map seems a little meh to me still, thinking of adding an arrow to the animation pointing in the general direction of

the passageway to help orient the player as to where they will end up.

https://hmadarktower.game.blog/hma-dark ... downloads/
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Re: Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby BurningCascade » Thu Apr 30, 2020 1:38 am

Is there a way Olivia to become a futa by chance?
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Re: Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby hgameartman » Thu Apr 30, 2020 4:28 pm

BurningCascade Wrote:Is there a way Olivia to become a futa by chance?

Also planned, but not even close to being ready to implement. My art style is still evolving rapidly, so the characters will likely go through several iterations before development is over, so I'm holding off on adding transformations and such until I'm more confident in my abilities.
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Re: Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby BurningCascade » Thu Apr 30, 2020 9:24 pm

hgameartman Wrote:
BurningCascade Wrote:Is there a way Olivia to become a futa by chance?

Also planned, but not even close to being ready to implement. My art style is still evolving rapidly, so the characters will likely go through several iterations before development is over, so I'm holding off on adding transformations and such until I'm more confident in my abilities.

Okay then Thanks for the heads up about that I'm looking forward to it greatly.
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Re: Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby Bunnyav » Sat May 02, 2020 4:27 am

Just finished the first semester and this is turning out very solid. Thought it was a bit clunky that you have to fight slimes the first time very likely before your classes teach you spells (I guess your friend was casting).

Does the big slime have different H scene than the small ones? How strong do you have to be to hurt it.

Can the bar patrons knock up the heroine, or just the imps and slimes?
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Re: Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby Bunnyav » Sun May 03, 2020 5:31 am

Can't seem to use Chain casting archery; would have been nice if the spell auto took the slot it replaced.
I've yet to meet the male student and am in Semester 3.
Trying to get Imp scenes, I'm up to pantry stocking in kitchen help but the large money demands for classes make me feel I'm wasting time.
Can we get something sellable from dungeon runs? Or is crafting potions to sell it?

Figured out how to equip spear arrow, but very inconvenient it is disabled while in dungeon. Wish I hadn't forgotten basic arrow for dealing with small fry and narrow passages.

Ok, eventually the imps rape you during pantry. What determines how far they go? I had one session that I started at 10 secs than went all the way to triple Pen, while getting caught early sometimes meant they stopped despite me hitting allow within 2 prompts.

I see that potions actually aren't sellable, but catalysts are for barely anything. I could hurt the giant slime for 5 damage with 5 int, a wand, and Neutral laser; there was no true reward as he just became smaller. Seem weird the tutorial said mushrooms might grow there but they never do. The "tree" very seldom has anything so best to just farm catalysts in Nekemata Labyrinth.

I love the Nekomata nursery mechanic and wonder if there will be ways to interact with Imp/Human/later babies. I'm already presuming slimes just leave for the sewers since they don't even leave post delivery.

The gates at the top of Nekomata village open "sometimes" when you ask about them. Saving however can cause the guards to reset and you actually can't go deeper.

after reading both books I haven't really seen much librarian interaction, is it worth reading a book again?
Are there any events besides flashing a boy that makes recruiting new Book club members worth it?
Aerobic class talks about someone "not paying attention to you" was that supposed to be the coach, or a missing boy student? Was the class always supposed to be the same running?
I fully studied Trap mastery and had full attendance, but my end grade was an 80, why?
Do you lose your scholarship if you don't fill the schedule with self studies when you are poor? (Milking myself is expensive!)
How far can you advance relations with tutorial student? Feels like I'm just repeating the boyfriend question after we talked by the water.
Any reason to do gardening after you get Contraceptive recipe, except the occasional Nature boost?

Looks like library research expires with the semester; maybe that activity (along with paper writing) shouldn't be allowed until you've gotten at least one assignment to do so. Or maybe have it part of the tutorial classes.
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Re: Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby Bunnyav » Sun May 03, 2020 7:39 am

One last point, It's been interesting to read your thoughts on navigation and the secret passages. However, as they are now the passages are so secret and rather random, with the jump to class, jump to job shortcuts being far more effective to get anywhere.
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Re: Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby hgameartman » Sun May 03, 2020 4:56 pm

Thanks for all the feedback!
The imp minigame has two main determenants. How submissive you are to them (how much you let them grope you) and the time of day (night being more active). There's a small scene with the imps at night, but they rob you of a bit of gold each time, but its the fastest way to max out your submissiveness tot the little buggers.

The "Not paying attention to you." line from the coach is a tiny clue into the first scene available In that class. The teacher essentially is into pure girls, with high purity his dialog changes and a H-Scene happens. The running's always the same, but the plan is for different events and dialogs to occur based on what you do and say, and at certain values, events happen around it. Currently the only two available are getting called out by the coach for a short scene, and, if Anya is attending (1/3rd ish chance) then she has a chance at high relationship levels to have a scene in the showers after class.

Some bugs are still remaining in the classes, I'll flesh them out. Book club's events require that you read the book entirely. That is, until you get the message saying you finished it. They're actually complete storylines, albeit edited down to fit in the timeframe of the game, and each full read-through gives a stat boost, so it's not entirely worthless.

Relationshops take about 50ish time-periods to max out, with 10 unique scenes, but can be passively leveled by talking to them. A gifting feature in the nearish future should reduce this down to 20 time-periods and give some more use out of gardening club.

Scholarships are grade-based, so if you ace self-study classes you actually make money!

Gardening club's still a little useless, but it's the only way to make potions reliably (dungeon spawns are kind of scarce) and you also unlock a single potion craft option at some point that lets you attend, grow your plants, craft a potion, then leave.

The giant slime, when beat, splits multiple times, and that area ha the highest droprate for catalysts in the game, which are used for some different potions. He is set to be a bit higher of a level, hence being a boss, but around semester 10 on my test file I was able to reliably and fairly effortlessly kill him repeatedly whenever I needed ingredients.

Secret passageways are partially there because I started to feel that having the school be super-linear (one direct path everywhere) was annoying. You can toggle them on in the map screen to see their location, and this should also carry over to the main screen, they'll show up as interactable objects as you're walking around if you've entered that side once....

That and I thought any cool castle's gotta have some secret passageways.
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Re: Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby Bunnyav » Mon May 04, 2020 2:54 am

If I might propose something to help with the "relationship process", Persona 5 had little notes flare up when you did something helpful (never telling you how many notes you needed), and warning when thresholds were event locked, and had repeated dates between thresholds be super short. I would suggest you have a message that improvements are occurring and likewise make a fully repeated scene shortened or skippable. I went ham on Anya on a save branch and eventually started to see more scenes; specifically the breast potion one and the time she verifies you don't stuff your bra, which feel like they should appear in reverse order.

I enjoyed the two books of the book club very much, was just trying to see if I was missing anything other than MP regen by not re-reading them.

I answered my own question about what happens with Imp babies on delivery, and I was very satisfied, though getting a repeat script for every 10 milk when I had 150 to drain probably could be shortened- maybe they drain 30, since catkids take 20.

Also answered my own question that skipping courses costs some, but thankfully not all, of the scholarship. I'm curious to see if the game is going to have a hard time limit to it eventually, or will it stay "loose" like Violated Heroine, to take all the time you are willing to feed it.

There was definitely a bug in Potion 2 where the assignment appeared before the teacher actually requested Catalysts.

I got a hang of the secret passages more once the lights turned on. Oddly enough, I thought they'd be required to visit the 2nd floor at night, so it was a little off putting that what stood in my way was just guessing the wrong staircase. I absolutely respect the barriers are there to make the floor a "dungeon" via winding path, but maybe telegraph that the player should try other entrances. You might have noticed, but you can easily despawn all enemies by flipping back and forth between screens to not have to fight anything.

Since there's no Exp, good sellable drops, or too many crafts in the game yet, there's not a lot of incentive for fighting. I do hope that changes in the future.

Silly question, but is there battle rape outside of losses? Slimes clearly Game Over rape in first sewer. In the Labyrinth my goes without trap sense meant I was just 1hp and horny by the time I found the catmen, I can't tell if they killed me first or just touched me with the Heart Status active.

Submission to Imp Status- independent of Corruption I guess, hidden stat? Also, corruption and Purity can coexist it seems (nice girl in public, demon in the sheets I guess)?

Any hints on how I can meet the boy student?

The blog mentions "prostitution minigame" but does that actually refer to "Bar one night stand" minigame? If so, I feel extremely underpaid!

Any tips on the values of Stats BESIDES HP, MP, STR, INT, and WIS? Is END only for Prostitution? What will SPeed and Cha do?
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Re: Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby hgameartman » Mon May 04, 2020 9:05 pm

Meeting the male character requires you to start down the combat classes on the 3rd floor, you meet him in the first and he hangs out in the training room below the classroom in the afternoons.

The next sequence of updates is expanding upon dungeons, starting with a proper boss for the nekomata area and leading into a new set of floors, with more battle-scenes like with the nekomatas, except hopefully programmed better.

There are two cases of battle scenes, perhaps 3?
1- Red slimes - If you're at max arousal (red heart in combat), their attack attempts to impregnate you with slimes. No scene yet though for it, text only.
2- Nekomatas - If max arousal (same as above) and you're hit by their tackle, they will initiate a scene, chance of impregnation.
3- Ghost Trap - More of a trap thing, but the second floor of the castle opens around semester 4ish or at high corruption, and there are traps that get very interesting up there.

The game allows corruption and purity to coexist, but the dominant one determines the majority of the personality, and raising one will drop the other. This should be shown through the words (Corrupt, Pure, Neutral) above your character's purity/corruption stats on the stats screen... Unless it's glitched again, in which case I should test and fix it.

The Tavern Part Time Job with high corruption and making a few mistakes in front of the right clients will unlock basic prostitution downstairs in the Inn, the way it's set up it will default to it if you have the option, but otherwise if you're horny or drunk it will initiate one night stands with no pay at all. It's probably not perfectly balanced yet, but the way it's set up it should be possible to make 100-200 on average a session if you can continue until the client is completely satisfied (requires high endurance, hp, healing potions, or some combination of all 3)
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Re: Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby Bunnyav » Tue May 05, 2020 2:21 am

Thanks, found him last night. He's still neutral and only admitted to being bad at studying after 10+ interactions and I can't sneak into his dorm room at night, so that relationship is going to take a while.

Likewise, I saw the red slime and confirmed the Nekomatas don't need to game over. Funny story, on that run I had been infested by the red slime, then killed by nekomata a few floors later. The Game over warped me back into the slime sewer event which I'm sure you didn't intend (at least long term).

It looked like Nekomata births actually raise your stats, will that happen for the others?

While I reporting bugs, something weird happens to the protag's hair during the dark mass. Do either dark church events progress?- the weird sounds and art they have currently are dissuading me from testing them much further.

For point 3, I'm presuming you mean the ghost traps do more than just horniness later on? If I retake trap finding can I see them? because it's been nearly impossible to find enough to get to Red heart status naturally. They likely despawn along with monsters.

On the topic of despawns, the girls in the dormroom tend to despawn if you use the menu save.

It's true that raising Purity also lowers corruption, but since there's distinct events that ONLY lower respective values it was harder to notice.

Thanks for the tip on the Bar event, though I feel silly that I just switched to raising Purity for the PE events. I'm in the intermediate aerobics class with around 15 vs 6 pure to corrupt and I don't see any changes nor does Anya ever join the class. Do I need to retake level 1?

I started elemental class, it seems like Elemental attunement should be a visible stat somewhere since it hard to tell what value I get from training rooms, or whether training will affect class grades.

I somehow got a grade of 120 on a study hall course. Was that from leftover research or something? Is there value to selecting the librarians porn, I just keep getting the same message from it so far.
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Re: Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby hgameartman » Tue May 05, 2020 4:16 am

Some of the classes seem to have glitches that distribute grades incorrectly. The corrupt church's current main purpose is manipulating corruption and reducing purity, and while the black mass only has one event and reduces purity by 15 regardless, the more you attend the dark rituals the more corruption gain from attending, as well as unlocking curses, which have a variety of effects, same as the blessings from attending a lot of the church's choir club.

Anya attending PE with you is a flat 1/3rd or so chance, so you're probably just unlucky. The PE, along with pretty much everything, is still in progress, and I plan on expanding on them throughout development, including redoing the art and adding new art for much of the current areas as my skills improve.

I'll be working on fixing up a (rather large now) list of bugs for next update, so thanks or all the feedback! With any luck, the next update will fix up lots of stuff, in addition to the planned content updates and additions!

And the Librarian's dialog when researching is mostly just flavor text I thought was kinda fun. Her storyline will go more into her relationship with the dirty books you find around the library as I flesh out her story and add scenes for her..
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Re: Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower!

Postby Bunnyav » Tue May 05, 2020 4:48 am

I've been amazed by what you've been able to do with the game so far. I've had a lot of fun with this version and look forward with what's to come.

There is a bug with the Purity status, at 35->37 Purity/0 Corrupt I got my first angel who gave me blessing of pleasure. The status bar says I'm corrupt now. There doesn't seem to be anyplace where the blessing is displayed. The tutorial mentions benevolence but volunteering doesn't set that yet.

Sorry to ask again, but how do I get the gym teacher to notice me, it seems to be the only event triggered by purity and I'll need to flip back to corrupt to unlock Prostitution.
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