Knights of the United Swords! (OOC, Closed)

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Knights of the United Swords! (OOC, Closed)

Postby Unradical Dude » Sun Oct 13, 2019 10:13 pm

Come hang out on Discord!


The land of Draniel is a realm of knights, chivalry, adventures and stories! Where brave men and women ride out for love, justice or truth. Where epic quests are undertaken, lost and won on a daily basis. Where tournaments, fairies and talking pies mingle into one wonderful world. Nobody is sad for very long, and there is always a happily ever after.

Well, until recently. Something dark has arrived. Something that doesn't play by the rules. Something that spits on the stories and uses the books as toilet paper. It intends to convert the world into one where happily ever after never comes, and usher in a dark, grim future of conflict and pain for everything but itself.

Well, that just won't do! So Lady Anna Emberleth created the Order of the United Swords - a floating monastery that sails the coasts of Draniel, looking to aid those in need and gather the disparate orders of knights together into an army to beat back this darkness. It will be tough - this force doesn't know fear and it thinks you are beneath it. But there's no other option, and the people need saving! So get out there and do what you do best!


Knights of the United Swords is a game for about 4-5 players. You will take on the role of Knights from a word of storybook adventures and fairy tales, and fight back against an invasive force of darkness that thinks all of that is lame. Think Camelot vs Goblin Slayer.

Mechanics of Play
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

This game uses a modified version of the One Roll Engine, by Greg Stolze. I will require players to roll their dice through a program or web service to play, but will interpret results for them

When you roll to achieve something difficult, you will assemble a pool of ten-sided dice. Pick a relevant stat and one of its skills, add them together and get that many dice. Roll them and look for matching sets of numbers. Each set has a Width (the number of dice in the set) and the Height (the number on the dice themselves). Wider sets mean you did the task faster, Higher sets did the task better.

Baron Whatshisface has a pool of 5 - a stat of 3 and a skill of 2 - and gets 8, 10, 4, 6, and 10. He has a set of two 10s, so his set is 2x10 - a Width of two and a Height of ten. He succeeds at his task very well!

If you roll more than one matching set, pick which one you like. Pick ones with better Width (more dice) if you need to go faster, and pick ones with better Height (higher numbers) if you want to do better.

Resolving these dice is different for each kind of challenge;
- Unopposed challenges just have you roll - you need at least one match of Width 2 to succeed. If it’s particularly difficult, the GM will have a difficulty number. Any dice rolled under this number are discarded.
- Opposed challenges have both characters roll. Whoever has the best set wins - compare height if its a match of raw ability, and compare width if it’s based on speed.

An indepth set of mechanics can be found here!

I wanna make a character right away!
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

STEP 0 - get an image, a name and a short bio of your character!

STEP 1 - You start with one point in each of your Stats, and zero points in each of your skills. Distribute ten points amongst your Stats, and fifteen points amongst your Skills.

Agility - agility and manual dexterity
Speed - moving quickly, jumping, swimming
Dodging - simply avoiding attacks
Finesse - putting the pointy end in the right place
Brawn - Your ability to take damage and manhandle things
Stamina - how long you can go without getting winded
Courage - standing up to horrible monsters and overbearing superiors.
Grip - grabbing and lifting things or people.
Might - physical strength.
Blocking - preventing damage to yourself or others
Fighting - slugging it out with fists or weapons
Labor - working with your hands, anything that requires some elbow grease
Psyche - learning and knowledge
Notice - your perception of the world around you
Wits - ability to outthink someone
Wisdom - calling on your knowledge
Charm - charisma and influence
Appeal - looking good and winning over people
Intimidate - insults and threats
Sneak - con, lie and plan

STEP 2 - You have 15 Power Points. Construct a set of powers from these Power Points by combining the enhancements below, or on extra dice when rolling. Powers with an asterisk next to them can be bought multiple times. You'll roll dice equal to the amount you spent on these powers when you use them. No single Power can have more than ten points spent on it.
Extra dice - 1 point

Attack enhancements
Messy* - +1 damage per point of Messy taken when attacking.
Ranged (2 points) - you win ties in Width when you attack with a Ranged power.
Area* - After resolving an attack, enemies nearby roll 1 dice for each point spent on Area and take 1 damage in the specified stat.
Spray* - +1 dice to your attack roll per point of Spray. With at least one point of spray, you may split sets amongst different targets, dealing damage to each as normal.

Defending enhancements
Stalwart - when this power is used to defend, one extra dice removed from the attacker per point of Stalwart.
Sturdy* - reduce damage taken this round by 1. Can only be taken twice.
Regenerating* - +1 dice when attempting to remove a Condition. Can only be taken twice.
Warded (3 points) - when attacked reduces the width of an enemy roll by one this round.

Other enhancements
Fast* - add the Fast rating to the width of your roll when determining how fast you make an action.
Amazing - You may set one of your dice to any value before you roll. You may take this a second time to instead set one of your dice to any value AFTER you roll.
Burn (2 points) - this sets things on fire. If used in an attack, the location hit will be set alight. If used to defend, the attacker will be set alight in the stat they used to attack with. People on fire take 1 point of damage in the burning stat unless they spend a round to put it out.
Share (2 points) - you may use the power to share the benefits of the ability with someone else. It can be shared with anyone you can see.
Condition - applies a condition when successful.
Versatile* - This is a catch-all enhancement for any ability that’s helpful, such as flying, telepathy or walking through walls. You’ll roll dice equal to the amount of points you put into this power when using the ability, rather than any stats.
Duration (2 points) - the Power remains active in combat until you choose to stop using it or change targets.

STEP 3 - Pick your faith. You start with 5 dice in your faith pool and can add these to your roll at any time. Butif you fail that roll, there will be consequences!
  • Amanara - Goddess of Order, Structure and Love. Amanara cares mostly that people do what they’re told.
  • Fujio - God of the Forge, Hearth and Field. Fujio helps out those who sweat on behalf of others.
  • Stellar Dragons - Distant beings that live amongst the stars. The Stellar Dragons despise evil in all forms.

Step 4 - provide a list of your kinks and turnoffs so we can have a good time and not weird each other out.

Check out Lady Anna Embereth for an example character!
Check out Sir Edward Blackstone for an example character!

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

  • Player characters declare what they are doing - attacking, applying a condition, or defending. They also declare if they're using a power. They roll their dice and pick their set.
  • Enemy and player actions are compared and resolved in order of the widest set (biggest matching set), then highest (largest number on dice).
  • Attackers deal damage equal to the width of the set, minus one.
  • Defenders with a wide enough, high enough roll strip dice away from their attacker's set.
  • Conditions are applied.
  • Those with three stats at zero are out of action.

Hit Locations (height of attack roll)
Agility - 1 to 2
Might- 3 to 4
Brawn - 5 to 8
Psyche - 9
Charm - 10

The game will begin when there are four or five players ready. In the meantime, please PM me for help or questions!
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Re: Knights of the United Swords! (OOC, Open)

Postby CondorBoH » Mon Oct 14, 2019 3:02 pm

I'm definitely going to sign up to this when I get the chance to fill out a CS. Will edit it onto this post.

Here we go

Name: Anastasia von Kreiger

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Appearance: Image

Bio: The von Kreiger family is an old one, and not a good one. Its history is filled with vile, violent people. The name is said to be cursed, all who carry it fall to desolation and destruction. While it is an exaggeration based on long dead members of the family, its history is still stained and other nobles tend to look down on such people as future threats. Anastasia never found this out until late in her life. Her parents had kept her on the straight and narrow, following the right gods and mannerisms, and keeping her focused on her studies. She was sheltered but happy. That changed when she met her uncle, Diego. He came visiting for a while, and for the first time brought her out of the mansion to wander the local village. It was then that Anastasia was attacked. The bad rumours and a pay off by her cruel uncle had motivated the villagers to strike out against her family. While she survived and fled using her powers and training, her home burnt. Coming to the Order of the United Swords to beg for safety was the first thing she did. After the fear left her system she instead begged to join, to train and to wield her abilities for good... and to hunt down those who would do evil throughout the world, especially those who would do so while wearing her name.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Agility - 2
- Speed - 0
- Dodging - 2
- Finesse - 1
Brawn - 2
- Stamina - 0
- Courage - 1
- Grip - 0
Might - 2
- Blocking - 0
- Fighting - 1
- Labor - 0
Psyche - 5
- Notice - 1
- Wits - 1
- Wisdom - 5
Charm - 4
- Appeal - 3
- Intimidate - 0
- Sneak - 0

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Breath of the Star Dragons (9 Points): Anastasia conjures a brief image of the mighty Star Dragons and has it unleash a gout of celestial flame before her.
- Burn
- Ranged
- Area (x2)
- Messy
- Extra Dice (x2)

Wings of the Star Dragons: (6 Points): Anastasia sprouts wings of starlight, granting her flight and speed. The wings can also be used as barrier to defend herself.
- Versatile
- Duration
- Stalwart x2
- Condition

Faith: Stellar Dragons(5 Points)

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Turn ons: Impregnation, lactation, gangbangs, futanari, beastiality, forced, public use, exhibitionism, mental/physical conditioning
Turn offs: Tentacles, watersports, scat, vore, the usual nasties, heavy bondage, choking,
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Re: Knights of the United Swords! (OOC, Open)

Postby Mark3000 » Mon Oct 14, 2019 3:40 pm

I made my Sheet in google docs. I'll post the link but if you want me to post the whole thing here let me know.

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Re: Knights of the United Swords! (OOC, Open)

Postby Unradical Dude » Mon Oct 14, 2019 5:04 pm

Nice, that's two signed up. Two more and we can start!
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Re: Knights of the United Swords! (OOC, Open)

Postby RandomRoninKitten » Mon Oct 14, 2019 6:00 pm

Name: Belts "Rags", The Soul Amalgam
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Appearance: ... 1217094524
Bio: There was once a girl who was locked in a closet and forced to live there, half-starved, by her family who tortured and molested her, often selling her into servitude to make extra money, as they were so poor that they lived in a mud hut. Eventually, they concluded that she was not worth the effort and was turning out too little profit, so her father took her into the woods, raped her, then hacked her to pieces and buried her beneath a large oak tree. These woods, were near a prison where all of the most depraved and evil people were executed on a regular basis. Their souls, unwilling to move on from this world, too filled with rage, too restless, and having gained enough influence to forge a physical body from among the corpses, over the course of decades, they finally constructed Belts. Due to being an amalgamation of all of the souls that were collected from those woods, and everyone she slays henceforth, she has great difficulty speaking in complete sentences, and is also prone to fits of uncontrollable rage and/or maniacal laughter. The first thing she did was slaughter her family, after which she began hunting other evil people, not out of a desire for justice, but out of a desire to collect all evil souls into her body, so that like souls can all be together forever.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Speed-3 moving quickly, jumping, swimming
Dodging-3 simply avoiding attacks
Finesse-0 putting the pointy end in the right place
Stamina-3 how long you can go without getting winded
Courage-3 standing up to horrible monsters and overbearing superiors.
Grip-0 grabbing and lifting things or people.
Blocking-0 preventing damage to yourself or others
Fighting-3 slugging it out with fists or weapons
Labor-0 working with your hands, anything that requires some elbow grease
Notice-0 your perception of the world around you
Wits-0 ability to outthink someone
Wisdom-0 calling on your knowledge
Appeal-0 looking good and winning over people
Intimidate-0 insults and threats
Sneak-0 con, lie and plan

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Desolation Edge: (8)
Belts goes into a berserk state, and begins flailing her weapon while unleashing hellish shrieks and screams.

Genocide Armor: (7)
Belts' souls form a protective aura as they attack nearby enemies and block attacks, in an attempt to keep their vessel active.

Kink Stuff:
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Bestiality(Including insects)
Violence(Non-permanent injury)

Heavy Bondage
Anal(By itself)
Bathroom stuff
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Re: Knights of the United Swords! (OOC, Open)

Postby mrblah » Mon Oct 14, 2019 7:30 pm

Name: "Voiceless"
Spoiler (click to show/hide):


Bio: This quiet knight of the United Swords was named after her apparent lack of a voice, and her identity is just as mysterious as her name makes her sound; that is to say, she is one giant mystery. Voiceless had appeared one misty night, battered and on the brink of death with only one arm. The young woman was taken in by a veteran knight in the Order who nursed her back to health in the span of a few months. Numerous attempts had been made by her saviors to figure out what happened to her, but all attempts at communication on this topic were met with a vacant stare or a slow and uncertain shake of her head. Even stranger—once she was fixed back to health—Voiceless would later request to join the Order, writing that she felt indebted to them for helping her and that she believed deeply in their cause.

Ever since she'd joined the Order, Voiceless has proven herself to be a serious and efficient warrior in the battle against evil... though her superiors have noted some concerning traits. In combat, she tends to be extremely ruthless with some hints that she may enjoy the violence, occasionally ignoring orders to deliver an unnecessary blow on a downed opponent. Her hardened and silent nature seems to hide a much darker hatred for the things lurking in the dark. Most warriors of the light are honest and upright, and mercenaries are in the grayer areas. Evil lurks in cruelty and rage... but sometimes an exception is formed.
Faith: Stellar Dragons (5 Points)

stats and skills
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Agility - 3
• Speed - 1
• Dodging - 2
• Finesse - 0

Brawn - 4
• Stamina - 1
• Courage - 2
• Grip - 0

Might - 5
• Blocking - 1
• Fighting - 4
• Labor - 0

Psyche - 2
• Notice - 2
• Wits - 0
• Wisdom - 0

Charm - 1
• Appeal - 0
• Intimidate - 2
• Sneak - 0

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Uzumaki Aegis (6 Points)
Stalwart (x4)

Irredeemable Saber (9 Points)
Amazing (x2)
Extra Dice
Messy (x4)

Kinks: Most of what's on this site.
Turn-offs: The stuff most people find extreme.
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Re: Knights of the United Swords! (OOC, Open)

Postby Unradical Dude » Mon Oct 14, 2019 8:53 pm

All we need is for CondorBoH to finish their sheet. Feel free to pop on discord if you need a hand!
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Re: Knights of the United Swords! (OOC, Open)

Postby Ocfos » Mon Oct 14, 2019 9:59 pm

[edit]: Nevermind
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Re: Knights of the United Swords! (OOC, Open)

Postby Unradical Dude » Tue Oct 15, 2019 5:06 pm

Hang on tight folks - thread is coming up soon!
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Re: Knights of the United Swords! (OOC, Closed)

Postby Unradical Dude » Tue Oct 15, 2019 6:39 pm

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