[HTML] Love and Corruption

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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Mon Apr 24, 2023 6:41 am

So, so... News time. Where are we going for 0.3.1? Well, our destination is Argekh... And our star will be Astana! I like Gnolls a lot, and especially when we're talking about a beautiful young Gnoll huntress... What better kind of girl to charm?

But of course, not just that. We added in the last release a slave system that needs polishing and additions. Yes, I'm venturing into this, and I want to see where we take it... Especially after collecting so much feedback from our community.

In simple terms, what do I plan for the next release...
Astana storyline (First part)
Dating events & dialogues
First warm massage
--- First lovenight
--- 2 scenes
Polishing and adding Argekh's servants shop
New races to the servants system
Servants system polish, new interactions (Feel free to suggest...)
New local romance for Argekh
--- Our first half-gnoll girl. She must be really, really, really cute...
Small local events for Argekh
A new big special event for Eileen and Belle! Yes, we have more of our favorite farmgirls...
--- More 2 scenes, very special scenes...

A new local romance for Argekh, and a new slave shop. And two new races to buy... I still need to name the half-gnolls properly though.

And of course, new events for Belle and Eileen are also on my list. Now there are no more extensive reworks, so I'm free to add new events to the game...

And of course, a little artistic teaser of our Gnoll princess. =3

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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Mon May 01, 2023 7:18 am

News time, guys. Well, this should be the last post before the official release. Basically, you can expect a complete revamping of Argekh's content and map.

I want to focus on the Fellise region, as I said. Lots to explore there... Gnolls, Relyan (Half-Gnolls), Kitties (Felisians), Cyaris, Wild Elves... And a new possible monstergirl that has been on my mind asking to be added to the game. Trust me, it's a lot of content to add. Tons of work...

Anyway, a list of what you can expect for v0.3.1...
New event for Eileen and Belle
Go to the lake (You will need to repair the lake shore...)
2 hot scenes, a small... Threesome... And a cute scene.
First part of Astana storyline
4 scenes, dialogs and her routine as I had reported in the last devlog.
And finally, the first part of Esmeth
3 hot scenes, dialogues and her routine
Two missions, one repeatable
Expansion of the servant system (To do...)
New actions, variants and personality cores
Add a new hostile encounter (To do...? Maybe...)
3 Scenes... For now, secret. xP
My intention is to release until the 5th, so I can't promise the new hostile encounter (And I just remembered that I need to add a bit of advancement for the new story mission...). So, I don't promise deadlines.

And as a beautiful and cute artistic teaser, Rwena... Owner of the Ardass slave shop. And why not eventual romance? I would truly hate to leave a Goblin cuttie without love. You know me.
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Mon May 15, 2023 7:34 pm

Okay guys! Some news... As you know, we are going to populate the Fellise region with content. Quests, characters, storylines, lots of hot stuff... Now, the town of Fellise is the focus.

I had long planned a sweet romance with Kailyn, the local alchemist. Side quests and stuff... But I want to continue work on the main story quest as well, and implement more stuff into our slavery system.

Basically, this release will be multi-focus. Kailyn, slavery system, side quests, a new big event to progress with Priscilla, and a special event with Lisbeth. (I'm still planning it...)

But as a list, for you to have an exact idea of the v0.3.2 schedule...

First part of Priscilla's romance
Dating scenes
First single scene
Two replayable scenes
Big event for Priscilla
3 scenes, I plan... It will be a surprise
Servant system expansion
Dialogues, variations and the stroke system
Next part of the story quest
New opponent for Fellise or Wilderness Forest... I'm still deciding.
These ones have 3 scenes. Time will tell...
Possible new special event for Lisbeth (Perhaps, time will tell...)

And a little taste of art (WIP)... Luelle, Esmeth's sister. <3

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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Sun May 21, 2023 1:12 am

Devlog of the week guys. And a special moment... Right now, the game is technically 2 years old. Yep, even though to me, it feels like it's still a young project... L&C is starting to get old.

I admit it's surprising to see that a passion project not focused on popular themes has managed to survive as long and grow as we have. Anyway, we are there seeing that this is possible...

And not least, the content of the release has progressed as I would have liked. A big event for Priscilla, the first part of Kailyn's storyline, and stuff... And of course, more things to come. A new passive opponent for Wilderness Forest, new side quest, story quest expansion, and (probably) more variations for the slavery system.

Yeah, I need to keep increasing the content of this... For sure.

What's ready?
Kailyn content
Romance mission
New map, new reagents and ways to earn gold
New dynamic
New dialogs and new scenes
Big event for Priscilla
Yeah, big... And 3 events with lots of dialogue... You'll see soon.
Added trait list to our servant system...
As per your guys suggestions, I got some great ideas. If you guys would like to suggest more, you can say it here or on our Discord.
Not promising deadlines, but I want to release the release no later than next Sunday. Of course, factor in the days it takes to polish and test everything... Tough prediction.

I'm happy for everyone who enjoys the game, even those who can't support us directly. Thanks, guys.

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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Sun Jun 04, 2023 6:20 am

Guys, just some news. Our new direction for 0.3.3 will be Katherine and Lyrith. Yes, our kind innkeeper. I admit, I was in the mood to write a romance with a Milf, so here we go... Hot scenes, dialogue, maps, and a big event.

But not only that. Lyrith also needs content, and a little more for her lore, and the Alraunes. I plan a big event for our flower, and also (maybe for 0.3.4), add it to the bath chambers. We will see...

In the form of a nice list of plans, as usual:

Kath storyline---
Varied dialogues
Datign events, also with variations
2 unique events, 4 unique scenes
2 repeable scenes
Interactions with her daughter, Lorraine (Yeah, Milfs have kids... xD)
2 new side quests---
Probably in Ingmery... (I want to offer the early players some help to make more coins, and get some more lore)
Plans for Lyrith (Sketch!)

Special dialogs
Bedroom event (Night of love)
Intense cowgirl
Bed boobjob
Lotus... (Because of course...)
Bath events (Let's see, maybe in 0.3.4...)
Milfs and Alraunes, that's the focus of v0.3.3. Now, you guys should have an idea of what to expect. Plus of course some good work on artwork... And maybe some expansion on the slavery system. (If there is enough time...)

Sidenote: I'm pretty pleased with our girls' new cards. This is going to be a perfect presentation... <3
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Mon Jun 12, 2023 8:13 pm

And btw, it's news time, guys! In summary, the thing is ready, or almost... The content of the update is ready, but I still need to polish and test it. Usually this takes a few days, but I'm trying to make releases more contained to make it easier and better save my health. xP

In short... You can expect a "flowery" or "milfy" release for the next few days. Well, I haven't decided what to call it yet... But the focus is on two of our mature beauties from the game, Lyrith and Katherine.

But more directly... What can you expect from this release? Let's go...
Katherine storyline
New dialogues and dating scenes (With variations, of course)
1 unique event
2 repeatable scenes
1 Big event (With 3 unique scenes...)
Lyrith storyline
Special event (With 70+ love)
This allows Lyrith to get out of her bloom more, and a great repeable event with 3 scenes and variations...
Special lotus
Special bath boobjob
Special cowgirl (Yes, Alraune cowgirl, because of course...)
New side quests
A small micro-quest/opportunity with Cedric and his grandchildren (Cute...)
A new repeable side-quest with Adalyn and her husband (As I mentioned, to help with coins at the beginning of the game)
Servant system
Addition of the job system. (You can now assign servants to certain works.)
More personality traits... (Complement to the work system... Influences the statuses of servants)
Of course, I still need to make some adjustments to Gael, our catboy. And adding a combat event to Ravenna's quest... Those are minor things though... But still, I don't promise deadlines. v0.3.3 will be released when the time is right.

And a little artistic peek... Our Felisian thief. With fur in a more colorful setting... Fun... And cute.
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Fri Jun 23, 2023 6:56 pm

News time, guys... Unfinished business with Katherine and Lyrith is resolved, for now. They'll get more content eventually, but it's time to get back to Fellise... More specifically, Lyra!

For 0.3.4, we will be focusing on the Wild Elf flavor... With a new romance story, an expansion of Meryel's storyline, a new passive opponent (Elf) in the Ancient Forest, and some new secondary quests.

Sure, maybe I'll add something new to our slavery system... That's a huge puzzle that needs to be fed with new content and features on a regular basis. But it's working well, and it's fun... And it will grow even more.

Plans for v0.3.4:
Syrin's Storyline
New map (Syrin peaks)
Intro/combat scenes
Talking and dating events (New TBA item... Need to commission art for this too)
Two unique events (Well... Hot...)
Repeatable scenes
I plan two scenes, but I can do 4... Let's see what time will do.
For meryel
Some new dialogs
New map (For her home...)
New routine
new scenes
Bathing, sleeping together (And a few more things... xD)
Thallan and Ellyen
Three new side/repeatable quests
New dialogs
Lyra map changes
New Elf encounters (Passive...)
2 minor events
3 scenes... (I still need to decide on them. But maybe...)

And of course, a little taste of WIP art... Rasha flavor! While I produce content, we also produce art. The game needs color... And passion.

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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Sun Jul 02, 2023 2:00 am

News time again, guys... That was quick, actually. The release content is complete, and a little more... I ended up distracting myself for two days with some extra content for Lisbeth.

Dating event, and a footjob... Yes, that was special... And Lis needed to get some extra content too. But anyway! Allow me to list what is prepared for the release.

After completing this, I just want to add new functionality to our slavery system. Allow you to send them to train and gain new skills in the slave shop... Maybe each slave shop has specific skills, let's see how the logistics of that will look...

Ready stuff...

Syrin storyline
Dialogues and interactions (Some battle... She's a cursed lady...)
4 scenes, 2 unique
Meryel storyline
New map (Meryel's home)
Routine and new dialogs
3 scenes (1 unique one, the others are for the bath stuff)
Thallan interactions
Lyra's Fort added
2 new quests (1 minor, 1 repeatable)
New passive encounter - Lyra Elf Soldier (Male and Female)
Interactions and dialogs
3 scenes
Lisbeth storyline
Dating event... (With variations)
2 new scenes

Shorty, shorty... I still need to check a few things. Polishing a ton of content, and testing every single thing to minimize post-release bugs. But come on... I like to post some art to make the post colorful... And here is... Syrin... Our new cursed girl.


I'll release this when everything is in place, glued together. But that's in the next few days... When will the release be? I don't promise dates... Nor deadlines.
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Sun Jul 16, 2023 5:32 am

Some news, guys. Cutting right to the chase... Ver 0.3.5 is heading towards one of the girls who has been waiting for attention for a long time... Agatha. Our new slave girl... And the main focus for her, yes. I've been getting work done this week... A good chunk of the scenes/variations/dialogues are in place, but there's still stuff to add.

I realized that we only have 1 unique slave for now, and so I decided to change that... I planned 2 new TBA slaves in the Ravenna region. (When the Ravenna quest is complete... And we have enough content in the Fellise region)

I don't want to give too many spoilers for now, but a Fox slave and an "Asian" slave. ("Asian" is an inaccurate term... We don't have an "Asia" in Aedryll, but we do have similar ethnicities, so you understand... Of course, I would never leave L&C without some Asian girls... You know me)

But for now, Agatha plans & list...
Intro events
Dialogues (With variations)
Dating scenes (With variations)
Bedroom scenes
2 Outstanding unique scenes
5 Repeatable scenes
Unique Variations for Agatha to the Sex System
Bath interactions
1 Unique scene and sweet dialogues
3 Repeatable scenes
Interactions throughout the castle... (Because of course)
A micro-quest for Agatha (Special... And romantic...)
Everyone knows... I legitimately love furry girls, and they will be more and more present in L&C overtime... Just watch me.

And speaking of furry girls, here's a preview of our beloved Agatha... Finally in Artwork. xD


She's... Lovely...
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Mon Jul 24, 2023 7:13 am

And more news, guys... This time, the entire planned content of the game is finished. Well, that took two weeks... But I suspect the whole process of polishing, testing and accepting suggestions from the public will take a few more days.

Usually, it does... But it's a necessary part. Especially some people on our Discord who have been helping me a lot with amazing suggestions... Thanks to our audience, honestly.

Anyway! The star of the update... Agatha, our Gnoll slave! She has her full content! (Almost... still missing the breakfast scene xP)

Let's see, in detailed terms, what you will see...
Intro events
Several dialogues/events and variations (According to love...)
First warm massage
First lovenight (Lotus... Because of course...)
Dating events (Varied...)
Taste her
Sex system (With unique variations, of course...)
Bath stuff
Spend time together
Bath doggy intro (Unique...)
Wet doggy style
Bath boobjob
Furry cherry flavor (<3)
Morning special footjob (Naturally...)
Other things have been added, like... An expansion to bath chambers allowing generic slaves to bath. And of course, you can interact with them... And have something hot...

I said that the slavery system would be gradually expanded, and there it goes... But that's not all. A few events here and there, something for Lisbeth, and new gems like rare drops!

Gemstones are fascinating... They can have multiple functions, and even serve as gifts for girls. (Not right now, I still need to implement the gifting system...)


An interest of mine... No big deal. But you'll see more of them gradually... They're pretty... But to finish, no promises! I want to release this by next sunday, but with the amount of stuff to polish and test, we'll see...
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Sun Aug 06, 2023 6:23 am

News time guys... Cut to the chase - v0.3.6 will be focused on Priscilla! It's not news to anyone that furry girls are a huge preference of mine, and our brown catgirl has been waiting for more content for some time.

From the useful to the pleasant, we have an interesting list of things for Priscilla. If you are in doubt, yes... She will live in Skystone. It's going to be lovely... Very lovely, and hot.

There's still the intro of Adriene, a new catgirl in Fellise. I can't remove a girl from the city without adding a new romance, of course. And a small storage in Skystone for you to store other items. A small request from our Patrons... And that I want to honor.

Her content list, in case you're curious and like spoilers...
- Blowjob
- Taste her
- missionary
- Doggystyle
- Cowgirl
- Morning Undercovers Blowjob (Cuuute...)
- Sex system (Unique variations)
- Bath Spend time
- Bath First boobjob
- Bath Boobjob
- Bath Lotus
- Bath Footjob (Wanna test it... Because of course...)

I think I've done a fair amount of work ahead, but then, front work is just fine... And then there's more, like her Skystone routine. Things we like to bring the castle to life, and the character. Breakfast, morning together, training together, dating at Skystone, some dancing... Very sweet stuff to write. <3

Also, a cute art for the game, setting our standard for Leporyn females... Jaslyn!


I have a huge appreciation for furry girls... 0 news. That's assuming a future half-leporyn girl with white hair and beautiful olive skin... Highly breedable. xD
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Mon Aug 14, 2023 4:45 am

Some weekly news, guys! The week was full of things... I finished all the content planned for Priscilla, and the intro for Adriene, our new catgirl from Fellise. Yep, Priscilla is going to live in Skystone, and Adriene is officially coming to Fellise, a sweet new girl to meet...

There are also lots of other things, like the huge series of spelling polishes and bug fixes that have kept me pretty busy over the past few weeks. (My sincere thanks to everyone who helped, I'll give them credit... Their help is invaluable!)

But just to give you an idea of what's in store for Priscilla... In a nice, neat list.

Doggy style
Morning 69
Unique stuff for the sex sys
Spend time
First boobjob
Training together (Cute...)
Breakfast (Cuuute...)
Dating and dancing on Lean Plate (Cuuuute! And of course...)

We have storage for Skystone too, a new feature requested by some of our patrons. Something I had thought to add, but now it felt like the perfect time.


A small surprise was that... Thanks to some valuable suggestions, I decided to overhaul the entire tilemap system. At least, the tiles and appearance of our maps... Here are some small previews.


This looks like light work, but it's harder than you think... This work took a lot of my energy today, and I'm going to finish all the maps in the game for the next release.

Anyway, the update needs tweaking, polishing and testing as usual. Probably the next post will be the release... But I don't promise deadlines, you know. This will be released when it's ready to be released!
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Sat Aug 19, 2023 4:37 am

With 0.3.6 being released to patrons, 0.3.5 goes public for everyone.

Version 0.3.5 is public for everyone.
Public link - https://www.patreon.com/posts/love-and-v0-3-5-87919453
Itch online version - https://airell.itch.io/love-and-corruption

Version 0.3.6 for supporters.
Link - https://www.patreon.com/posts/love-and-v0-3-6-87918262
Cheaty code - https://www.patreon.com/posts/love-and-v0-3-6-87919260
Extra scenes code - https://www.patreon.com/posts/love-and-v0-3-6-87919296
Gallery code - https://www.patreon.com/posts/love-and-v0-3-6-87919331
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Sun Aug 27, 2023 11:45 pm

Hey guys, a few words... I always make my plans very clear, especially on our Discord server. But since this is the weekly devlog, here goes... The focus of v0.3.7 will be Ghorza's pregnancy storyline

Our servant has been waiting for some time, and it's time for a new preggo storyline, as I really enjoy creating these! (And my players are asking a lot for this... xP) Ohh, and of course, I need to add a new rank to the Ardass guild, and 3 new quests. A special request from a high Patron... And it was a good call, because I need to pay attention to the guild.

You guys want preggo, so I'll give it to you... With a short list of what's coming to our lovely Ghorza in v0.3.7.
Ghorza preggo story roadmap

Preggo desire scene
Preggo intros
New doggystyle scene
Preggo. Cowgirl
Preggo. Missionary
Preggo. Doggystyle
Taste the cherry
Preggo. Boobjob
Preggo sweet cowgirl
Spending time with Ghorza at library (Preggo variations)
Read at the stars (Preggo variations)
Dialogues and stuff... (Preggo variations at most)
Preggo dating at Inn (Preggo variations)
Bath Breast massage (TBA)
Bath doggy (TBA too...)
Wet sixtynine (Yeah, TBA too...)
Wetty footjob (TBA too...)
Preggo wetty footjob (And... Yeah, TBA too... xP)

That's half of it... I still need to add content for the birthing events, and most lovely of all, our firstborn and our kids! The most lovely part of the pregnancy content... Seeing your children grow, and interacting with them.


Also, I had a sudden idea in the last two days and I decided to implement it... A little record of sex activity for our girls. Already implemented throughout the game...


Basically, that's it. I have something like a third of the content complete already, but I need to go ahead and complete the rest... No release dates given, guys. This will be released when this is ready to be released.
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Mon Sep 04, 2023 8:50 am

Good night, guys. Just a small weekly post... We're close to the update, I would say. Ghorza's pregnancy content is completed, and now I just need to add 3 new guild quests, and the rank up event. The first rank should be the simplest, but from the next it requires special missions...

Basically, we have all of Ghorza's preggo content ready. Kids, our firstborn, all there. The sweetest events imaginable... Stuff I love to write about.

Maybe I'll add an extra event for Dillen... We still have time. That's just 16 days since the last update was made. I think our rhythm is very adequate. (Although I've been trying to do updates in less than 20 days... But since I'm a solo dev, it's too hard)

Anyway! Basically, the content for Ghorza coming...
Sweet wine & preggo cowgirl (Special...)
Preggo. Cowgirl
Preggo. Lotus
Preggo. Missionary
Preggo. Doggystyle
Taste the cherry
Preggo. Boobjob
Preggo morn. cowgirl
Bathing stuff
Preggo. boob massage
Preggo. doggy bath
Wet Footjob (Naturally... Just waiting for a artwork... xD)
Lactation event... (So sweet...)
Kids stuff!
Dillen events (Firstborn... Cute!)
Secondary kids events (As usual, everyone has unique events...)
New stuff for sex history (Because it was needed... And it's pretty...)
I can't promise release dates, but I know the next post will be the release... The last phase is testing, polishing and some new minor features (in case the community asks for it), so a week there...

And as a small flavor of art, we have our princess... Thalia... <3


Maybe she'll even have a storyline all to herself... I don't know yet. But a romance with a tough warrior princess is a fascinating thing...
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