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Re: WallHack Inc.

Postby Superminion » Thu Oct 19, 2017 4:54 am

Cookie Clicker gonna Cookie Click. I have the patience for them but this one is slow. Still, the art is amazing and that's where my issue comes in. I can't change the size of the window or go full screen to appreciate a lot of it. Even on this large tv I work on the window size makes some of the art hard to see, even in zoomed in, and the main girl of the area is hard to see fully.

Beyond that, I see a favors button on my phone, but the first option does nothing when clicked.
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Re: WallHack Inc.

Postby TV2101 » Sun Oct 29, 2017 7:42 pm

First of all, I wanna say that your game is really, really great. We have few games with so high quality, and even less with quality and for free. So, congratulations! For real! I would love support you on Pattreon, but my financial situation is really bad at moment.
I lost my progress on game and I'm restarting it now, so in a few weeks i will be able to tell something about the progression curve, and if it's better with products.
I have a sugestion. Could you put a SFW button? I know it's weird put such button in a hentai clicker, but I wanna play this game on my college, and click a lot heheh. Maybe you can do some curtains close on couples, or even a animation with couples doing something else, like play a videogame or something like this (if it dont disturb your progression with your game, of course).
I have a bug, too. In my first talk with Beryl, I tried to praise her name, but not her body. But with this dialogue, I can't unlock the products. I had to go back to office, go to the lab and retry the dialogue to get acess to products.
Another thing... I don't know if I get right what the Aphodisiac Oil do. Maybe you can do the text more clever?
The others things I had to say was already said for other people. Again, congratulations for the game, it's just amazing, and we don't find games like this anywere.
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Re: WallHack Inc.

Postby Person Personson » Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:03 pm

I've tried the latest public release and have to agree with the scaling complaints. I edited the file for a large amount money and near the end it deals in hundreds of septillions and even some octillions while earning at most 100 quadrillion/s. The last animation would take roughly 10^10 seconds or 317 years to unlock by itself. This is after maximizing income by buying all the rest to 100, which would of course take far longer.
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Re: WallHack Inc.

Postby Sismicious » Wed Nov 08, 2017 6:53 pm


Post_PublicRelease_1.5.1.jpg (89.67 KiB) Viewed 2273 times

Hi everyone!

v1.5.1 has been released to the public!
This public version resolve some bugs linked to quests and story. Sorry again for the inconvenience, and happy playing!

@Superminion : The window size is locked because as the art is fully vectorial, it's very GPU/CPU consuming, and a resolution too high may result in a severe drop of fps. Even at this size, most of people don't reach 50fps (about that, the game is fully designed in 60fps for the computers able to handle it). Favor button is a bug.
@TV2101 : thanks for the kind comment! We know the progression curve is hard, it will be balanced soon. SFW button is a bit weird indeed but not planned. But we do have a Patreon goal for a android app! This could be a great way to play without being noticed! Aphrodisiac Oil produces more clicks when you click on the guest the time it's in action.
@Person Personson : We know!

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Re: WallHack Inc.

Postby TV2101 » Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:33 am

Is this game still developed? Can I do a suggestion?
Currently, each area in game have a girl, who gives money on click based on the money that this area gives (I guess). This way, the girl on first area, gives, for exemple, 25 millions per click, the girl on second area gives 150 millions per click, and the girl on third area gives (25+150+450) 450 millions per click.
I think that all girls should give the same money per click, what should be correspondent to the money gives for all areas. For that exemple, all girls shoud give 625 millions per click.
This would encourage the clicks, facilitate the curve progression, and makes us be able to choose what girls we like to click more, not for the money, but for... others factors.
Success with the game! Do not abandon us!
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Re: WallHack Inc.

Postby Nobudi » Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:19 am

Hmm, tried running the exe on my comp, but nothing happened. Dunno why.
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Re: WallHack Inc.

Postby Spartacus » Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:59 pm

first up. Credit where credit is due.
The art on this game is phenomenal. buttery smooth and high quality
A lot of nice little touches like the phone on the main screen, the weather changing outside the office window.

But the game itself is, as said before, way to slow. Even for an idle clicker :)
To give you an idea..
right now I have the first level fully unlocked
the second level has all locations unlocked but only the first one has all 3 animations unlocked. The others are at 2 anims unlocked
the third level has the first and second location unlocked.
I make 2.02 Billion/s
The cheapest upgrade is 2.57Trillion. this means that to purchase this level I need to wait 21 minutes. Which will then add 1,12 million/s payout to this location.
at a rate of 2,02 Billion this doesn't even register.

If you leave CookieClicker running for 20 min in the background you can do a lot more then 1 click :)

also, what is up with the strange decision to have a click on a girl relate to the payout on her level not your total.
This does undermine the usefulness of items as they relate to clicking. Also the price on items follows the same ridiculous curve as the locations.

finally, you might want to consider making it so that unlocking a new zone also unlocks the first location. cause right now I need to pay 312 Quadrillion for the BDSM level. that is a massive amount of money with my current income, and i would get exactly no benefit from this.

Now i realize all of this might sound very negative, when I promise you it isn't. It is just that you have a good game here that is really doing it's best to prevent me from enjoying it.
You said that the prices are so you have time to develop new content without the player hitting a wall. But right now, I am hitting a wall even though there is more content locked away. And that is worse then me hitting end of content :D
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Re: WallHack Inc.

Postby Screwbucket » Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:39 am

Just so people here are aware, the team hasn't been coming out with new versions due to some serious drama in one of their lives. It's been quite a few months. They aren't abandoning the project, but I haven't heard any news as to when they might be returning.
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