[Unity] Road of a Goddess, 3D Hentai game v1.1

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[Unity] Road of a Goddess, 3D Hentai game v1.1

Postby Matpneumatos » Sat Feb 18, 2023 8:02 am

Road of a goddess is a 3D action hentai game.

This game follows the adventures of Jacquelyn, Montse and Ángela. A group of girls and apprentices of the Art of the Goddess, an ancient combat technique.

In this context a Goddess refers to a female warrior that uses her sexual energy to boost her power in combat. The term goddess started to get used after people saw how powerful they were. They were young women capable of defeating armies all by themselves.

Their fighting style was very naughty, they were capable of seducing any enemy with their powerful pheromone scent and use them as tools to release their power, they could unleash powerful waves from the pleasure alone, and the orgasm unleashed maximum power. Their genitals and breasts bursting with power could unleash energy in the shape of beams and blasts which made their combats very flashy.

Of course, all this power saw the rise of many enemies. One of the most powerful was the clan of The Hunters. A group of men formed in medieval times with the goal of destroying all of the goddesses, as they saw that power as dangerous.

Using magic and swordsmanship, Hunters fought Goddesses, both sides committing atrocities while claiming to liberate people.

A hunt worse than that of witches took place, and even those suspected of practicing the art of the goddess were punished, those close to them vanished, until almost none were left.

Today, the region of "Las Diosas" is one of the last places where this art is still remembered and practiced by a few. The region held onto this tradition and even hosted fights between goddesses for entertainment. The economy of the region relied strongly on these warriors, from fights, dances and the local cuisine that used the girls' milk as a delicacy used on many dishes. But the current Hunters are on their final mission to crush this region. A takeover was made by Hunters and many girls had to flee, from actual warriors to regular girls scared of being mistaken by Goddesses. After a few months the region saw it's economy crumble without that that made it unique. Nowadays hunters control the entire economy and tourism is down badly.

Three girls decided to stay after this occurred. Jacquelyn, Montse and Ángela. These Goddess Apprentices are willing to fight the Hunters and help people in the region to remind them of the good times.

Explore the world of "Las Diosas" and it's many enemies.


Fight many unique enemies and Bosses



Use sexual and naughty techniques like the Pleasure Wave, Pee Laser, Milk gun and others.


Watch a variety of sex scenes between your girls and enemies or NPCs ingame and in the gallery mode.


Complete sidequests and earn money by participating in many activities with a sexual twist.


Like milking your girls and making cheese from the milk.


Meet a variety of NPCs, good, bad and horny


Road of a Goddess is a game in constant development. If you like the game, please consider supporting me at Patreon to get access to the most recent version and updates about the game.


You can find the most recent public version available here.
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Re: [Unity] Road of a Goddess, 3D Hentai game v1.1

Postby Matpneumatos » Tue Feb 13, 2024 2:59 am

v1.1 Available!

This post is to inform that v1.1 of Road of a Goddess is already available for the general public.
v1.2 is also available for my $5+ supporters at patreon.


The new mission take place at the Canals of Las Diosas.
There our girls venture to meet the goddesses that fled town to hide from the hunters.


Meet two beautiful bosses!
Sexy nun Sister Luz


And Aztec warrior Brisselle!

If you like this game, please consider supporting me at patreon for earlier releases and exclusive screenshots of future updates.

Get the game for free here.
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