Seven Deadly Sins (v. 0.1.0) Aug 9, 2017

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Seven Deadly Sins (v. 0.1.0) Aug 9, 2017

Postby Lord_Lovecraft » Wed Aug 09, 2017 9:59 am

Hello, random internet person, and welcome to the latest and mediocre-est game to grace the LoK forums! Depending on your definition of 'grace'... Seven Deadly Sins version 0.1.0! The game is as far from finished as it ever will be, with this release just being here because if I don't settle for posting a terrible, work-in-progress build of the game, I'll never post anything, or if I do, it will be a finished product full of things that no one actually wanted.
tl;dr, early version of the game, not complete, your ideas and pity-help are welcome.

What's the story here?
You play as a young woman, just arriving in the city of Locke ("Because naming the place LoK was too obvious") with a dream to... Make a lot of money? Change the world for the better? Get laid? Player freedom is the goal here, so telling you what your personal goal is, is a little silly, don't you think?

The big question: is there porn yet?
Yes. There is, it's easy to get to, but it's text only. There are six scenes, three are actual sex, and can be accessed by going into the alley and working as a whore, and three are stripping/pole dancing scenes (with less effort and less basis in reality, I've never been to a strip club. I mean, I've never been a prostitute either, but you know what I mean) that can be accessed by going to the Booze & Boobs Pubic House and selecting the 'Dance' option. Oh, and one from getting drunk and passing out in an alley, but the character is unconscious for that, so...

also, please let me know of any typos you find.

Click to Play
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Seven Deadly Sins Alpha 0.1.0.swf [ 6.73 MiB | Viewed 1147 times ]

If it seems like it's stuck on a white screen, give it a minute, the game just doesn't have a pre-loader.

Now, since you're still here, I should mention that I'd like this to be a sort-of community project, so if you're interested in making text for the event (porn) scenes, or making art, or just giving me some ideas for things to do, everything is currently set up to make additions from other people almost painless! Uh, specifically the event scenes, plugging those in will probably only take a few minutes, tops! (said Captain Optimism, moments before spending ten hours trying to figure out why Dave's submission is breaking everything) Note that this is not supposed to be "getting other people to make my game for me," but rather giving all the 'idea guys' who never get around to actually making a game, a chance to actively contribute (no judgement, I've been here for years, and I've posted... what? one comment?).

Want to know about me and my team?
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

I am the lead on a team of over 15 Flash experts and veteran game developers... More accurately, I *was* all that, before the sedatives wore off, and the team escaped from my basement. Now, I am just a guy, making a game for the hell of it, with a complete inability to take anything seriously, or go more than ten minutes without cracking a joke.

Want to support the development of the game?
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Then leave feedback, or make some art for it. What did you expect, a Patreon link?

Planned features, fixes, and fornication
(in no particular order)
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Please note: This is a shitty, unambitious, browser game, posted on LoK. I expect to get through maybe a third of the planned features before ultimately declaring this whole enterprise a waste of time, and never showing my face on this forum again. You have been warned.

even if it's stupid and way outside my vision of the game, like "add a dragon's lair, so I can fuck a dragon and steal its gold." I'll ignore those, but you're welcome to post 'em.

Fix some text being incorrectly aligned with the boxes - suffice to say, that wasn't the case until I uploaded this here, or those issues already be fixed.

A main menu screen - exactly what it sounds like.

Change the opening text boxes - An introduction of the game's story (such as it is) would probably be a bit better than the rambling mess it is now, yeah?

Fix the inventory screen - Seriously, have you seen it? It's a mess, and there's only one possibly thing that can be in it right now. that being said, I'd like to keep the game as modular as possible, and having a set number of inventory slots (what is it right now? about 5?) would make it difficult to have a lot of items.

Get better art - Well, honestly, I don't care that much. Whatever works, right? However, if you're an artist and feel like making this game look less terrible, just throw together a .png or .jpg or .bmp or whathaveyou, shoot it my way, and I'll put you in the credits (if you want to be in the credits. If not, I don't blame you. Frankly, *I* don't want to be credited with this, but someone has to be the scapegoat).
If you are interested in doing something, here's a list of things that need work, in order of importance
Obviously, beggars can't be choosers; if you want to do something that's ranked as unimportant, I sure as hell won't stop you.

-The people - If you want to know what my vision for a particular character is, let me know, but I don't really have strong opinions on appearance.
-The interiors - They are all terrible, and most of them aren't even *my* definition of finished. Again, if you have questions, ask, if you want to do things your own way, go nuts.
-The buttons and text boxes - Personally, I like the vaguely sci-fi look, but the quality is... MS Paint. If you want to change the style, I won't lose any sleep over it, as long as it looks good.
-Exteriors - The ones I have now are functional and don't make me throw up in my mouth every time I see them, but feel free to take a finer brush to 'em all the same.
-Other UI details - The sin/virtue icons, the conditions bar, the 'back' and 'inventory' buttons, all of those are pretty much the bottom priority.

More sex "scenes" - more like sex scripts, really. As I probably stated in the description, this game here is meant as a community project, for all the "idea guys" to come together and make something the likes of which none of us would (or probably *could*) make by our selves, so feel free to write a script, leave it in the thread, or shoot it my way via PM or something. If they need to be polished up, I'll take care of that, and then stick them in the game, along with your name (if you want it there.)

Add toggles to fetishes/things not everyone is comfortable with - I'm not here to judge. If you like bestiality, or rape, or sexualized auto-cannibalism, more power to you, but not everyone does, so toggles.

Losing your items, and the people who find them - The idea is that every time you perform an action, there's a chance you misplace something, be it your bus pass, your keys, or your ID. Some traits (see Traits in this section) may affect the odds of this happening, and also the odds that someone... malevolent, for lack of a better word, finds said object. In particular, a burglar or hobo, or in rare cases a rapist, may end up with a key to your apartment. This could lead to all sorts of problems, until you change your locks (which is probably expensive.)

Expanded conditions & injuries - I would like to add injuries, from scrapes and bruises, to broken bones or total amputation (see 'toggles' above), as well as a method of treating the conditions or injuries, a system for tracking which body part has been injured, and special interactions if you need to use an injured limb. These conditions and injuries would be on a tier system, tier 1 being bruises that will usually heal without treatment, tier 2 being deep cuts that will probably be okay, and you can probably treat yourself, tier 3 needing stitches or casts, tier 4 requiring multi-day stays in the hospital, and tier 5 being irreversible.

Replace the seven Sins - I like the sins idea, I do, (almost as much as I like commas, and parenthesis) hell, I even named the GAME after the sins idea, but the more I plug away at the it, the less it seems like the Sins are the way to go. I'm thinking of swapping them out for a system much like Fallout's S.P.E.C.I.A.L, but called N.O.R.M.A.L, because copyrights.
I'm thinking...
Nymphomania - What sorts of sex you're okay with, how physically attractive you are, and how good you are at using your sexuality to get what you want. Like Charisma, but more whore-y.
Oh shit, I don't have one for Intelligence - How perceptive you are, how quickly you finish classes, and gain performance at your job(s),
Resilience - how much of a beating you can take, how much energy you have, and how well you react to stress or trauma.
Muscle - How well you can fight, move heavy objects, and a third thing.
Agreeableness - How much people like you, how persuasive you are, and a third thing. Stacks with Nymphomania
Luck - Luck.

IF YOU HAVE BETTER IDEAS, FOR GOD'S SAKE, SPEAK UP! (Sake, the alcohol. I stole some from God, and I'm willing to share it)
Also, I may need to rename the game, since 'seven deadly sins' implies that the sins are... y'know... Important.

The NORMAL stats would be on a scale from 1 to 10, with anything less than 3 (obligatory <3 goes here) being a diagnosable mental or physical disorder (besides Luck and Nymphomania), and 0 being DEATH. If I add skills, (see possible; skills) then each NORMAL will govern a few skills, effecting starting value, and the speed they increase. probably around double the gain if you have 10, compared to 5, and no gain at all if you have a 1.

Dynamic laws - This could be interesting. The idea is that at the start of the game, the city of Locke has a bunch of laws, all of them pretty much what you'd expect, no public nudity, no prostitution, no drugs, strippers must wear non-transparent panties, no fucking the dogs, etc... The player is then able to lobby for changes to these laws (in a grossly simplified fashion, of course) and depending on the influence different people/businesses have, you can actually change these laws. Because Locke exists in a fantasy land where governments act quickly and without regard for ethics. (>Implying governments are concerned about ethics)

A more interactive city - the rough idea is that by working or shopping at any given place, you generate a profit for them, sort of like real life. Thus, places that you spend a lot of time or money at (your apartment doesn't count, there's not really a good way around spending a third of your time, and at least $100 a week there.) have more capital, and can use that to buy properties that you haven't interacted with as much. For example, if you spend your time working at Upstanding Citizens Incorporated, but don't buy beer or strip at MacGreedy's, UCI might purchase the bar and turn it into an upscale restaurant, with its own set of interactions. If you spend your time whoring for Shadowman, UCI might decide that Locke is a terrible place for a legitimate business, and move to New York instead, leaving a building full of empty desks... and opportunity, for some sorts of entrepreneurs.

Traits! - Traits would add some amount of replayablity to the game, since you'd probably only want to play with 3 or 4 at a time, a lot of them would be mutually exclusive, and many would have unique scenes or options related to them. The game actually already checks for certain traits in certain situations, but there's not way to GET the traits, so :shrug: Planned traits, in no particular order are:
Exhibitionist - Unique options related to stripping, showing off to peeping toms, streaking, and maybe more!
Naive - replaces all the normal Lust checks with unique ones, with unique outcomes. Turns out writing a twenty-something year-old woman who knows nothing about sex, yet somehow ends up getting gang-banged,
without making it rapey or making the woman seem like the sort of person who can count to potato is pretty tricky.
Cursed - significantly increases the odds of bad things happening, from losing your keys, to spilling your boss's coffee, to getting mugged or raped.
Unlucky - sometimes you misplace things, or forget something... Basically, this is Cursed Lite; bad things happen more often, but the *really* bad things are as rare as ever.
Masochist - You like being hurt. Rough scenes show up more significantly often, and the conditions from rough or non-consensual sex are less punishing, and tier 2 injuries don't even bother you. You should probably
get them treated anyway, some of them could get worse. (I am well aware that most masochists probably aren't too keen on taking it hard from people they don't know. This is a videogame. Shush.)
Submissive - Masochist Lite, you get the rough stuff without the changes to conditions from non-consensual sex or injuries.
Psychopath - What's that, Jesus? Kill them all?

as always, ideas are welcome, and could get your name in here.

More buildings - Currently planned, also in no particular order, are:
A city hall - Where you'd go to lobby for changes to laws, once implemented.
A news kiosk - So you can get some flavor text, see what's going on around town, (this would give the illusion of an even MORE interactive world) or clip coupons.
A bank - a large amount of the groundwork is already done for this. Having a bank would let you store your money so if you get robbed it's less catastrophic, or you could borrow shitloads of money, spend a few weeks
living it up, then end up whoring, because there's not way in hell you can make enough just by working for the UCI to pay the interest on your debts.
A ranch - get a job brushing and feeding horses, or ride a horse to help you relax. Or BE ridden by a horse, if you're in to that sort of thing. (This may be made into a whole area, featuring horses, a dairy, and a
windmill full of corpses)
A hospital - Currently, there's only one condition that can't be treated by going to sleep. I plan to add to that, (see planned; injuries) and since Seven Deadly Sins takes place in America, getting rid of those conditions
will be expensive. Also, you could work there, maybe.
A police station - once I put the laws, static or dynamic, into play, you're going to need a place to be thrown if you break them. Or to report illegal activity, once the interactive city is running properly. Maybe you
could work here as well, you'd even get a uniform and a pair of fuzzy handcuffs. Wait, fuzzy? You'd think the department would spring for *real* cuffs, but I guess their new APC won't pay for itself... 'MURICA!
A spa - another place to shed some stress and regain some energy. Watch out for Peeping Toms... Or give them a show. Whatever boats your float.
A public park - if you guessed 'a place to relax' then... yes. Also, sell drugs or whore, if you get in good with Shadowman, or streak. Just for fun.
A kennel - There are a lot of dogs without homes in Locke, and you can adopt one! (only if you've convinced your land-lord to let you keep pets, or trick him into thinking it's a therapy animal, or should it always be okay?) Also, because perverts, you can fuck the dogs. you might end up in jail, but who cares, really?
A university - Locke is probably right by Kingsport, right? You could totally go to the world-famous Miskatonic University! This is a big one, though, as I'd like to have a whole campus set-up, rather than just a single building that you click on and it magically uploads the smarts into your brian, so a cafe, a library, a bar and an art studio, (yes, you can pose nude for money) in addition to said magical clicky building, at least. Also, going there costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, because GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Bus stops - obviously, all of these things won't fit on a single screen, so why not get around by bus! it won't be free, but if you end up stranded, there will always be a place to pass out for the night (similar to how the alley works when you're smashed) and you can pan-handle at a bus stop to get the $5 you need for a trip. Or go to the glory hole in the bathroom, and earn a few bucks there. Or buy a bus pass, and never worry about getting stranded again! (unless you lose it somehow.)
A convention center - So I can write off some of the more fantastical fetishes as, well, fantasies. You want to fuck anthropromorphised (did I even spell that right?) cats? Go to a furry convention! You want to fuck the King of England? Go to a renaissance fair! You want to fuck Robert Downey Jr.? Yeah, so does everyone else, get in line.

Stress - stress is another thing that is already counted in the game, but never called on. I plan on making it a modifier of sorts for injuries and conditions. If you're incredibly stressed, a hangover or bruise will be debilitating, while at low stress, you can act almost normally despite having a broken leg.

Time and day - I poked around with this very very early in development, but decided that, since the game is currently about two steps *down* from being a demo, I shouldn't restrict when certain areas (MacGreedy's Bar and Shadowman's Alley) are available. Also, there's just not enough stuff to do to *pass* time. I mean, when I tested it, you wake up at 6am, MacGreedy's doesn't open until 4pm, and Shadowman doesn't show up until 8pm. Admittedly, this was before I implemented UCI, so there was just a 'wait 1 hour' button, but still. *ehem* pardon the rambling. Certain actions and locations will only be available between certain hours, some things won't be available on certain days, and if you work for a legitimate business, the money is put into a 'payment' pool, that is all added to your on-hand cash on Wednesday. (obviously, sketchier "businesses" will pay you under the table, at the time of services rendered, or goods provided.)

Event chains - this one is pretty far away, but I'll leave it here anyway. Currently, 'events' are just a series of text boxes, and once they start they carry on to their conclusion with minimal interaction from the player. I don't really plan on changing that, but I will probably add event CHAINS, series of connected events that could take place over several in-game days, and during which the player is given options that may change the ultimate outcome.

Probably other things that I'm already working on, but forgot to put here because I am a walnut.

Possible features, fixes, and feces
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

This is sort of an opinion section. All of these are things that I'm on the fence about, or think are too much work for too little reward, so if you want one, convince me it's a worth doing.
(Note: posting "I want caricter creation becus i liek 2 c tiddies" will get you mercilessly mocked, and will not make character creation more likely. So, well written, well thought out, and with minimal pictures of grapefruit is the way to go.)

Music - Specifically, Kevin MacLeod. The reason it's not in right now is that a single song will about double the file size, when you could just boot up the game and open a new tab and go here --> ... 21E3AA9782

Character creation - I'm not sure the game really needs it and not having it doesn't really detract from the game, since there's no animations, and the game is in a sort of bogus fuax-first-person, but being able to make the character look like your definition of hot adds a lot, even if you never see it after it's made.

Skills - having a list of things that you can improve might be nice. It would add a sort-of RPG element to the game, though I'm not sure whether or not that would actually be a good thing, or if it would even be worth the amount of work it would take.

People walking around on the street - It would make the city seem more alive, yeah? Maybe you could click on them, interact, pick up side-quests (implying there's a main quest) or flash them, mug them, solicit them, pickpocket, encourage to shop where you work, have a friendly chat, get brutally pounded in the ass... You know, normal things.

A combat system - Probably turn-based and consisting of five buttons: quick attack, heavy attack, defend, item, change stance. The 'stance' would determine which NORMAL or skill, or sin, or item, or whatever modifies your damage, the type of damage, and the possible outcomes. Stances would probably be Physical, Logical, Emotional, Sexual, and DEADLY FORCE. However, there is very limited need for combat in the game, even if I used Logical, Emotional and Sexual "combat" instead of in-dialog skill, sin or NORMAL checks.

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Re: Seven Deadly Sins (v. 0.1.0) Aug 9, 2017

Postby docsilence » Sun Aug 13, 2017 5:58 am

I played the game you hosted; cool concept, obviously needs more content.
Suggestions in no particular order:
-Monsters in the Alley as a Random Event
-Pregnancy ->All that whoring/consenual sex and you didn't get birth control?
-Calendar events in game-> day 5 there's a concert, day 14 there's a new movie-> multiple events in different locations ie at the college there's a frat party while in town there's a football party
- Buying individual items for your apartment -> a computer, game console, dvd player, sound system, dildos, etc.
-Fitness center/gym to workout and meet people
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