Pokémon: Lesbe Island (Update: July 2017)

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Re: Pokémon: Lesbe Island (Update: July 2017)

Postby Humadragon2016 (2) » Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:47 pm

just a quick qusion dark onix but would there be a way of kinda cleaning the coding in the game or would that be a lost cause right now?
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Re: Pokémon: Lesbe Island (Update: July 2017)

Postby Dark_Onix » Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:12 am

I think that I the lines of code could be cleaned up, without putting too many hours of work into it. However I do not think that it would be a good use of time. For example there are several locations in the code where I have used If statements, with standards that are impossible to meet, to hide Old lines of code. The reason that the Old lines are still in the game is because I may need them as reference points for future additions to the game. Maybe some day I will get around to removing variables from the game that are no longer being used; but I do not think that variables, that are never used in the game, are slowing down the game too much.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

The reason why that the BDSM Club Play area, in the second city, looks a lot like a jail is because that is where I borrowed some of the lines of the code from one. At one point I started building a small jail, that would have been added to the game, however the having Cops patrol the cities looking for people to arrest, for walking around half naked, made the game too hard to play. Because most all of the time players end up returning to town naked.

I still have the half built Jail inside the game, and the Clothing Locker still have a Jail uniform as an option, even though not girls have that outfit added to them. But keeping the lines of code around may come in handy again.

Another half built idea for the game is a Pokémon that collects Pokémon trainers. I may add that to the game at some future point. But right now it is just junk code in the game that I do not want to remove.
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Re: Pokémon: Lesbe Island (Update: July 2017)

Postby Wolves99 » Fri Mar 16, 2018 8:28 am

much work getting done in here?
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Re: Pokémon: Lesbe Island (Update: July 2017)

Postby K-zr » Tue May 29, 2018 10:57 pm

Just posting to say i love your game Keeo it up!
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Re: Pokémon: Lesbe Island (Update: July 2017)

Postby Typhin » Sat Jun 02, 2018 10:02 pm

Hey how are you but I just recently gotten this game again, and i was wondering were in the code do you go to change the animation from the women tying you up to some thing else. And also how do i do it to the bed room animations? Any other tips could be useful.
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Re: Pokémon: Lesbe Island (Update: July 2017)

Postby ClockworkMimikyu » Thu Jun 07, 2018 6:29 pm

I do love the game and I'm hoping it's still being worked on in spare time at least. Cause it'll soon be a year from the last update to the game.
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Re: Pokémon: Lesbe Island (Update: July 2017)

Postby Dark_Onix » Sat Jun 09, 2018 6:14 am

To answer some questions, I am still taking a break from this game and working with another game engine. Currently I am working on creating sprites to be used in future games, and testing those images at different sizes. I am planning to post some test images soon to get some input on what I am working on (in another place on this website). One of the problems that I am having is that I am overthinking the sprites that I am working on.

Currently on this game I have not done too much work. However I have some ideas that I may add to this game. As for the questions about how things work in this game. Most of the lines of code are found in the "_common" Level of the game; however for animations like how the Stocks work, you will need to look at the level in the game where that object is. Also there is no simple way to explain how stuff works. For example most bedrooms have 7 objects that are required, in the room, for all of the animations to work correctly, not counting some objects on the _common level that are running in the background. For example some of those objects are the is the location of the bed; and if those objects are missing or have the wrong name then the bedroom animations will not correctly.
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Re: Pokémon: Lesbe Island (Update: July 2017)

Postby cheese900 » Wed Nov 07, 2018 11:11 pm

ya I cant get any real changes to my character in the sex stats. how do we spend points to improve stamina i got a 6k sexp to spend and nothing has change with my character. it says in the tutorial that going to "a bed" and using the view stats option to spend the points. but there is not one, the only option i found to view my stats, is the character editor on that pc with the option "stats" under the option "girls". i tried to do editing on that but i could get anything but screen flipping where it just tells you everything you have over and over again. i hit every button available. i'm super confused how to spend the points or is that feature not in there yet.

i figured it would be that game where you have to carefully choose to spends those points, because of a limit and the cost for stat points would multiple over and over to prevent rapid spamming..

Dark_Onix Wrote:To answer some questions Sexp will still be in the game, however what it can be used on, and the math behind how it is earned is different. Also I changed the way sexual skills are used / earned. In the current version I was going to let the player pick the order they learn sexual skills. In the next version all of the sexual skills will be learned in a preset order that cannot be changed.

Also, while I was play testing the game, I noted that flirting, with other girls, is no longer in the game. I changed the way that other girls can join your party.

So how do I spend 6k sexp when the view stats option for the beds are not there. if im supposed to use the pc in the principles office its not working. i just see that stats that i currently have and thats it. i did gain skills for the character on one playthrough that had 3k sexp, and this one has none. the only difference between is that the first one had done lots of sex withs girls a pokemon, but gained it all through masturbation.

the second has not had sex with anyone but has done lots of masturbation to the point were stamina thats supposed to be maxed at 10 is only going to 9 thought it always says its 10, climax goes up to 13 when it was 12, and libido is just taking way to long to be lowered down so you can explore.

if anything the first playthrough was more rape, and being constantly sent back to the forest unable to break free yet get to the bedroom.
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Re: Pokémon: Lesbe Island (Update: July 2017)

Postby Dragon594 » Fri Nov 16, 2018 2:52 am

the see stats option is on the bedside table not the bed itself.
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Re: Pokémon: Lesbe Island (Update: July 2017)

Postby baxtus » Wed Nov 28, 2018 10:00 pm

Hi, Just joined this site so I can comment on this game.

First off, I'm enjoying it a lot, although their are some bugs, and some parts I don't really care for (Not really into the Pokefetish content, but some people I'm sure enjoy it, however the lesbian content is great), overall I'm really liking this game a lot and have already spent quite a few hours playing it.

One bug I'm running into and I'm hoping won't require me to restart from the beginning is that when I load up my save file from the flash cookie, Misty is stuck and won't move, in addition the menu won't come up when I hit the Z button.

But I know that the game is still working because I can open the keyboard icon with the mouse and when I touch the keys the icon lights up in the right spots, so there is something that is making Misty and the Menu stuck, but not freezing the game engine. Do you know how to resolve it?

Now onto the game itself, I really enjoy the lesbian content and would love to see more, I have some ideas for concepts to add to the game, maybe you're already working on some and maybe some may not be possible but I'll give them anyways and let you decide. Most of these ideas are involving Misty as submissive, because whenever I play these types of games, I prefer seeing my character being dominated by other girls, but I'm sure they could be modified for some of the other fetishes as well.

1. Maybe more content where Misty (or the other playable girls if someone is using one of the others) gets dominated, abused and raped by the NPC girls in the game, especially if she has the submissive trait.

2. Maybe adding a dungeon in the port city where the player's character can get locked up by the other girls and go through various sub training acts.

3. Maybe When she gets defeated by an opponent in the forest or caves in the strip battles and they see she's a submissive (maybe a tattoo or a collar or something), that they force her to submit and perform certain acts on them beyond the ones currently existing.

4. Maybe when shes found naked and tied up in the forest, the girl can also force her to do those same acts, and also if the player's character is lost or low on stamina, they can offer to take the character back to town, in exchange for a slave debt where the character has to serve the NPC, performing various sex acts and maybe even work in the bar to earn money for her mistress.

5. Maybe make the bar where she can work as a barmaid and prostitute for the various NPC girls, earning money or paying off a slave debt.

6. Maybe another option where she can work as a Maid for one or more of the NPC girls or the teachers.

7. Maybe when she's horny and tied up in the forest, have even other girls able to smell and find her, like they girl could appear from the nearby trees and have sex with her.

8. Maybe add emotion to the NPC's like if they get angry at the player's character they can be sexually more cruel, or if they are in a more friendly or even romantic feelings for the character they can be kinder.

9. Maybe more often getting found by the girls when she passes out instead of the pokemons and being taken back for the gangbangs, it seems to happen far less often than the pokefetish result, and it would be great if it was closer to 50-50% of either result. Oh, and if she passes out during the gangbang, maybe different outcomes than just the sex ed class, maybe things like getting locked up in the dungeon and needing to service a bunch of girls or work as a maid or work at the bar, etc.

10. Maybe add where the other girls in the player's party can dominate the player if she's a submissive, or be dominated by the player's character if she is dominant (Also as a tangent, maybe make it easier to find lost party members, maybe adding in a phone or text option where you can contact the other members and bring them back more easily).

Edit: Also one more thing I noticed, if you have a girlfriend, you can't use the feature to tie yourself up, and the NPC girls don't try to tie you up, it this intentional or a bug?
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Re: Pokémon: Lesbe Island (Update: July 2017)

Postby Dark_Onix » Wed Dec 12, 2018 2:36 am

Sorry I have not worked on this game for a while so I am a bit rusty on some of the details. But I do not think that there is an easy to fix a game that is frozen; if it happened by saving the game before an event happened, that requires the game to disable the player. Then you may be able to fix the problem by making a copy of the _common.lvl, Them edit the file by removing the Z_Time sprite. Load the game and change your outfit using the locker, game will act very funny without all of the files. Then save the game to a .txt file, and put the unedited _common.lvl file back into the game. with any luck this will fix the problem, however it would be easyer to restart the game.

As for your other notes I think you will love the second town in the game, and also handcuffs if you have not already been tied up with them. Some of your ideas are already in that town. The idea of being a Maid to an NPC could someday be in the game, there is already a Maid outfit in the game but only one NPC wears it.
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Re: Pokémon: Lesbe Island (Update: July 2017)

Postby baxtus » Sat Dec 15, 2018 3:52 am

True, the second town has the BDSM club, I'm just hoping for more variety in the sub training and sex acts in the future updates, as well as more potential chances for Misty (or other playable character) to be humiliated, dominated, etc.
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Re: Pokémon: Lesbe Island (Update: July 2017)

Postby Berizy » Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:32 am

It would be great if you could work on this game again when you are done with your current project.
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