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[Engine Test] Hard Rock Bottom - Rock32

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 12:56 pm
by MaxTheDark
Hello everyone,

I wish I could say 'I am proud to present', but after the last few months of house changing, no internet, and other unrelated problems (fuck you, covid) I don't know if it's good enough for people to see, but I've been working over 2 years on this project, and I really wish to see some feedback, so here it is.

The idea is to create a game where player controls a woman forced into prostitution, or a woman who chose to prostitute (more on this in a min) with the primary goal to create a flexible engine that allows to easily add new content.

Hard Rock Bottom is referring to the fact that main character - Samantha - is either starting at the bottom, with no charisma, skills or experience, as a woman who was forced to prostitution when her life fell apart - as in, she hit Rock Bottom - or a strong, independent and charismatic woman who wants to suck money out of the people - literally, heh heh... Anyhow, none of that matters in this version, because it's a simple engine test. Originally it was meant to be the actual game, but I've realized that I've made so many foolish mistakes early on (lack of instance names, giving various names instead of having unified system, scaling of some Movie Clips) it would be faster, easier and more efficient to start from scratch.

Feedback is, technically, appreciated, but Im aware of a lot of the bugs, I hope they won't be replicated in new version of the engine, and any gameplay ideas are not really usable until I get the whole thing stable enough. Im rolling this out now because Im just so genuinely curious about what people think about the idea itself.


Aww... Not a single comment? Not looking for praise, but at least a word would be nice, even if said word is 'trash'...


Yaay! I got a comment!

Re: [Engine Test] Hard Rock Bottom - Rock32

PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2020 7:03 pm
by Grimar Horns

Not sure why no one commented that but it honestly looks really good, for an engine test that is.
The animations are really decent for flash, you may adapt a thing or two, like the blowjob buttons are still clickable and don't disappear like other options, and the girl pulls down her invisible pants when naked.
Add some detailled textures to the background, the sprites, and make detailled scenes and you have fantastic thing to offer as a demo.
I don't know if you would like to monetize the thing but I'm pretty sure a lot of people would love to back something so original.

Keep it up,

Re: [Engine Test] Hard Rock Bottom - Rock32

PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 7:41 pm
by MaxTheDark
Hey Grimar,

Thanks a lot for the feedback, it's really reassuring to hear someone's opinion at last :)

I would love to keep working on this project. What you've played is a prototype of the engine, it was originally supposed to be the actual game, but quite far into development Ive realized I made a lot of rookie errors that were minor at the time (forgetting to assign instance name, lack of consistency naming objects) and the code has started to become such a spaghtti mess I've decided to start it over. The number in the name Rock32 refers to this being the 32nd save, since whenever I make substantial changes I save as a separate file (so rock.fla, rock1.fla, rock2.fla etc) but the second engine I was working on would be called Rock64. Ive created a full list of all the objects, was writing the .as class files in a less experimental way...

Then few things happened. Ive realized Flash is not just end of support, Adobe is actively trying to ban the use of Flash. I got incredibly demotivated upon seeing millions of games effectively on it's way to become completely unplayable. On top of that, I was stuck in AS2.0 and in the end it started to feel like I'm making a sculpture out of my own shit - no matter how much work and care I put into it, nobody will care about it. With substantial support I'd likely keep working on it, but the absolute lack of feedback until your post coupled with Adobe's actions virtually killed any motivation I had to work on it. I've had to reinstall my laptop, and all the files are resting quietly, packed away in an external hard drive. I could re-install Flash and try to get back to working on it, especially now that I don't have the internet (which is why it took me so long to respond - sowwie). It's just the feeling that nobody really wants it that's holding me back, really. However today I've redownloaded my totally legal copy of Flash and I think I will give it another chance.

Ps. Did you get the extra animation when stomach full? ;)