How have your characters evolved.

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How have your characters evolved.

Postby Reaperbones » Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:45 pm

So I recently reread some of my old character designs and discovered how much h they have changed over the years. I'll share mine later since I'm at work right now, but tell me guys. How have your characters evolved over the years?
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Re: How have your characters evolved.

Postby KnightVanilla » Sat Jul 14, 2018 4:22 am

Within stage one most of my characters seemed to either be the in control experienced Vet or the optimistic youth that wishes to experience life. This tended to be my first several characters that I have ever rp'd and while the experienced Vet like archetype has stuck with some of my more recent characters the youth with a hint of optismistic naive like mannerisms has faded away from my general characters.

During the previous phases and some what currently, I've retained far more battle hungry characters... so much so that they are primarily socially inept. Any moment lacking battle or real meaningful connection has their hearts sink into a sort of depression that is emulated from my life. I still have some issues going on but I am moving away from the heart sinking depression habit of my mid phase characters.

What reoccurs for me mostly are the thoughtful and mentally tough characters. So far building up to my primary and current archetype that I highly favor among all my characters. The trickster, this can bend and wrap itself around the other archetypes as they at their greatest for outsmarting, out thinking, or just generally being quite unconventionally strong.

I am no longer the Knight of Vanilla that I came here as. The silent observer that thinks upon the words so boastful of their importance and superiority has finally chosen his path.

I am the trickster, the thinker, the scholar... you'll tend to see me at my greatest potential as the Engineer, the Alchemist, the Illusionist, the Subjugator, the Philosopher.... quite unfortunately these are archetypes that I don't get to play here at least.
Life has gotten so much more boring. Well I suppose it doesn't help if I say my only source of entertainment is YouTube and here. So yeah not much of interesting life going on.
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