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Recruitment Thread

Postby MiscChaos » Mon Oct 28, 2019 4:57 am

It occurs to me the old thread about recruiting people to RPs has somehow gone missing or been re-purposed. So I'll just be creating a new thread here. Use this if you need more interested parties for your ongoing on just starting RP. Some things that might help:

  • A description of the RP to get people interested would be a good idea. The better you can let people know what to expect, the more interest I assume it drums up. Also, if you have an ongoing RP, a brief summary of events thus far probably wouldn't go wrong.
  • If you have an OOC already set up, go ahead and link it here so people know where to go. If you set up an OOC after recruiting people here, link it later so people know where to sign up.
  • If you have a character limit, length requirement, etc, let people know here so they aren't surprised later.
  • There's probably a crap ton of other things I haven't thought about, so if you feel the need to list something off here, go ahead. I might add more to this list if something noteworthy crops up
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Re: Recruitment Thread

Postby Fantasy Fanatic » Fri Nov 08, 2019 10:36 pm

Alright, let me put this thread to use immediately.

So, I am still waiting for 2 more players for my group RP. I need a total of 7 players and already have 5 who have submitted characters. We're about to resort to some players having multiple characters, but before we do, I'm hoping for one last chance to catch someone's interest.

The setting is a swinger party where people get to play with a magic/cursed deck of cards. If anyone is interested, I'm leaving a link to the OOC thread, which also has a link to the IC thread (Once I make one). Preferably, we'd need at least 1 more male character in the RP.
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