[Unity]Price For Freedom: Avarice

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Re: [Unity]Price For Freedom: Avarice

Postby Valaska » Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:49 am


Hello everyone, we’re happy to bring you all Public Build 9! This build is fairly mighty in terms of content! Some of our older content is being shifted into the public stream now so we’re happy to hear how guys and gals feel about the game. This version is essentially the same as the Patreon one, but without Katrina, Iski, Terri and Katie scenes. We plan on releasing public builds more regularly in the future, so stay tuned for that.

Reach us on discord if you have any issue with this build.

Here is the change-log since the last public build:

    - Nailah smut scene.
    - Katrina sprite / portrait.
    - New companion Calypso with quest / sprite / portrait.
    - New big village location (Toreign).
    - 3 smaller interior locations in Toreign.
    - Ability to skip the prologue in new game.
    - Blood effects in combat.
    - Merchants and trade system.
    - Sell and Buy items UI.
    - Goldra sprite / portrait.
    - Alistra sprite / portrait.
    - Chickens!
    - New village soundtrack.
    - Ambient track with three variants.
    - And two other ambient tracks.
    - Gallery portraits randomizer.
    - Companions relationship system (currently doesn't affect gameplay but will have effect later on).
    - Campfire location (day/night variants).
    - 20 new animated foliages types.
    - Ability for characters to sit.
    - Corpse sprite Thugs and Bandits.
    - Includes a save to access the new content directly (PatreonBuild9).
    - Iski sprite / portrait.
    - Thief guild location where you can find her after, location will later host a vendor as well.
    - Hiho quest updated to work with the new location instead of placeholder dialogue.
    - Misc bug\typo fixes.
    - Fast game loading and reduced memory usage.
    - New animated splash screen.

With this comes our first new town-hub outside of Kaldea. There is lots to do in fleshing the location out and exploration, so keep an eye out for changes in future updates. Here are a few of our big points I’d like to mention more in depth:


Toreign was once a thriving fishing and agricultural hub. In its hay day it happily fed hundreds in the region… but recent tensions between Kaldea and Atlathka have all but killed off farming for Toreign, in it the stead of crops have sprouted dozens of passing by mercenary companies hoping to capitalize on the situation.

Thieves Guild

I want to give it a proper name in the future, like a syndicate or such but until then this location will be utilized quite a bit. Hiho’s quest properly enters the location and a couple other quests will come to a head here. There are also fences here that allow the purchase of sometimes rare objects… prices could be cheaper than somewhere else but they’re out to make a profit!

In the future we may have it more randomized and have surprise deals in these vendors. Keep an eye out as we develop our mercantile systems.


Toreign represents a new step for our original soundtrack, with 3 different ambients based on the same track and will play in a contextual driven manner. We have a couple more tracks coming as well. Having custom made music for this game is extremely excited and we can’t wait to see how it is received!

Merchants and trade

We’re making the basic foundation of our mercantile system, don’t expect too much from just yet… but we are really looking for people to abuse/break this system and report back to us.

Relationships & Standing

We plan to utilize a somewhat basic, yet functional, relationship system that will play out behind the scenes. If you do something that one of the characters will disagree with you may get a small hit… but we are trying to reserve negative impacts to extremely heavy circumstances where you go completely against a characters core beliefs/ethics.

Typically we won’t have the fallout “X liked that Y Z disliked that” system. There aren’t too many situations that you will gain with one character and lose with another, that’s extremely frustrating. Also characters who are not present will not magically find out you picked a lock 2 kilometers away.

Positive gains will work similarly… but they will be much more natural in that, listening to advice or just simply talking to your companions will be the best way to get relationship gains.

Other uses of this system may play into actual story events and change how certain factions react dialogue plays out. This isn’t concrete and we are not sure how well we can utilize this system with the resources we have, but if we can streamline the process we will definitely try and do it.


Campfires will be scenes that play between travelling from time to time. This will allow you to get to know your party and what I think is a twist on the system… allow your party to get to know YOU. I’ve never seen this in CRPG’s before, so I want to experiment with having the player learn more about Redic’s history and past through your party members actually taking an interest and asking.

You can decide to open up and explore your past with the party members or just shrug it off and completely cut these scenes short if you have no interest in them. But I think it's an interesting twist!


End game content confirmed…?

And last, but hopefully not least… our thanks!

Thank each and every one of you out there be it supporters, fans, interested onlookers, what have you - we are eternally grateful to you all.
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Re: [Unity]Price For Freedom: Avarice

Postby Valaska » Sun Aug 02, 2020 10:27 pm

Build 15 live!

We've two quests added for this version the first involving Samara after she retells Redic about her ship adventure, and before the campfire scene. Rest at Nathan's inn to trigger the quest.

The second quest is the continuation of Verona's story! Enter the inn after completing the Whispering Brook questline and after completing her first quest and it'll trigger automatically. Alternatively, if you load up "Build 15" you will automatically jump to the quest!

We've also begun setting up our subscribestar! Complete with our oauth 1 build 1 game system we finally can bring the game to those of you who prefer not to support Patreon but still want to support us. We'll be setting up the page to make it more marketable soon!

group-pic2-final-towel SMALL.jpg


- [Backers] Verona second quest.
- [Backers] Verona's second scene with 2 animated CG and 5 stills.
- [Backers] Samara's third quest and collectible.
- [Backers] Garroth mini-quest.
- **Added the slums location** in Kaldea.
- Shaman Hutt.
- Zahra shaman animated sprite & rig
- New Abomination enemy.
- Item stacks can finally be split in inventory!
- Items can be dropped on the ground and picked up (everquest style!)
- 7 new items
- New Diff system for dialogue editor.
- Subscribestar!
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Re: [Unity]Price For Freedom: Avarice

Postby Valaska » Mon Aug 03, 2020 12:52 am

This might not be a huge content post but I want to give you guys and gals a look into the little things that make the game what it is. The small optimizations that our programmer Deck can do between builds after we implement! This kind of stuff can help us from racking up technical debt through making our game more efficient and tight, or really flesh out the experience with little quality of life touches.


Item dropping! We had no idea that this was going to be a feature until Deck just suddenly showed us the feature me made! He surprises us like that sometimes. It reminds me a ton of EverQuest, an MMO I loved as a kid. The stashes persist permanently atm, but we might dabble with the feature so if you drop something in a really busy area like the city streets the bag will only last for a while until a character swipes it. It's just a theorized feature at the moment, it might be just it vanishes from an unsafe area, or we could play around with it more even have a certain character swipe it or such!

So don't hold it to us but maybe this could lead to something with a certain kobold in the game, or pirate! It'd be really late into the project I think since Deck literally just whipped this up randomly in the span of an hour or so.

JPG Saves.png

Another massive thing that our programmer Deck did out of nowhere in the span of 2 hours was to make our saves into JPG's. Out entire save data's are just JPG's now, you can send them to each other as a JPG on discord, share them here, etc! This makes the system vastly faster to load data from data and they are a bit smaller too!

I hope you guys and gals dig the behind the scenes mechanics too, I'm really excited about these features. It's these subtle architectural and mechanical changes to make things more efficient that keeps you from racking up technical debt. It's also amazing to see how much our programmer can get done while he has free time after builds!
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Re: [Unity]Price For Freedom: Avarice

Postby Valaska » Sat Oct 17, 2020 11:22 pm


This update is a deep dive into the political world of Kaldea, rife with important choices that will have grave consequences through the story. Featuring General Alenai of the Atlathka army with her own scene, as well as a few familiar faces that who make their return for the first time in awhile.

This update is the first of two parts, the second being the focus of the next build. Since this part of the main quest, be prepared for a lot lore and dialogue, this is a pretty substantive update.

As usual there is a save named Build16 to begin the new quest directly (travel to the trade district). We updated the walkthrough on priceforfreedom.net.


    [Patreon] Alenai scene with 2 animated CG and 2 still shots.
    [Patreon] Main quest part 1.
    [Patreon] 1 collectible to find.
    1 new soundtrack.
    10 new animated character sprites: Alenai, Moira, Atlathka Footmen, Bandit Lizard, Bandit Boss, Modular Worker, Kimber, Noble, Worker Speaker, Caroline.
    4 dialogue portraits: Alenai, Moira, Caroline, Worker Speaker.
    Military camp location.
    Alenai tent location.
    Kaldea Government district location.
    Townhall location.
    Slums Warehouse 2 floors location.
    Outskirts village edge location.
    Moira's home location.
    Save are now jpeg images.
    Old saves are converted to jpeg on game launch.
    Sitting mechanic for a few NPC.
    Screen resolution and Fullscreen mode can be changed in game.
    Removed the unity launcher.
    New wiki: https://priceforfreedom.net/wiki
    New art gallery: https://priceforfreedom.net/art

And again our first game traielr is found here now since Youtube nuked it.

NSFW version; https://priceforfreedom.net/art/Avarice_Trailer_1_NSFW
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Re: [Unity]Price For Freedom: Avarice

Postby Valaska » Tue Oct 20, 2020 11:40 pm


The next companion content vote is up! Will it be HIho our Halmechian priestess or the fiery cuthroat Crimson Dervish? Maybe you're into the retired mercenary Osh'to and her cool disposition? Our Subscribestars and Patrons will be picking which of the three companions get their quest content updated next. Vote for your favourite girl over at;

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Re: [Unity]Price For Freedom: Avarice

Postby Lucky777 » Fri Oct 23, 2020 4:09 pm

Hi there!

This looks like it might be interesting.

What's the latest public build and what scenes are in it?
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Re: [Unity]Price For Freedom: Avarice

Postby Valaska » Sun Oct 25, 2020 4:14 am

Holy christ it takes me to jump through 50 hoops to post in this thread... I gotta logout, log back in a few dozen times, edit the address etc... ANYWHO!

The latest public build is, well, build 16! Our builds are handled on the same thing, the game automatically checks if you are a subscibestar/patron and if you are authorized then the new content is accessible. If not, it doesn't trigger! Pretty nifty solution that allows us to only compile one version, takes a ton of work off our programmer... I mean, literal DAYS of compiling shaved off. It's ridiculous. As for scenes...

Vaginal, Oral, tit fuck, female domination, gentle fem dom, male dom female, tail fuck, demons, monster girls, ogres, naga/scalies, prostitution, robbery prostitution, smaller females, larger females, thigh jobs, ear/head patting, facials, sex in a tub, risky sex, hand holding, rubbing a naga's belly... uhh quite a lot. Sex with a demon or two.

EDIT: Also holy shite someone responding! lol I'd post more info but no one seems interested in our project here at all.
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Re: [Unity]Price For Freedom: Avarice

Postby Lucky777 » Mon Oct 26, 2020 3:47 pm

Thanks for the response!

I more meant which characters' scenes.

Just as an example, in Build 15 "Verona's Second Scene" was mentioned; has that made it into the public build as yet?
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Re: [Unity]Price For Freedom: Avarice

Postby Valaska » Tue Oct 27, 2020 2:03 am

Ah! Verona's second scene is currently Patreon still, we have a walkthrough here that mentions which scenes you can get and whether they are in the public build atm or not;


So we have;

Clementine Cowgirl modified
Samara Cowgirl
Samara Camp scene
Hiho Missonary
Scylla Missionary
Osh'to Standing Patreon
Verona Tit Job
Verona bathtub Patreon
Iski bj
Iski doggy
Nailah Thigh Job
Terri something
Katie something else
Aya mating press
Whispering Brook scene Patreon
Atlathka Blockade Patreon (newest quest)
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Re: [Unity]Price For Freedom: Avarice

Postby Lucky777 » Tue Oct 27, 2020 9:46 pm

Ah, okay, thankye!
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