Sakyubasu no Tatakai I (Finished)

Sakyubasu no Tatakai I (Finished)

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- Fixed a bug where the game would lock up after certain dialogue
- Decreased the number of wasps required to spawn the elite


- FINISHED.... sort of.
- I will still do tweaks / bug reports

- quick patch to add quality setting buttons
-- found on title screen and in-game menu (key customizer)

- against my better judgement I decide to have a quick release before final
- there have been a ton of tweaks and fixes, and I have forgotten half of them by now
- two major changes in this update are:
-- you can go test the Beezy fight, although victory will just kick you to the game over screen (no sneak peeks!)
-- you can go test the Broodmother scene and reward
- amazingly, somehow, I didn't break your saves!
-- although if you cheated some of your values, your save might break because I did have to switch a couple calculations

- too many bug fixes to mention
-- most notably, I found out what was causing abilities to be ignored when used in the air
-- the elite wasp will react properly in the arena
- added the Broodmother to the hive
-- no sex scene yet, so if you manage to win... well bragging rights and what not!

- fixed a bug where max health was fluctuating between areas
- fixed a bug where the left shadow wall wasn't blocking you properly during the Stinger fight
-- this would prematurely advance the plot for some
- fixed a bug where Eva's skin would show briefly upon entering a new area as Bridgette
- fixed the infamous GORGER WALL RAPE OF DOOM (seriously this time, they shouldn't do it anymore, promise)
- if you enter the arena without either Dash or Honeypot (ie- you missed them in the earlier chapters) an elite wasp and/or gorger will spawn
-- should be round 3 for the elite gorger and round 6 or 7 for the wasp
-- if you have both the abilities, they will not spawn (just regular mobs)
-- you shouldn't be able to light the torch and start the next round if they are stunned onstage (ie - can't fight next wave without bangin' em)
- added the new character portraits to the game!
-- I love them! It think they make the dialogue 80x better
-- everyone thank Psyk!
-- added a credit for Psyk in the game opening
- broke your saves.... the stat fix required this... sorry!
- other reported bug fixes, keep em coming!

- reworked the way abilities trigger so there should be no more cooldown firing without ability firing scenarios
- mask should now properly reward you with gallery and equipment bonus
- worked more on the ability Spawn
-- there are no hitboxes for it yet, though so it still doesn't really "do" anything
- added a creepy easter egg
- other bug fixes (keep em coming!)

- recovered from crash
- upgrade to CS6, lit CS5.5 on fire and sent it to hell
- finished Tender combat sequence
- added elite Tender to Hive
-- added Tender sex animation to Gallery
-- new ability Spawn
--- currently doesn't do anything, placeholder objects are generated

- lost a shit ton of work because flash crashed mid-save and corrupted the FLA

5/16 (part 3!)
- added combat mechanics to Tenders
- populated hive
- fixed bug where weapon enchantment wasn't showing upon idle initiation/completion
- removed auto equip on shop purchases, was causing confusion with new stat adjustments
- fixed other bugs

5/16 (part 2)
- added Guardian sex scene to gallery
- added unique dialogue sequence if you seduce the Guardian with Bridgette instead of Eva
- fixed bug where Gorgers would spam you to death against walls
- fixed bug where the Guardian was showing the wrong hand color
- fixed bug where you could seduce without a weapon equipped
- fixed bug where honeypot face/eye expression wouldn't revert to normal
- fixed bug where Guardian's health wasn't regenerating from 0
- added armor stat increases into the game! That work! Armor does something now!
- changed the points at which stats are calculated to make the game flow better and cut out some of the random buginess with max health
- stat changes required a save break :(

- finished Guardian seduce, stun, regen, and sex animation
-- added new passive ability Self Control as reward
--- it will still loop because I didnt finish the tail end of the coding (you will see the skill gain each time you beat her for now)
--- it is also not in the gallery yet, sorry!
-- the dialogue is weird if you screw her as Bridgette, because it is still Eva talking - this will be fixed later
- made some modifications to the way air dashing works
- added a plot easter egg conversation for people who actually like that stuff
- fixed buggggggssss
- changed the range gorgers will charge

- finished the Spirit Mask's sex animation
- created a special tentacly-goodness armor set for a reward
- added Spirit Mask to the gallery
- added Hive Tenders to the hive
-- no hitboxes yet so you can't really hurt one another yet
-- entering the hive will effectively lock up your game as the walls will rise, but you can't kill them
- fixed bug where Brig's internal view would be in Eva's colors
- fixed bug where you could save and enter the menu as Brig
-- this require a save kill, sorry all
- fixed a couple spelling bugs
- fixed other reported stuff that I forgot about because I forgot to write it down!

5/8 (part 2)
- finished some fine tune points on the Guardian
-- added a shield effect for hard guard animation
-- she will now repel your sword throw as well as block your movement
-- added soul gain and animation to her death animation
-- fixed floating issue when blocking Bridgette's attacks
-- extended the window of opportunity for Eva to get behind her as well as get back out
- cleaned up the shop dialogue
- fixed a bug where summoning wouldn't work after loading a save
-- if you still have this bug, reselect Bridgette from the menu then re-save and it should clear up
- I think I fixed a bug where Eva would randomly spawn in the inappropriate spot when loading a new zone (?)
- other misc stuff

- fixed missing wasp in chapter 1 cutscene
- fixed the flashing wasps in combat
- fixed the background area in front of the arena
- fixed an armor glitch with wasps where it wasn't decaying properly
- added additional combat conditions to the Wasp Guardian
-- she should always push you back regardless of your direction (no stab lock when not against the wall)
-- you can now beat her in combat
-- this means you can also enter the hive and poke around the new area!
- fixed Bridgette's damage modifiers
-- her beam and explosion attacks should do roughly 1500% of your normal attack damage
-- her shot should do about the same as your regular attack
- other misc tweaks

- Wasn't happy with how easy the Arena Boss was, so I buffed him up a bit.
-- biggest change you will probably notice is the extended Inferno
-- lowered his damage a smidge but gave him another 100 hp
- Added new overworld map segment
- Added Beezy' sub map segment
-- Once you have the portal unlocked plotwise, you can either talk to Bridg at either end to go back and forth
-- OR you can access it via warp; when you mouse over a portal tile it will take you to the world map
- added 6 new areas
-- two woodland areas outside the hive
-- four internal hive areas
- added a new friend to play with guarding the hive entrance
- added a plot segment between the portal and new areas
- fixed some reported bugs
-- just saw a few new bugs so I am writing this to remind myself later: hey self
--- you screwed up the wasp stage animation so they are 'blinking',
--- you can see the flash stage outside the arena
--- you didnt set the cutscene armor to load!

- You strength and prowess in the arena has impressed the Gorger Spirit Lord of Combat, and he wishes to challenge you!
-- it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you save your game before entering the arena
-- I have not finished the sex scene, so if you win, your reward for now will be knowing you are better than everyone else
- optimized wasps
- optimized gorgers
- fixed bug where sometimes the Gorger Chief would not take damage
- fixed bug where continuing at the game over screen without saving would load old cached data
- other reported bug fixes (thank you all!)

- fixed a bunch of bugs that people mentioned
-- thank you for being so vigilant!
- populated the arena
-- you can access it in chapter 2 at any point before engaging Bridgette
- started to optimize Wasps, you should notice a tad more lag improvement
- enemy damage will now scale with their level; you might notice wasps hitting a bit harder than they were before

- game should no longer lock up when accessing the gallery in chapter 3
- bridgette's sex scene should no longer lock up at certain points
- added a game over screen
-- the title button will return you to... the title!
-- the continue button will reload from your last save
- added arena backdrop and triggers
-- gorger will politely inform bridgette that her level of badassery is not allowed in the arena
-- you can't use summons while in the arena
-- right now there is no combat, but that will change soon

4/30 (part 3)
- I just realize brig is impossible to kill now with the new arena backdrop
-- one moment please
- fixed a bug where wasps would load the wrong dialogue in chapter 2
- fixed a bug where the arena gorger would load the wrong dialogue in chapter 1
- fixed a bug where the arena gorger would overlay Tiki's dialogue in chapter 1
- fixed a bug where the arena gorger would not despawn in the battle with Bridgette
- fixed a bug where you couldn't escape up the path after the second round of Bridgette's fight

4/30 (part 2)
- Okay, I lied. I had to break your saves.
-- some of the bugs being reporting and people being able to load Beezy/Pecunia as playable characters forced my hand :(
- Added the 4 additional wasp loops to the gallery after you watch the hive corruption cut scene
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't access Brig's skin in the gallery after reloading the game (another reason why I had to delete)
- Fixed a bug where you could load Pecunia and Beezy's summons
- Fixed the way dashing works
-- it should be like the old version now where you hold down the button and tap a direction
-- or just release the button / no direction not to dash
- added the placeholder for the arena framework
- redrew the background for area 7 to make better logical sense with island layout / arena area
- hopefully I fixed the Gorepony bug where you would get kicked to the dev screen when trying to engage Bridgette
- hopefully I fixed the bug where you would be stuck in chains after the ambush hits (the chains should drop now if this happens)
- hopefully I fixed a bug where Brig's sex animation would catch on Tiki entering her body
- added the chapter 3 splash screen
- added faders to the end of the chapter 2 cut scene
- I highly suggest talking to Tiki in chapter 3 :D
- added different dialogue when you talk to people as Bridgette
- fixed some spelling errors
- tweaked a couple more optimization points in various animations

- Recoded Eva's sprite from the ground up
-- should help with those having input lag
-- might improve lag in general
--- since I have none, you will have to tell me if you notice a difference
- Added summon mechanics
-- currently the summon key is set to 'E'
--- will make it customizable in a future update
-- summons will replace your current health and abilities
-- summons health will drain at a constant rate, and unsummon when hit 0
-- you take no damage while summon is out, however, damage will drain 10% of summons remaining duration
-- added 3 unique abilities while playing as Bridgette
-- you can't access the shop, pentagrams, or the bed while playing a summoned character
-- added a new skill slot for summons in the menu
-- added a new skill page for summons in the menu
-- revamped the skill menu to better display active, passive, and summon abilities
- Made some changes that will affect fighting Brigdette
-- dash now grants invulnerability again
--- added a graphic effect to dash to this affect
-- blocking in the air lasts a little bit longer now
-- removed some bother some hitboxes in her lazer shot
-- redrew / retooled the barriers so they are not as intrusive or laggy
--- this included redoing all barriers in general
- added plot segment after fight with Bridgette completes
-- right now, there is no further plot; you can just run around and spam stuff as Bridgette
- added Bridgette's scenes to the Gallery
-- when you unlock her, you unlock her skin
-- added skin toggles in top right corner of gallery
-- this will allow you to display Bridgette as Eva in all animations
--- has some pleasantly interesting side effects to the Bridgette scenes
- didn't break your saves! what!

- nerfed ability to dash through Brig's lazer beam
- fixed a misplaced hitbox in the lazer
- when I break your saves from now on (I didnt this time) your customization options should stay regardless
- and I added something else... what was it... what was it... hmmm....

- fixed bug where ui would hang around after Stingers are defeated
- made a few changes to the chapter 2 boss fight:
-- the chain ground effects should now appear behind the foreground layer
-- the wall are now electrified so you cannot hide in them to avoid her attacks
--- they will hurt you, touching them is not recommended
-- each phase gets progressively longer, although the first one had its time reduced (it is more or less a wash)
-- the harder abilities will now slowly increase in probability at each ambush point
- you should only gain levels upon reaching multiples of 100 (no more 99 increases)
- other stuff

- added preboss plot segment to chapter 2
- finished scripting fight with Bridgette
-- Please let me know if you like it!
- changed hardware acceleration to GPU, maybe that will help some of you with lag issues
- misc bug fixes
-- I still haven't made the armor stat mods work. This is pure laziness because I wanted to get the boss fight done; don't worry, it is on the list!
- Broke your saves. BUAHAAHHAHAHA

- smallish update for people who wanted to shoot stuff in the face with a lazer cannon

- quick update before I go on vacation
- added full armor set to shop
- improved shop interface
- added new weapon to shop
- added a 150 soul bonus to beating the stingers so you will have enough to buy shop items
- fixed bug where armor/weapons weren't showing properly on the title when loading a game
- fixed bug where you couldn't select sex scenes in the gallery without exiting first
- added a new plot/dialogue segment when you enter the shop screen
- broke your saves lolololol (I had to the new shop added too much stuff)
- fixed a graphics glitch in the chapter 2 cutscene with Pecunia where she wouldn't land during the conversation
- added armor selection to the "equipment" menu
-- there is an additional button that lets you switch between weapons and armor
- rearranged the weapon, ability, and armor menus to be a bit more consistant with when you "should" receive the ability or item, and not when I implimented it
- added a 'remove armor' option in the equipment menu
- some other stuff!

- fixed invisible wall bug at the start of chapter 1
- added basic mechanics for the armor shop
- added basic bracer set for testing
- added more plot to chapter 2
- added the option to manually input hex values in color pickers
- fixed other crap

- fixed bug where stinger's anal cum was a question mark
- fixed bug where fairy probe would still trigger in gallery for stinger
- fixed bug where colors were different in the gorger chiefs reticule
- fixed bug where the gorger arm would jump in the middle of the wasp doggie-style scene
- added additional dialogue triggers around the map and intro to Chapter 2
- reactivated warp, but removed save points from chapter 2
- opened up the chapter 2 map to run around in
- slam will now move your character forward a bit when used

- touched up some odds and ends in Chapter 1
- added a targeting reticule for the stinger's nuke (whiners)
- added a wasp hut in chapter 2
-- used it to test random dialogue mechanic
- fixed bug where stinger animations weren't showing in gallery

4/9 (part 2)
- finished chapter 1
- added warp ability for beating stingers
-- warp will open a new area on your menu
-- clicking it will open a map of the current chapter
-- selecting a marked area will teleport you to that save point
- finished stinger encounter
- finished chapter 1 plot animations
- created chapter 2 intro
-- right now chapter 2 is just your house, it isn't developed
--- you can access the additional animations or save there
--- warp has been temporarily disabled for chapter 2
- hopefully fixed a bug where sometimes the charging stinger would despawn
-- have no idea if it worked, try to be specific if it still happens (ie - what they were doing, what you were doing)

4/9 (part 1)
- added rest of plot up to stinger encounter
- added two more save points
- fixed a bug where you could progress dialogue before the screen had loaded
- fixed a bug where stingers would spawn / nuke before they were triggered
- broke your saves again, sorry, but I had to because of all the new plot dialogue triggers.

- changed stinger boss mechanics to make them a bit harder
-- goop dropping stinger will try to spawn above your head
-- bolt shooting stinger will try to target you better
-- charging stinger has a shorter spawn window
- added additional skins to main set
-- you don't have free access to these, however
- made some other behind the scene changes
- created the first part of the chapter 1 intro
- improved the Wasp strike graphic to better show attack range
- added initial stinger sex scene
-- it stops before the climax; this will end your game, make sure you save before fighting the boss
-- added scene to gallery (although since it is the game's current end point, you won't see it)
- other stuff

- added second boss before beezy
-- of course you can't kill them yet, they have no seduce animation yet and will just regen indefinitely
- restructured HUD to clear up some screen space
- gave boss' their own HUD
- did a lot of behind the scenes stuff to incorporate character swaps
- broke all your saves (was a big update, sorry)
- misc bug fixes

- completed and plugged in Beezy's model
-- you can see her at the portal, although you can't do anything yet
- fixed a bug where empower and block were sharing a cooldown
- adjusted spawning values on wasps so that they will spawn onscreen
- adjusted gorger charge range so they will remain onstage
- adjusted wasp volt attack for better projection and impact
-- re-changed the attack to a quick blast of three bolts
- added the two gorger/wasp scenes to the gallery
-- you have to defeat an elite wasp to access it
- other misc bug fixes

- fixed visual glitch with clit piercing not showing against gorger champ
-- fixed vag graphic to reflect internal color settings as well
- reverted yesterdays changes to reduce file size since the changes were minimal
- removed vcam for now to see how that affects lag for people
-- added more stage elements
- misc stuff

- Did something to see if it helps lag

- You will now regain your health when switching chapters
- Wasp encounters moved to portal area in chapter 1
- Background animations created and included

- added effects, internals, and detail to wasp scene
- added new ability Honey Pot
-- elite wasps will now teach it to you
- wasps have been given stats and levels
-- wasps will award souls now when defeated
-- changed color scheme of elite wasps
--- elite wasp back nipple, hand, and stomach detail should color correctly
- you can no longer dash before learning it
-- you are now invincible during dash
-- since it isn't 'spammable' anymore, we are going to see how it goes
- changed a few hitbox ranges
- misc bug fixes

- Small update before I disappear for the weekend
-- block now has 1/3 of the old duration and 1/5 of the cooldown
--- wasps will only fire one bolt to compensate for this change
--- blocking a gorger's charge will immediately send it into panic to compensate for this change
-- fixed some nap area bugs
--- the GChamp button isn't working unless you view the Gorger first, which doesn't make sense
---- looking at it now, might update if I resolve it soonish
- Fixed color issue with the elite wasps' back hand not changing
- gorgers won't beat your face in against the zone wall anymore
- wasps now *properly* fire a single bolt from both directions
- extended the block hitcheck
-should not be able to use dash before gaining the ability anymore oops haha I fixed something unrelated, this is still not correct

- Mechanic changes, yay!
-- block is now a set duration with a short cooldown
--- you can now switch directions while blocking to compensate
-- dash has been reworked as a follow up ground attack
--- after you swing, if you hold down the attack button and a direction key, you will dash in that direction
---- this means you can attack, then chose to stay and attack again, dash away, or dash through the enemies
---- dash has had its distance doubled to help with the whole "stopping on top of the mobs" thing
---- dashing is still the primary attack while in the air
----- aka you could hop and dash to trigger one immediately without swinging first
- Added a few more loops to the bee ninja sex scenes
-- wait, did I even put those in last update? Now that I think about it I didn't
--- so um, added the bee ninja sex scene, however it is not complete
---- need to add effects, internals, etc
- Interacting with the bed will now trigger the gallery screen
-- you can replay any sex animation that you have already encountered
--- my computer was being a turd and I was rushed so it might be buggy
---- this means some of the fairy mind control scenes will trigger even though they shouldn't
- Tweaked the bee AI a bit, although there is still work to be done
- What else? Seems like I did other stuff too but I forget by now.

- scripted basic combat logic for chapter 1 enemies
-- there is no stun/regen animation, so their health will just cycle infinitely
-- armor will break as health decreases
- changed tongue to internal skin color
- tweaked the Gorger Champ animation a bit to smooth out some parts
-- fixed up some skin colors
- other stuff!

- fixed glitches associated with re-entering into the next chapter
- created zone set for chapter 1
- use interact key to go down lower path to portal area
- just run about for now, nothing really interactive yet

- added end sequence to prologue
- added chapter 1 starting area
- added boss sex scene
- began next scene transition
- added new ability: Slam
-- although you don't have the opportunity to use it yet, its there!
- added horn color option
-- added a reset to default in custom options
- tweaked this and that, cleaned up some bug reports
-- fixed orbs not striking from rear guard
-- fixed being pushed through no pass walls
-- added touch ups to some animations

- small update to change the way the level and soul system works so people can try it out:
-- you will now not lose stats or your level when spending souls
-- however, you will not gain a new level until you recover the souls you spent
--- ex: you are level 4 with 310 souls, you spend 200; you are still level 4 with 110 souls, but you wont get level 5 until you get over 400 souls
-- In order to keep the game from being grindy, the souls you get from enemies are based on your EFFECTIVE level, not actual
--- ex: same as above example; you kill a level 2 enemy, you get FULL soul credit even though you are level 4, because your effective level is 2 (110 souls)
- had to break all your saves so you could effectively test it.

- stomped around ranting and raving about Time Warner while foaming at the mouth
- added boss dialogue and triggers
- completed boss fight sequence
-- boss can now be damaged and will regenerate/seduce appropriately
- awww file finally reached 1 mb

- added climax to seducable gorger
- added mechanic to learn abilities from enemies
- dash is now learned from bringing a gorger to climax
-- core structure altered a bit to remove dash
-- empower is now in first slot for 150
-- blitz added to level two slot for 300
--- you can use blitz to damage the boss while he is casting

-fixed bug with color selector on title screen
-fixed bug with ability selector in game menu
-fixed bug with enemy health bar
-worked on boss mechanics
--added reticule to make it obvious where the OTK hit is landing
--you can now strick back after avoiding the impact
--you still can't kill him yet though because I am a jerk

-added tutorials at various points in the game
-added additional dialogue
-retuned some things

-style update to the ingame menu
-added customization and key setup to ingame menu

-reduced gorger charge damage
-retooled the boss a tad (still unkillable)
-added level marker to HUD
-level increases will restore health
-level increases will now track properly outside the save pentagram
-fixed a graphic issue in the most recent cutscene
-misc tweaks

-tied eyebrow piercings to... eyebrow instead of generic head spot
-added a bit more story
-recalculated and revamped way in which stats affect things like damage, health, etc
-added level gains
--you get a level for every 100 souls in your possession
-added starter Core abilities and mechanics
--purchase core abilities with souls at save points; this will reduce your level but grant you new powers
-added level gains and development to enemies
-soul decay is based on your and the enemies level
--you gain less souls the lower the enemy is compared to you
--soul gain is phased out after a 5+ level difference
-fixed bug where triggering a dodge mid air would result in... strange positioning
-added a soul counter to the HUD
-broke all your saves; load will be available when you resave your data
-changed Gorger AI so that after taking damage, they will flip into panic mode and run away
--they are invulnerable while panicking, but will not attack you either
--helps prevent cornering and attack spamming
-different gorger attacks will now do different damage
-elite monsters no longer create zone borders, so you can skip them if you want
-ton of other misc stuff I have forgotten about (the camp boss is still invcible / instant killer)

-created Core framework
--just clicky testing now, nothing actually exists for it yet
-defeating enemies now acquires souls
--added floating text to show soul gain
-temporarily removed enemy knockback just so you can see how terrible combat is without it (whiners)
-fixed shadow walls, turns out posters were correct! The enemy counts were tallying before the spawn, so it would be artificially inflated
-broke all your saved games since people don't like to refresh their cookies before reporting "bugs"
--you shouldn't have a load option until you resave the game
-tied "Start" button to your story progress so you shouldn't need to click the fairy anymore if you have already seen the opening scene
--Start will take you to the last save point you used
--hitting Start before Load will reset your game
---current save isn't deleted unless you resave
-other misc stuff!

-tied stats to the game so they actually do something now
--power affects your damage output
--charisma effects the speed at which you seduce
--flexibility gives you a % dodge/damage avoidance chance
--resilience effects your total health
-when flexibility triggers, she will auto back flip instead of normal stun animation
-added gear(weapon) selection to menu system
--weapons will affect stats, gave you the dildoblade to play with
-cleaned up variables
-misc stuff

-saving is now an option on the ingame menu screen
--now you open the menu by standing on the active pentagram and hitting your interact key
-abilities are now dynamically selected on the ingame menu screen!
--click the open ability slot on the "skills" tab and select the ability you want to place there
--you can only have any one ability active in any one slot
--abilities choices should save when you save the game
-pube choice should save now when you save the game
-the game no longer tries to auto-load your saved data
--click the "load data" button on the title screen to load your saved data
--hopefully this will resolve some of the issues people were having
---you should clear your cookies before loading, this new version might not be compatible with the old save data
---or just save over the old data, the abilities might be messed up until you do
-I didn't like the top of her hair piece, so I changed it back to be more similar to the original but with smoother lines / less clutter
-the usual misc crap

-added new color choice for internal view
-redrew some elements
-started making the basic ingame menu
--hit attack on the save point
---this is a temporary key until I finish it
-random stuff

-fixed camera positioning while having sex to prevent internal view from being cut off
-added a save point in the opening area
--stand on the pentagram to activate it and hit your interact key
--should save customizations and key settings
---you need to have cookies enabled (derp)
-tweaked the shadow barriers / kill scoring to hopefully resolve reported issue
-misc stuffs

-added internal camera
-added a new pal at the camp
--no, you can't win yet
-zone borders will be blocked until you defeat all enemies in that zone (one way or another)
-fixed a bunch of reported bugs
-added a spawn mechanic to the bad guys
-misc stuff

-hp regen is now active during seduction
--this is so harder enemies and bosses can "recover" from your seduction and extend the battles out
--lust remains at the previous level when the next seduction begins (you don't lose ground)
-fixed an issue where gorgers ran the wrong way after being blocked
-added 3 additional sex loops to the basic enemy
-tweaked interface to reflect dynamic ability cooldowns
-added third ability type to test
--should enchant weapon and triple damage output for a limited time
-crash recovery
--if you see little hitches or glitches let me know, there was a big flash crash and I had to spend a lot of time cleaning stuff up
-misc bug fixes

-fixed weird block hitching
-tightened up hit boxes, especially while in the air
-added damage values and modifiers
-added floating damage text to enemies
-added seduction bar to elite enemies
--bar must be filled by channeling seduction to cause stun
--will alternate between health regen (revive) and seduction fill (stun) depending
-misc items

-added block mechanic
-added a bunch more damage hitboxes (jumping, etc)
-added a small sex loop to shut people up so I could go back to working on the mechanics
--use the interact key (space by defualt) on a stunned enemy
-misc stuff

-finished baseline ability mechanics (only 2 in game thusfar)
-added new keybinds for ability slots
-added a second drain/heal ability to test with (its not 100% complete, but you will get the idea)

-added ability test
-added basic gui
-0 hp will result in kick to title screen
-added hit checks for combat
-added elite toggle for enemies
-added regen and death sequences
-imported and converted Egg's wing model
-added to opening sequence
-fixed jumping bug

-added enemy animations
-added basic enemy AI

-added jumping
-changed attack animations
-added seduction
-retooled the customization screen
-added a few new derpalicious tattoos
-I forget what else got done!

-created a basic baddie, he is at the camp, you can't do anything yet.
-added thigh tattoos
-added piercing options
-separated nipple and lipstick coloring to their own category
-probably other stuff that I forgot!

-added opening sequence
-new tatoos and pubic options
-added first 5 areas
-only basic movement and attacking

-added eye and mouth animation tests
-you can now select the previously set key in the key change menu

-Key Selection
-Character Customization

Stay Tuned!

Original game can be found here.
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Re: Rush!

Postby haloman » Thu Apr 28, 2011 4:58 pm

Ive got a few ideas for you!
1: dagons/dragonesses: They fly around the middle of the screen and you have to jump layers to avoid them.
2: Cheeta/lepord: They rest in the trees, the only way to get fucked by them is to jump into them when switching layers.
3: Tentacles: They are in between layers, so they cover both. The only way to avoid them is to time a jump carefully when they swing at you.
Thats all ive got for now :D
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Re: Rush!

Postby Ninn » Thu Apr 28, 2011 6:44 pm

I like very good job gorepete2 !!!
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Re: Rush!

Postby Zeus Kabob » Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:58 pm

Since this is a "getting raped" instead of a "run or rape" game, I would say to implement any more enemies you would need to speed up the jump and reduce the cooldown.
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Re: Rush!

Postby I love Weed » Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:27 pm

Running minotaurs or centaur gangrape would be fun
I love Weed
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Re: Rush!

Postby GoRepeat » Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:33 pm

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Re: Rush!

Postby ByHisBillowingBeard » Thu Apr 28, 2011 11:18 pm

This will be a killer with sound. Getting all the technical stuff done first, I imagine?

I feel like the terrain should speed past faster for some reason. Doesn't quite flow properly, in my eyes.

I thiniiinknkkkk .. maybe having a mini-jump, too, which keeps you on the same side maybe and have the control to make her duck too, to avoid higher up things adding a little more difficulty, maybe?
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Re: Rush!

Postby OMGTANGERINES » Fri Apr 29, 2011 12:33 am

For the snow an abominable snowman would be awesome. And a button to control the actual scenes would be very much appreciated >.>
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Re: Rush!

Postby MrBear » Fri Apr 29, 2011 3:36 am

First question, is there a boss? or is it just endless?
And second question, is there a use for the second transformation? It seems shes unstoppable and unable to get raped by a monster.

SUGGESTION : Have the cum stay on her. Why take it off after the sex scene?
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Re: Rush!

Postby Gregdgreat » Fri Apr 29, 2011 7:31 am

Liking it so far the spider needs more cutscenes but thats all g ik thats on its way. Suggesting multiple spiders for that =] She looks like a nightelf origionaly, and if she is she should have a shadowmend ability to go invisible and dodge enemys, could be good. And if you are going with the wow theme some doomguards would be lovely ;] Good so far, the jump needs to be alittle quicker and the words, Change Sex Scene should be able the icon during grapple or Change Position so its more clear as to what it does b4 it disappears =]
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Re: Rush!

Postby banana » Fri Apr 29, 2011 8:45 am

I've been following the Samus Platformer for a while now, where I saw you demo this Rush game. It's got great potential, and I can see where you're going with this, how she's gonna change type to become immune to certain enemies and gain special attacks. So in that light, I present the following ideas:

- Vines (as you have them), zerg form - D for vine attack as you already have it, but on a cooldown - clears out webs, wolves, koopas (can't reach ninjas and treants)
- Treant (tree branches swipe at her and grab her. A tongue or something comes out of the tree and violates her), forest elf form - D for a spell attack that clears out wolves, koopas, and ninjas (passes through webs, can't hurt koopa)
- Morton Koopa (picks her up and rocks her like the giants from shinobi girl), peach form - D to throw a turnip that clears webs, vines, and wolves (misses ninjas and treants)

- Web (as you have them now), dark elf form - D for 1-2 seconds of darkness/invincibility with 15-20 seconds of cooldown (she goes transparent and dark)
- Wolf (crossing screen - pins her and rapes her like the dogs in Angel Girl), furry form - D to dash past treants, koopas, and ninjas (stopped by vines and webs)
- Ninja (making flying kicks - knock her down, split into multiple copies and gang rapes her like the Fairy War boss), shinobi girl form, if you're allowed to make knock-offs - D for a fireball that clears out webs, vines, and treants (misses wolves, can't hurt koopas)

It also lends itself to a basic jump/duck dynamic, since each layer has a low enemy (vines/wolves), a high enemy (treants/ninjas), and one that spans the entire layer and can't be dodged (webs/koopas)

Of course, adding in the Koopa might kill the atmosphere of the thing, so I present as an alternative:
- Black Knight (knocks her down with a flail, and his horse steps up and drills her), farah form - D to slash with a sword, clearing webs, vines, and wolves (misses ninjas and treants)
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Re: Rush!

Postby Biles » Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:47 am

MrBear Wrote:SUGGESTION : Have the cum stay on her. Why take it off after the sex scene?

Because some prefer not to have it stay on as they perceive to be more repulsive than sexy I suppose. Also, is there any reason why she has to jump everytime she gets caught in the vines or in the spider's web? The scene with the spider doesn't look like it's raping her. The way you have them interacting seems very awkward. Why not have the spider swing over to her and rape on her body while she's stuck in the cobweb?
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Re: Rush!

Postby ANooB » Sat Apr 30, 2011 1:01 am

Keep up the good work, man. I love ur stuff!!! I usually have bad stuff to say about everything. Can't find a flaw.
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Re: Rush!

Postby Thaedael » Sat Apr 30, 2011 1:12 am

Hey Gorepete....2? Was that 2 always there?
I don't know what your plans are for the game and I don't know how willing you are to implement this but I thought long and hard about this and I think instead of just being a sand box game maybe have a goal to work towards. However that being said it would still be sand box in nature, either way here goes;

Currently when you get fucked by the vine plant, you gain the vine plant skin and attack, which you can use to destroy the webs. I am assuming that in the future when you get fucked by the spider you gain a spider skin and spider abilities that work on vines. So here is my plan, when you get fucked by one of the species, if you let them go all the way with you instead of breaking free you get their skin, and an ability of theirs. Their skin would act like clothes that the other species can break down.

If you fuck enough of the species that you have become you can then find a bigger version of them and get a sex scene with it, and gain the abilities permanently. Once you get the ability permanently instead of breaking free when you are fucked by different species you can allow yourself to mutate to them (by letting them completely have their way which would break all the clothes off and allow you to change).

So if you turn into one species and get attacked by the other you lose clothes (based on how fast you break out of the grapple, the longer it goes the less clothes you end with). So unless you met the big version of them you will lose your new abilities.

This allows you to try and avoid the other species to gain more options while being fun at the same time, I hope it was clear enough to convey what I was thinking otherwise let me know what you think.

Re: Rush!

Postby GoRepeat » Sat Apr 30, 2011 3:00 am

yeah... dont know where this going... just making stuff right now ;)

good ideas.... made spider costume but flash crashed and deleted all!!!! was very sad.... :cry:

right now endless loop... could set up goal/bosses but dont know how work with auto run setup-- maybe boss fight static?

like idea of perm ability if fucked enough... was originally going to make new sex scene with current (like if in vine costume and encounter vine) regen armor or something - like absorb vine further

to be honest, don't like spider - very akward to animate - like idea but creature is.... pain to work with - had oral scene where if mind controll spider winds up and slams into mouth but see flash delete :cry: it is hard to make it look good and figure out logic for other sex positions

want to do something neat with this not just standard rush dodge (like demon/angel girl)

basic idea was each enemy has 4 encounters with 3 triggers (like vine) initial attack -> branch 1 / branch 2 -> second attack -> branch 3 / branch 4 ; result total avoid, cum in vag, cum out, cum in mouth -> skin change on cum ins; although seems like shouldn't award NOT hitting buttons (if make sense); maybe make total avoid add to enemy counter, if enemy counter reach x gain form/ability? dunno....

very open to ideas right now -

also, suck at art just stealing / recoloring cortas designs and work with current enemy set; would appreciate new enemy designs AND environment designs

environment VERY EASY TO SWAP; just need new graphic for:
1) grass line
2) bush line
3) tree line

like for example -> trees turn to dunes, bush turns to catcus/cow skull, grass turn to low height sand layer INSTANT DESERT
was thinking making overmap like FFT and complete moves through world map (clear forest opens dunes, clear dunes open mountains/lake/snow

way I set up flashes makes graphic swaps easy gogo AS2 (yeah should learn AS3)
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Re: Rush!

Postby Crossbow1701 » Sat Apr 30, 2011 6:46 am

Yes i con-core with ByHisBillowingBeard needs sound. Even if it's really lame sound to start with.
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Re: Rush!

Postby ANooB » Sat Apr 30, 2011 7:13 am

As for enemy ideas, use the environment. This game would be fun if the enemies used camouflage. Since it's an escape the rape, this provides a challenge. Also really fun if you get caught.

SO just put tentacle vines from the tree. Put eyes on the tree bark; so when passing by, it can capture with it's tentacles or branches. As for the closest row, make tentacles that look like grass. If you can make the layer transfers quick and seamless, that would be fun, with just up/down functionality. Don't know if it's possible, though. For the dessert, make little mounds that house trap door spiders, saguarro cacti with same functionality as jungle trees. As for ice, dunno.

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Re: Rush!

Postby ByHisBillowingBeard » Sat Apr 30, 2011 5:00 pm

ANooB's ideas sound mint.
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Re: Rush!

Postby StationB » Sat Apr 30, 2011 5:12 pm

Just joined the forums after lurking for a little while.

For some reason, it stays on Loading at 23%. Anyone else getting this?
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Re: Rush!

Postby SteelSaurus » Sat Apr 30, 2011 11:03 pm

Pardon my asking, but is the spider made from the Space Pirate parts?
I'll get right on it! Eventually...
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