CLONED - 3D adult visual novel

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CLONED - 3D adult visual novel

Postby FFruit » Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:15 pm


"Have you ever dreamed about living almost forever? To not fear death and ilnesses anymore? To be young and full of energy again? Well, I guess your dreams can come true" - SEBASTIAN BALES, NEXTGEN GENETICS CO.

CLONED is a multi chapter adult game/visual novel about a cloned girl, who's fighting for her survival. Right now, in 2016, where technology is advancing rapidly, a genetics corporation called "NEXTGEN" has found a way to extend human's lifespan by cloning people and performing brain transplantation from their old sick bag of bones to a new young and healthy cloned body. But the first cloned woman, Eve, has found out about her destiny and decided to rebel. Will you help her out?

THIS NOVEL is split into four chapers: prologue, chapter I, II, and III, Each chapter evolves by the way you play: game contains various dialog options, quick time events that affect all the characters in the game. For example, if you will choose to help Eve only, relationship statuses with other girls will decrease On the other hand, if you will show attention to other characters and forget Eve, she won't be able to survive. Each decision can lead to a different ending.

Some PREVIEW pictures:


Right now the game is not finished yet, but you can try PROLOGUE right now!


You can find information about other chapters in my Patreon page HERE.

If you have any questions, ideas, comment below. THANKS!
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