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How to animate faster in Flash (Animate CC)

PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2019 10:10 pm
by Sexy Raccoon
Hi guys! I hope there are active people reading this and that you can help me. :cry: :cry:

Regarding the animation of characters using Animated (or Flash) my question is the following: I have always animated in After Effects since one can link an object with another, which makes it easier to recreate the movements of a body without losing the proportion and the distribution of these ... My doubt is if one can do something similar in Flash??? and not having to move object by object (hand, forearm, body, thigh ...) I was reviewing the Bones tool but I don't feel it gives me the same results as it would be in After Effects ...

If anyone happens to know how to animate in both After Effects and Flash and help me with this question, I would appreciate it a million times ;) :) :D

The game I am developing I already have very well structured, its history, characters, mechanics that will happen, graphic style ... but I would not like to take too long developing the game (or at least no more than the account) just animating each scene ... something I could easily do from After Effects but I couldn't add them to the Flash project