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Re: [Patreon/Free][Unity] News desk v0.12 (November/08/2019)

Postby pyorgara » Fri Nov 08, 2019 2:26 pm

Hey everyone!

Build V0.14 is out which means that V0.12 is free for everyone.


The deets (V0.14):
- Have the cards show the number changes when influenced by other cards or allies. (price and effects)
- 4 new cassandra scenes.
- new CG for Cassandra (waitress).
- new CG for Cassandra (fingering).
- new CG for Tiffany (Shave her).
- new CG for Tiffany (Sir / Ma'am).
- new outfit for Cassandra (maid).
- new outfit for Cassandra (evening dress).
- new outfit for Cassandra (towel).
- new outfit for Tiffany (slutty clothes).
- new outfit for Emily (slutty schoolgirl).

The deets (V0.12):
- Added 5 new Cassandra scenes.
- New CG for Tiffany “high heels”.
- New CG for Tiffany “makeout”.
- New CG for Emily “hallway blowjob” (This is the scene after you fuck Tiffany.).
- Gallery mode.
- Fixed the bug that was hiding the Tiffany shared and Emily scenes.

Version 0.12 is out for anyone who wants to try. Pretty important update as it includes the all important gallery and fixed a bug that hid a bunch of Tiffany and Emily scenes. ^_^

The Version 0.013 is sizzling! The new Cassandra scenes are getting pretty hardcore as her defences are falling appart. That, plus the new art from MUPLUR and my lovely wife makes for a great update.

In the next two months, I’m planning to start the Cassandra/Tiffany scenes and the “special events” during the work day. The second thing is going to be things like interviewing the winning sports team or in the field reporting. Situation that will get dicier and dicier for Cassandra as she loses her willpower.

For my patrons, I’ll also have one or two updates a month on the new games I’m planning. Like the girls involved, the game play planned, things like that. I’ll also throw up a few preliminary drawing from time to time.

Have fun!
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