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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption - Ver 0.2.8

Postby Airell » Fri Dec 02, 2022 6:14 am

Some news, guys. First of all, the release is proving to be a little more demanding than I initially thought. The reason? I'm reworking the contents of Violith. You know, I have this habit of checking old game content and rewriting everything if it's not up to my current standards.

You can blame me for this, as it often takes a lot more time than my plans take into account in the beginning when I plan releases. But in short, what do we have?

- Belle content ready.
- New content for Eileen.
- Updated and rewritten their bath content, and redone the map of Eileen's home as well.
- Threesome with our girls on the farm.
- Some footjobs. (Test, I want to see if you guys will appreciate this)
- Reworked Violith content (Soon)
- Interactions with Lupine soldiers (male and female, they are passive)
- Rewrote everything for the generic Orc female
- Doggystyle
- Special massage
- Special footjob (Defeat...)
- Interactions for the female soldier Lupine. (Requires wine)
- Footjob
- Missionary
- Miscellaneous endings to the scene, I loved writing this

Ugh, Violith took up a lot of my time this week. I'll have a lot to polish and test, but I want the release to be this Sunday. My calculations say yes, this will fit nicely. And this time, I'm not going to add new to do tasks. xD

A little spoiler to spice up the post, our still-in-work scene with Lisbeth in the bath chambers.
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption - Ver 0.2.9

Postby Airell » Thu Dec 08, 2022 9:34 pm

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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption - Ver 0.2.9

Postby Airell » Fri Dec 16, 2022 3:12 am

The next release is news! I won't hold too many secrets, so I will say, this will be a pregnancy.

I thought about doing this as Renelis, but our Wild Elf still needs to get her romance storyline completed. I'm thinking she's going to live in Skystone, becoming a follower. I think this will fit well... Time will tell.

I also thought of Ghorza, she is our first servant and has her romance complete and has great fertility, probably remnants of arcane magic in her body. But we already have two impregnable Orc girls, so I've decided we need variety...

Decision: v0.2.11 will focus on Reneh. More precisely in the pregnancy of our wolfgirl. Why? Simple, so far we have only 3 impregnable girls. Usanna, Rasha, and Lisbeth.
Two Orc girls and a Cyaris girl. I want to add more variety, and Reneh ticks the boxes. A girl with completed romance, and is young and fertile enough to be a new mommy!

A brief list of items to do...

Plans list -----
Preggo doggystyle
Preggo cowgirl
Preggo tittyjob
Preggo blowjob
Taste the cherry (Preggo and non-preggo)
Morning preggo cowgirl (Special... Need to be!)
Bath doggystyle (Non-preggo)
Preggo bath handjob (It could still change... Let's see what people on our Discord will suggest.)
Breakfast scene together.
Birth scene. (Firstborn and later kids)
Interactions with the kids. (Firstborn and later kids)
And of course, a lot of parenting content with that. It's not a real pregnancy without you being able to interact with your kids.

I want this to allow time for me to finally add the wall system to Skystone, and the regular attacks. You can bring soldiers and defend the castle, it's quite simple actually. But little things add up to a big one, and in the end, I want running Skystone to be rewarding.

That's pretty much it, I'd usually give an art preview, but our artist starts work today... So I'll probably only have hot previews next weekend, sorry. xD
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption - Ver 0.2.9

Postby Airell » Thu Dec 22, 2022 7:30 pm

Guys, a few words of news!

I completed half of the pregnancy content for Renee. Yes, the spicier half. Completely rewritten scenes, some new stuff and new dialogs.

With that, the other half of the thing is missing. I'm taking care of the delivery scenes and starting interactions with her babies/kids today. I need to finish this by Sunday... My time has been shorter than usual, sorry.

As you know, LaC is not my main livelihood, and my main job has been kicking my ass a bit.

But in summary, what I have concluded...

Preg. doggy style
Preg. cowgirl
Be served (Rewritten Preggo)
Tittyjob (Rewritten Preggo)
Taste the cherry (Preggo and non-preggo)
Preggo morning cowgirl (Special...)
Breakfast together
Pregnancy dialogues
Bathing together
Bath doggystyle
Spend time together (Cute, for preggo and non-preggo)
I have more stuff to add. I want to add a small rework of Durya in the Black Axes tribe. Also a small expansion for Usanna, and some new stuff for her.

This is an old battle... But I'll give it the best I've got, like I've done since the beginning of the thing.

A little teasing for you. New artwork for Renee. I wouldn't leave the release without something spicy in the artistic field.
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption - Ver 0.2.9

Postby Airell » Tue Jan 03, 2023 1:54 am

Hmm, new year and new energies! Well, last year was... I didn't count, but several hundred hours put into the game. And so... Some news, guys. First of all, happy new year everyone (A bit late, sorry xP).

I want to share the progress of the thing so far... Basically, Renee's pregnancy line is completely ready. Scenes and interactions with the kids. That was a huge job, her content increased 2x. This is all because I take pregnancy seriously, really. It would be easier to do this in a more concise way, as I see other devs doing. I understand where they're coming from, but it's not how I do things.

Question: Why not release it now!? We want more pregnancy!
Answer: Because I am expanding Usanna's content.

Yes, Usanna. As I said I would, and it is being done. C'mon, guys. Usanna was the first romance storyline I did in the game, and she didn't even have foreplay and soft romantic hot stuff like tittyjobs or *maybe* footjob.

That won't be a problem anymore. I expanded her storyline a bit with 2 small microquests, and... Weeeell...

My goal!

Tittyjob (Unique and repeatable)
bath spend time (Prggo and non-preggo. Cute...)
Bath footjob/handjob
Taste her (Female oral)
Preggo tittyjob
Preggo fem. oral (Of course...)
As I create the game, I learn things and gradually improve my way of working. And as you all know, I have a little addiction to reworking past content.

It will probably take a week to create and polish everything. I don't like to do deadlines, but I'm aiming for next Sunday. I have a lot of testing and polishing to do after I finish creating Usanna's stuff, so I can't promise 100% accuracy... But as I did from the beginning: My best.

A little teaser, by the way. I like to leave some beautiful art preview.

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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption - Ver 0.2.10

Postby Airell » Thu Jan 19, 2023 4:22 am

Hey guys, some news... As you're used to: New directions. The next release will be 0.2.12, and I'll keep working on reworks of old game content.

In short: The star of the next release will be Khae, and to a lesser extent, a new character. I'm still thinking about her dynamic... she'll be the first romanceable half-elf.

Khae was one of the romances I created very early on in the game, and it's going to renew itself, and have a lot more content... And after that, eventually, Rinny. The dynamics of 3rd party relationships are very interesting to explore.

My plans for Khae...

Revise and rework everything necessary!
Khae dating scene
First night together
New dialogs - Variations as boyfriend
Dinner and first warm night...
Missionary repeable
Cowgirl repeable
Doggystyle repeable
Sleep together
--- Sixtynine special (Maybe facefuck... Im thinking about that...)
Bathing together
--- Doggystyle at bathtub
--- Spend some time together
Add unique variants for Khae at the sex system!
Think about the artworks for Khae...
--- I'm open to suggestions.
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption - Ver 0.2.10

Postby Airell » Fri Jan 27, 2023 4:06 am

Night, guys. It's time for some news... Well, first of all, I have all of Khae's current content reviewed and properly polished. Khae's new home map ready to receive the girls' routine and new events.

Breaking news: 0.2.12 will also feature a complete Ghorza rework.

Yes, our cute slave girl needs rework. She was the first slave I made in a long time... And it was time to pay attention to her. And that being done, I would say 90% of Ghorza's content has been rewritten and polished, and very little is currently missing.
Of course, I've added some new stuff to it too... A short list.

Ghorza stuff
Dating events, you can take her out for dinner and wine in Ardass
New dialogues and routine in the castle
First night together... Special cowgirl
cowgirl rewritten
rewritten lotus
Revised unique interactions for her in the sex system
missionary rewrite
Added boobjob
Added taste the cherry
There will be a few more things, of course... The dating ends in wine and a long hot night. Special event... And review the contents of the bath.

After that, add all of Khae's new content. about 11 scenes, dating, and the girls' routine... plus some new artwork. Bottom line: 0.2.12 is going to be way bigger than I planned.

I can't offer a release date, deadlines are fatal... And unforeseen things happen. I will release this when our girls content is complete, polished and bug free.

A little early, but a little teaser... There's going to be much, much more content with Khae. Watch me...
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption - Ver 0.2.10

Postby Airell » Sat Feb 04, 2023 3:09 am

News time? I think so. I'm a small dev with a humble project, but you guys aren't getting rid of me anytime soon... That's for sure.
Honestly speaking, the Ghorza rework was something of a surprise, and that's going to make the release massive.
I currently have half of Khae's stuff finished, with some scenes to go. Let's see, I like to organize my stuff into lists, and it's very illustrative, more so than a wall of text...

Khae's ready stuff:

Reworked/rewritten all of her previous content
Added new dialogs
Added Khae's routine to her home
Dating event (with variations)
First night together (unique event)
First missionary (unique event)
Unique variations for Khae to the sex system
taste the cherry
Repeable blowjob
Repeable missionary
Other than that, there are still things I value a lot like bath scenes together, special "good morning" (maybe a 69 or footjob...), and a couple of extra scenes to spice up Khae's bed.

Well, that's it. Indeed, I believe that a large amount of new content will make up for the wait. And not only that, I'm also especially proud of the UI polish I've been doing lately. This is making the game prettier. xD I want to see if this will leave enough time to add the combat/invasion system to the castle... I already added the option to repair the wall, just missing this little mechanic. Time will tell...

And the artistic front: A beautiful little artwork in the making. New line I want to add for our girls in bed...


Our beloved Ellaryel. Because of course...
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Sat Feb 18, 2023 6:05 pm

Guys, I'm a little late for the news... But here goes. To be precise... 0.2.13 will be focused on Naomi's rework. Yep, our brunette cutie needs attention. She was also one of the early game romances in need of attention. Code, new events, dialogs and dynamics. Everything, as you know I usually do.

In a nice and organized list for you...

Dating events
New dialogs
Naomi house map
New scenes
First warm massage
First love night
Taste the cherry
Possibly a warm scene... We'll see. (Maybe... Footjob)
Bath scene (Probably a nice doggy...)
And of course, I want to rework the scenes with our 3 girls on slaves pen. Shelana, Radasha and Moggana. They also need something extra... I'm thinking of two new scenes for each girl. Let's see what I will got...

And lastly, giving Ellaryel a more active role early in the game. She will be able to accompany the protag in combat and will have dialogues and a role in the Black Axes' mission.

And as a little flavor... A WIP of the new scene with Ghorza. It is very polite for the protag to serve his servants... Happy slaves are faithful and loving slaves.

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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Mon Feb 27, 2023 1:06 am

Okay guys. A peek... Well, where are we for the release? I would say that's 90% of the finished content. I still need to finish some things, but the thick content is all finished now.

This release will have a complete rework of Naomi, Radasha, Shelana and Moggana.

Naomi needed this, she was one of the first girls I added at the beginning of the project. And our 3 slaves too... They will have new content, setting the stage for some extra content (Soonish...) with Gharol as well.

But in a clean and objective way, what do we have ready? Well...

Naomi new content...
First warm massage
First love night
Morning footjob
Bath doggystyle
Sex system! (With unique variants...)
Repeable missionary & cowgirl
Tasting the cherry and more...

Radasha, Shelana and Moggana...
Breast massage
We'll see some more soon...

After that, there's just a little restructuring left in the first story mission allowing Ellaryel to help the protag with the whole thing.
Maybe I'll do the same with Gwen in the second mission... Time will tell.

And a little peek at the artwork... Gharol's rework. Soon I want to add some extra scenes for her... I like developing romances with married women. Blame me.
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Sun Mar 05, 2023 2:39 am

With 0.2.13 being released to patrons, 0.2.12 goes public for everyone.

Version 0.2.12 is public for everyone.
Public link - https://www.patreon.com/posts/love-and-v0-2-12-79569988
Itch online version - https://airell.itch.io/love-and-corruption

Version 0.2.13 for supporters.
Link - https://www.patreon.com/posts/love-and-v0-2-13-79568874
Cheaty code - https://www.patreon.com/posts/love-and-v0-2-13-79569797
Gallery code - https://www.patreon.com/posts/love-and-v0-2-13-79569857
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Tue Mar 07, 2023 11:23 pm

News time... Okay, we can compress this into: The line of old character reworks is coming to an end, guys. Everyone knows that I couldn't move forward with the story and new characters without freshing out all of our old content to the game's new standards.

Naomi and the Slaves Pens girls were the focus of our last release, and 0.2.14 will focus on Rasha and Gharol.

I have beautiful plans for our cute Orc girl, and our Milfy Orc... It's no secret that I have a little soft spot for romance with married women, it's my fault. xD

But briefly, what is the roadmap for 0.2.14? In list...
Rasha stuff ---

- First warm massage (Unique)
- First night together (Unique)
- Let her ride (Preggo and non-preggo)
- Doggystyle (Preggo and non-preggo)
- Lovemaking (Preggo and non-preggo)
- Taste the cherry (Preggo and non-preggo)
- Tittyjob (Preggo and non-preggo)
- Morning scenes
- Eager cowgirl (Preggo)
- Warm blowjob
- Bath events
- Spend time together
- Bath doggystyle (Or something else... Time will tell)
Gharol stuff ---

- First warm boobjob (Unique)
- First wine lovenight (Unique)
- Missionary repetitivel
- Doggystyle repetitivel
- Boobjob
This promises to be big. We have about 12 scenes to add, new dialogs and events, and a lot to revise. But after that, I feel the way is pretty much clear to proceed with the main story.

Goblins, Witches, Kitsunes, beastgirls... I want to fully explore Aedryll and see the beauties of this world.

And speaking of beauty... A little taste of artwork for Eileen. (WIP!)
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Thu Mar 16, 2023 5:27 pm

Hey guys, just a little weekly update. Firstly, the Rasha rework is now complete. A lot of new stuff for her, in terms of code and content. Rasha was one of the game's first storylines, and while it had minor tweaks and additions, it was in dire need of a rework.

Rasha has taken a lot of effort as she has a full pregnancy line. Preggo content doubles the content of the girls, so it doubles the content to be worked on. Rasha and Gharol will be the last reworks of the game.

But anyway, that's done... Hmm, a little list...

New events
First warm massage (Unique)
First lovenight (Unique, pure...)
Cowgirl (Rewriten, preggo & non-preggo)
Doggystyle (Rewriten, preggo & non-preggo)
Lovemaking (Rewriten, preggo & non-preggo)
Taste her (Rewriten, preggo & non-preggo)
Be served (Rewriten, preggo & non-preggo)
That, and more. But that's not all that will come in the next release. Gharol will have a rework/expansion as well. And some special stuff... I want to add new options to Skystone, things like income, business control and other management stuff.

Gradually... First, the prototype structure is the first option. Probably the Inn on the edge of the White Lake.

I'm pondering the possibilities of income and adding new events. Special and very spicy stuff. Just watch me...
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Fri Mar 24, 2023 4:23 am

Guys, just some news! First of all, the contents of the release are "technically" complete. With the exception of a couple of scenes, I consider it done.

I'll try to write that later today... And tomorrow, some lactation content for Rasha. But hey, all game reworks have been successfully completed! That's a big bummer, because with all of our old characters properly rewritten, I can finally move on to new content!

Hypes... There's a lot I want to explore. Gnolls, Wild Elves of Lyra, new equipment, the next story quest, new races. (Leporyn, more Taurus, Goblins, anthro horses, and anthro dragons and more...)

But a quick look at what you can expect in the next release...

New content ---

Rasha rework content - About 12 events
Gharol rework - About 6 new events, dialogs and interactions
Luna new events - 4 new events and dialogs
- Special cowgirl
- Tittyjob
- Lotus
- Warm riding
Lots and lots of fixes and polishing...

And of course, the new subsystem. Being able to control the Skystone castle region, repair Innerstone, the silver mines and other things. Each structure must have a special dynamic, and allow income.

Innerstone Inn - A large old Inn belonging to the lord of Skystone, on the edge of the lake.
Sincely Mines - Silver mines. Control depth, equipment and workers to generate income.
Yaket outpost - Train and control a small personal guard, sending them on missions and receiving income.

But when will the release take place? Idk. That got massive... We have two full reworks, and a huge event for Luna. And added to that, a giant series of tweaks and polishes to do.

What I do know is that the next post I'll make will be the release, but without deadlines... xP
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Thu Apr 06, 2023 5:54 am

News, guys. First of all: Our next direction is Luna's pregnancy, first part of the next story mission, and the intro of our new monster-girl.

A beautiful pregnancy story for our beloved wolf-girl, and a special new love route. I've already started working with Luna. Pregnancy intro, and 4 new scenes finished in the last two days.

I don't like wasting time, especially now that our path is free to create new content. We no longer have massive reworks draining our time.

Luna's preggo content list

Preg. Doggystyle
Preg. Missionary
Preg. Blowjob
Preg. Taste the cherry
Milk trouble
Bath spend time
Bath preg. Breast massage
Bath preg. bath doggystyle
Morning hot scene
Intro, breakfast, childbirth, first-born, and other kids interaction

That's basically it. May there be new content, new characters, new missions and new monstergirls to date. And of course, new art to come too... And on top of the art, a little taste of the new WIP scene with Gwen.

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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Tue Apr 11, 2023 6:11 am

More news, guys. First of all, I finished Luna's pregnancy storyline. Everything is ready to be polished... Our beloved wolf-girl pretty much has her contents doubled now.

But in summary, I can say that we have for Luna...
Introductory pregnancy scene (With Luna's family)
Dialogs and variations for all interactions
Preggo doggystyle
Preggo missionary
Preggo fem. oral
Preggo bath interactions
Preggo morning cowgirl (Because of course...)
There's still the first part of the next story mission, some maps, and the intro of our new cursed girl. And more... I decided to add the slavery system, and randomly generated slaves. A risky move to improve the game by making it more fun.

I want my game to grow, so I'm putting more work into it, dynamic stuff. Contain castle raids, and if you win, you collect a slave to be trained. Afterwards, it can be sold or added to slaves quarters.

Gnolls will come in the next release... I need to pay attention to Fellise, our cats and Gnolls. We have a Gnoll princess and a rebel Gnoll to meet and romance. My target is to do the release next Sunday, but I don't promise deadlines... If that's done, I'll release it, that's for sure.

And to show off some of the artwork, here goes... Our belovend and gorgeous Luna pregnant during her bath.

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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Wed Apr 19, 2023 4:10 am

Version 0.3.0 is finally live, guys. The complete Luna's pregnancy storyline, and more... The slavery system/market. Now, the game has randomly generated slaves, and you can train them and sell them in the dungeon, or keep them... Loving. <3

Without the massive reworks, I can be free to add tons of new stuff to the game.

The next step... v0.3.1 - Gnoll princess and Argekh

Version 0.2.14 is public for everyone.
Public link - https://www.patreon.com/posts/81723671?pr=true
Itch online version - https://airell.itch.io/love-and-corruption

Version 0.3.0 for supporters.
Link - https://www.patreon.com/posts/love-and-v0-3-0-81722235
Cheaty code - https://www.patreon.com/posts/love-and-v0-3-0-81723358
Extra scenes code - https://www.patreon.com/posts/love-and-v0-3-0-81723467
Gallery code - https://www.patreon.com/posts/love-and-v0-3-0-81723531
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