[Unity3D] Viking's Daughter - 3D Game Free Build 7/14

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Re: [Unity3D] Viking's Daughter *3D Adult Game* (12/1/)

Postby Jago » Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:25 am

flyrenders Wrote:
BongoMonkey Wrote:I'd like to have enjoyed this game, but the lack of an option to invert the mouse makes it pretty much unplayable for me.

Do you mean to invert the mouse wheel?

I also had difficulty playing because of this. It's not the mouse wheel - it's the option to flip movement of the Y axis. That way when you move your mouse down, for instance, the aiming cursor will go up (and vice versa).

Many console games had inverted aim by default since the analog sticks intuitively felt like joy sticks (like flying a jet), and many people carried that over to PC gaming. It's a hard habit to break, so if I play a game without inverted mouse then I keep staring at the sky when I'm trying to look down.
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Re: [Unity3D] Viking's Daughter - 3D RPG *Free Build* 8/8

Postby flyrenders » Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:22 am


We are going to work on this feature and add it in the game settings (ESC->Settings), it will be available in the next patch, thanks for the feedback!
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Re: [Unity3D] Viking's Daughter - 3D Open World Game 1/9

Postby flyrenders » Sat Sep 01, 2018 8:29 pm

v0.11.0 is out for patrons. You can download it from here.



    Sex sounds during all of the Alvilda’s NSFW scenes. This includes different sounds depending on the speed of the animation. We also added an audio system to fade in/out the volume of the sound before playing it.
    Improved Hilde’s dialogues during the sex scene and added aggressive dialogue route.

    Longsword model + 6 combat animations (5 cut animations - left mouse click and one stab - scroll wheel click), 1 idle animation and 1 to pull out the sword.
    Melee combat system. It keeps track of where the player is looking at and plays the selected angled animation depending on the key you press (mouse left / right / scroll wheel).
    Melee combat collision detection system. It activates a collider in front of the player that will be of the same shape as the angled attack.
    Blood particles spawning at the right location you hit the animal.
    Added a virtual cursor to keep track of where the player is looking at, it’s used for the angled attacks to make it possible to perform right and left attacks even if you’ve turned 180 degrees.

    Wolf hunting quest + dialogues for Astri.
    Quest journal to keep track of every active quest and it’s progress. Press “J” to open it.
    Optimized the quest system and each quest, so it can stay active in every scene without spawning quest items that are meant to be in different scenes.
    Hide and seek dialogues reworked.
    Added notifications for the quests.
Models & Art

    Changed the textures of all of the house models to improve the quality, now each one has 4 different textures.
    New shield models.
    New icons for the weapons.
    UI for the weapons above the health bar.
Console & Settings

    Added a console, where you can write cheats to speed boost your character or remove the clothes from every character (more to be added later).
    Added invert mouse y option in the settings.
    Updated our project to use the .net 4.6 version.
Weather & Time

    Added a simple “weather” controller (will be reworked and optimized soon) that changes the intensity of the sun - the scene will get darker right before the hide and seek quest.

    Added death animation to the player to fall on the ground.
    Optimized the player’s first person camera controller.
    Improved the audio system to properly select sounds based on their type (can also be used during animations).
    Adjusted the sounds and background music volume.
    Increased the health regeneration - 5 health per 2.5 seconds (max health is 100) - this can be changed again in the future.
Bug fixes

    Fixed a bug during the animation scenes where the player’s dick was disappearing, if you play the scenes after the Hilde’s hotspring.
    Fixed a bug where the eyelashes of Hilde were missing.
    Fixed a bug with the animals hit detection and death state.
    Fixed a bug in the menu scene, the Discord button wasn’t working (the invitation has expired).
    Fixed a bug where the sword’s hit collider stayed active if you switch to the bow before the attack animation ends.
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Re: [Unity3D] Viking's Daughter - 3D Open World Game 20/10

Postby flyrenders » Sat Oct 20, 2018 8:48 pm

v0.12.0 is available to backers at our Patreon page. This is a preview of one of the loops added in this build.



-Added a NSFW scene with Dalla. It currently has 3 loops and 2 transitions, we are working on the cum animation + a few more variations of the loops.
-Huge improvements on the animation scene system, it’s currently possible to have more than 2 characters in a scene, so we can set up a threesome in the future + performance optimization.
-Added 2 variations of pubes to Dalla.

Characters / Models

-Added one new character on the island + clothes, new eye models and hair. Her name is Rose and she is a slave coming from ireland. You can find her on the docks and purchase her for free (only in this version, her price will increase to 200 gold in the next release).
-Added a model for the slave market on the docks.
-The characters try to maintain eye contact during the NSFW scenes.


-Increased the damage of the sword during the cut attacks (triggered by the left mouse).
-Increased the damage of the bow.
-Increased the health regeneration, while you are not in combat - 2.5 per second.
-Nerfed the wolves’ damage.


-We added the inventory system in-game, there is currently no UI, but we have 3 inventories - items, slaves and currency. They will be visualized in the next release, but they are fully working and you can buy the slave.
-Added purchasing and selling mechanics + UI, that could be used when you talk with Rose. She will also “fall in-love”, if you decide to buy her.

Save Load

-Reworked the save and load system, so we can have multiple save slots in the future and we can also support old saves. All of the items that you have in your inventory and your game’s progress shouldn’t be lost when you download a new build in the future.
-The player data is saved and loaded differently to give us more control.


-Added 3 dialogues with Rose - before you buy her, after you have finished her first dialogue, but still you don’t own her and after you buy her.
-Added a dialogue with Hilde before her first NSFW scene.
-Improved the dialogue with Hilde during the NSFW scene.
-Added a dialogue with Hilde after the NSFW scene.
-Added a dialogue with Dalla when she wakes you up, before her NSFW scene.

Improvements / Bug fixes

-We change the fade in / out effect used before and after NSFW scenes / scene transitions / entering a new scene.
-Changed the system that adds and loads dialogues, so it’s easier for us to navigate since we have lots of dialogues at this point.
-Bug fixes with the user identification.
-Fixed the old saves which load day 4.
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Re: [Unity3D] Viking's Daughter - 3D Open World Game 2/12

Postby flyrenders » Sun Dec 02, 2018 9:12 pm

v0.13.0 Backer is available on our Patreon Page. We added a new NSFW scene with one of the slaves, more animations to Dalla’s sex scene and one new character to the slave market. There is also an inventory UI, so you can keep track of the items / slaves you own. Read the full changelog below.


Viking’s Daughter v0.13.0 Changelog after Beta

-Change the NSFW pose at anytime, before you had to wait until the end of the animation. You can only change it to one of the unlocked poses with that character.
-Exit (skip) the current NSFW scene.

Viking’s Daughter v0.13.0 Beta Changelog

NSFW & Animations

-Added a new NSFW scene with Rose.
-Added soft body physics and face expressions to Rose.
-Added more animations for the Dalla’s NSFW scene.
-You can adjust the speed of some of the NSFW scenes from the UI. This feature is currently available if you play the scene with Rose.
-Changed the male’s sleep animation.

Characters / Models

-New slave character + new clothes, eye models and hair. Her name is Nicole and she is a slave coming from North Africa. You cannot interact with her in this build.
-Changed the scale of Rose, she is shorter now.


-Finished working on a system that will allow us to easily create weapons and items in the future.
-Added the bow and sword in the inventory.
-Added gold currency.
-Finished working on a system that gives items or currency rewards from the quests and set up the bow and sword reward.
-Reworked the weapon switcher script, you can press a key to equip a weapon and its icon will be highlighted in the equipment inventory. You can also drag change the slot of the item by dragging and dropping it into another slot or inventory.


-New inventory UI (includes bag, equipped items and slave inventory). Press “I” to open.
-Added game controls, you can open the menu to see every key that performs a certain action in the game. The controls window can be accessed from the main menu or if you are in game, you can press ESC - > Controls.
-Added icons for the slaves, currency, weapons and other items we are currently working on.

Save / Load

-Small changes to the characters load system. If you load an old save that doesn’t have a saved data for a new character, it will load the default settings, without breaking the whole save.
-Updated the dev-save file, you could load it from the main menu - Load Game -> Yes.


-New dialogues with Dalla when she wakes you up in the middle of the night before the sex scene.

Improvements / Bug fixes

-Players, who have low FPS, could experience a rare glitch, where the wolf pushes you through the ground and you fall down. Every 5 seconds we are checking if you are stuck below the island and if that happens, your position will be automatically reset, so you could keep playing with your current progress.
-To increase the performance, press ESC - Settings and decrease the grass intensity and turn off shadows.
-Added “age” property to the slaves details.
-Fixed a bug with the Hilde missionary scene, where the camera moved forward more than it should be. This bug can only be replicated if your OS language is reversing the dot and comma “.” “,” (most of the Eastern European languages).
-Fixed a bug with the Hilde missionary scene dialogues. The gentle route was missing one option and you got stuck in the scene.
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Re: [Unity3D] Viking's Daughter - 3D Game *Free Build* 9/12

Postby flyrenders » Sun Dec 09, 2018 9:03 pm

Hey guys,

We are releasing the public build of v0.12.0 and you can download it now.
You can play Dalla’s NSFW scene and also buy a slave from the market. In v0.12.0 you won’t have scenes with the slave, but v0.13.0 is out for backers and we added one sex scene with the slave.


We are looking for testers (limited seats), join our Discord.
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Re: [Unity3D] Viking's Daughter - 3D Adult Game *Beta* 10/1

Postby flyrenders » Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:12 pm

The new beta release is available at our Patreon.
We added a new sex scene + audio to every scene. There was a massive game engine upgrade and want to make sure everything is working as expected on all platforms!

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Re: [Unity3D] Viking's Daughter - 3D Adult Game 13/1

Postby flyrenders » Sat Jan 12, 2019 11:39 pm

Hey guys,
The backer build is available at our Patreon.


Changelog After Beta

-Fixed a bug with Hilde’s eyes, they weren’t closed while she was sleeping.
-Fixed a bug with Hilde’s body rotation during the Dalla’s NSFW scene.
-Dialogue typos fixed.

v0.14.0 Beta Changelog

NSFW & Animations

-Added a new NSFW scene with Nicole.
-Added soft body physics and face expressions to Nicole.
-Extended our system to support dick animations and added an animation to the dick during the Nicole’s first scene.
-Adjusting the speed of the animation bug fixes + every scene can have a min and max speed.


-Added sounds to all of the NSFW scenes - a total of 15 sound loops, 20-30 seconds each + different speed variations.

World & Environment

-Created a new terrain and fully reworked Folkvang, adding some vegetation and snow particles.
Added different types of insects on the island.
--Added more vegetation on the island.


-The sword damage was increased by 50%.
Added health bars to the wolves, so you can see their health while fighting.
-The animals will no longer regenerate their health immediately after combat. If you run away from a wolf, it will start to regenerate % of its health every X seconds, meaning you can return and finish the fight, while the wolf is still weak.
-The addition above allows you to hit the deer once to the body, then chase it and hit it again in the body to kill it before it restores to full health. You still have to be quick though, you will have around 12 seconds after the deer feels safe to find it and finish with one hit to the body before it's health starts to go up.

Engine Updates

-Updated from Unity 2017.3.1 to Unity 2018.2.18 to get access to new features and better performance. The upgrade fixed a couple of issues we had to deal with while working on the game.

UI & Settings

-Added a mouse sensitivity slider in the settings.

Optimization & Bug fixes

-The trees are better optimized and the transition between LODs (level of detail) is smooth and almost unnoticeable, they won’t snap to the low poly model like the used to.
-The houses have a very low poly billboard replacing the original model when you are far away.
-Fixed a bug where the grass was not visible by default, if you don't have any settings saved.
-Fixed the dev save file (Main menu -> Load Game -> Yes).
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Re: [Unity3D] Viking's Daughter - 3D Adult Game 9/3 (Beta Bu

Postby flyrenders » Sat Mar 09, 2019 9:38 pm

Hey guys,

The recent test build is currently available on our Patreon for $10+ supporters. We have added a lot of new things, including NSFW scene, dialogues, weapons and combat improvement + quests.

You can see the full changelog here, and a preview of the NSFW scene and screenshots.
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Re: [Unity3D] Viking's Daughter - 3D Adult Game 14/3 (Backer

Postby flyrenders » Thu Mar 14, 2019 7:55 pm

Hi guys,

The backer build is currently available on our Patreon page.

Preview the NSFW scene (Video)

NSFW & Animations

-New blowjob scene with the slave Rose (video above).
-Added more female and male SFW animations.


-New character named Harald, who arrives on day 5 with his ship to help the village.
-New character named Agatha (still in development, can be seen in-game on the village dock)
-New character named Bjorn (still in development, can be seen in-game on the docks)

AI Changes

-We have spent a lot of time to fully rework the characters AI, making it very easy for future development and extending their behavior.
-Local avoidance - characters will avoid other characters while moving, instead of bumping into one another.
-Changed the behavior of Hilde during the hide and seek quest, she is crouching while hiding and will stand up, once she realizes you’ve found her.
-Added “Go to Location AI” to Hilde during the springs quest and the same one was reused for Harald during the fish hunting quest.

Combat & Weapons

-New weapon - spear with 5 animations.
-We decided to change that and allow you to cancel any animation after the initial charging (it's around 0.5 seconds to avoid spamming) and play an animation from a similar angle. It means that you can start an attack from top right and cancel it to play a top left attack or a block. You are not able to start a top right attack and finish with a bottom right, because it's not possible to change that big angle.
-We have also changed the player's bleeding system and you will see blood on the screen depending on how much damage you've taken.

-Added block animations to the sword & spear. Here are the stats for the sword block:
-80% damage reduction of attacks coming from animals
-60% damage reduction of attack coming from one handed weapons
-35% damage reduction of attacks coming from two handed weapons
-85% damage reduction of attacks coming from ranged weapons
-Something we are experimenting with: Before we used to render the arms and weapons on a second camera on top of every object in the world, this avoids arms clipping through walls when you are too close. The problem was that the collision was not as accurate as we wanted and the arms weren’t with realistic size. We have changed this and now we have accurate hit detection and realistic scale, but the weapons can clip through walls if you get too close. We are going to see if we can find a solution for that.


-New map, displaying the currently tracked quest.
-New main menu and pause UI
-New dialogue UI.
-Crosshair changed.


-New fishing quest with 2 tasks.
-You are able to track a quest on the map, by pressing “J” and the search icon. If you only have one quest active, it will automatically be tracked and its quest helper will appear on the map, but if you have more than one active quests, you will need to choose which one you want to see on the map (it will automatically pick up the first on the list)


-5000+ words of dialogues added on day 4 and day 5.
-NSFW dialogue during Dalla’s NSFW scene


-Characters are disabled when you are more than 200m away from them to increase the performance, then when you get close their AI is resumed.
-Increased the water level.
-Extended the beach texture and added rocks on the beach.
-Added rats roaming around the village and docks.
-Added fish.
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Re: [Unity3D] Viking's Daughter - 3D Game *Free Build* 24/3

Postby flyrenders » Sun Mar 24, 2019 9:22 pm

Hey guys,

The public v0.14.0 is out and it's actually the backer version of 0.14 to show off our backer features such as third person view. You can download it from here. Also, check out the changelog.
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Re: [Unity3D] Viking's Daughter - 3D Game *Free Build* 20/5

Postby flyrenders » Mon May 20, 2019 8:14 pm

Hey guys,
We are releasing a new free build of Viking’s Daughter and it could be downloaded here. The most recent build is also available for $5+ supporters here.



New NSFW scene video

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Re: [Unity3D] Viking's Daughter - 3D Open World Game 27/6

Postby flyrenders » Thu Jun 27, 2019 7:04 pm

Hey guys,

We are releasing the v0.16.0 backer build + a new Playground Mode, where you have all of the NSFW scenes unlocked without even completing the story. Try it out here.

This build also has 3 new NSFW scenes, here's a preview


If you want to read the changelog, click here.
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Re: [Unity3D] Viking's Daughter - 3D Open World Game 27/6

Postby flyrenders » Sun Jul 14, 2019 7:32 pm

The public version of Viking’s Daughter is available at our Patreon. We have added 3 new NSFW animations, combat mechanics, quests and many new features including the Playground mode where you can replay all of the sex scenes from the start.

Here you can see a screenshot of one of the scenes.

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