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Re: Tentacles Thrive v4

Postby Nonoplayer » Thu Aug 15, 2019 8:53 pm

Hugh mann Wrote:Sooo... are you planning to add some kind of survival mechanics to this? Because right now its honestly kinda boring, and the mood system is just a minor inconvenience without some incentive to use turns efficiently.

The benefits are a good concept, but its a lot of grinding to get them.

The Dolphy's bonus could be cool if there was a reason to explore, but I conquered all available territories, and barely did any exploring.

The Slime Eye's bonus is probably TOO good, I already had the units I needed before I got access to the Queen's chamber, but I'd imagine that with the breeding prioritizing new species, I probably should have just used it instead of trying to get the ones I wanted through bonding. Will have to restart and test that later.


The combat is also kinda meh. The whole 'feed the monsters hearts for them to get their abilities' thing makes it really tedious... I found that winning basically came down to putting a Tier 1-2 unit in front of an Inuax and using the other units to stall the timer/enemy until I got the 10-12 hearts to get their abilities active in both lanes.

And I don't see how you plan to keep scaling the battles up with this system.. Maybe a skill that increases the amount of hearts you have at the start?
That seems like its just putting a bandaid on the problem though...

I honestly don't understand why you feel the abilities need a cost at all, I don't think I have ever seen a game with classes use a system like this before.. like... sigh.. this is gonna get ranty, but fuck it, here we go:

Let's say that instead of tentacle monsters we have soldiers.

A Sniper class, an Infantry class, and Shotgunner class.

The Sniper has a gun that does 250 Damage with a range of 50 tiles, and has 100 HP

The Infantry has a gun that does 100 Damage with a range of 20 tiles, and has 150 HP

The Shotgunner has a gun that does 250 Damage with a range of 10 tiles, and has 250 HP

And lets say that its teams of four.

Now if we assume the map is well designed, and not just a bunch 50 tile hallways, each unit should have areas where they have the advantage over the others.

Now, lets do something stupid, lets say a unit's weapon must be unlocked by spending credits, otherwise they are stuck using a pistol that does 10 Damage with a range of 5 tiles.

And lets make it even worse, lets only give each team enough credits to unlock one unit's weapon.

Now, the only logical choice is to make a team of 1 Sniper, and 3 Shotgunners, because the Sniper will now have the advantage against everything but an other sniper, and since the other units are limited to pistols their HP is all that matters.

So is this credit mechanic adding anything to the game? Clearly not.
Would giving each team enough credits to unlock 2 units be an improvement? yes.
Would increasing the amount of credits be better than removing this mechanic in favour of balancing the class' stats? No, no it would not.


So basically, this was a needlessly long winded way of saying 'The combat system is bad because it severely limits the strategies available to the player, and you could (and, imo, should) fix this by removing the feeding hearts mechanic and just giving the monsters their abilities and balancing them accordingly'

Aww thank you for talking about the battle. The suggestion is great, and I have thought about it, along with many other possibilities. The reason for the heart feeding mechanism is so we have an response element during game. Right now the AI is just some basic AI. But in the future I want to give them a bit more depth, so the gameplay can offer more dynamic fun. And some effects are gonna be hard to balance like if I want to implement one with an instant kill, there is no percentage of it that I can adjust.

Clash of Clan has this cost system I wanted to use, like these weak units would cost 1 energy, and these anti sky things would cost a few more. But I decided to stay away from it due to wanting to be more original. Perhaps I should reconsider it.

The second row of enemies are supposed to be hidden, so we can't counter right off the bat.
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Re: Tentacles Thrive v4

Postby musical74 » Fri Aug 16, 2019 4:55 pm

Gotta admit, I figured you would write off Hugh mann's post as "this guy doesn't like the battle system, I'll just ignore it" but you looked at what he wrote, looked to see how you might make it better, explained a few things, and generally acknowledged his complaints as entirely valid. This isn't a knock on Hugh at all, rather my opinion of you just went up because you took what was a rather negative review, looked to see how you could improve things, explained a few things that were ambiguous, and generally treated Hugh's post as constructive criticism, like "this is negative, but does he have legit points here?"

Myself, I'd avoid a one-hit kill move. It may make things more exciting, but from a strategic standpoint it royally screws things up, when you best fighter gets KOed by one of those and you have to rely on those who might not be prepped to deal with it as a result. Still possible, but far more difficult.
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Re: Tentacles Thrive v4

Postby Nonoplayer » Sat Aug 17, 2019 10:15 pm

Haha thank you. But of course, I am grateful for any inputs for my game, especially the battle. It is complex matter, but also where the fun is :) In fact, the current battle has been revamped a few times, as many others had made their feedback to me. I want to make what I want to make, but also what people would enjoy playing.

I love the one-time only instant kill effect >_< I can nerf other things like, using it would also remove itself, or longer spawn time etc. Each effect has its own most impactful condition. So if this instant kill is used on the wrong target, it could waste the investment.
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Re: Tentacles Thrive v4

Postby CloudRipper » Thu Sep 05, 2019 5:09 am

Is there by chance a walkthrough of the game somewhere even if its incomplete? Asking cause Ive gone about 20 days before and leveling my tentacles but keep losing the battles I go into and am lost as to what to do
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Re: Tentacles Thrive v4

Postby Nonoplayer » Sat Sep 07, 2019 9:03 am

Not quite, only various players sharing their strategy on forums. But I am creating some in game guide, like the heart feeding mechanism, lane swapping, what is AGI etc.

For now, I would say using some tank in front and range in the back formation. And maybe save some 4 hearted effects in the back.
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Re: Tentacles Thrive v4

Postby Nonoplayer » Mon Sep 16, 2019 5:37 pm

Sharing my newest stuff!
New versions are ready. Give it a try!
Web version(exe/swf)
Downloadable versions(exe/swf)
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Re: Tentacles Thrive v4

Postby Hugh mann » Thu Sep 19, 2019 2:19 am

Did a bit of typo hunting... Only the Slime Eye and Butanga bonding scenes for now, will do more when I find the motivation.

Slime Eye bonding.

Scene 1: ...

Scene 2: "The Slime Eye reached climax along with as Lilith" Should be 'along with Lilith'

"pleasure ring in her skull" should be 'rang in her skull'

Scene 3: ...

Scene 4: Had to google what "erstwhile" means, apparently it's synonymous with "former" ...So "Erstwhile lover" would mean they were lovers in the past, but no longer are... which is clearly not the case, so I don't think that's the right word to use.

"placing a small box on the floor" should probably be 'on the ground' but "floor" is not technically wrong.

"The handed the rabbit over nervously" 'She handed'

"slid down to caress her sides, her perky tits" should be 'and her perky tits'

Scene 5: ...

Butanga bonding.

Scene 1: ...

Scene 2:

"In times like these, she felt assured about her choices in life, about her transgression from civilization" The last line doesn't make sense. Do you mean 'her recession from civilization'? or do you mean 'her transgression against civilization'?

"letting her thin body rested against its pyramid-shaped head" should be 'rest'

"I want to try taking you...in my mouth" you missed a space, should be 'you... in'

"The Butange pressed itself in" should be "Butanga"

'that drove her the edge' should be either "to the edge" or "over the edge"

Scene 3:

"and how the butanga was watching over" should be "watching over her"

Scene 4:

"Was that all cared about?" should be "all it cared about"

"Excuse me...I'm--" missed a space again.

'the sensation of the impeding orgasm' I think you mean "impending" ...A somewhat amusing typo, I must say...

Scene 5:

'blame the thing for doing what came' ??? I think the text got cut off there.

'leave things as they' ...Yeah, pretty sure the text is cutting off.

"The Butanga lifted her off her feet and lay her on her back" should be "and laid her on her back" I also feel like there should be a comma after "feet" I'm not great with punctuation though.

"How perfect, she thought" shouldn't "How perfect" be in quotes? hmm... maybe "What a wonderful way to end the rut" too?

"The monster shot its cream all over between her breasts and onto her inflating stomach, and" uh? was that "and" supposed to transition to the next page? It doesn't read very good that way.
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Re: Tentacles Thrive v4

Postby Nonoplayer » Mon Sep 23, 2019 12:04 am

Aww thank you Hugh mann~ Corrected.

Sigh...now I wonder how many more typos are in there... as we have close to 100k words by now.
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Re: Tentacles Thrive v4

Postby musical74 » Mon Sep 23, 2019 1:58 am

The important thing is to get them corrected as you find out about them. I have a PS1 game that is quite fun but there are a LOT of typos. Some of that is translation errors as it was from Japan first but when things like whimp (wimp), bases (it should be basis), and something that's so mangled I don't know what they were going for slip through...that's why it's important to have proofreaders and people who say "hey I noticed it should be X instead of Y"

Sexy times with all sorts of beasties is good too!
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Re: Tentacles Thrive v4

Postby Hugh mann » Tue Sep 24, 2019 9:29 pm

Nonoplayer Wrote:close to 100k words.

musical74 Wrote: -slip through...that's why-
Missed a space! :P

Gritario bonding.

Scene 1:

"Lilith ducked scrubs and hopped over stagnant pools of water" Scrub: "A thicket or jungle, often specified by the name of the prevailing plant"
Huh, never heard that word before... Anyway, I think you mean "Lilith ducked through scrubs"
...Actually... that whole sentence reads kinda awkwardly. Maybe "Lilith skulked through underbrush and leapt over stagnant pools"? (It's established that she is in a swamp, so specifying that the pools are water is redundant)

"Lilith shuddered as the monster rubbed her in rhythm with the song" Not a typo, but it said earlier that the music stopped... I feel like a page may have gotten skipped.

"She felt nothing more than an instrument to play" Should be 'She felt like nothing more'

"The Gritario brought another tentacle down to rub up and down her clitoris and-" 'down to rub up and down' sounds kinda silly.. How about "The Gritario brought down another tentacle to rub up and down her clitoris"? Same meaning, less repetitive.

"Please....I beg of you...just..." Two missed spaces, and an extra dot after "Please"

Scene 2:

"And even though part of her reviled at the thought-"
Revile: "(transitive, intransitive) To attack (someone) with abusive language" I don't think that is the right word...
If you mean she is disgusted by the thought, then it should be "And even though part of her revolted at the thought-"
But if you mean she is directing hatred/contempt at it, then it should be "And even though part of her cursed the thought"

"there was the underlying excitement" I think it should be "there was an underlying excitement"

"I will beg nothing of you...play-" Spaced a miss.

"Her hand found slipped down between her legs" Should just be "Her hand slipped down between" Or "Her hand found it's way down between" It sounds weird mixed together...

"It pumped her from both sides, still beating her rear with wet tail" Should be "with its wet tail" also technically it would be 'pumped her from both ends' not sides.

"In a way...it was serving her" And another one...

"The tentacle inside her her throat pulled out to her mouth while the tentacle inside her cunt dove deep into her womb" Okay 'her her' is obvious, but what is "pulled out to her mouth" supposed to mean?
Do you mean 'pulled back to her mouth'? As in, its still in her mouth, but no longer down her throat?
Or do you mean 'pulled out of her mouth'?

"The Gritario's seed formed in white egg-shaped bubbles" should be 'formed into'

'singing somewhere off in the distance...or was that in her mind? Missed a space.

Scene 3:

"Lilith listened to melodies and bit her lip" should be 'listened to the melodies'

"Please...stop..." you know the drill...

"as if it was disciplining her for her transgressions" I admit I'm not sure about this one, but I think it should be 'as if it were disciplining her' "was" just doesn't look right.

"She reached out towards its tentacle and licked up along the shaft" should just be 'and licked along the shaft'

"Lilith hoped and prayed that the Gritario would take mercy on her" Should be 'have mercy on her' not 'take' I think you mixed it up with "take pity"

Scene 4:

"She relieved her encounters with the Gritario in shallow dreams" Should be 'She relived'

"the sensation being filled" Should be 'of being filled'

"And so the Gritario, slipped towards her and grappled its tentacles with her hair" Uh, why is there a comma after "Gritario"? And I think you mean "grappled her hair with its tentacles"
That one confused me for a moment lol

"realising only now that she had commanded to creature...in a way" Should be 'commanded the creature' also, missed a space

Scene 5:

"She spent the day fashioning leftover leather strips into tiny plugs that she could place into her ear" Should be 'ears'
Also, you could just say "She spent the day fashioning leftover leather strips into tiny plugs for her ears"
And "leftover leather strips" could be 'scraps of leather'

"She watched it screech...but heard nothing" missing space. And while we're here, it's hard not to notice how inconsistent the effectiveness of these earplugs is.
It just said she could still hear some notes of its song, but somehow its screech is *completely* blocked out? Isn't its screech louder than the song?
That just bugs me a little... Anyway, moving on.

"..but that's quite crude, don't you agree?" Should be three dots - '...but'

"Lilith knew that Gritario had learned its place" Should either be 'knew that the Gritario' or 'Knew the Gritario'

"A smaller tendril toyed with her clit while the other-" Should be 'The smaller tendril'

"Lilith bit her lip, satisfied, on the brink of orgasm" Isn't "on the brink of orgasm" the opposite of "satisfied"? How can she be both at the same time?
I think this is supposed to mean that she is holding off on having an orgasm? in that case, it should be "satisfied on the brink of orgasm" (no comma) Or maybe 'content on the brink' ...Still a little contradictory in a literal sense, but eh.

"Lilith couldn't hold any longer" Should be 'hold off' or 'hold back'

"Lilith removed the leather plug from her ears" should be 'plugs'

"The sound from the surrounding landscape flooded in" I know this is nit-picky, but that should be "The sounds of the surrounding landscape flooded in"
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Re: Tentacles Thrive v4

Postby Luka2005 » Thu Sep 26, 2019 9:44 am

I can't get this to play the alpha version just shows me a white screen. nvm it takes awhile to load i see
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Re: Tentacles Thrive v4

Postby Nonoplayer » Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:44 am

Sorry, I keep postponing my reply. But thank you for all your editing Hugh Mann! I have corrected them(most).
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Re: Tentacles Thrive v4

Postby Nonoplayer » Wed Nov 13, 2019 4:49 pm

New update is out!

I...I also made my first tweet:) Can use some retweet give you are kind enough~
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Re: Tentacles Thrive v4

Postby Hugh mann » Fri Nov 15, 2019 5:35 am

Nonoplayer Wrote:Sorry, I keep postponing my reply. But thank you for all your editing Hugh Mann! I have corrected them(most).

Your whale cum.

I haven't been doing much typo hunting since that last post I'm afraid. My computer crashed, and I had forgotten to save, so I lost my motivation for a while there, but I needed to go through the intro anyway, so here is that and hopefully I'll feel like doing some more soon.


Leaving castle:

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

"and a half smile playing on her lips" I think 'hanging on her lips' makes more sense here. "Playing" implies some form of action by the subject, but a smile is not acting, it's just kinda... existing...

"She comments to herself as she head out through the main gate" Haha, that one almost slipped by me. Should be 'heads out'
Actually, I think I can improve this whole part,

" "I've got a good feeling about today" She says to herself as she heads out the main gate"

Much more succinct that way.

"Heading into the woods again, highness?" The castle guard on duty voices his concern, though he knows there's no real reason to worry." I feel like it should be "Highness" with a capital 'H' if it's title he is addressing her with.

Also it's already well established that this is a castle, calling him "castle guard"
feels very redundant.
And "on duty" doesn't feel necessary in this sentence. I'd go with,

" "Heading into the woods again, Highness?" The gate guard voices his concern, though he knows there's no real reason to worry."

On a sidenote. I get the impression that the plot of this game is just there to make the porn happen, and is not intended to be taken seriously, so I don't wanna be too critical of it.
With that said, we find out very early into the game that the area surrounding this kingdom is heavily populated with a wide variety of tentacle monsters that are know for their tendency to rape human women... It is really pushing my suspension of disbelief that this guard, and Lilith herself, are somehow unaware that these creatures exist.


"Lilith grins a bit wider. "That's a trade secret." " This is just preference, but I think "Lilith's grin widens" reads better.

" "Do be careful, highness. There have been rumors of strange tracks by the nearby mountain." The guard calls after her," Again, pretty sure it's "Highness" Also an imperative should end with an exclamation point.
And 'by the nearby' sounds silly... And he's not really 'calling' her... hmm, let's see...

" "Do be careful, Highness! There are rumors of strange tracks near the western mountain." The guard shouts to her, but she just waves and darts into the trees."


Spoiler (click to show/hide):

"Search for Tentacle Skin, also has a chance to encounter a Tentacle Monster in the area. If an encounter takes place, Lilith is 100% pregnant by the wild creature. Consume 1 Turn."

Oof... This is pretty badly worded tbh. How about,

"Consume 1 turn to explore a selected area for a chance to find crafting materials, or encounter a wild Tentacle Monster. Monsters encountered this way will completely fill Lilith's pregnancy gauge."

I think 'crafting materials' makes more sense here, we know that Lilith is collecting materials, but we don't know that she is collecting tentacle skin. (neither does she, for that matter) Also you may want to add more materials that can be found by exploring, and this wording would still work.

I wish I could think of a better word than "gauge" ...it's more like slots, but that just sounds silly... And technically it would be a "Conception Gauge" but ehhh...

I feel like "Lilith found nothing" and "Lilith found some Tentacle Skin" sound better than what you have, but that is preference again.

Finding the sleeping Butanga:

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

"A few hours later and she hits the jack pot. That strange cloth lies in big strips all about. It's practically carpeting the dense forest floor." I don't think "dense" is adding anything to the sentence here...
More Importantly though, this doesn't match the picture it's paired with. I'd describe the scene as,

"A few hours later she hits the jackpot. A huge pile of the strange cloth lies before her.

"Her eyebrow suddenly raise in puzzlement." Should be "eyebrows" and "rise" ...Or if you mean she raises *one* eyebrow, it should be "rises"

"But hardly any sunlight could penetrate through the thick canopy... What exactly is this stuff?" Dangit... I'm to lazy to start over to check, but I think Lilith's dialog on the last page ended with a quote mark, in which case it is missing from the start on this page.

Uhh...? Blank page after that last line apparently... Funny that I don't remember that happening before.

"The creature was huge!" Hmm... I think "A massive creature loomed over her. A writhing mass of tentacles coiling, and uncoiling, as if in anticipation." works better here.
Also the previous two pages could be merged.

"Lilith wanted to flee, but she was frozen in fear" I've never seen 'frozen in fear' before... It doesn't exactly seem wrong, but I feel like 'by fear' makes more sense.

"A creeping suspicion slowly crept into the mind." Redundant creeping. Should be 'a terrifying suspicion' or 'a chilling suspicion' or something along those lines.
Oh and it should be 'her mind'
Alternatively, we could just embrace the redundancy, "A creeping suspicion creepily crept into the crypt of her mind" ...I'm not sure why I even thought of that...
Anyway, moving on.

"Something about the way that thing's large bulbous eye was looking at her.... Was that..... Desire?" I count too many dots. And the wording feels a little clunky, I'd say, "Something about the look in its bulbous eye as it watched her... Was that... desire?"
(Pretty sure the 'D' in 'desire' should be lower case. It's not starting a sentence)

"At this realization Lilith snaps out of her fear and takes off in a sprint toward the edge of the woods." I think you need a comma after 'realization' And this sentence contradicts itself. Should be,
"At this realization, Lilith snaps back to her senses and takes off in a sprint towards the edge of the woods." as she is clearly still motivated by fear.
('toward' and 'towards' are both correct, I just think 'towards' reads better in this sentence for some reason)

"It keeps pace with her easily, almost as if was enjoying this." Should be, 'as if it were enjoying this'

"But even as she voiced her concerns aloud, a thin tentacle coiled around her long slender leg and suddenly squeezed." While she is running? That seems implausible, how about, "But as she voiced her concerns, a thin tentacle suddenly grasped her by the leg."

"Her voice trembles but she forces the words out "...to m...mate with me, right?" " Should be " "...to m-mate with me, right?" "

Kinda feel like something got skipped between 'Oh goddess, that will never fit in me!' and 'the beast's thick cock saws slowly in and out of her' ...I think it's called "The good part" >.>

Also I think most people would agree that it would be best to avoid verbs that are typically associated with cutting when talking about genitals...
How about, 'slowly slides in and out of her'?

'right in the hight of her orgasmic bliss, the beast's member also swells up,' "also" is out of place, his cock is the only thing swelling. And "member" sounds like what you'd call a cock if you were trying to avoid saying 'cock'... I'd say 'the beast's cock starts to swell,' or 'begins to swell'

" "No sense in crying over spilled... slime," she chuckles to her and gets shakily to her feet." Should be a period after "slime" not a comma, and a capital 'S' in "She"
Also adverbs should generally come before the verb. In other words, it should be, 'shakily gets to her feet' not 'gets shakily to her feet'

Returning to the castle:

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

I know I said I didn't want to be too critical of the plot, but something is bugging me not only from a biology standpoint, but also from a gameplay standpoint.
Lilith's body should not be able to sustain a pregnancy without food... like, a lot of food, considering how thin she is.
I feel like needing to gather supplies before getting Lilith knocked up might add a little more strategy to the game. Right now it's kinda just a bunch of clicking and not much thinking... I'd prefer more engaging gameplay, but maybe I'm in the minority about that IDK... anyway, just a thought.

Sigh... " "Noo.. Just a little further... I have to make it....Aaahhhh!" " Should be 'Noo...' and 'I have to make it... Aaahhhh!' ...Actually, would it make more sense if it was 'Aaah'? It makes sense to repeat the vowel, but can a consonant even be drawn out? Eh, I don't think there is really a "proper" way to write drawn out words like that, so fuck it lol.

Inside the castle: (No typos, just ranting about this scene not making sense)

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

"High up in the easternmost tower of the castle, a stern countenance gazes down at the figure of a woman struggling in the field just outside the castle."

Now hold a moment. The Secret Garden is west of the castle, so how the fuck can this guy see Lilith from the *easternmost tower*? Did she circle around to the other side of the castle to give birth? Is the map upside down? Something ain't right here...

Also Lilith said 'it's still pretty early' before spending 'a few hours' searching for more tentacle skin. And I forget how long it said she spent getting dicked by the butanga, but it was more than a couple hours, right?
So shouldn't it be getting dark by now? Even if it's not quite getting dark, it must be getting late, and since the sun sets in the west it should be in the eyes of someone looking at the western field from an eastern tower, so- ...Okay I might be over analyzing this just a tad...

" "Just what exactly has our little lady been up to these past days?" " Wait... is this supposed to mean she was actually unconscious for a couple days...? I'm not sure what this line is supposed to mean, but that's probably because I'm overthinking it.

Okay so yeah, I should have read a bit further, he watches her for almost an hour, "then, at almost midnight exactly those unfeeling eyes widen ever so slightly."
So this scene is taking place in the dark... Unless you're forshadowing that this guy is a vampire, you might wanna rethink this scene, cuz there is no way a human could see that well at night, let alone from that distance.

In the field:

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

"It bore none of her features except for the color of it's one eye; a color being similar to hers." I feel like "a color similar to her own" works better.

"You would disgrace our family by cavorting with such filthy beasts!?" Okay so her uncle, the lord of the castle, knew about these "filthy beasts" and yet wasn't concerned about Lilith going off into the woods alone? Didn't see fit to inform the guards? Sigh... I'm really trying to ignore the plotholes, but this one is pretty obvious.

Back in the Secret Garden:

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

"Her monologue is suddenly interrupted by the an obvious rumbling coming from her stomach." Should be 'the' or 'an' not both. Although I'd prefer 'by a loud rumbling in her stomach'

Is uh... is she gonna cook that fish...? Again, opportunity to add some survival elements here... Y'know like needing wood for fire to cook, maybe a minigame to start a fire... IDK, could backfire and just end up being tedious though.

Weta bonding. (From before crash (I like how I saved this document, but not the game... Not my brightest moment))

Scene 1:

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

"Lilith didn't hear anything. Satisfied, she was starting to rise when the very dune erupted. Sand engulfed her, tumbling through the air, flailing her limbs"

This part is kinda disjointed. Should be "Sand engulfed her as she tumbled through the air flailing her limbs"

Or more succinctly, "Satisfied, she began to rise when the very sands erupted beneath her, engulfing her as her flailing body tumbled through the air"

"Her heart nearly leapt into her throat when a great shadow poured over her, a basso growl filling the air" Should be 'a bass growl' or just 'a low growl'
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Re: Tentacles Thrive v4

Postby Hugh mann » Sat Nov 16, 2019 11:41 pm

Sooooo... That site you're hosting the game on seems to be broken. Trying to download the game is just opening the game in a new tab in the browser.. and refreshing said tab just makes it load a blank page... (And yes, I tried "Alternate download mode" same shit happened)

Also saving the game did not work (No harm done, I had only gone through the intro) but I don't know if that is the game, or the site.

I hope you're planning on uploading the new version to Newgrounds, or better yet, making the .swf available for download here.

(I suppose it could be something on my end, but I can't imagine what would cause this)
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