The Tower Release (v0.36): hentai adventure game

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Re: The Tower v0.32: hentai adventure game

Postby Dead2112man » Wed May 17, 2017 1:09 am

The final version was released on May fifth
I might not create games, but I will test them, Then I will give advice on what I think needs to be added, removed, or improved.
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Re: The Tower v0.32: hentai adventure game

Postby Ratattack » Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:33 am

They are updating this again under the name of Extended. Seems like some fixes and making the monsters have different appearances.
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Re: The Tower v0.32: hentai adventure game

Postby Octopussy » Sun Oct 22, 2017 2:43 pm

Oh guys, sorry that I not answer earlier, I just have so many things to do, and I do all this project nearly alone, so I even not have time to do properly posts on patreon @_@
With so many support from so many people I decide to not sell Tower through DLsite so finally it will be fully free for the internet ^-^
From October to December I will updating the game on Patreon and on NewGrounds with new opened tower each month, so full version of game will be free available for the internet at December of this year. At this moment I already open Water tower, next will be Mythic and finally of course Magma.
I added this link with newer version on first message in this post!
Also I want to ask, I really do not know how it works here, so is it better to create a new thread here with new version? So that more people can see and play "Tower", or this post will be enough? :)

I also added customization option in exclusive version on patreon that you can change appearance of Monster Girls if you interested ;3
And yea, game was already finished, I just make that delay for all internet that it will be fair for patrons who already supports me >.^

Hey, great game! Question, I have the latest version of the game and I noticed the naga boss has the talk option but the arrows you need to press are very long and pretty much impossible to hit. Is that intentional or do you plan to shorten it later on and have us able to get a giant snake waifu to go with our cute foxgirl waifu?

No, Naga is not good girl, she only wants to kill and eat everything, so, sadly, but it is impossible to make she your waifu

Do you do art too? or just games. And if you do have art, do you have them posted anywhere like devianart?

I do art, and I love to do art, but at this moment... I just not have time on it @_@" I work hard as I can on Tower and Lorain so I feel exhausted almost every day x) I think after I fully finish tower extensions I will be more free, but not sure that I want to draw something instead of Octa content :33 I really love to do that~ ^-^

Also some people say that I working on new project, yes, at this moment I work on the new game - "Lorain", it is a platformer where you should play by girl, search the temple, upgrade her stuff, level up and solve some puzzles in temple filled of monsters and traps, in game will be 21 monsters. We (I and my little team of 2 persons) creates this game on Unity so it should be much better than Tower in graphics and animations. But at this moment we not have yet any demo version to show :c because developing just at beginning, but here few concept pictures that you can see :)
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Re: The Tower v0.36: hentai adventure game

Postby Tymon » Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:42 am

You don't really have to apologize for having a life, silly. And your decision to release it entirely for free is really awesome. I appreciate it at least.
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