[HTML] Love and Corruption

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[HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Mon Oct 04, 2021 1:14 am

Love and Corruption is a text-based, turn-based combat game where you'll be able to explore a growing universe, discover a world with different types of creatures, races, spells, and locations to explore. You will play as a man who has just suffered a wave of loss, and finds himself in the midst of a total change in his life, and you will make the decisions that will affect his life after all that.

Still opening your eyes on a new day, you remember how your old life with your family was good, calm.
Today, when you open your eyes, you see a world getting more chaotic, problematic, with an invasion of monsters, and needing to train alongside your new elf friend and fight to overcome this evil.
Before, this sounded like a knights adventure you listened to sleep during your childhood, but today this is your life.

Useful links...
Patreon - Link
Public link - Patreon post
Online - Itchio

Curr ver: 0.1.5

Current fetishes...
Vanilla, Pregnancy, Monstergirls, Furry, Romance, Virgins, Rape (Battlerape), Big boobs.

For the future...
Slavery, much more pregnancy, harem, management.

Never will be...
Loli, Shota, Necro, Beasty, Scat. (Seriously, never ask for it!)
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Mon Oct 04, 2021 9:40 pm

Weekly news!

Good night guys, the weekend can be pretty quick to end... But that's life. I'm coming to give you some news about what I plan for the next release, which should happen next weekend.
Yes, now releases will take place in shorter periods of time, this will fit better into my routine as I only dedicate my free time to the game. Anyway, I want to proceed with the next region of the game, new map, a new town with new characters to meet, and of course the continuation of the story mission. (Skystone rescue)
I'm planning some additional content for Slaves Pen's slaves, of course. I felt that Ghorza especially looked pretty plain, and also the artwork for her should be in place by next Sunday. Shiro is pretty quick and efficient at her job.
Expectations for next weekend's release, in simple words...
    New town, Ardass.
    New map, Skystone forest.
    First part of Skystone's mission.
    New NPCs, a city needs people and stories.
    A special touch on Slaves pen.
    Some additional art.
I wish you all a good week. o7
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Sun Oct 10, 2021 12:07 am

Going here to publish the latest version, publicly, 0.1.3 is active. Links at first post.

    New map, Ingmery Outskirts. (Accessible after completing First Call)
    New opponents, Thief. (Man and woman)
    The thief girl has some scenes, like seductresses, they can appeal to sensuality if defeated.
    New side quest, "Farmer's Fall". It can be started after completing "First Call".
    New characters, Eileen and Belle. A young farmer with serious problems, and a young Taurus who works on the farm. Eileen and Belle have individual lines of romance, if you make the right choices. The biggest work was on Eileen, with about 20k words.
    Shel, an last opponent of the farm mission. She has a few options on how to proceed with her, be careful with that... She's a tamer! Also, a bad ending for her if you lose the battle.
    Bad ending of corrupt alraunes in mission "Cavernous Problems" has been expanded, I wanted to make it more dramatic.
    Rasha's line has been revamped, now you can step forward and see more in-depth events and dialogue by going to her house.
    Polished codex info, and some new stuff added.
    New gear for gear and characters, Belle, Eileen, Usanna, generic orcs, wolfs (wargs), Orakh, Ansye, Rasha.
    Adding the canon appearance option to the protagonist, this includes a art of him.
    Polishing and corrections as usual.
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Wed Oct 20, 2021 11:17 pm

Just posting a few words, plans...

Good afternoon guys, just wanting to share some interesting things. First of all, I realized that Ingmery is a little too empty, and while there's a lot of content in the Wilderness Forest, in the city itself just a little bit, so I decided to innovate for 0.1.5.

This is exactly where the plans part comes in! Develop more stuff for the existing characters, Lisbeth, Reneh, I want to try to introduce a quest, and a new girl. (technically it's already there but there's still no content for it lol)

Finally, make some more modifications, additions and tweaks to the sex system, adding Lisbeth to it.

Time can be small, so no promises, I'll just say I'm doing my best for it.

In the end, this is some good work in progress, but it's something I really like. Bring the characters to life.
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Sun Oct 31, 2021 3:43 am

Update, and for v0.1.4 it was... Oh, yep!

For anyone interested, the public link is in the initial post.

    Sex system added, controll of poses and actions. Severalactions added,more to be added eventually...
    Continuation of events with Ghorza, if she is your servant. You can now visit her and see a few more things, she is the first girl to be in the sex system. Two writen scenes to her too. The stats that move Ghorza are obedience.
    New characters, Gilford, Ruby, Gwen, and Annalyel. (At Ardass)
    New map, Ardass city. (Next story mission related,most placeholder yet)
    Tons of fixes, improvements and enhancements to the system. Now, you don't have to worry about save incompatibility anymore. Worst of which the variable bug was fixed. The game should work a lot better now.
    The events with Usanna have changed a little bit, now you can follow the festival event without being her lover, and there, you'll decide if you want to have her. (Or not, in this case, closing her romantic route)
    Added art, Ghorza, Durya, Katherine, Rhenelis and Karilya.
    Added font size and difficulty options, easy/normal. In easy, all hostile NPCs will have 20% less on all stats, for those who want casual gameplay.
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Mon Nov 08, 2021 2:13 am

Small post, about my plans for v0.1.6.

Okay, it's that time of the week where I want to share my plans with you about the next release...
I've been putting my time into some things that needed to be done yesterday, a new map, today another map. I am focused on the content of Skystone region (3 maps).
Also, I want to complete the next story mission for v0.1.6. That will be the focus, but it has multiple tasks... We will have a new unique character, a special girl related to the castle. I want this to be a good story, then some initial content for her.
Furthermore, we will have opponents for the next release, of course. New regions, new races to find, and new enemies and creatures to fight. In this case, goblins. This of course includes some saucy scenes for them.
The mountain goblins will have some surprises, but I want to think about it, and I want it to be interesting for everyone. lol
The sex system will be expanded to v0.1.6 as well, now accepting generic girls, not just unique girls anymore.
The biggest task is to prepare the castle system. The protagonist's new official home. Skystone will have a management system, rooms, adjacent locations, followers events and interactions, etc... You will need to spend gold pieces to improve the castle though.
It's some big tasks, in fact.
I don't promise that everything will be done, because as everyone knows, time is short and I hardly have the opportunity to touch Love and Corruption outside of the weekends. I will do my best for this though.

I wish you all a good week. o/
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Re: [HTML] Love and Corruption

Postby Airell » Mon Nov 22, 2021 2:05 am

New version 0.1.5

    Lisbeth story added, interactions with her reworked.
    Naomi history and interactions added.
    Reneh interactions can now go further, you can get to know this character better.
    Added side quest, "Supply Delay". The quest is available to the blacksmith in Ingmery, before completing "First Call".
    Some random events in the city were added.

    Generic actions added to the sex system. Now each girl has different scenes, in addition to their own stuff.
    Lisbeth added to the sex system, you can have some time with her... If you pay, of course.
    Tons of changes, stock additions, improvements to the sex system.
    System improvements, code changes, improvements and usual polishing. Important work!
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