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Urban Myths

Postby KnightVanilla » Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:04 am

A Derelict Motel lays to the side of interstate, just miles away from the town of Elderroot Louisiana. A pair of flowing eyes lays its sights on a car carrying a few wandering teens to its home... They laugh and bicker as they station their vehicle near the abandoned motel. A couple dare to go inside... Moments after a deafening scream can be heard inside. It is now October 31st... The two teens lay dead in their own blood, signs of a rabid animal... No foul play suspected.

Welcome, all I had this little rp on the back burner for some time and I've decided now to open it up. This a monster hunting rp using a very specific system to which I'll share and detail to those that join.

I currently have 4 open slots for players to join first come first serve.
Life has gotten so much more boring. Well I suppose it doesn't help if I say my only source of entertainment is YouTube and here. So yeah not much of interesting life going on.
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Re: Urban Myths

Postby MASigma » Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:44 am

Tis the season lol, I'd be happy to join in some Halloween related naughtiness :)
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Re: Urban Myths

Postby starwacher » Wed Oct 17, 2018 11:50 am

well might as well give a shot hopefully you don't mind my poor grammar
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Re: Urban Myths

Postby Centaurific » Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:11 am

I'm game. Though, I'm fairly new so I might need just a little hand-holding. I mean guidance, though having the characters hold hands would be fine too.
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